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Charlie and Angel Ch. 01

Its you and I, out somewhere….maybe eating and talking in a dimly lit place that we like. You look beautiful, that sexual light shining on […]

Kasım 27, 2023

Cheerleader Coach Ch. 01

Bill Steffensen had just been hired to be a Physical Education teacher at Central High. One of his first duties was to attend a staff […]

Kasım 27, 2023

A Hard Ride in a Taxi

New York. Today “Manhattan Heliport, quick as you can. I’m already late.” “Yes, Ma’am. Fastest way will be FDR, about fordy-five minutes.” “Damn. Isn’t there […]

Kasım 27, 2023

Caught in the Shower

Once was a funny little experience. Twice was an annoyance. But it had happened three times, and rather than being upset, I needed to find […]

Kasım 27, 2023

Catherine Ch. 20

I live for the moment I hear that catch in her throat with our first kiss. Her breathing getting heavier with each tender touch and […]

Kasım 27, 2023

Chance Encounter

She hummed to herself as she stood at the porch door overlooking the pool.. It felt so good to get away from the cold bleakness […]

Kasım 27, 2023

Casino Pleasures

I was never one to go ga-ga over a man in uniform until I met James. Last summer, my husband took me to a posh […]

Kasım 27, 2023

Can’t Possibly Wait

She couldn’t believe they were finally doing this. Three years of saving every penny they could had finally paid off. They were in Hawaii! They […]

Kasım 27, 2023


Me and Caroline had been friends for what seemed like forever, we’d met at secondary school when we were just 11 and had been drawn […]

Kasım 27, 2023

Bittersweet Symphony

I must have blacked out for a period because I regained consciousness and was no longer in the bathroom. I actually started to regain some […]

Kasım 25, 2023