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Accepting being the girl

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Accepting being the girl
Part# 1 the beginning
First few entries explained how I got to today. I have sucked a cock every day since Aug 20. But last day i truly showed myself, strangers, and my best friend who I was at heart. I was at Green lake community showers early. There was only two of us there and the attendant told us he opened it early for us please close the door all the way. I looked out of the corner of my eye as he undressed. Boy was he In shape, ripped muscles,six pack abbs and his soft cock was so long and thick that I gasp and he looked right at me. He smiled grabbed his towel and as he walked to the shower he said ” don’t take too long so” and slapped my ass. Idk why but I hurried up and joined him in the showers. He was in the first one and I took three. I scrubbed my self rinsed off and when I turned around he was staring right at me and his cock was half hard . I nervously smiled and he told me come here. Without questioning or saying no I did as told. He was a head taller than me and when I was standing in front of him I looked up. He asked boy have you ever been with a man. Yes sir. Oral anal top bottom do you know,? Yes sir I’ve only given oral nothing but toys and a strapon recently. I am a total bttm have tried to top a few times but don’t get hard. He smiled big grabbed my hair said perfect Now be a good bitch and get to work on my cock. Now he yelled and I dropped to my knees grabbed his huge cock sticking it in my mouth. I was able to take it all without gagging. But by the third time I tried he was rock hard, 10.5″X3″ thick and I gagged at 3/4. I tried again but as I pulled back he said I said take it all bitch and with one hand holding my head In place he slowly forced himself all the way down my throat I gagged but he kept going. I even threw up some but managed to swallow it. Then he grabbed me by the ears told me to just suck and started slowly fucking my mouth. He slapped me pretty hard while down my throat look up me bitch slap and suck harder I looked up and he snapped a pic slap don’t look away until I say. He held my head and started fucking my face harder and harder making me gag repeatedly until their were tears running down my face he pulled out and cock slapped me. You like my cock bitch slap yes sir I know you do your a white sissy boi aren’t you slap slap yes sir turn around and stay on all fours I did as told and he spread my cheeks spitting ony asshole before first one finger then two streched my hole spit again then grabbed my hips positioning me I felt his head he told me relax and shoved the head in I squealed in pain as he started forcing his cock in. It hurts too bad I screached please sir no your too big he laughed grabbed my shoulder and hip and forced himself all the way it hurt so bad I was speachless. He held me telling me.relax it won’t hurt as bad. A started to and he started slowly fucking me but got faster and faster quickly until he was pegging my ass hard and fast. I came twice before he pulled out flipping me toy back his knees pinned my shoulders and his cock was going down my throat before I knew it. Holding my head in ace he fucked my face like he had been my ass for a couple min. I felt him see iny mouth tasted precum then he moaned pulled all but the head out strocking his giant cock I reached up grabbed his hand and helped jack him off into my mouth. He exploded into my mouth moaning loudly when it happened. Don’t stuck until I say light slap. I sucked and strocked while trying to swallow his load. It filled my mouth twice spilling out before he shoved my hand away pulled out and cock slapped me I felt his cum splatter across my face. He stood and had me lick him clean asking me do you like the way your ass and my cum taste dirty bitch. Yes sir I do now that’s my good girl your my bitch now I don’t care what you want or say remember I recorded it all I can email everyone in your contacts right now if you refuse. Tell me you are mine to do with as I wish. I did and he made me kiss the tip of his cock head for a pic to seal it.

Part #2 First time dressed as a girl
#2.5 Forced to run errands and sexual please him in public all day.

Tony picked me up the next morning and drove to the mall. “Give me your phone” he demanded. I handed it to him and he started video recording me saying” Who’s in charge?” ” You sir” he slapped me “what do you call me” “Daddy” “that’s right bitch. Now we are going in to a special store of mine. Do everything I say all day and i will put you on display anyone here to fuck understan?” ” Yes Daddy” . We walked inside and to a lingera store the woman behind the counter new him by name and asked what he needed . ” Take him and full body shave. Full milking. And have him sized fully dressed makeup. Everything except a wig leave my hand holds.” She said ok and it would be a couple hours ” if you want go to room one and I’ll send the usual in for you. He thanked her then turned to me and said ” remember your promise in the car? Yes sir daddy. Good boy he said and lightly slapped my face as he headed down the hall. A tall black chick walked up and asked if I was Steven yes ma’am ok follow me up first is shower were two assistants will shave your body. Please do what you are told because if they call before they are finished will make me publicly punish, humiliate, and destroy. Yes ma’am I replied she made me strip putting everything in a bag . Two asian girls came in one tooke to the shower coming in with me. She told I to soap up. After I rinsed the other girl joined making me sit. She shaved my beard first then everything to my waist. And I mean everything. I was bent over for my ass and then ony back legs spread while my balls were shaved. They each shaved a leg. They stood me up and scrubbed me down one rinsed and the girl that got in when I did got down and surprised me when she started sucking my dick. After a bit I was layed down and told to hold my legs back she went back to sucking while #2 got out and back in real quick she had a vibrator a d ball gag with her she strapped the ball gag to my head and pulled the others hair making her stop sucking and instead started slowly strocking. #2 took some lub spead it on the vibrator and my asshole even finguered me for a sec. Then she shoved the toy all the way in making me scream even though I was gagged. She adjusted it finding my prostate turning the vibrator to Max she told #1 you can suck again but don’t let him cum til I say she did as told too and #2 left. For twenty minutes she sucked and moved the vibrator back and forth stimulating my prostate. During a breather explained that untill she pulled the toy I wouldn’t cum. #2 came back right after she started sucking again and had her put a condom on my dick she did and asked can I keep sucking while you milk him?#2 said yes and she sucked while two oulmed the vibrator out massaging my balls and taint. I screamed with pleasure and he fingers went back inside pushing on and off my prostate making me nonstop cum for almost ten minutes. I was super sensitive afterwards and didn’t resist having to drink my own cum from the condom before the black chick came with a robe leading me to the dress area of the store. She had me stand while she measured me. She told #1 take him for panties, gstring,2bras with #3 fills, and garters, one in black one red. I followed#1 , completely butt naked, into the main floor were I had come in I stopped and she grabbed my hand saying” no no you have to come with me or you will be punished by mama and your master. They will do that here but up front in the windows.” I reluctantly followed and not only tried on but helped pick out two sets of bra,gstring ,garters, and 7 different pairs of panties. She led me to the back were mama was waiting with #2 and a stack of dresses and skirts. Mama told me to put on a pair of panties and the training bra that #2 had in her hand. After I was done I put on every item of clothing there while she took pictures of me in all of them. She said ok girls I’m taking these to show him go strap up and give him back to back ten minute pegging. Yes ma’am they said. #1 went into a side room and 2 had me undress. 1 was back with a strapon in each hand “down” she said snapping her fingers. I went to my knees and she had me help both of them put the stapon on then deepthroat each. she fucked my face for a few minutes, then cock slapped me. 2 had me bend over the arm of a couch and they literally flipped a coin for who got my ass first. 2 won so 1 pulled my cheeks apart spitting on my hole before shoving two fingers in and I felt her slid a condom on me. 2 laughing grabbed my hair saying”I’m sure you would rather us lube up first, be a good bitch and suck my cock while she milks you for some”. She held me by the ears fucking my face and throat with long steady Stokes that almost made me gag. 1 stopped stimulating my gspot and pushed hard instead jacking my cock as fast as she could. It was so intense I was moaning and gagging as 2 started getting faster fucking my face. 1 pulled out of my ass rubbing my taint instead and I cam so hard my mouth was wide open but no sound for at least two minutes$2 even took s couple pics.when I was done 1 lube my ass and first 2 and 2 imedatly shoved the head in 1poured some on hers but instead of spreading it just stuck it in my waiting mouth. 2 slammed into me stuffing me full of black strapon vibrators on both ends. They fucked me so hard and fast I had tears running down my face from both pain and pleasure. They didn’t stop for over thirty minutes when I heard big mama tell them to stop. ” You going to be a good boy bitch from now on?” One girl yanked the handful of my hair that she was using to control me with making me squeal. “Yes ma’am mama. I’ll do whatever you say I promise.” She glared at me for a min then said ok stay right there don’t move and someone will come to help you get dressed. If you move those two will come back with bigger rubber cocks for you.” Yes ma’am. A little while later her daughter came in locking the door behind her. She put me in the shower watching me scrub myself then she put me in a bathtub and handed me a razor” shave your arms chest everything I’ll help with you ball ass and legs.” I knicked myself a few time but got turned on when synthia shaved my balls and pubes.” She smiled saying it was easier if the guy was hard. Legs were next then stood bent over while she shaved my ass, my boi pussy and taint. She had me turn around were to my surprise grabbed my dick and started sucking she deepthroated no problem and in less than five minutes she jacked me off into the tub massaging my balls making more cum spew out and the orgasm more intense. She told me while she was doing my makeup that when I was her and her husband’s for a weekend she’d suck me off while he fucked me ass.