Nisan 23, 2024

Adventure, Limits and Sex Parties

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It was not our first time. We went to a club in San Fransisco once and it was strange, but fun. We didn’t play with others that time; but it was oddly thrilling to see other people fucking and sucking so openly and we surprised ourselves, and each other, by stripping down (in our own little spot) and having sex in the club; that was way past what we thought would happen for the night.

Since then we have tried a few places and found ourselves more and more curious and active each time; perhaps I will write about some of those earlier experiences another time.

By the way, my wife is in her late thirties with long dirty blond hair; she is cute, sexy and small but with an athletic body and gorgeous, albeit slightly augmented, breasts. I could look at her all day long. And I often do. I am in my forties, also athletic and, I gather, not hard on the eyes either.

Anyway, this time was going to be different. We were going to this party knowing that we were more open; that our relationship was strong and that we were there to push through our boundaries a bit.

When we arrived at the door we were shown inside and given a very brief tour; play areas, hot tub, dance floor and the all important buffet.

And then we sat down to watch, for a while. Neither of us feeling horny and both of us questioning why we even there. And so we went for a walk; the place was huge. An orgy space (which was empty just then), smaller play rooms, a whole sauna/spa area and a tantric sex temple. Pretty damn cool.

We decided to start with the hot tub; it seemed a safe way to get comfortable with being naked and getting in the mood. As we slipped out of our clothes and into our, well, towels, I got incredibly horny. In a flash. The many people and random sex we had seen had been fun but it was seeing my wife unabashedly remove her top and let her breasts free for the world to see that really blew my mind. She is always gorgeous but when I see her uninhibited like that my blood pressure rises, as does my cock.

It was a bit embarrassing walking from the lockers to the hot tub with a hard on; most of the guys I saw were swinging comfortably like old pros. Not me; I felt like a teenage boy with no ‘dick control’ walking along with a bulge in my towel. I solve this by slipping into the water as quickly as I could; my wife slid in just behind me and it was a thing to behold; the water slipping up over her legs, covering her sweet pussy, rising up over her belly and then making way for her very round breasts and hard nipples. (It was cold, she reminded me.)

We sat on the bench and cuddled; watching the other couples fooling around. It was still early so nothing too serious was going on just yet. And so we talked.

My wife, it should be said, has not been the most adventurous of my partners. I mean, she is totally up for adventure, but the push has to come from me. So when she turned her head and whisper into my ear, “So… honey, what are the limits tonight?” I was a bit surprised.

At first I was concerned that she was worried about me; that I might want to go further than she would find comfortable. So I told her, “The limits are always yours. Anything makes you uncomfortable at all, you let me know and I will make it stop.”

“And what about me; what are my limits,” she said. And now I was surprised. She had never really queried this before. And at previous parties she had had very soft contact with other women; the biggest thing being a woman going down on her while I held her in my arms.

One thing that was clear, however, was that she was not asking about women. She knew the rules there; anything goes. She also tuzla escort knows that anything always goes with other women. What I mean is that we have a blanket agreement that she can fool around with other woman at will whenever she wants, even if I am away or not around. (She has never done this, however.)

So for her to be asking about limits could only mean other men. Now, something I have learned about women — perhaps from Nancy Friday — is that they are just as ‘out there’ as we are with their fantasies, they are just a bit more reluctant to share them. Now, for the first time in the 10 years we have been together, I was wondering if she wanted to be with another man. And, oddly, I was not threatened about this or worried at all.

In fact, during one of our visits at a club in SFO, a man had spent a rather long time holding, rubbing and admiring her boobs; I loved it. Perhaps it helped that I was buried to the balls in her pussy at the time.

So I considered my answer carefully and said, “Honey, the limits are yours. Do anything you want and if I am unhappy, I will let you know.” She smiled, nervously.

It was just about at this stage that another couple climbed into the water; the guy was a bit sleazy looking but the woman was hot; hot enough to raise the temperature of the pool as the slide into the water. She had a gorgeous body and fantastic tits; not quite in the size league of my wife, but really nice none-the-less.

Now here is where my wife needs a little help; I picked her up, turned her around (so she would be facing me from behind, and lowered her onto my cock. She slid on in one motion; she was so wet. The other girl did the same thing; now they were facing each other. And, a moment later, they were playing with each others tits and rubbing each others bodies.

Slowly, I kept sliding my cock in and out of my wife; not fast or hard enough to mess with what she was up to, but just hard enough for make her squeal a bit every so often. And then I felt a hand cup my balls and I knew it was not my wife; it was the other woman. I got a shock through my balls; who knew that one touch could be so nice. She pulled me out of my wife and stroked me a few times before turning her attention to my wife’s pussy and, seconds later, my wife was leaned back on me, tits up high out of the water, moaning in ecstasy. And everyone watched. She whispered to me, between gasps, “Oh my god, she knows what she is doing.” and then she came, hard.

They kept fooling around for a while and I was thrilled when my wife took my hands and placed them on the other woman’s breasts; touching them was nice enough but having my wife place them there was another feeling entirely.

After a while, things cooled down a bit and we all smiled at each other and went our separate ways. My wife and I dried off and headed to the play room area where things got really interesting.

Walking through the play area is a bit strange; so many people. And my wife, although clearly becoming more adventurous, felt a bit uncomfortable by the occasional testing squeeze or caress. That said, everyone was very well behaved and when they didn’t get a green light look from her, they didn’t do it again.

Soon, we found ourselves in a crowded area with a number of attractive couples around us and we we started kiss and make out a bit, building up the mood. Suddenly, my wife dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock; it was out of this world amazing. I was so horny and there was so much sex going on around me. It was surreal; better than any porn I could ever watch.

Another girl, also on her knees, started playing with göztepe escort my wife and it was the hottest thing ever. Soon she was so distracted that I was standing there, cock in the air, just watching. Just to my left a woman was splayed out on her back on some kind of stand; a man stood between her legs and fucked her really hard. Muladhara hard. She arched her back and reached back with her arms and grabbed my cock. She started to pull me, by my cock, toward her and, therefore, away from my wife.

I thought about the rules; I didn’t want to do anything to make my wife feel jealous; I looked at her to see if she had noticed and she had not. She was deep kissing the other girl and about three or four other people were playing with her boobs. And then her eyes opened and she looked right at me; she saw my situation, smiled and nodded.

I let the woman pull me closer and seconds later she was sucking my cock while the guy between her legs kept fucking her really hard. I was getting lost in the moment when, quite a surprise, I felt another hand on my ass; I turned around to see that my wife had come over. She grabbed me firmly, but gently, by the hair and turned my face to hers and kissed me more deeply and passionately than ever before. Our tongues were everywhere and it felt amazing to have my wife’s tits pressed against me, my cock being sucked by another woman and my wife kissing me with all the love and passion in the world.

I could barely take it any more… I wanted to cum so badly but I didn’t really know the etiquette. The woman must have been able to tell because she stopped sucking so hard, smiled and nodded, asking me to come in her mouth. I looked at my wife and she nodded too; that was all I needed. A soft flicker of the woman’s tongue on the underside of my cock and all of a sudden I felt the most intense gorgeous feelings swelling up inside me and then it happened; I came so hard. And so much.

She popped my cock out of her mouth after the first spurt and then took a squirt across her lips; the guy fucking her couldn’t take it anymore and suddenly stopped, arched his back, pulled his cock out with his hand and pumped himself through an intense orgasm that left her belly and tits covered in cum.

Even after I stopped cumming, she kept sucking, gently. Licking and sucking me off gorgeously. And the entire time my wife gently stroked my hair and whispered gorgeous and loving things in my ear.

I grabbed two towels, lowered one across the woman stomach and chest and used the other to wipe myself clean. I told my wife that I needed to go to the washroom but that I would be back in two; in the past she had always forbidden me to leave her alone but now she just smiled and said it was okay.

When I got back, she was back with the cute blond girl she was with before and when I arrived the girl and her husband suggested that we find somewhere less crowded; we had never done that before. We walked after them, hand in hand, and found ourselves in a private corner; just the four of us.

My wife and I sat down, facing each other and feeling a bit nervous. The woman saw this and slid her head between us and went straight for my wife’s pussy. And then she switched to my cock; a few sucks on me and the back to the pussy. She did this for a while before I even noticed that her husband was now sitting behind my wife, holding and rubbing her tits. The harder my wife’s pussy got sucked, the more she leaned back on him and gave him access to her boobs. He tweeted her nipples and she fucking loved it.

The woman got up, turned around and moved my wife, gently, off her husband so that she could üsküdar escort suck his cock. This left my wife in a strange position; she was very close to his cock. She looked at her head, slowly rising and falling and circulating around his cock. It was average in size, clean and the woman sucked it expertly. I slide over to my wife and took one of her nipples into my mouth; she leaned forward and whispered something I couldn’t hear. Cold feet, I figured.

She didn’t want to have to suck this guy off but felt awkward now, I thought. So I told her, ‘You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

She smiled, and said, “I know, but can I?”

I was shocked. She wanted to. I smiled and and nodded yes. Her eyes went wide. She turned back toward the couple, slide down beside the woman and started sucking her tits. My view:

The husband, sitting with his back to the wall with his wife, on her left side, sucking his cock. My wife, lying inside his legs beside her, sucking her tits.

The woman came down and kissed her, gently. And then guided her head up toward her husbands cock. My wife looked at his glistening cock, and then she looked back at me, The husband looked at me too; asking with his eyes. Yes, I sent back.

And she lowered her head down and licked it once. And then again. And then she swirled her tongue around it and then took the head into her mouth. And then the blowjob really started; she sucked him so hard and so well that his eyes rolled back into his head. The woman massaged his balls and held her hair; it was so hot to see. My wife rolled more onto her front and raised herself up onto hear knees while and kept on sucking him hard.

I got onto my knees and inched toward my wife’s raised ass and got ready to plunge into her from behind but before I could, the guy’s wife left her post and came over to me, grabbing my cock in her hand… She squeezed it so hard and said, “Do you like that? Do you like seeing your wife suck my husband like that?” I nodded.

She then directed my cock right into my wife’s pussy, pausing to rub it around the outside and then letting me push myself in. She held my balls while I fucked my wife and then lay her head down, on its side, on my wife’s lower back so that she faced my belly. I slid out of my wife and into her mouth; she loved it.

I switched between my wife’s pussy and her mouth several times. Then she switched her attention and started playing with my wife’s pussy while I fucked her… and then it started, I could tell my wife was going to come. She started moaning that mouth full moaning that woman do when the cum with a cock in their mouth I looked at the guy; he was in another universe. And then I started feeling that tightening in my balls.

The guy started it, “I am going to cum” he said, politely warning my wife so she could get her mouth off his cock but just then she started to cum, I could feel it in her pussy and I could hear it in her throat. I knew from experience that when she made her self cum — with her ‘toy’ — while she blew me, she would lower head right down onto my cock while she came, taking me as deep into her throat as she could. And she did the same thing only with him, she took him all the way to the hilt; balls deep, as they say. And sucked and moaned and then I could see it; his cum leaking out the sides of her mouth he was cumming right into her throat and she couldn’t take it all. Cum leaked out with each of her moans and suddenly that was it for me, I arched back and I was about to plunge deep into her pussy when the guys wife pushed me back, pulled my cocked out of my wife and lowered her mouth onto my cock; I shot stream after stream of cum down her throat and she swallowed it all. My wife, turned, just in time to see me coming in her mouth and came over to help. She licked and sucked me clean and kiss the other woman.

We lay there, shocked, spent and exhausted.