Ekim 7, 2021

Basketball Sweat by loyalsock

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Basketball Sweat by loyalsockThis was the last game of the over-30 women’s basketball league. Our teamhad done pretty well, and if we won this game we would be in the playoffs.Our opponents were in the same situation and wanted to win just as badly.Unlike a lot of out-of-control men’s games, the women usually take itpretty easy, but with the playoffs on the line everybody seemed to beplaying a little harder and rougher than usual.It was near the end of the game and we were down by one, and I had the balland was trying to work my way inside the key. I was being tightly defendedby this girl with short red hair. Facing away from her, I tried to push myway in, shoving against her with my butt. She was having none of it, andhad one hand against my back and she kept reaching around with the otherhand, trying to swat at the ball as I dribbled it. It was a hot night andthe sweat was dripping off both of us. I finally had worked far enough inthat I thought I could take a shot, so I pivoted around so that I wasfacing her. She had both arms up trying to block my shot, and I couldsmell the body odor coming from her soaked armpits, she obviously hadskipped the deodorant today. I jumped up to take the shot, and just as Ireleased the ball she caught my shooting arm with her arm, and I could feelmyself falling over backwards until I banged against the floor.Miraculously the shot went in, the buzzer went off, and we’d won the game,but I was lying there so stunned that I hardly noticed.The red-haired girl said to me “Oh God, I’m so sorry. I don’t know why Idid that, are you ok?”I was starting to come back to my senses and mumbled back “Oww. Yeah, Ithink I’m ok, just a little shaken up.””I guess I just got carried away in this final game, I’m not really likethat. Here, let me help you up.” With that she extended her hand to helpme and I stood up, albeit shakily. She started in again “I’m really reallysorry, that was so stupid of me, it’s just for fun.””Don’t avcilar escort worry about it, that’s what happens in basketball. Anyway, I’ll befine.””Look,” she said, “my name’s Lori. I live just around the corner, whydon’t you come back with me and I’ll give you a beer or an icepack orsomething.”Not being in the mood to start the twenty-mile drive back to where I live Iagreed. “Ok Lori, I’m Amy. I don’t really want to drive home yet, so I’lltake you up on your offer. I’ll follow behind you in my car, I think I canmanage that.”I followed behind her Cabriolet convertible, and true to her word her housewas just two blocks away. It was dark when we went in. “Do you livealone?” I asked. There was no sign of a husband or roommate.”Yeah, it’s just me, not even a cat. Why don’t you have a seat on thecouch and I’ll get you something to drink. What would you like, beer,wine, something harder?””You know, I’m pretty hot and I think sweated gallons during that game,maybe just a tall glass of icewater.””I know what you mean, I feel the same way.” She wandered off to thekitchen and a few minutes later came back with two glasses of water. Shereached out her arm to hand me the glass I could again smell her sweat.Instead of being repulsed by the smell of it, I actually found it exoticand intoxicating. Her baggy sleeve flopped open and I caught a glimpse ofred hair in her armpit, she really was the natural woman.She must have noticed where I was looking, and she lifted her arm up andsniffed her own armpit. “Oooh, I stink! Sorry about that. I was actuallyfollowing some advice from a friend of mine.””Advice?””Yeah, he says that in big basketball games male players will skip thedeodorant for a few days and try to get as stinky as possible, so theiropponents won’t want to cover them closely.”I started laughing and said “So that’s what you were trying to do?””Yep, that was it. I told you I was taking the whole game too seriously.Did şirinevler escort the strategy work?””No, not exactly. We won the game anyway and although I was shocked by thesmell I didn’t find it repulsive at all.””Oh, yeah?” she said, and scooted closer to me on the couch and lifted bothof her arms above her head, stretching.I could feel her body heat radiating toward me, and she really did smellgood to me, I was starting to get aroused. Seeing the hair in her armpitswas also having an affect on me, most women are so smooth and hairless thather hair made her seem different and exciting.”Look, Lori. I should tell you that I like girls, so you’d better watchyourself if you’re just trying to tease me.”Lori slid even closer, saying “I thought maybe you did. You really likethe smell of my sweat?” And she put her sweat-soaked armpit right in myface. It was strong and sour and over powering, and it really turned meon. I pulled the shirt off of her and held it to my nose and inhaleddeeply, saying “Mmmm, that’s good.”Now that she was shirtless I looked her over, she was wearing a whitesports bra over her medium-sized breasts. The sports bra was also soakedand you could see her dark areolas through the fabric, and bumps where hernipples pushed against it. We started to kiss voraciously, a very wet kisswith open mouths. I pushed my hands underneath the sports bra and startedfondling her clammy tits.She took one of my hands and said, “Let’s go in the bedroom.” Once we werein there she pulled my shirt and bra off. As we stood there she bent downto kiss and suckle my breasts, and nuzzle one of my armpits. “You know,”she said, “I’m not the only that’s got B.O. Yours isn’t as strong, but Isee what you mean, it’s not really bad at all.”I threw her down on the bed and kissed her again, then I moved down to herchest. I circled her nipples with my tongue, and then lightly played itacross them until they became erect. taksim escort In turn I took each hard nipple intomy mouth and sucked on it, suckled her breast. I could almost take herwhole breast into my mouth. Then I slid my tongue down the side of herbreast to her sweat-matted red underarm hair. I licked the salty sweat andtasted her armpits, sucking on the ticklish hair. As I did this I reacheddown with one hand and slid it inside her basketball shorts, underneath herpanties. I could feel the dense hair down there also, and it was wet notjust with sweat but also with the juices from her pussy. I stood up andtore the shorts and panties off of her, and yanked mine off at the sametime.I spread her legs out and went down on her hairy pussy. I was in heaven,and from her moans I think she was too. Her hair was so thick that it tooka while for my tongue to find it ways to her slit, but as I worked mytongue up and down it cleared a path. I pushed my tongue into her pussyand then licked upwards to her clit, gently kissing it. Then I slid mytongue back down, across her pussy and beyond. I licked her perineum andthen circled the small puckered anus itself, before my tongue plungedstraight into her asshole. “Ohhh.” I heard her say, “You are nasty Amy,please continue.” My mouth went back up to her clit, which I reallystarted sucking hard, flicking my tongue across it. At the same time myleft hand went up to fondle her tits, squeezing and pulling on her nipples.I slid my right hand the other direction, and my index finger went into herpussy while the middle finger teased the outside of her asshole.Lori started screaming “Oh god yes, shove it inside me!” With that Ipushed the other finger up her tight ass, while I sucked harder and harderon her clit. I had one finger in her pussy, one in her ass and the otherhand pulling her tits. As my tongue went faster and faster across her clitshe screamed “Yes, yes, I’m cumming.” With that her whole body went tense,every muscle taut. The smell of her sweat was now mixed with the smell ofsex. She writhed back and forth, and finally everything went limp onher. “Oh,” she said, “you are really good. Now you lie there and let metry out a few tricks on you.” And I did as she said.