Nisan 30, 2024

Broken? Ch. 01

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You are sitting in a chair and i am sitting on the floor at your feet, between Your knees, naked, my head resting on Your thigh. Without a word, You reach over and grab my leather collar, and with the other hand, grab me by the hair at the nape of my neck to pull my head up to wrap the leather snuggly and lock it in place. i am now positioned kneeling in front of You, hands clasped behind my back, shoulders back, breasts thrust forward, eyes lowered, knees slightly spread. You reach for the blindfold and wrap it tightly around my eyes and knot it tightly at the back of my head. You grab me firmly around each arm and lift me to standing as You too arise and walk around to the other side of me, now standing behind me, just taking me in. You pull my head back again by my hair, reaching around pinching and twisting and pulling at my hardening nipple.

i can feel Your breath on my neck, and then a sharp, stinging bite on my shoulder. You move back around to the front of me, not letting go of my hair, and bite my tender nipple, gnawing and pulling at it with your teeth until it finally pulls loose. You slap and grab my pussy, holding me firmly, and whisper, “Mine, to do with as I please.”

i, of course, respond, “Yes Master.”

“As long as you are collared tonight, those are the only two words you are permitted to speak. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

You guide me across the room and stand me in a doorway. “Show Me your hands, pet.” i cross my arms at the wrists in front of me, and i feel the ropes binding them tightly together. my arms are stretched above my head and hooked at the top of the doorframe. You reach down and clasp in place a metal spreader bar between my ankles, forcing me almost to tiptoes. i feel soft touches from You on each nipple, then one finger just grazing thru the moist slit between my legs, then across my lips, and immediately i realize what You have done.

i can feel the warmth rising up, Anadolu Yakası escort burning sensation coming on each area of my flesh where Your fingers touched me, the cinnamon oil beginning to work on me almost instantly. You start slowly with light teasing touches from my covered eyes, to my cheeks, down the side of my neck, shoulders, arms, across my breasts, avoiding my burning nipples, down my stomach, barely grazing my trimmed pussy hairs, and down my thighs, covering my body with goosebumps from Your soft touches. Then a sudden, sharp stinging across my thigh from the crop takes my breath away for a moment. Then a repetition of blows alternating from one thigh to the next causes a new burning sensation, welts rising up covering my thighs.

Your fingers trace tenderly over my marked up thighs, then scrape painfully across my tender flesh reigniting the painful burning. You slide a finger inside me, just to see how wet i am. A small, almost wicked chuckle escapes from Your mouth as i jerk instinctively from Your touch. You smear Your cunt soaked fingers across my lips and continue on with the crop, this time across my already burning nipples.

i lose count of the blows delivered. i am almost light headed, and i can feel my flesh warming, burning, my nipples rock hard, cunt juice running down my thighs. You scrape your teeth mercilessly across my swollen nubs, biting and stretching them as far as possible. Biting my lip to keep silent, my mind races from tasting the combination of cinnamon and my own pussy juice. The instant You release my throbbing nipple i feel a strong blow to my already burning cunt…..again, and again, and again administering painful blows from the crop…….each harder than the last.

i begin writhing uncontrollably within my restraints, my hips actually thrust forward to give You better access to abuse my aching pussy. After about the 10th blow i start sobbing. i can’t hold Anadolu Yakası escort bayan it in any longer. You stop finally and cup my swollen cunt with Your hand and ask me, “Had enough pet?” Of course i remain silent, because i do not want to say yes, and am unable to say no. “you better not cum without permission!” You growl.

You slip a finger and thumb between my throbbing cunt lips and pinch my clit as hard as you can, digging in Your fingernails and pulling my swollen hardened clit to its limit, tugging until it finally eases from Your grip. Then a hard slap to my pussy, and over and over in fast repetition, harder and harder, until You hear audible sobs coming from me, and again You ask, “Have you had enough pet?”

Still, only obedient silence from me.

You start stroking my swollen clit. i can hear the sounds of my sopping pussy and my hips grind against Your talented fingers. My god, i want to cum so bad but i struggle against it. “Don’t you dare cum without permission,” You remind me, and i struggle even harder, the harshness of Your voice nearly doing me in. my body wants it so badly. my mind tries to hold it so as not to displease You. Just when i am about to cum, as if You know i am there, You forcefully shove Your hand into my soaked cunt, damn near lifting me up by my pussy. i gasp from the pressure and the shear force of Your movements, and am silently relieved You stopped before i came.

“Good girl,” You whisper, and slowly You lower me back down, releasing my throbbing soaked pussy, then running your cunt soaked fingers across my nipples, coating them in my own juices. Just as i think i can breath a small sigh of relief, You slap my breasts hard with your hands, both at the same time. “I think *slap* you are lucky *slap* I stopped *slap* when I did, *slap* pet.” “Yes *slap* Master,” i respond breathlessly between blows.

You once again apply the cinnamon oil to my nipples escort bayan and clit, cunt lips, and this time, deep inside my throbbing cum hole. Then You grab me at my waist, turning me around so my ass is now presented to You. The burning sensations are renewed from the fresh oil and i am now becoming aware of just how tender my thighs, breasts and cunt are from Your attentions. It’s like the whole front half of my body is aflame.

i feel a soft kiss on the back of my neck as my hair is parted and pushed forward over my shoulders, landing softly across my swollen tender nipples. i moan slightly and instantly the softness of Your kiss is replaced by the sharp stinging pain from a fierce bite. Your hands reach around grabbing my tender mounds, nails digging into my nipples as You continue biting me almost ravenously across my back and shoulders, as if i were Your last meal, until i start sobbing uncontrollably. Oh god, i don’t mean to. i just can’t help it. The lightheadedness comes again. The pain is almost unbearable, but it feels so fucking good.

“Have you had enough pet?”

Again, silence from me. “Ok then, shall we continue?”

“Yes Master.”

Your questions give me just enough time to catch my breath before i feel a thudding pounding on my ass…….not the crop….not the flogger….not Your hand. By the second blow i realize it must be the wooden paddle, a new sensation for me. You land several blows across each ass cheek to warm and ready my ass, the heavy thudding from each smack forcing me forward and further onto my tiptoes. Heavy blows from the paddle are soon replaced with the familiar stinging blows from the flogger. Your relentless assault on my ass has my flesh quickly on fire and swollen.

Suddenly i feel a warm mouth sucking and biting on my nipples… between strikes from the flogger…..but? Wait…….how? A hand stroking my swollen thighs…..then my soaked and painfully bruised cunt lips…..pussy filled fingers penetrate my mouth……wait, still feeling the flogger across my ass……Clamps being fixed in place on each nipple, cunt lips, clit…….how? Am i losing it? Shit! Panic rushes thru me. Wait…, too many hands……someone else…..Master is not alone? Oh god! Help me…….