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Come with Me

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I waited anxiously, knowing you’d be home in a few minutes. You called around 5:45 telling me to be ready, (chuckle). I know what to do when you sound like that , so I readied myself. Then I heard the phone ring again. Putting it to my ear, I then heard, “Try not to start without me, ok?” I smiled and hung up. Hey, it’s not like I do that a lot, once, maybe twice, ok? I began again, to ready myself.

First stepping out of my jeans and removing my tank top, bra, panties and all, I slipped into a dark red panty (g-string). Then I mussed my hair up a bit and put on dark red lipstick– on my nipples, as well as my lips. Then my long pearl earrings. Usually, I don’t wear danglers like these. In fact, I only bought them for occasions like… this one. I smiled to myself as I put them on. Then I got my “playthings” out. I gently laid out my three dildos on my bed: Larry, Moe, and “Big Dave”. Softly picking up Big Dave, I looked at him, caressing his length. Mmmmm. Before I got carried away, I put it down, and got out JT, my bullet and my special guy, JR, my toothbrush. Would I really need them? I think not, but you never know. As I stared at JR, about to flick the switch on, I heard the front door opening. Wow. Here already?

But it wasn’t you when the door opened. It was some sinister, dark looking creature. He appeared to be a man. Seemingly, I gasped and backed away quickly. Huffing, he pushed after me, grabbing my hair and pulling me to the floor.

“What? What the–” I yelled, trying to get the words out. He looked down at me, grinning. Leering I tried crawling towards the door, but he grabbed my ankle and yanked me back. He laughed with a gruff tone. He was as dark as they come. His hair was somewhat shoulder length and slick around his head, three days of stubble encircling his jaw. His clothes, an old jacket, baggy pants, and t-shirt, were shoddy and dingy. He appeared to have had a drink too many. I was speechless. I didn’t know what to do next.

“Take bursa escort those things off, he said pointing to my panties, or I’ll rip them off.” Almost trembling from the surprise and fear I felt I groped down, doing as he ordered. Then I spoke quickly.

” Look, you should know that my boyfriend will be here at any moment. If he sees me like this…” I thought he was gagging at first, but he bent back laughing. Then he sighed. “Do I seem like I give a damn?” As I inched my panties down my ankles carefully, He yanked them off, knocking off one of my stiletto pumps I’d put on earlier. Snorting the panties, he closed his eyes. Then he studied them.

“Look at that, you’ll come for any man, wont’ cha? he said. He suddenly grabbed my arm and threw me onto the sofa. My arm hurt, bruised by his vice like grip. What were you getting ready to do, just now?”

” I told you… he’ll be here any moment. We’re meeting– for dinner. I yelled wincing from the pain I felt on my arm. He came close to me, pinching my nipple.

“Mmmm, hard. I like that in a woman. Cum for me.” he said smiling.

“W–what?” I was shocked but not thrown off.

“You’re not deaf, he said, and I don’t stutter. I said cum for me. It’ll be days before your so- called boyfriend or john whatever– arrives. I was here first. Cum for me, and I want it to be just for me….now.” Staring at his seemingly glassy eyes, mine welled with tears as I glanced around quickly.

“I can’t do it alone!” I said quietly.

“I’m sure you’ve done something like this before, for him. Y’probably got a huge assortment of toys lying around here. Go get them. And don’t try anything, I’m watching you.” He said glinting at me.

I stumbled, getting up, and scratched my knee on the coffee table. He knew I’d have something ready. Had he been watching me, for days, even weeks? I walked back into the semi darkness of my bedroom. Gathering my playthings from the bed, I heard him running back bursa escort bayan to get me. My apartment was small, but adequate for myself– and anyone else I chose to share it with.

“C’mon, I haven’t got all night. I’m dying to get off now.” he yelled, rubbing the front of his pants. As we returned to the living room, I could see his swollen member was more than visible thru them. He pushed me ahead of him as we entered the room. My arms full, (struggling) not to drop the toys. I glanced at the clock.

“What’re you looking at?” he yelled. I glanced back at him.

“N… nothing.” I said. I put the things down and spread a pad over the sofa cushions.

“Wazzat for?” he frowned, pointing to the pad.

“I– I don’t wanna mess the sofa up. I replied somberly. Sometimes I tend to be messy. Is that ok?” I glanced up at him. He shrugged and I sat down.

“Well get to it!” he said suddenly.

“Okay, okay! I yelled back. I have to get in the mood, don’t I”

“Looks like you’re already in the mood. he said while grinning and reclining. His finger pointing to my left thigh. There was a bit of lube on it. I’d forgotten how that happens when I’d gotten aroused, or excited or frightened out of my wits…

I sat down and began to rub my pussy with my fingers. Softly, at first and then every few seconds I would stroke and finger my clit.

“Mmmm…” I heard him moan deeply. He began to loosen his belt– reach his hand down into his pants, his fingers, rubbing his cock. Already I could see the moisture on the front of his pants. I glanced back at the clock. He saw me and ripped the clock’s cord out of the wall.

“Continue,” he said sitting back down, then massaging as he stared at me. As I did so, I saw him pull his cock out. Tho’ not very large, it was very meaty. I could feel myself lubing more just looking at it. It was also somewhat bent like Steve’s. I’d lost what spit there was left in my mouth, when I heard escort bursa the guy speak again.

” So you like my piece, huh?’

I gulped and closing my eyes and stroking myself deeper. Now entering my hole. My clit was already becoming like a live button to my consciousness. I heard him moan more and he seemed to be twice as thick. Trying not to show how aroused I was, or that it had anything to do with his huge mansteak, I picked up my toothbrush, massaging my nipples with it. Mmmmm. I heard myself moaning softly. My nipples had gotten harder just as my captor’s stick had . The more I teased my nipples with the brush, the wetter my pussy became. The guy began to pump his cock very slowly now. I put the toothbrush on my clit…. I would come soon, and my captor right behind me. I could hear his gruff breathing as he pumped and began to breath faster. I did my best to hold back. I didn’t wanna come with this sleaze, and yet here I was stroking with him. As I moaned I mentally asked that Steve forgive me. I felt my orgasm about to start, when the door suddenly opened!

“Sigh… I told you not to start without me.” a familiar voice said…. Steve?

“I didn’t want to.” I replied starting to moan.

“Alex, said Steve, his arms akimbo. Why didn’t you wait, you fuck?!” Alex smiled and continued pumping. Smiling to myself, I watched as Steve quickly undressed and gripped his stiff cock. I continued to massage myself with the toothbrush as I felt Steve nuzzle my ears. Suddenly, as I felt him sucking on my nipples I dropped the toothbrush. I felt my juices began to gush… first orgasm! As I heard myself moaning quite loudly, I was still able to hear Alex gurgle and splatter his sweet cum all over… barely hitting my legs. He’d fallen back after, still jerking away. Steve began kissing me as he heavily jerked himself simultaneously. That’s when my second gush came, my back grew limp. I heard another gurgle as Steve, lying upon me, let his juices run onto my back. Mmmmmmm! As he lay there, I looked over at Alex, now fast asleep, then Steve lying across me. I smiled and whispered to him.

“Next time remember to remind Alex, not to start so soon.” Steve sighed. Spooning me, he closed his eyes.