Haziran 1, 2023

Cuckholding Pt. 06

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I decided that for this Bull, only a corset with lace panties, fishnet thigh highs, and heels would do. As I slipped into my outfit, I called for Cuck’s assistance. I batted my eyes at him and said, “I need you to tie my corset. My Bull asked for something sexy, and I anticipate this will be a nice surprise.” I smiled a naughty smile and continued, “Besides, this is your favorite outfit. And you get to watch me seduce this Bull and let him fuck me every possible way, while wearing it.”

Cuck looked at me with excitement in his eyes. He started to speak, “I….”

I interrupted him with, “And having you watch him pleasure me and satisfy me with his massive cock, turns me on. Remember, that monstrous cock is going to stretch me and satisfy my lustful needs that your miniature cock can’t even dream of.” I looked behind me at his tiny, caged cock, which was trying it’s darndest to push out of that metal cage, and swatted it.

“Ooooohhh!” Cuck moaned. He loved the sensation of my hand hitting against his cock and balls. I knew that the pleasure and pain it caused him would entice him and make him even more needy for tonight’s show. “Madam, you know that pleases me. I will get your corset tied now.”

After my corset was tied, I modeled the outfit in the mirror. I felt like it was missing something… but what? Abby would know! I thought. I took a selfie, sent it to her, and waited for a response.

Abby responded:

Girl! You need a collar. You’ve gotta have a leather collar

there somewhere, right?

I went into my closet and looked for a leather collar of some sort.

Damn, I cannot find one! I cannot believe that I don’t have one!

Abby quickly texted me back:

Send Cuck to Diva Domme. It’s 5 minutes from your house.

You KNOW they have what you need.

Brilliant! I thought. And then returned Abby’s text:

I knew that you were the perfect person to message!

“Cuck!” I yelled across the house. “I need you to run an errand for me.”

Cuck was quickly by my side asking, “Madam? What do you need?”

“I knew something was missing from this outfit but couldn’t figure out what it was. Abby suggested a leather collar. Turns out that is one thing that somehow, we haven’t acquired yet. So……” I paused, letting that all sink in. “I need your assistance to go to Diva Domme and pick one up. And while there, get a surprise to be used tonight on me.” Cuck’s eyes lit up with excitement, but I continued, “…..by my Bull.”

Cuck looked down, a bit sheepishly and disappointed. I put my finger under his chin and lifted it up, “Remember this, you have front row seats to watch me be gratified and satisfied…by a Bull that has a cock that puts yours to shame.” I could see his tiny cock started twitching in excitement with that statement. I leaned down, and speaking directly to his caged cock, I said, “That’s right teeny weenie. You get to twitch and swell and press up against that enclosure, wanting and needing relief, but to no avail.” I licked the tip of his cock and then said, “The clock is ticking!”

Cuck threw some clothes on and rushed out the door. I couldn’t wait to see what surprise he came home with. I mean, there were so many options at that store. Diva Domme was the mecca of sex stores. If you wanted anything sex-related, especially kinky, THAT was the place to go.

Within a little over an hour, Cuck arrived home with the leather collar I asked for. He chose a black collar with a place for the key to his cage in the center. Clever, I thought. Very clever of him. The key being on the collar symbolized my dominance over him, holding the only release to his cage. He also had another bag that was tied closed. “The surprise? I assume” I asked him.

Cuck grinned and replied, “Yes Madam. The surprise so that your Bull may give you ultimate satisfaction tonight, since I am unable to fulfill that for you.”

“Well done Cuck. You may get out of the cage before your 2 weeks is up……Maybe!” I smirked.

Cuck put the collar on me and I added the key. I loved how the leather felt around my neck. I admired myself in the mirror and then sent one more selfie to Abby.

She texted back:

Hell yes! And I love the symbol! He did a

great job!

I replied:

Oh, I know! It’s going to be Bull time soon. TTYS.

Finally, it was time for Bull to arrive. Cuck couldn’t help but be aroused, walking around in his cage. It didn’t help that I kept tormenting him with a flick or a smack to his cock or balls. I just loved teasing him.

At 7:15PM, the doorbell rang. I squealed because I was so excited. I looked at Cuck, and he nodded, reading my mind about the rules for the night. I gained my composure and strutted to the door. I opened the door slowly, as if it was a big reveal of myself for him. I think he enjoyed it, because when he finally got to see all of me, he was smiling, and had a look of Ankara escort pure lust in his blue eyes. “Why, hello there!” I said to him.

“Hot damn! I requested a sexy outfit, but holy fuck- you knocked it out of the park!” Bull said. “You…you are fucking hotter than hell.” Bull was 28yo, tan, fit and muscular- with arms the size of my calf and a 6-pack that I could see through his tight shirt. His light brown hair was shaved short on the side, and spiked up a bit in the front, and it complimented those amazing blue eyes of his.

I walked out onto the porch in my lingerie- obviously not caring if the neighbors saw, and ran my hand around his chest, walking around him, and eyeing him from head to toe. Wow, I thought. He’s gonna rock my world tonight.

I led Bull into the house, and as soon as we entered the living room, I started to ravage him. I placed my hands on his 6-pack, ran them straight up his chest. “Put your arms up,” I commanded. He looked at me, turned on yet questioning my intentions. He did as I asked, and I lifted his shirt over his head, revealing his chiseled muscles. “Oh fuck yes!” I moaned. Bull just grinned. I couldn’t help myself but rub my hands up and down his chest, across his shoulders and down his arms.

I turned to Cuck and said, “Do you see the muscles on this Bull?” He nodded, and Bull glanced at me with an inquisitive look.

Looking at Bull I said, “That is Cuck. YOU are going to show him how a real man, with an enormous cock can please a woman.”

“Right Cuck?” I asked, as I glanced his way. Cuck again nodded at me in agreement.

“Now….. Bull,” I said as I turned his face towards mine, “Where were we?” I continued with, “I know….I was feeling your hard muscles, but I seemed to not have gotten to one of them yet.” As I said that I took a hold of his cock in my hand and squeezed it.

“Mmmmmmm,” Bull moaned. “Harder. Squeeze them harder.” I happily responded by increasing the pressure of my hand on his hardening cock and balls.

“It’s time to release this beast of yours,” I whispered in Bull’s ear. “I want it. And I want it right now.” I don’t think that Bull was used to women being this aggressive with him because he had a surprised look on his face.

Bull grinned at me. As I went to kneel, he took hold of my shoulders, spun me around, and leaned me over the side of the couch. Before I had any idea what was happening, he managed to lower my panties, and swat one side of my ass. “Ohhhhhhhhh!” I exclaimed, completely shocked at what had just happened.

“Don’t be mistaken, Princess…” Bull whispered in my ear. He paused, then wrapped my hair around his hand, pulling me back towards him, and said, “….I am in charge. You submit to ME tonight.” I was so turned on with his take-charge attitude. I could feel my pussy getting wet, practically leaking already.

I moaned, and Bull took that opportunity to release my hair, spank the other side of my ass. He then said, “Shall we see how wet you are?” With that, he plunged 2 fingers into the depth of my soaking wet pussy.

They directly hit into the depths of my being, and as I raised up onto my toes from sheer pleasure, I shouted out, “Holy shit! Wow!”

Bull ran his other hand down my neck, over my breasts, down my abdomen, onto my waist. He took his fingers out of my pussy, brought them up to his mouth and licked them and sucked on them, as if he was licking my clit. I moaned in response to watching this. I then could hear a moan in the background. I tried to ignore it, but it continued.

Bull looked at me quizzically, in response to the moaning. I glared at Cuck in the corner of the room. I angrily said, “The pleasure that the Bull caused me with just his 2 fingers reaching into the depth of my pussy, is more than you can do with your minuscule cock.” I carried on with, “No moaning. No speaking unless spoken to. No touching, unless directed to.”

Bull turned my gaze towards him, so all I could focus on, was his eyes. “Now….now you can get on your knees,” Bull said to me. I gave him a naughty smile and assumed my position on my knees in front of him. Without saying a word, and never removing my gaze from his, I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. I hooked my fingers on the sides and brought them down to the floor and allowed him to step out of them. In front of me, was his erection, straining to be released from his boxers.

I bought my mouth close to his restrained cock and breathed out hot air. I could see it twitch underneath my breath. As I breathed out again, Bull started moaning. I ran my fingers on both sides of the outline of his cock. He was now starting to groan. Mmmmmmmm, I thought. Let’s unleash this beast. With my mouth still close to his hard shaft, I started to lower his boxers, anticipating, that enormous cock to be released. As his boxers were coming down, I tilted my head back and opened my Ankara escort bayan mouth. As predicted, his cock was enormous and fell directly onto my tongue. I immediately engulfed the tip and sucked……hard. “Ohhhhhhhh!” Bull exclaimed.

“Mmmmmmm,” I hummed, with my lips still surrounding his delicious cock. As I said this, I brought him deeper into my mouth, and I could see his toes curling from the pleasure.

I rode my mouth up and down his shaft, using my tongue to run along him. I took my hand and massaged his balls. That’s when he threw his head back and shouted, “Holy fuck Princess!!” He grabbed the back of my head, pulling me deeper into his mouth. I gagged, drooling all over his cock, he held my head there, and then released me. I sat back on my knees, locking my eyes with his, and keeping the tip of him in my mouth, just sucking on it- like it was a lollipop.

I paused, but then remembered Cuck’s surprise. I released that incredible cock from my mouth and I cheerfully shouted out, “Cuck! Did you see how deep I had him down my throat? How his gigantic cock caused me to gag? That was so hot!” I continued, batting my eyes at him, “Can you gag me with your cock?” Cuck just stared at me, then shook his head no. Completely changing my demeanor, I said, “I think that you need to give Bull what you purchased earlier and tell him why.”

Cuck looked embarrassed but stood up and got the package that he had tied up earlier. He handed it to Bull and said, “Madam asked me to buy something for tonight.” He looked down at his cocked cage and then said, “This is for you to pleasure her with. You will be able to pleasure her far better with it than I ever could.”

Bull took the package from Cuck and looked inside. Bull started to have a very naughty grin on his face when he looked into that bag. “What is it?” I asked. I really wanted to know what Cuck had gotten. Cuck then returned to the corner of the room, where he had been before.

Bull smirked and said, “I can promise you that you will be pleased……and pleasured from this.” It sounded mysterious and I really wanted to know what it was. “Close your eyes,” Bull said to me, and I obeyed.

I stood there, not know what was about to happen, and then I felt something being wrapped around my head, to cover my eyes. “Oooooh! A blindfold!” I said excitedly.

While my eyes were covered, I could hear background noise, but nothing where I could figure out what was happening. After a few minutes, I could sense Bull was back next to me. “Don’t move,” was all that he said to me. I could feel his hands slowly undoing the bustier that I was wearing, and then I felt my breasts fall free knowing the bustier was now on the floor. I could then feel his breath at my lower back, his teeth at the top of my buttocks, and then sensually I felt his tongue running down the center of my ass as my panties were being pulled down. All that I could do was moan. All I could think was, fuck this is hot.

Bull swooped me off the ground, and I grabbed onto his neck, since I couldn’t see anything that was happening, and I was afraid of falling. He said nothing as I then felt my legs being put through some kind of straps and my back laying against 2 more straps that were all soft. “Hold onto these.” Bull whispered in my ear, as he put my arms through 2 other holes, and then gave me, what felt like straps to hold onto. He adjusted me, shifted some things, and then seemed content with how things were positioned.

All that I knew, was that I wasn’t touching the ground, that I was suspended with my legs and arms through some strap-like things, and I was holding more straps, while blindfolded. And then, the blindfold was removed from my eyes. I looked at what I was on. “Holy fuck it’s a sex swing!” I exclaimed.

“That’s right Princess. My cock is going to penetrate every other hole you got, while on this thing.” He said, “The bigger you are, the more pleasure you cause the submissive woman.” Bull lined his cock up with my dripping wet pussy. Bringing my legs apart, he pushed that monstrous cock into my pussy.

“Ohhhhh!” I shouted, as I threw my head back. Bull swung me back, then glided me back onto his white eel, pushing himself deeper inside me. “Oh fuck! Fuck yes.” I exclaimed. “You need to be watching this Cuck!” I managed to shout out in spurts as Bull kept swinging me back and then deeper onto his cock. Soon, he had a rhythm that pressed his cock repeatedly onto my G-spot. My body could no longer take the intensity and began shaking, muscles twitching, spasming, and dripping cum all over his cock.

Feeling my cum drip out of me, gave me an idea. “Cuck,” I exclaimed. “Do you see my cum dripping out of me, onto Bull, and then onto the floor? I want you under me to catch that cum. But……” I paused for affect. And at that moment both Cuck and Bull had all attention on me. I continued, Escort Ankara “….you’re gonna catch all of the cum that drips out of my body. ALL of it. You are going to get to taste the pleasure that I feel- from my Bull’s monstrous cock!” I smirked a very naughty smile.

Cuck laid himself down on the floor, so his face was right under where my pussy was in the swing. He seemed curious as to how this was going to work, and apparently it turned him on, because his cock was straining to get out of its cage. And I could see the start of pre-cum at the tip.

When this cock explodes, cum is going to be everywhere, I thought to myself.

Bull looked at me and said, “You do remember I said EVERY hole, right? And we have already been in 2 of them.” Bull looked at me mischievously, then down at Cuck and said to him, “I hope you’re ready.” As he said that, Bull swung me back, so his cock pulled out of me, and then he pulled me close, where he pressed my asshole against his dripping wet cock.

“You’re gonna put that whole thing…..there?” I asked him, a bit surprised.

“Princess. Who is in charge?” Bull scowled at me.

I looked down at my pussy, and then at his hard cock and said, “You Sir.” I could feel the grin on Cuck’s face, through my back. I just knew he loved that.

“Give that tight asshole to me, Princess. I want to stretch it out, like no man has before!” He whispered to me. Then said, “Especially this one here,” as he looked down at Cuck.

Bull put more pressure on my asshole with his cock. He rubbed that cock around my hole, teasing me incessantly. Then he grabbed the swing tight in his grip and slowly began moving the swing in fast short spurts, which allowed m y asshole to slowly open as his monstrosity entered inside of it.

“Oh, oh oh! Hold!” I shouted at one point. It was hard to even know how much of him was in me at that moment. Bull paused.

“Relax.” Bull said to me. And I let my body relax, which allowed my asshole to stop spasming. That was when he pulled me where my pussy was practically touching his stomach, which pushed almost his entire cock inside my ass.

“Oh. My. God!” I shouted. The pressure was so intense, but intense in a good way. Bull moved gently, moving only part of his cock in and out, he was hitting against that spot, The spot that sends magical feelings throughout my body. The spot that causes me to lose all control. “You’re…..hitting…..that….SPOT!” I screamed as I violently orgasmed around his cock. The more I shook from my orgasm, the tighter he pulled me against him, causing more and more pressure on my A-spot! “Fuck! Fuck! Oh! Wow! Shit!” was all that I could get out as he was gliding in and out of me.

I could feel my cum overflowing from my pussy, dripping down. I flung my head back in absolute pleasure, and I could see Cuck, on the ground directly under where my pussy was dripping. “Mmmmmm,” Cuck said. He was licking al drops of my cum from his lips, his face. “More,” He continued.

It was then, that I started to see the look on Bull’s face changing. He was pulling e harder and harder into him. With every stroke, I could feel myself spasming tighter and tighter around his cock. And the tighter I got; the more swollen IU could feel him getting. “Oh….oh……OHHHHHHH FUCK!” Bull shouted. His cock spasmed inside of me, I could feel the warm cum entering inside of me, the spasm of his cock inside my ass, the tightness my asshole had around his erection.

Bull shook, he moaned, and groaned, and pushed that cock as deep as he possibly could inside of me. “Fuck yes!” he shouted. He was breathing heavy. I was breathing heavy, from all of the pleasure that he just gave me. He remained inside of me, as his cock began to get smaller. And that is when it happened…..

The cum from my ass began to drip down onto Cuck. It dripped on his forehead, his cheeks, his lips, his tongue as he was still trying to lap up all of my cum that had fallen on him. The cum of the man who just fucked his wife; who brought more pleasure to her than he could ever think of; was dripping on his face. And he had to lay there and take it. Bull finally withdrew his cock, very slowly, allowing a small gush of cum to land directly on Cuck’s mouth. Bull smiled. Cuck had this shocked look on his face, but never said a word.

“Keep that cum on you.” I told Cuck. He looked at me. “I want it as a reminder of the pleasure that you witnessed here tonight. Let it remind you how this Bull was able to repeatedly hit my G-spot and A-spot with his gigantic cock…something you cannot do.” I kept my gaze on him, “You may get up now. I want you to rub a vibrator in that cum and put it on your cock to bring yourself to the edge. But there is no cumming.” I was being mischievous, I knew. But fuck it felt hot to have that control in that moment.

Cuck got up, with his face and neck covered in cum- none of his own, and he went into the bedroom.

“OK Princess. Let me get you down,” Bull said to me. Very gently, he released all the straps that were on me, and carried me to the couch. “Time for you to rest. You’ve had a very busy night.” Bull winked. He got dressed, kissed me on the forehead, and headed out the door.