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Doctors And Nurses

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Doctors And NursesWally always wanted to be an engineer but his father, a rich banker, insisted he studied to be a doctor. He saw it as a worthy profession and it would sit well on their family tree.To go against his father’s wishes was to put his inheritance in danger and that added up to a considerable amount of money and property. Consequently he soldiered on, attended the best medical schools, and eventually ended up as a doctor at a large hospital.Because he was smart and hard working, Wally soon worked his way up to being the hospital administrator and was bored to tears. On top of that, he’d been divorced for five years and had never managed to cement another satisfying relationship. In short, his life was the shits.One day, Dr. Wally had a sudden epiphany. If he was fired from his job for sexually harassing the nurses and lady doctors, he’d be compelled to take on some profession that was traditionally exclusively male – like engineering. His father certainly had enough clout to hush up any scandal but would probably think it inadvisable to put his son in the way of temptation again.Wally had always steered clear of dating any of the women he worked with as it might undermine his authority but he always had the secret hots for a Nurse by the name of Sadie Williams. Sadie was tall, slender, had great legs, and tits to die for. The good doctor decided to make her his first victim and called her into the office.“Nurse Williams, ever since you started her at the hospital I’ve noticed your breasts,” he opened up.She blushed and then moved a little closer to his desk, “I’ve noticed you looking at them Doctor. In fact, I’ve often imagined you fondling them – have you ever thought of that?”At this point, Wally lost his nerve and started to ramble, “No – as I say I’ve noticed them – and believe they could distract other members of the staff and possibly affect their performance. I‘d like you to wear uniforms with a higher neckline if possible.”Nurse Williams was furious, feeling that her boss had made her make a complete fool of herself. She ran out of the office in tears.Later that afternoon, Wally canlı bahis decided to try again with Nurse Ellie Robins. She was a petite sexy little thing and he asked her if she was having regular sex. The question didn’t faze her one bit. Thinking that he was concerned about her health, she gave him a complete rundown of her sexually activity and left him with an enormous boner.Wally came to the conclusion that he was picking on the wrong type of girls and his questions would be more of a shock to someone like the serious minded Doctor Melonie Hartwood, the Senior Surgeon. What with her horned rimmed glasses and pulled back hair, she actually looked more like a librarian than a doctor.He took several deep breaths and picked up the phone. When she answered, he tried to put on a sexy voice and said that he needed her urgently. It was only a couple of minutes before she burst through the door and asked him what the problem was.“I have a medical dilemma that I think you might help me with,” he began. “I keep getting involuntary erections.”Doctor Hartwood adopted the very best bedside manner she could muster and asked him if it tended to react to certain nurses that he admired. “Or even a lady doctor,” she matter-of-factly added.Rubbing his dick under the desk to get it up, he responded by saying it started to get hard the moment she walked through the door. She smiled – ever so sweetly.“Really?”“Yes – it’s hard now – would you like to feel it?”He was positive that he was on the right track and she was going to beat a hasty retreat and report him to the professional body. But it didn’t happen.Doctor Hartman walked over to the door, locked it, and pulled down the shade.“I always like a little privacy when I’m examining a patient,” she purred, making her way back to him. “Now why don’t you slip off your pants and let me have a look?”Wally was beginning to feel that his plans were going awry once more. To save the situation he decided to get even bolder.“I will if you promise to suck it for me,” he croaked. His throat was getting quite dry.“It’s something I’ve wanted to do since the moment I saw you doctor.”Helping bahis siteleri him to pull down his pants, she went onto her knees, lifted up the front of his shirt and took his hard knob deep into her mouth. Feeling the end of his wang hit the back of her throat sent a shockwave throughout his body.Every time she plunged it in, the good doctor swallowed it right up to the hilt. By now, his plans seem to get less and less important. Wally was gasping for breath and digging his fingers into her shoulders as he felt his cum beginning to stir in his balls. Eventually, her mouth felt too good and his semen shot up his pipe and onto her tonsils.As he leaned back in his chair trying to catch his breath, Melonie slipped off her white coat revealing a flimsy white bra and panties. His eyes almost popped out of his head as she removed the rest, presenting him with a great set of perky tits and a neatly trimmed pussy.Letting down her hair and swinging it provocatively from side to side, she sat on the desk facing him.“Oh Doctor – I’ve been having this trouble with my vagina – I wonder if you could take a close look at it for me.”Now, it was Wally’s turn to drop to his knees. Moving his head up between her firm white thighs ,he licked the outside of her inner lips gently. Melonie’s whole body stiffened up and she grabbed onto his hair.Using his probing fingers to part the petals of her dewy cunt, he slid his tongue into her bright pink aperture and tasted the sweet nectar that later would lubricate his cock. She began to moan immediately but started to flick the tip of his lingua up and down the sides of her labia like a little Butterfly, she went absolutely ballistic.“Oh my god, that’s so fucking good Wally – keep doing it please – I’m going to cum.”Melonie was not k**ding. Her orgasmic screams caused the glass to rattle in the door and windows. Then, she lost total control of her flailing body and sent all his papers and other paraphernalia flying off the desk.Jumping down, she made for the sofa and lay welcomingly with her legs d****d over the arm. “Give me a big injection Doctor – fill me up güvenilir bahis with your goo.”Wally was more than a little shocked that Melonie, who he always considered untouchable, had turned out to be such a raving nymphomaniac. However, it was he that had set the ball rolling and so he felt obligated to give her what she wanted.Her wet crack was raised up on the arm of the sofa just in line with his dick. The obliging physician put his hands under her bum and rammed it in.“Oh god that feels so good!” she cried. “Fill me up Wally. Fill me up!”He was a little worried that he might be charged at a later date with fucking a deranged woman but he was a man so he went ahead anyway. Her cunt was so well lubricated, his cock didn’t seem to touch the sides. Luckily, Melonie had a magic sphincter that she was able to tighten at will. Every time his knob end hit a certain spot, she squeezed in and it drove him on to go faster and faster.As Wally continued to ram his man-meat into her with considerable force, the sofa moved across the floor and banged into a filing cabinet. Upon arrival, he made a final mighty thrust and shot his viscid load into the upper reaches of Melonie’s uterus. Dr. Hartwood moved her ass up and down in an effort to milk every drop of spunk he had in his balls. Then, she sank back in the cushions with a satisfied look on her face.Although Wally stressed what he’d done was unethical, unprofessional and perhaps in violation of his contract, she p*o pooed the whole idea.“If you’re not comfortable doing it in your office, we could fuck in the operating room under intense light,” she offered. “I’ve done it there many times with George the Janitor – it’s so much fun.”Poor Wally was in a state of despair. It looked as though he was trapped in the medical profession until he father passed on, and he was in an excellent state of health. But good fortune suddenly smiled upon him. Mrs. Westerbrooke, the chief benefactor of the hospital, happened to be paying a visit to the hosptial and dropped into his office.In her late eighties, the doddering old bitch instilled fear and dread in all who crossed her path. It took a lot of courage but he blurted it out.“Would you give me a blowjob Mrs. Westerbrooke?”She stopped dead in her tracks, gave a wry smile and asked him he had something she could drop her teeth into. THE END