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Educating Laura

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The pain of being a parent of a teenage girl became all too apparent to Logan the night he rolled off his wife of almost twenty years after an extraordinary explosive sex session. Logan’s wife Donna was a real beauty & always had been. With long blonde hair & a cute elfin face with lips that begged to be kissed & deep blue smouldering eyes she had the most wonderful figure for a woman of nearly forty years of age. Logan had never figured out quite why she had married him but now it never bothered him, he had regular sex, three, four sometimes five times a week. They had a beautiful eighteen year old daughter, Laura, who was almost a replica of her mother. Logan felt so alive, life was perfect, until that fateful night.

“Logan, what are we going to do about Laura?” Donna said dreamily.

“What do you mean? Is she in trouble?” Logan asked, frowning.

“No, but I am worried about her. I mean she’s still a virgin & I don’t want her to go through the same as I did when I lost my virginity.”

He had no idea of the bombshell that Donna was about to unleash on him. Donna had told him about her first time when she was practically raped in the back of a pick-up truck by some guy she had been dating for months. It had been painful for her to tell him & was almost in tears when she had finished.

“So what do you suggest we do? Vet every guy she dates to see if he’s a potential rapist?”

“No of course not, but her first time should be with someone she really cares about & who cares about her. When you had me the first time it was so wonderful. I had almost given up on men & seemed destined to be one time only, I was so frightened of sex. If it hadn’t been for you we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

Logan began to feel uneasy, this conversation was leading somewhere but he didn’t know where.

“Yeah that’s all very well but where are we going to find the right guy for Laura? We know how picky she is.”

“I’ve already talked it over with Laura & she’s agreed, we have the perfect man right here.”

There it was out in the open, the most outrageous suggestion he’d ever heard.

“What? NO, you can’t, NO not me, it’s illegal for a start, immoral & perverted.”

“But Logan. think what it will mean to Laura, she’ll be losing her virginity to a man she loves dearly & who loves her equally in return. If you are so nervous about it I’ll be there as well to help out.”

Donna was almost pleading with him now.

“You can’t be serious Donna, I just couldn’t do it. Fuck my own daughter? NO, NO, FUCKING NO”

“No Logan. I don’t want you to just fuck her I need you to make love to her, show her that sex is a wonderful, beautiful thing just as you did with me. I’m sorry you feel that you can’t do that Logan but you leave me no choice. Until you agree, you get no more from me, your days of banging my pussy are over for now.”

Donna was getting angry with him now & he knew how stubborn she was.

“That’s all very well Donna but that means you’ll be going without as well & I can’t see that lasting for long.”

“Well if it gets too difficult there’s a couple of guys at work who’d jump at the chance of getting in my pants & they’re pretty hot too.”

Threats of that kind wouldn’t normally have bothered him but there was a real determination in her voice.


“My daughter’s future happiness is at stake here, I’ll do ANYTHING to ensure she gets the right education.”

Logan left it at that, he needed time to think this through. He realised that Laura had grown up & was almost a woman but he hadn’t noticed, to him she was still a sweet little girl playing with her dolls. He tossed & turned all night, having vivid dreams of Laura floating towards him completely naked, holding her arms out to him calling out “Help me daddy, please fuck me.”


Breakfast began normally until Laura came down dressed as she usually was, wearing a short silk kimono robe & nothing else. Logan decided to keep off the subject of Donna’s proposal but he couldn’t help seeing Laura in a completely different way.

She had an unconsciously sensual walk that caused her hips to sway & her unfettered breasts bounced under her robe, her nipples outlined through the thin silk. She was taller than Donna by around two inches & her legs were long & shapely even wearing Micky Mouse slippers. Logan kept giving her sidelong glances & he felt his loins tightening although he tried to fight it. As he ate his breakfast he could feel both Donna & Laura’s eyes on him. He looked up at Donna & she raised her eyebrows enquiringly, looking away he caught Laura gazing at his crotch, a curious questioning look in her eyes.

“I’m off to work, I’ll be late otherwise.”

He mumbled, making any excuse to escape. The rest of the day passed in a haze as he wrestled with his conscience. Laura was his daughter for fuck’s sake, if he went through with it he’d never be able to look her in the eye again, their trust would be gone for ever even if she had agreed to it.

Finally the day ended & he manisa escort went home in trepidation, not wanting to face either Donna or Laura.

Laura was watching TV as he entered the lounge with her feet curled beneath her, her skirt showing a great deal of creamy thigh & her top seemed to accentuate the curve of her sweet young breasts & her nipples seemed to be more pronounced than usual. Logan gulped & swallowed hard. Why the hell was he looking at her in this way?

“Come & sit beside me Daddy, I need to talk to you.”

Laura smiled at him & patted the seat beside her. Reluctantly he sat beside her. The warmth radiating from her body & being so close to her made his cock harden.

“I think I know what this is about Laura & I am not happy about it at all. It’s just not right even if you are okay with it, think of afterwards, we’ll always have it on our minds for the rest of our lives.”

“But Daddy, Mommy has told me what happened to her & how you made her realise what a beautiful thing sex is, I want you to be my first experience, something to remember & treasure.”

“That’s all very well Laura baby but you are my little girl, I just couldn’t do it.”

“What if, Daddy, you tried & if you can’t go through with it we’ll forget all about it & I’ll take my chances on finding the right guy.”

Laura put her hand on his knee & Logan felt the shocks shooting through his body. Was she teasing him or was it just reassurance? He didn’t know, he was so confused. Under normal circumstances if it had been any other woman making him a proposition like that he wouldn’t have hesitated even if it meant being unfaithful to Donna whom he adored.

“What about your Mom? I know this was all her idea but how will it affect her? Will she be jealous, insecure? Will she hate you, hate me? There are so many questions that I can’t answer.”

Laura patted his thigh & leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, her hard pointed nipples brushing his arm.

“Please think about it Daddy, I’ve been so excited ever since Mommy first mentioned it.”

“Okay darling, I’ll think about it but no promises, OK?”

At this Laura threw her arms round his neck & her firm teen tits pressed into him as she planted her soft sensuous ruby lips on his. Logan struggled to control himself as his precious daughter thanked him, her body soft & yielding against him.

They ate dinner almost in silence until Logan sighed & declared.

“OK, I’ll do it, much against my better judgement & principles mind, anything is better than getting the silent treatment from you both & nothing in the way of relief from you Donna.”

The two women smiled broadly at each other & Laura’s hand slipped under the table & rubbed her aching wet pussy.

“Thank you Daddy, you won’t regret it, I’ll remember this for the rest of my life.”

“Yes Logan you’ve finally come to your senses & grown some balls, we have to make some arrangements, like when are we gonna do it or rather when are YOU gonna do it? Get the bedroom ready, looking sorta special for our little girl.”

Donna was all smiles & bubbling over with joy, she promised herself that she’d thank Logan properly when they went to bed tonight.


When Logan finally climbed the stairs to bed he was surprised to see a light under the bedroom door & when he opened it he was even more surprised to see Donna sitting up in bed with the duvet wrapped around her.

“What’s the matter honey? Are you alright? Are you cold, is there anything you want?”

He asked with real concern.

“Yes Logan there is something I want, real bad…”

Donna smiled seductively.

“I want that big fat cock of yours in my wet aching pussy, will you oblige me?”

“You should know you don’t need to ask, I’m up for humping you ANYTIME.”

Logan grinned, he had known Donna wouldn’t be able to carry out her implied threat of the night before. He stripped off in double quick time, his cock at right angles to his belly, stiff & straight apart from the curious bend of his cock head. Before Logan had even got into bed Donna had her small hands wrapped around his cock, jerking him off expertly, eagerly catching his spurting cum in her open mouth & on her little pink tongue, making small animal noises as she swallowed his salty spunk.

“Slow down Donna sweetheart there won’t be any left for your pussy.”

Logan chided her jokingly.

“That’ll be a first honey, you always have plenty for me in that gorgeous slab of meat.”

Donna retorted, laughing as she extracted another spurt from him.

Logan finally climbed into bed & caught Donna up in his strong arms as she half heartedly tried to wriggle away. He caressed her soft warm body moving from her face down over her neck to her perky upturned breasts, nibbling the lobes of her ears. Donna shuddered in delight as his wet tongue tickled the inside of her ear.

Donna’s back arched to push her hips to his hand as he travelled over her flat toned belly , pausing to wiggle his fingertips in her dimpled navel.

“PLEASE LOGAN, fuck me hard darling, I want you so bad.”

Donna moaned pleadingly, squirming & writhing, her legs opening wide & knees bending to give him full access to her sopping wet love tunnel. Logan moved between her legs his palm flat & pressing on the hard button of her clit & his cock head slid easily into Donna’s eager waiting pussy.

“OH YEAH, now baby, now, that’s it, fill my pussy”

Donna’s cries filled the room & she moaned in ecstasy as Logan settled into long firm strokes letting her pussy muscles hold him on each stroke, gripping his hard shaft as he fucked her. Her hands stroked along his muscular arms & gripped his shoulders as they both stiffened & their orgasms began simultaneously, Donna’s nails raked down Logan’s back but he felt no pain as he emptied his balls into his beautiful horny wife. Donna’s cum flowed over his shaft in soft warm waves of womanly honey & mingled with his creamy spunk & began to ooze from around his buried cock & trickle slowly to her ass crack.

“Was that ok baby? Enough for you?”

Logan smiled down at Donna, her eyes closed as she lay panting heavily, her golden hair spread over the pillow like a halo. Logan grinned as he thought how she looked like a newly fucked fallen angel.

“You better rest now Logan, you’ve got Laura to take care of tomorrow, we don’t want you to disappoint her ‘cos you’re all worn out.”

Logan nodded, he wanted to be at his best if he was to give Laura what she wanted, what she deserved.


There was an air of excitement the whole evening during dinner & the three of them kept exchanging glances, each with their own thoughts. Though nothing was mentioned of what was planned for later it was on their minds.

Donna was overjoyed that she had convinced both Logan & Laura that it was a practical & sensible thing to do. Logan of course knew her reasoning as she had told him of her first experience all those years ago.

Logan was nervous & still thought that it was wrong & immoral but he couldn’t back out now so he decided that he would try to not think of Laura as his daughter but someone Donna had found to fulfil his fantasies.

For Laura this was going to be the best night of her life. She was going to made a woman by the man she loved most in all the world. Unbeknown to her parents she had fantasised about Logan ever since she was fifteen when he had inadvertently caught her masturbating by the pool. He hadn’t scolded her but discreetly walked away but she had seen the bulge suddenly appear in his shorts. She felt the heat between her legs as they finished dinner & her eyes shone as Donna said it was time to get ready.


Logan lay on the bed fondling his limp cock; desperately trying to get it to grow, Donna & Laura would arrive at any moment & his cock was like a stick of wet celery. He heard them outside the door, Donna giving Laura some last minute advice no doubt. The door opened & Donna purposely dimmed the lights apart from one that shone directly on to Laura as she entered. Logan craned his neck & took a sharp breath.

Laura was stunning, she wore a simple diaphanous robe tied with a single bow at the vee of her cleavage & thin shoulder straps. Her hair hung in golden ringlets down to the middle of her back. The light behind her outlined the curves of her body & the front was revealing each breast & the slightly darker circles of her areola. As she drew nearer he could see the tight blonde curly hairs on her mound, neatly trimmed & her slit was just visible through the material.

“Hello Daddy I’m ready.”

She whispered huskily as she stood beside the bed.

“You look beautiful baby, but call me Logan for tonight, Daddy doesn’t seem quite appropriate.”

Reaching out & holding her small hand.

Donna looked on proudly & noticed Logan’s swelling organ, smiling to herself in satisfaction. Meanwhile Logan was struggling to control himself as he wanted to pull Laura into bed & ravish her but this seemed so much like a virgin being sacrificed to her master, he didn’t want that.

“You can touch him Laura, get him really hard, I’ll help if you want me to”

Donna murmured wistfully as she saw the hard thick shaft springing upward.

“No it’s alright Momma, I have handled a cock before”

Laura blushed at her confession, she didn’t want Logan or Donna to think of her as a wanton type of girl. In truth she had only touched one cock before & that was just with her fingertips.

Logan guided her hand to his hot raging member & wrapped her fingers round it as far as they would go, her thumb & forefinger not quite circling the girth. Instinctively Laura began sliding her hand up & down Logan’s shaft & he moaned out loud.

“Oh God Laura!”

His head pressed back into the pillows & his back arched. Laura’s long but inexperienced strokes soon brought a globule of precum to his tip & perched precariously on the swollen crown.

“Taste it Laura, lick it off & savour it, you don’t want to waste a drop on your first time.”

Donna encouraged her daughter, feeling herself growing wet herself & half wishing it was her that was holding Logan’s magnificent cock.

Tentatively Laura lowered her head to Logan’s throbbing member & her little pink tongue flickered over the head, gathering the salty cream on the tip of her tongue, she swallowed it down her throat, wondering at the taste & texture, nothing like what she had imagined. As she bent her breasts pressed against her gown her swollen nipples grazing his naked chest. Logan had to see more & he tugged the silk bow at her cleavage & the gown gaped open & her soft firm breasts hung loose, swaying invitingly. Logan reached out cupping the plump soft orbs, feeling their warmth in his palms. Laura gave a small gasp of excitement as Logan touched her intimately for the very first time & she knew then that this was what she wanted. She wanted Logan, her father, to take her virginity tonight.

“Laura, I suggest you take him in your mouth, lick along the length, spit on it if you must, he DOES enjoy that so much”

Donna cooed to Laura, giving her expert advice as she knew Logan so well & guiding Laura was causing a burning hot sensation in her wet pussy.

Logan heard Donna’s advice & smiled to himself, Donna was making sure that he got the maximum pleasure from this. Laura lowered her mouth & lips around Logan’s erect organ & the straps on her gown slipped from her shoulders & she shrugged the gown off letting it fall to the floor & she bent over Logan, naked, her father really seeing her for the first time.

Still fondling one full firm breast Logan coiled Laura’s golden tresses in the other hand & gently coaxed her head to bob up & down on his shaft. Her mouth was so wet & warm as she took his cock & she began sucking & licking just as she had been told. Logan was close to cumming but he had to hold it, he hadn’t completed his mission yet so he pulled away from Laura & pulled her down beside him & explored her glorious young body with his hands & tongue, depositing soft kisses on the spots that he knew women couldn’t ignore. He played Laura’ desires like a fiddle just as he did with Donna.

Laura couldn’t believe the sensations that were shooting through her body as Logan explored her body, every kiss, every touch was heaven to her & she responded in kind pressing herself to his muscular body & moaning loudly, wanting more of these exquisite feelings.

Logan had not touched Laura’s most private & sensitive parts as yet & he drove her to the very edge of begging him to touch her there. She was squirming, writhing against him, arching her back, her legs opening wide, wanting, needing him to take her.

Donna watched transfixed, as Logan toyed with Laura’s tight young body & the heat at the top of her thighs was unbearable so she began thrusting her fingers into her hot wet hole & pinching her hard aching nipples, gasping with the arousal of seeing her husband & daughter together.

Logan knew that the moment wasn’t far away & he kissed Laura’s sweet ruby lips that tasted of minty chocolate. His tongue probing her mouth & finding her tongue searching for his. They kissed passionately with Laura’s fingers gripping his naked shoulders, digging her nails into his hard muscular flesh.

Logan kissed his way down Laura’s soft deliciously inviting body pausing to suck on a hard pinky brown nipple then continuing across her flat tight belly, again pausing to tease his tongue in her dimpled navel. Laura’s hands curled in his hair pushing his head down to her mons & the patch of tightly curled blonde hair.

“Please Da.. I mean Logan, I’m ready, I want you.”

Laura begged her father, the waiting was excruciating, she had waited so long & now he was teasing her, making her wait even longer. She planted her feet flat on the bed & arched her back, thrusting her hips & golden mound up to his flickering tongue that was tasting her clit.

Logan found his head between Laura’s soft silky thighs & the musky aroma of her arousal filled his nostrils. Probing along her wet slippery slit he took his time savouring the sweetness of her juices that leaked from her lips. Four, five times he travelled along her slit as Laura clawed at his hair in desperation & finally he raised his head & looked Laura in the eye.

“Time you stopped being my little girl & became a woman sweetheart.”

He growled the words out, unable to keep the lust out of his voice but still full of tenderness.

“Don’t fuck about, just do it.”

Laura surprised herself at her language, she had never cursed in front of her parents before but this seemed so appropriate, the time to be a ‘good girl’ was over & she wanted so much to please her father.

Logan raised himself on his arms & slid up Laura’s trembling lithe body, feeling tiny shocks at every point their bodies touched. His bulbous purple helmet was at her entrance & he could feel the heat of her on the tip. Slowly he lowered himself & pushed against the delicate petal like lips of her pussy & they opened as a flower blooms. He heard Laura gasp as his cock head moved past her outer lips & stretched her tiny hole as never before, he paused to let her accustom herself to his girth.