Ekim 7, 2021

Every hole

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Every hole
Tess my stepdaughter had come round for a meal it had only been a few weeks since her mother had died and we found comfort, and fantastic sex, with each other.
We had eaten and still in the dining room, started kissing, I was still on my chair, she in her tight black dress walked round to my end of the table, her high heels clacking on the wooden floor as she hitched her dress up over her stocking tops and her tight little bottom, revealing that she had no panties on. Tess handed me a parcel which I unwrapped my eyes never leaving her stockinged legs and her pussy lips glistening slightly as she sat on the table. The parcel contained a large dildo, hard black plastic cock, and a smaller anal dildo. Tess took the anal dildo from me and slipped it in her mouth slowly sucking on the five inches of plastic cock, she handed it back to me and lay back on the dining table stretched down and pulled open her asshole, and I slid the dildo up into her bum hole, all the way up there. I handed her the 8 inch black cock to her which again she sucked making it wet and handed it back to me. I slid it up her now wet cunt, it was half way in when she smiled at me and unzipped the front of her dress which fell down into the table framing her milky white body in s black silk frame, and give me all of it, I slammed the rest of the black cock up her cunt, tess moaned as the black cock hit her cervix hard. Tess sat up and moved forward to the edge of the table sitting right on the edge forcing the anal dildo tight up her arsehole, I noticed then she had nipple rings something she had talked about which her mum had said no too, the gold glistening rings holding her nipples hard and proud from her tiny breasts, she took my hands to them and said play with them while I fuck myself. Tess grabbed the dildo and started fucking her self with the big black cock, her weight keeping the anal dildo deep up her arsehole. I flicked both nipple rings and she groaned deeply from the pleasure and pain they gave her. I looked down at her white skin her thin legs encased in black stockings and suspenders belt and the black cock she was fucking herself hard now. I pulled on the nipple rings and she moved up with my pulling as the rings stretched out her tits and stretched her nipples into long pink buds burning with pain and pleasure. Moaning more now Tess was fucking her cunt hard with the black dildo cock her juices dribbling out her red raw cunt, more she said, and I let the nipple ring go and she moaned a deep pained growl as the blood and pain flooded back into her nipples and at that same moment she started squirting as she cam all over the black dildo now rammed deeply up her cunt, as she sprawled across the dining table, her body trembling as pleasure rippled through her as her orgasm rumbled on, I stood up took my hard aching cock out and wanked as she moaned and shudders on the table very briefly till I shot my hot wet spunk onto her pubic mound and the black dildo half in half out her red cunt, now it was covered with my spunk I slid it back into her raw red cunt and she whimpered oh fuck yes!!!