Eylül 30, 2021

ex-bf forced **** me but i feel sexy

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ex-bf forced **** me but i feel sexyit was a pleasant evening when i decided to meet up with my ex-bf for dinner. He fetch me from my office and we couldn’t find a parking space when we arrive to the restaurant. So he suggested that we brought it back to his home for dinner. I was a little naive to agreed upon his request. When i arrive to his house, we spent our time in his home-office where he show some of his travel photo to me. Thing are working out fine for us, we chat, we laugh and we share some updates on our life after the breakup (2years ago). I offered to wash the dish after we have done with the food. While i was washing, i heard small foot steps walking toward me from behind. The moment before i manage to turn around, i realized that he was standing behind me, with his crotch pressing hard to my butt and both of his hands were on my breasts groping it. I was shocked, my whole body shivered and moaned out loud. He was shocked with my reaction too and he let go of me walking back to his room. Damn.. He had just harrased me, but i am so wet down there. He broke my heart 2 years ago and i sweared that i will never ever want to have anything to do with this man anymore. I went back to the room collecting my purse and phone suggesting to him that i should leave before thing get worse. He know what he did was wrong and he apologized to me. Then he hold out both of his arms to hug me apologetic asking for forgiveness for groping me. He said he couldn’t control himself, he still have feeling canlı bahis with me.. He tried to reach his lips to mine and when i push him away. He started to get aggravated and become aggrasive. He wouldn’t let me go and start kissing me all over my lips, neck, and ears. At the same time, one of his hand is hugging me tight, pressing my breasts against his. Another hand of his is busy groping on my butt. I have a small and petite body size compared to his, I couldn’t move at all, beside my head turning left and right avoiding his kiss. Before i can manage to do anything, i can feel the cold air on my buttock, he has just remove my panties and throwing it down on the floor. I am now bare under. I was wearing a skirt with a button down shirt. My clothes are a perfect match for him to ripe it off. He pull down my skirt. Then push my face down on his working desk with my buttock bare in the air. The next thing i know is he is slapping on my butt cheek making me to moan even louder. The harder i resist, the harder his slap on my butt cheek. It was so painful yet i feel so turn on. He slip one of his finger down to my pussy and clit. He said “you said no, no no, but you are so wet, i know you like it” and he lick away the juice from his finger. Then he sip in another 2 fingers to touch my clit, i feel so violated and start to cried out trying to stop him from inserting his finger into my pussyhole. But he ignored my scream and inserted his finger and start fingering me. It feels so great that bahis siteleri make my body to shivered. After a few moment of fingering, he turn me around and ripe off my shirt leaving my bras visible. He ripped my bras and reach his lips to my nipples while one of his hand is still fingering me on the inside. The non-stop sensation somehow send a tingling message to all over my body. Then he grab my hair and push me down to his crotch and force me to unzip his jeans. He dont have an underwear underneath him. And his. 7 inches penis shocked me. He push his penis into my mouth for a good 5 minutes. Then he grab my hair to stand me up, then lay my face down again on the desk. His mouth finds my clit and start licking it giving a circular motion on my clit. It was so great and the feeling is like i am burning from the inside. He then inserted his penis forcefully into my tight pussy. Taking me by shock, moaning out loud again. That doesn’t make him stop, but make him more excited and his tempo go faster and faster. After a few moments, he turn me around sitting me on his table by the edge of the table, still playing with my clit with his finger, and all of suddent he forced entered to my vagina. He took control over me and i totally lost in his. He lay me down forcefully and keep fucking me while both of his handa are groping my 34D breats. Eventhough i feel so violated, yet his act melted ne and make me surrendered my body to his tortures. While he is fucking me hard, his finger was playing güvenilir bahis with my clit to make sure that i enjoy too. But his movement stop just right before i can reach orgasm. I was so lost in the fantasy ****.. Qhen i open my eyes, i saw him lying his body on mine with a rope on his hand. He is tying both of my hands up, and he use his body weight to control me from struggling. I scream for no and ask him to let me go. But i only realized that my both arms are now tied up to the window. Then he started to kiss my whole body, from neck to armpit then to my nipples. I felt some vibration on my pussy and realized fhat he is using a sextoy toying my pussy. I moan and moan and finally come under his attack. I feel so sexy. He then tied each of my leg to the desk leg. Exposing my vagina to all of his attacks. I was panting, i was so wet wanted for more. I was wishing for his cock to come into mine. I closed ny eyes dive myself into the ****fantasy. Then i realized that many hands are touching my body. When i opened my eyes, i saw my ex-bf and his friend are licking tocuhing my whole body. His friend pull out his penis, and his is much longer than my ex. He pushed his into my vagina and hitting me hard. At the same time, my ex bf climb up on the table over me, forcing his penis to entered to me moaning mouth. And shut mw up with his big penis. I was so weak to fight back and all i can do is to enjoy it. Indeed, i really enjoy the torture and also the gangbanged. The friend left after he cum on my face. My ex bf forced me to lick his cum and clean up his dick with my tongue. He sent me home later on and still apologizing to me for his lost of control. I forgive him because I was happy too. What a pleasant meet up.