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Getting some sun

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Getting some sun
Getting some sun.

Chloe’s phone woke her. She just wanted to sleep in on this first day of summer vacation. The text was from her best friend Sarah. [Out front] it read. Chloe checked the time, way too early. She knew Sarah wouldn’t be put off. Sarah’s ring tone was next making that point clear. She accepted the call. “Chloe get out of bed. The sun’s up and I’m waiting out front!” Sarah started in before Chloe could get a word in. “What? Why?” was Chloe’s groggy reply. “Come on, you promised you would help me find where Jacob lived. Get dressed and get out here. It’s going to be a beautiful day.” Sarah insisted. “Oh, alright. But I’m going to take my time getting ready.” Chloe stipulated. “Whatev. Just get a move on!”

Chloe knew how Sarah got when she was on a mission. Sarah had a crush on Jacob, the Junior year class president and jock. Sarah failed to connect with him during the school year and was now determined to find where he lived. So, of course, she was dragging Chloe along with her. There would be no living with her until she got what she wanted. Chloe stripped out of her PJ’s to start her day. Heading for the shower, she caught sight of herself in the full length mirror. Tan skin and raven hair cut short in a bob. Five foot even, petite and toned, she had not undergone any body changes since becoming a teen. She could pass for a twelve year old boy. To counter this Chloe liked to wear yoga pants that clearly showed the shape of her ass and pussy. While her flat chest had no breast development at all, her nipples were prominent and firm, always poking out. She liked to wear stretchy tops that clearly displayed them. She also wore makeup to enhance her eyes and lips to further identify her as a girl.

After a hot shower Chloe picked out a matching gray sports top and shorts outfit. Her shorts were cut high in the back to allow her lower butt cheeks to hang out. She pulled the seam up tight into her pussy and ass then rolled down the waist band to just above her butt crack to show off more of her abs. She smiled at the results, the tight stretchy material hid nothing. Her top was the smallest size made since only the nipples needed to be covered. It left all of her muscled tummy on display. Chloe put on sneakers with the same sports logo as her outfit. When she looked in the mirror again she was satisfied that she would not be mistaken for a boy and it being summer vacation she skipped her usual makeup.

When Chloe left the house she found Sarah sitting on the lawn thumbing through her messages. Her bike was dumped next to her. Sarah was the polar opposite of Chloe. In the last year she had ‘blossomed’. At five foot seven inches tall Sarah was all curves. She had B cup breasts and flaring hips. Her wavy red hair had not been cut since fourth grade. The color was striking against her pale skin. Sarah had bragged to Chloe that with her new hot bod she deserved Jacob as a boyfriend. Chloe blamed Sarah’s thinking on the raging hormones that came with the physical changes. Being two years apart it was unlikely he would even be interested.

“Bout time!” Sarah huffed as she got up. Chloe watched in amazement. Sarah’s loose green tank top with large arm openings did nothing to hide her braless boobs as they jiggled about from her rising. Sarah had even cut the blouse off just inches below her boobs to further expose her pride and joys! She was also wearing a very short pair of cut-offs and like Chloe’s shorts they were cut high in the back to let her lower butt cheeks hang out. They were less than three inches wide on the side. The fly was left unzipped and folded open. Occasional glimpse of red hair could be seen from the landing strip over her pussy. She had her mass of hair tied up on top of her head to stay cool. And, of course, she was barefoot. That was one of her new things. All-in-all a bikini would look more wholesome than her chosen outfit.

“How did you get out of the house dressed like that?” Chloe enquired. “I snuck out of course. You’re one to talk!” Sarah retorted. “I’ve dressed like this for years. No one in my family notices anymore. I don’t have a body that will get me ****d!” was Chloe’s remorseful reply. “Whatev.” Was Sarah’s standard comeback. Sarah had confessed that she was disturbed by all the ‘pervie’ men that noticed her these days. She only dressed this way to attract Jacob and didn’t understand why others would be bothering her. “Grab you bike and let’s get.”

They rode their bikes to the outskirts of town and up a large hill to the top of the bluffs overlooking the river. This was the subdivision Sarah had heard Jacob lived in. Here the homes sat on three acre lots with restored prairie grass between. Dense woods surrounded the development. They stashed their bikes and were making their way along the edge of the woods behind the homes. Since they were trespassing, they would hide in the woods to avoid detection. Each house they passed was carefully inspected by Sarah to determine if Jacob lived there. Chloe was dumbfounded by this. Sarah didn’t know enough about Jacob and his family to make that kind of determination from the typical contents of a back yard. Undeterred, Sarah kept the search up. Chloe figured the only way they would identify his house is if they actually saw Jacob. So far nobody over the age of five had been seen.

Typical of this part of the country there were no walls or fences separating the homes. The lot size and landscaping did the job of making each home an isolated island out of sight of the others. As they left the fourth lot the woods swept forward, forcing them along the side of the home and toward the street in the front. There was still enough landscaping to keep them out of sight of anybody on the street. So instead of seeing the back of the fifth home as they moved along the edge of the woods they were actually approaching it from the front corner.

Suddenly Sarah froze, then ducked down behind a bush. Chloe stood there looking confused. Sarah grabbed her arm and pulled her down. Sarah pointed through the bush. Up a grassy slope and no more than thirty feet away Chloe could see a boy sunning himself on a lounge. A flagstone patio was tucked behind the garage and next to the kitchen making it completely private from the street. That was good because it was clear from his ass that the boy was completely naked. The lack of tan lines indicated this was not the first time either. Chloe could see that Sarah was ecstatic. Chloe had to admit that the age and size of the boy matched Jacob. Since he was on his stomach with his face turned the other way nothing was certain.

A little deeper into the back of the lot, between the woods and the house, was an elaborate play set. One that had swings, slides, climbing ropes, and a wood fort with a striped canvas top. Sarah was making ‘be quiet’ jesters and pointing to the play set. Chloe shook her head no, but off Sarah crept. She quickly climbed up into the fort. Chloe had no choice but to follow. Now, looking up over the fort wall, they were ten feet from the boy and at eye level.

What a sight for young inexperienced girls, all that oiled and glistening boy muscle. The Internet was full of men doing any number of sex acts, but this was a real boy from their own school. They looked at each other and struggled not to giggle out loud. Chloe looked back at the boy and found the sight unexpectedly arousing. When she looked at Sarah again, Sarah was staring intently at the boy while massaging her boobs. Just then the boy turned over, sat up, and pulled the back of the lounge chair up. Chloe heard Sarah sigh. It was Jacob. He retrieved a bottle of oil and rubbed some into his arms. It was like watching a body building contest the way each arm was flexed and displayed. Jacob moved on to oil his chest, then each leg. Chloe saw Sarah slip one of her hands into her shorts as she watched her crush oiling himself up. Then Jacob started on his balls. His cock rose up. Chloe was mesmerized. Fully erect now, Jacob’s cock looked massive. It was thick and had to be over seven inches long. When he started to stroke the shaft, it was clear his goal was more than spreading oil. Chloe could hear that Sarah’s breathing was now labored. Her rubbing fingers and watching Jacob stroke his rigid cock got Sarah off. She squealed with orgasm causing Jacob to look over. The girls quickly ducked down with alarmed looks on their face.

In moments Jacob was standing before them, his throbbing cock pointing. “Chloe and Sarah. You shouldn’t be here!” Jacob asserted. “Oh … My … God!” Sarah exclaimed. She leaned forward and took Jacob’s cock into her mouth. Jacob sighed from the pleasure Sarah’s mouth was providing. “Ok Sarah can stay. Chloe explain yourself?” Chloe was in shock, caused by; the naked boy towering over her, Sarah’s unexpected lude behavior, Jacob’s probing question, and by the fact that he knew them by name. Their school had a large student population and he was two years ahead of them. “W .. e were looking for you” she blurted the first thing that came to mind. “Why?” Jacob asked. “Sarah has a crush!” Chloe confessed.

Chloe knew this was Sarah’s first blowjob. They had read all of the teen magazine advice, watched porn, and practiced with objects, so they thought they was prepared. The reality was so much better. It was clear that Sarah loved sucking Jacob’s cock. It seemed that Jacob loved her sucking his cock too. From her changing facial expressions it also became clear Chloe’s answers where embarrassing Sarah. Chloe watched Sarah up her game. She cupped Jacob’s balls in one hand and grabbed his ass with the other in order to draw his cock deeper into her mouth.

“Maybe more than a crush!” Jacob moaned. “How about you, Chloe? Do you have a crush on me too?” “No!” Chloe definitely declared. Jacob spread his arms out, “What . . . you don’t like what you see?” Chloe subconsciously licked her lips. “Ahh . . .” she stammered. Her response put a smirk on Jacob’s face. “Come here and give me a kiss while your girlfriend gets me off!” he demanded. The request was so sordid. Chloe was drawn to him like a magnet. The compulsion felt just like what she read about in her vampire novels. Jacob wrapped his arms around Chloe and pulled her in.

Chloe’s first kiss from a boy was magical. The cock slurping sounds in the background and the boy being totally naked also made it highly erotic. Then she felt Jacob’s hand on her ass, squeezing and pulling her pussy into his muscle budging thigh. Jacob moved his mouth over her ear and whispered “Play with my nipples.” He brought his free hand up to one of her nipples to demonstrate. She used both of her hands to follow his lead. All of this stimulation had Chloe extremely aroused. “Ohh . . . ohh, I’m so close. Bite and pinch my nipples!” Jacob demanded. Chloe lowered her head and latched onto Jacob’s closest nipple with her teeth. She pinched the other nipple with her fingers. Jacob tightened his grip on Chloe’s ass, pulling her pussy hard against his thigh. “Yes . . . Yes . . . So good! Ahhhh . . . I’m coming.” Chloe could see his throbbing shaft jerk several times as he shot streams of spunk into Sarah’s waiting mouth. Jacob’s orgasm triggered Chloe’s. Panting and moaning into Jacob’s chest, grinding on his thigh, she quivered with pleasure. Jacob’s orgasm was ebbing. “Keep doing that.” He requested. Since he failed to specify who, Sarah kept sucking his cock and Chloe kept biting and pinching his nipples. The result was that Jacob kept his hard-on.

“Get naked, I need to fuck now.” Jacob again failed to specify who. Both Sarah and Chloe were naked in seconds, causing Jacob to start laughing. Sarah sprawled on the fort floor and spread her pussy wide. “Fuck me first!” Jacob couldn’t resist that invite. He lowered himself between Sarah’s legs. She was chanting “Fuck me, fuck me.” But he could see worry in her face too. “Is this your first time?” he asked. Sarah shook her head nervously in the affirmative, never stopping her chant.
Jacob came upright and inched closer. Chloe kneeling next to Sarah had a great view. “I’ll go in slow. Stop me at any time.” Jacob assured Sarah. “Fuck me” she whispered. Chloe watched Jacob’s massive cock head part Sarah’s lips and ease into her enflamed pussy. “Fuck me” she requested again and used her legs to pull Jacob forward and seat his cock home. “Goddddddddd . . . . Yessss . . . . So Gooooood” she panted. Chloe took in the details. Sarah’s heaving tits, tight core muscles, with her hips thrusting up further onto the invading cock. Jacob’s pubic hair mingled with Sarah’s, his butt tight to keep him deep, and his satisfied smile. Chloe could also smell Sarah’s arousal and hear her pleasure. Chloe twisted her nipple with one hand and stroked her clit with the other.

“I’m ready, pound my pussy” Sarah demanded. Jacob dropped onto his arms to comply, completely changing Chloe’s view. She was looking down his back and butt watching all those muscles flex while he thrust long and hard into Sarah. “Yes . . . harder, harder” Sarah demanded. Chloe was fascinated. She reached a hand out to feel what she was seeing. Jacob’s skin was warm, oily and smooth. The muscles below the skin felt hard as steel. Chloe rubbed up and down following different muscle groups and ended up holding his ass. “Yes . . . . Yes . . . . God Yesssssssss.” Sarah screamed and came. She grabbed Jacob’s ass with both hands to pull him deep. This pushed Chloe’s hand into Jacob’s crack. While Sarah quivered with the aftermath of her orgasm, Chloe explored Jacob’s pucker, taint, and scrotum. When she looked over Sarah and Jacob were kissing. Chloe’s fingers had a fair amount of oil from Jacob’s skin, so she slipped her middle finger into his ass. “ieeeeee . . . “ Jacob squealed, rising up and wiping his head around to see Chloe’s hand still in place.

“It’s my turn.” Chloe coyly remarked. “You’re a kinky one!” Jacob exclaimed, causing Chloe to rotate her finger left and right. Jacob reached over and slowly pulled Chloe’s finger from his ass. “Ok, that decided it. I want to take you doggy style! Only you must be over Sarah” he declared as he moved aside. Chloe moved between Sarah’s legs to get into position. “Ut . . Ut . . Ut . . The other way round. Sixty Nine girls.” Chloe spun around and started backing up Sarah’s body. “Don’t I get a say in t…” Sarah started to complain when Chloe shut her up by sitting on her face and repeated “It’s my turn”. “Wow, got a bit of fae in you Sprite?” Jacob asked totally shocked by Chloe’s recent behavior.

Sarah and Chloe were close friends, very close. They’ve been best friends since second grade. They kissed freely, hugged freely, and cuddled long into the night on sleepovers. They kept nothing from each other and shared all of their desires and dreams. With all of that, there had never been a bit of sexual attraction between them. Even with Sarah’s raging hormones she never considered Chloe for release. While they talked over their masturbation experiences, they had never done it together. Today was the first time they had seen the other orgasm. Chloe expected to be on her knees above Sarah when she got fucked doggy style by Jacob. She sat on Sarah’s face just to be funny. She was surprised to feel Sarah’s tongue exploring her pussy. She got turned on feeling Sarah’s tongue exploring her pussy. She dropped her face into Sarah’s swollen wet pussy to reciprocate.

They were playing follow-the-leader guiding each other on what felt good. Learning how to please a girl, learning how to eat pussy. Chloe had to admit Sarah’s tongue felt great. She was also enjoying causing Sarah to twitch and moan. Sleepovers were going to be different from now on. Chloe was building to a great orgasm when she felt a second wet tongue lick and probe her asshole. That sent her screaming over the top. She kept grinding her pussy down onto Sarah’s tongue and then grinding her ass up onto Jacob’s tongue as her muscle spasms subsided. Sarah may have come sometime in there. Chloe was too muddled to be sure. Chloe sucked on Sarah’s clit only to have Sarah jerk away. Her hyper-sensitivity confirmed that she had orgasmed too.

Chloe felt Jacob push his tongue deep into her asshole. She looked up over her shoulder at Jacob. He looked back with his tongue still in her butt crack and mumbled “Itfs yur hurn”. He wiggled his tongue and eyebrows obscenely. Chloe considered thumping him for his foolishness but she really liked how his tongue felt on her ass and didn’t want to chance stopping him. Jacob pulled her hips up off of Sarah and aligned his cock with her pussy. “It’s your turn” he repeated and pushed himself into her. Chloe couldn’t believe how good it felt to have her pussy full of hard cock. When Jacob pulled out and thrust back in Chloe’s eyes fluttered from the ecstasy rendering her sightless. She dropped her head onto Sarah and pushed back. They had just established an incredible rhythm when Sarah’s tongue found Chloe’s clit. Chloe exploded in orgasm. Between Jacob’s fucking and Sarah’s licking they kept Chloe coming again and again. Chloe was in paradise and never wanted it to stop. Jacob couldn’t last so he announced he was about to come. Sarah demanded he do so in her mouth.

When Jacob withdrew, leaving Chloe’s pussy empty, she rolled off and sprawled out. She basked in the afterglow of all the pleasure she had just received. The light breeze caused her sensitive skin to quiver and spasm while she listened to Sarah servicing Jacob’s orgasm. Now that Chloe knew what it was like to be totally satisfied by others there was no way she would be returning to the occasional masturbation. She looked over to see Sarah and Jacob kissing and cuddling. She really felt left out. “You don’t happen to have a friend for me Jacob?” she asked. “I got one better. My best friend and I are butt buddies. We have a full summer of bisexual foursome adventures to look forward to. Are you interested Chloe?” “Totally!” was Chloe’s enthusiast reply.