Mayıs 13, 2024

Happy Camper

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“We shouldn’t make camp here. There isn’t enough open space.”
For the fifth time today I rolled my eyes at this man. A man who was kind and thoughtful. A man who made me wet with just his gentle touch. A man who had an opinion about everything and little discretion about sharing it.
“This will be fine. There is water close by and plenty of space for us,” I told him as I walked ahead, easing my backpack off. I turned to face him, watching him glance around trying to come up with something wrong with the spot. He’d whined since the moment we stepped on the trail yesterday morning. I thought I adored him, but his attitude left me with little patience to spare. All I wanted was a peaceful weekend in the mountains.
“I thought hiking with you would be this sexy adventure. But it is hot as balls, my shoulders hurt, and I’m getting a blister on my foot. I can’t believe you do this for fun.”

“You didn’t have to come along Charlie,” I reminded him with a bite in my voice. I truly liked him, but he was finding all the right buttons to push.

“Of course, I did. I couldn’t let you come out here alone. You’d get lost or eaten by a bear.” He swung his bag off his shoulders with a sigh.
He meant it as a joke, but I wasn’t laughing. He’d made one too many similar comments. I needed to remind him who he was dealing with. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the paracord he kept hanging on his bag. I grabbed the cord and slide in close to him.

“I’m not helpless.” I said, biting my lip and looking into his eyes.

I reached up to kiss him, tracing his lips lightly with my tongue. He tasted of sweat and sudden excitement. I pushed my tongue inside his mouth, which he gladly accepted. I felt his hands find their way to my ass, pulling me closer to him. As he gently squeezed, I put one had behind his head, pressing our mouths closer. I used my tongue to explore his warm mouth, he responded by using his powerful tongue to massage my own. My heart beat faster. His tongue had been well used on previous occasions görükle escort and I could feel myself started to get lost in the moment. I pulled away suddenly, taking a second to unwind the paracord.
He didn’t get to be in charge tonight.

“Maybe I need to remind you just how not helpless I am.”

He watched me carefully as I motioned for him to hold his hands out in front of him. I made two loops with the paracord. I finished the handcuff knot and slipped the loops over his wrists, pulling tightly. I guided him to a tree with a branch low enough I could tie him to it, but high enough his hands would be above his head. I ran my hands over his chest and down toward his pelvis. He shuddered against my touch. I smiled sweetly at him as I pulled down his shorts. He opened his mouth to protest, but I covered it with my hand before he got any words out. With my free hand, I played with his dick. He was hard against my hand. I traced his length with my fingertips. With light teasing touches I circled the tip and moved my hand to massage his balls. I moved my hand from his mouth and covered his lips with my own. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling our bodies close enough I could feel his hard dick against my leg. I felt his moan escape his lips.
I whispered into his ear, “Now you get to watch and wait.”

I stepped away from him and immediately stripped down to my sports bra. He was right about it being hot. I grabbed a bottle from my bag and poured water over my exposed torso. A breeze kicked up and I felt my nipples harden. I tugged down my bra enough that I could make a show of playing with my nipples. I saw Charlie strain slight against his restraint. I took my time stretching out my tired limbs all the while making sure Charlie had a great view of my body, especially my ass. He was a self-proclaimed ass man.

I walked back to my sexy captive. “I bet you are as sore as I am,” I said as I rubbed his chest. I moved behind him, massage his shoulders and the strong görükle escort bayan muscles of his back.
“I am,” he agreed.

“Shhhhh,” I reminded him. “I’ll gag you if I have to.”

He closed his mouth and I continued working my hands over his body. I kneaded the muscles in his buttocks. He quivered under my touch as I reached around to stroke the inside of his thighs. I nudged his legs further apart and came around to face him. I knelt in front of him, my hands again tracing his inner thighs. His cock was so close to my mouth he could feel my warm breath. I kissed the tip teasingly. He moaned and thrusted his hips toward me. He wanted his dick inside my mouth as much as I wanted it to be there. I grinned up at him when I took him in my mouth. My arms wrapped around his legs to steady us both. Another moan escaped his lips as I moved my mouth up and down his shaft slowly. Achingly slow. He squirmed and I increased my speed, tightening my lips around him. I used by tongue to lick up his shaft to the delicate skin of the groin. I bit him gently. He winced and let out a gasp, not sure if it was pleasure or pain he felt. I kissed the area softly. I kissed softly back down to the tip where I took him in my mouth again. He was so thick, my mouth felt very full, and I yearned to have him completely inside of me.
But not yet. There was still camp to set up. I pulled my mouth away and stood, finding his mouth before he could protest. My tongued probed deep in his mouth, letting him taste his self. I held his dick with one hand, keeping it tantalizing close to my pussy. Though I still wore shorts, he thrust forward trying to reach me. I gave him a squeeze and stepped back.
“Not yet sweetheart. I have some things to do.”

“Camp can wait, you can’t leave me like this” he pleaded again pulling at his restraint.
I glared at him. Had I not warned him about being quiet? I wanted to hear no more whining tonight. I searched through my bag for an acceptable improv gag. I found a bursa escort pair of panties that I hadn’t worn yet. They weren’t cute, but they were functionable. I shoved it far enough into his open mouth that his words were muffled. I ran my hand down his cheek, drinking in the desperate, yearning look in his eyes. He wanted me more in this moment than he ever had.
I turned away from him, walked back to our bags and began to set up camp. It took maybe fifteen minutes to set up our tent and other supplies. I ignored him during this time, focused on setting up without interruption. And how nice it was to be able to set up without his constant opinions spurting out.

I faced him. “I could get a fire going, but I imagine we could find some other ways to stay warm tonight.”

He shook his head. Yes, please yes.

I reached up and untied him from the tree. Without giving him time to adjust I pulled him forward, leading him toward out tent. I pulled the panties out of his mouth.
“Get inside and lay down so I can have my way with you.” I urged him.

Eagerly he obeyed. I pulled off the rest of my clothes and followed him inside, mounting him as soon as he was down. I eased myself onto his cock, letting him fill me. I untied his hands. He immediately reached up, grabbing my ass and pulling me down, taking more of him inside of me. He started to thrust into me as he held me close, but I pulled his hands away.
I was in charge.

I rocked by hips against him, feeling his dick shift inside me. I took his hand put his fingers on my clit. He took the hint, making small circles around it. He pressed his fingers deeper knowing I liked the intensity. And intense it was. I rode him harder. His free hand found my ass again, pulling me deeper in rhythm with my motions. My hand was on his chest for balance. His pelvis thrust forward. I could feel his body tense beneath me. He wouldn’t last much longer. But he wouldn’t need to. Pleasure shot through me. Involuntarily I tossed my head back and groaned in orgasm. He released, moaning loudly, and coming deep inside me. We stayed like we were for the moment enjoying the sensation of him still inside me, both of us panting happily. I smiled down at him.
“Not so helpless am I?” I teased him.

“No ma’am. Not helpless at all.”