Mart 30, 2024

Her Pet Femboy

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It was 5pm. I waited at the front door of our cozy 1 bed flat on my knees, my head bowed down. The way Mistress demands I do when she comes home from work. The carpet of the entire flat was freshly hoovered as instructed too so I found myself being pretty comfortable.

I was naked except for a tight pink thong and rainbow thigh highs, the clothes Mistress left in the living room before leaving this morning, and of course my simple black leather collar with a metal ring on the front. As Mistress’ pet I was to always wear my collar from the moment I woke up until I went to sleep every day.

Mistress liked having my skin exposed, and a lot was on show today since I had shaved my whole body at noon. I was to shave completely every third day. The only hair I was allowed to grow was the messy mop of brown hair on my head.

I had been kneeling like this for 20 minutes when I heard a key enter the lock. I bowed my head down further as I heard the door open and saw Mistress’ boots in front of me. I felt my small dick stir against the tight cotton of my underwear seeing those boots.

“Hello pet, looks like you hoovered like I asked.” Mistress greeted me, closing the door behind her.

“Yes Mistress.” I answered. “And I shaved smooth like I’m supposed to be.”

She gently stroked my hair, her hand caused tingles to shoot all over me. “Good boy.” She said, those words made my dick even harder, it now strained to be free of my thong. “Awww looks like you’re happy to see me.” Mistress commented, obviously seeing how excited I was getting.

She grabbed my chin gently and coaxed me to look up at her. She was so beautiful. She was slightly taller than me even without her boots, her hair was a flowing auburn which contrasted with her soft green eyes. She had DD cup breasts and wide hips, topped off with the softest thighs I had ever been allowed to lay my head on. I was lucky to call her Mistress.

Mistress reached in her bag and took out a chain leash, my leash. She bent down, giving me an eyeful of cleavage as she hooked the leash to my collar. She had purposefully undone the top buttons of her blouse just to tease me like that. I got to see her bra too, it was cyan and lacey, I had a feeling her panties under her pencil skirt and sheer black tights were the same.

“Come on pet.” Mistress called to me softly, yanking my leash. She led me to the sofa, all while I crawled behind her on my hands and knees. She sat herself on the sofa and I knelt in front of her. “Take off my boots, pet, I’ve had such a long day and I need a foot massage.”

“Yes Mistress, I’ll make your feet feel better.” I obeyed, unzipping her boots on the sides and taking them off.

I got to work gently massaging her left foot first through her tights. Mistress relaxed her head back and moaned in relief, quickly turning on the tv for background noise. After 5 minutes I finished massaging Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort her foot and let it go with a quick kiss. I desperately wanted to suck on her toes, my dick was throbbing at the thought, but I wasn’t given permission to.

I took her right foot and began massaging it just the same. “Good boy.” Mistress hummed, her now relaxed left foot drifting down to the throbbing bulge in my panties. I tried to focus on massaging her other foot but she pressed her free foot on my crotch. I moaned like a bitch in heat as she caressed my dick with her foot. But in the excitement I lost my hold on her other foot, something I only noticed when Mistress lightly kicked my balls.

“Did I say you could stop, perv?” I winced, both at the pain in my balls and the stern tone of her voice.

“No Mistress.” I answered, getting back to my foot massaging duties. “Sorry Mistress.”

“Then carry on, and beg me to shove my foot in your mouth, you perv!” Mistress demanded with a lighter kick to my balls.

I winced again but made sure my hands didn’t fumble. “Please Mistress, your pervy pet needs his sexy Mistresses foot in his mouth, please use your pet however you want, pleas-“

“Okay pet, if you insist.” Mistress cut me off, shutting me up but pushing her toes into my open mouth. “Now keep massaging my other foot sweetie.” Her voice softened as she smiled at the sight of her foot pushing into my mouth.

I sucked in her toes gratefully as I finished up my duties, and when I was done she took her left foot out of my mouth and replaced it with her right. I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment, while her left foot went back to caressing my bulge. It wasn’t long until the front of my thong was completely wet with precum, but I knew that would be all Mistress would allow until later.

After she felt like she had played with me enough, Mistress withdrew her feet from me and opened her legs wide. I opened my eyes and saw she had unbuttoned her blouse and had a hand caressing her bra. This only served to make me even more horny.

“You know how watching my pet worship my feet makes me incredibly horny?” Mistress asked, not expecting an answer. She unzipped her skirt and took it and her tights off in one motion. I could see her cyan panties, which matched her bra the way I thought earlier, they also had a damp patch where her pussy was. “You’ve gotten me so wet sweetie, but you know I don’t masturbate. And you know why that is don’t you pet?”

“Yes Mistress, you don’t need to masturbate because you have your pet to make you feel good whenever you want.” I smiled up at her, trying to contain my excitement.

“That’s right, such a smart boy.” Mistress replied, and then pulled at my leash. “Come make Mistress feel good, pet.”

I nodded and positioned myself so I was face to face with her crotch. Mistress wrapped her legs around my head, her soft thighs pressing on my cheeks and holding me in place. I opened my mouth and tasted her wet pussy through her lacey panties.

“Now, get to work sweetie.” Mistress moved her panties to the side and pulled my face into her pussy with her legs.

I obeyed, licking all the way up her pussy a few times before focusing my tongue in her clit. Me being her submissive little pet not only made me hornier than I ever was before meeting her, but it made her pussy taste so sweet too. Her soft thighs shook on the sides of my head and I could hear her moaning sweetly. Poor Mistress must have been so pent up while watching me enjoy her feet. Even if I didn’t dedicate myself to her pleasure, I owed her this. It was the least a good pet could do for his Mistress.

I kept on licking her pussy until I felt my hair being pulled. “Don’t stop.” Mistress sighed, loosening her grip and stroking my hair. I obeyed and a moment later she cried out “I’m cumming sweetie!”

Her moans kept getting louder and she lost grip of my hair as her whole body trembled while she came from my tongue. “Mmm good boy!” Mistress said, stroking my hair again. My face was still in her pussy, but I was licking at her clit more gently, enjoying the taste.

She kept me there with her legs for a while. She ran her fingers through my hair, making me feel all warm and fuzzy. Finally she opened her legs again and I took the hint and looked up at her. Mistress looked like she had been in a sauna but she smiled down at me and told me I was a “Good Boy” more times than my horny mind could count.

After she had rested for a while Mistress stood up, pulling at my leash again. She led me to the bedroom now and told me, “You were such a good boy in there, I think you deserve a reward, don’t you think pet?”

“Thank you Mistress.” I answered with a smile. “What kind of reward?”

“Hmm, how about I fuck you with your favourite dildo?” Mistress suggested. I nodded excitedly and got on my hands and knees on the bed while she went to the bottom drawer on the wardrobe. I was glad I had been good for Mistress, because when I’m bad, I get fucked with her thick, black 12 inch dildo which is almost too much to take. My favourite dildo was a pink 6 inch dildo which was a lot easier and more fun to take. My dick was now fully pulsing in my thong at the thought.

Mistress must have noticed because the next thing she said was. “Looks like my cutie pet is excited.” She brushed her hand on my bulge, her motion made me stick my ass further out as I tried to follow her touch.

“Yes Mistress.” I moaned. “I get so excited when you’re about to fuck me.”

“Good boy.” She lightly slapped my ass and moved the string of my thong to the side. “I might let you cum after you’ve had a good fucking.”

“Yes please Mistress.” I whimpered, I must have sounded so pathetic asking her if I could cum.

“We’ll see pet.” Mistress lubed up my ass, probing it with one, then two, then 3 fingers. I moaned louder with each added finger, but I was assured that the dildo was no wider than her 3 fingers. I heard the clink of her strap on harness as she put it on her waist, and looked back to see the bright pink dildo sticking out the front. It’s colour matched my panties.

Mistress pushed her ‘dick’ into my hole slowly, I whimpered as the silicone toy entered me. “Relax, pet.” Mistress comforted me, her voice soothing. She stroked the back of my hair and gently pushed my face down onto the pillow. It was soft, and Mistress stroking my hair always made me feel soft. It was only when I felt her hips on my ass that I remembered I was taking a dildo in my ass. She was good at distracting me from the initial pain, and she always did it when I had been good.

I moaned into the pillow as she started thrusting her dick in and out of me. My ass was tight but once I had taken all of a toy it was easy to fuck me with it. Mistress took advantage of this quickly picking up the pace. I could feel her dick hitting my prostate each time she made me take it all, and as a result I could feel something building up in my balls. I was only a touch away from cumming and my dick was so needy for release.

My hand went to reach for my dick but I thought better and quickly jolted it to the pillow, which I held tighter in frustration. Mistress noticed, I knew she did, she leaned over me and purred into my ear, “Aww you’re such a good pet, resisting the urge to touch your dick.”

I mumbled incoherently into the pillow and Mistress continued, “You know you don’t masturbate too right. You only cum if Mistress lets and makes you cum.”

I nodded into the pillow, quietly whimpering “Please.”

“You’ve been a good enough pet today sweetie, why not?” Mistress giggled. She started fucking me even harder and reached into the front of my thong. She stroked it all of 4 times before my balls emptied, my body was rocking and I moaned loudly into the pillow I held for comfort as I made a huge mess in my thong. “Aww you came so quickly.” Mistress laughed, she had stopped fucking me now and kept her ‘dick’ all the way inside me. It felt so much bigger as my hole clenched from my orgasm. “What do you say sweetie?”

I lifted my head from the pillow and looked back to her with teary eyes. “Thank you for letting your pet cum Mistress. Thank you so much. I love you.”

Mistress pulled the toy out of me and sat next to me, stroking my hair. “I love you too my sweet pet.”

Afterwards we cuddled in bed for half an hour under the warm blanket, Mistress let me put my face between her breasts, it was super comfy there. She kept telling me how good I had been for her. Once the post orgasm haze had faded she let me put on clean panties, then we fixed up dinner and after that we cuddled on the sofa with some tv on. I got to use Mistress’ sweet soft thighs as a pillow and she lazily caressed my hair for hours. Mistress’ pet was truly in heaven.