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High Heel Club Ch. 2

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Jenny sat in the car looking out of the left-hand window. In her hands she was holding onto a twelve-inch rubber dildo that her Auntie Nes had bought her. She wasn’t sure what to do with it so she kept it in her lap, at one point in the journey Jenny had taken both of her hands and wrapped them tightly around it before laying it back in her lap. Once the car reached the edge of town the car pulled over. The driver pivoted his head to the left and said, “ladies you know the rules,” before facing back forwards.

“Yes, yes” said Dawn as she fished in her big black bag and pulled out three blindfolds, “we have to put these on,” Dawn said handing one to Nes and then helping Jenny to fasten hers on.

Once they had all fastened their blindfolds the car started to move again. After a few turns and loops Jenny was completely disorientated, she had no idea as to where the car was going. The car drove for about another twenty minutes before coming to a stop. Jenny heard the front door open and the driver step out. She then heard the door on her right; next to her mother open and her mother helped out of the car, she then felt someone take her hand and in a very soft feminine voice advise her where to step. The voice guided her out of the car and walked her forwards. She could tell she had just entered a building because she was now walking on carpet and the wind had died down.

Jenny was guided for quite a way, the voice giving her reassuring advice whenever she encountered a step or some other obstacle. Jenny could here and equally soft voice guiding her mother further ahead of her and she could faintly hear her Auntie Nes behind her. After a couple of minutes of walking Jenny was told that she could now sit as there was a chair positioned for her. She sat tentatively down, feeling for the chair below her before finding it and lowering herself down completely. She could hear some shallow breathing next to her. The voice that had guided her from the car now grew in volume as she announced that they could now take their blindfolds off.

Jenny tugged at the poppers on her blindfold and released it holding it in her hands. The lighting the room was quite bright and it took the girls a couple of seconds to grow accustomed to it. Jenny could make out a figure in front of her and as her eyes focused she could see that it was a gorgeous Chinese girl. She was wearing a very short oriental silk dress with embroidered Dragons on it, just like the Dragon on her garter belt thought Jenny, and very high black patent high heels. Jenny glanced to her left and saw her mother rubbing her eyes softly as she focused; to Jenny’s left Nes was doing the same, blinking frantically. Once the Chinese girl was sure that they could now all see her she stopped pacing back and forth and stood still.

“Hello, my name is Ling, welcome to the High Heels Club,” she said as she smiled at the three girls. “Before we start there are a couple of rules that I must tell you of.” Ling started pacing back and forth once again, “number one,” she said holding up her index finger, “you must do whatever is asked of you, you will not be hurt in anyway, but we must ask that you become completely submissive during your time with us.” Jenny opened her mouth to speak but Ling continued, “number two” she said holding up her middle finger. “You are not allowed to remove your shoes at any point during your time with us unless expressly ordered to do so,” Ling said turning and walking back, “and number three, the most important rule of all, is that you must not mention what has happened here to anyone.” Ling stopped again and looked at the three girls, “do you understand?” she asked.

Jenny was a little concerned about all this, she still didn’t know what was going on and she was very worried. She was about to voice her worries when her mother looked at Ling and said, “yes Mistress Ling, I understand.”

Jenny looked at her stunned until Nes also said, “yes Mistress Ling, I understand.”

Jenny turned and looked at Nes who had her head slightly bowed, she then turned and looked at Ling who was looking directly at her, she stuttered her words as she realised that her mother and Nes were both looking at her, “Um yes Mistress Ling, I understand,” she said.

Ling smiled, “good,” she said as she opened the door to another room, “this is your changing room, you will find everything that you should wear inside. Please keep your stockings, suspender belts, garters and heels on, but everything else must be removed and put in the lockers, I will be back in ten minutes to get you.” Ling spun on her heels, her long black hair whipping out behind her as she walked quickly out of the main door. Dawn and Nes walked quickly into the changing room; Jenny followed quickly behind them not wanting to be left on her own.

“What’s going on mom?” asked Jenny standing Gaziantep Olgun Escort with her hands on her hips as her mother unbuttoned her blouse.

“Jenny, this is your birthday present,” she said excitedly. Dawn could see the worry in Jenny’s eyes, “Jenny, do you trust me.”

“Of course I trust you mom but what’s going on?” replied Jenny.

“Look Jenny, you are going to love this but please just do what they say and I promise that you will feel at least on hundred times better at the end,” Dawn said as she pulled her blouse off.

“Um ok,” said Jenny, still worried.

“Don’t just stand there, you heard what the lady said, get them clothes off babe,” said Nes as she wriggled out of her skirt.

Jenny looked at Nes when she straightened up; she was wearing nearly identical underwear to Jenny’s except in white, including the dragon embroidered garter belt. She had removed her panties and tops, her breasts were massive, they sagged very little, Jenny thought they looked wonderful, her pussy was shaved bare, Jenny could see that she was turned on her lips were all pink and puffy. Jenny looked back at her mother who was similarly dressed. She was wearing hold up stocking with a garter belt in black, but with no suspender belt. As Dawn removed her bra she looked at Jenny, “come on girl get your clothes off, Mistress Ling will be back in a minute.

Jenny slipped her top off over her head, folding it carefully and placing it in the locker. Nes noticed Jenny’s dawdling and came over to help her, she unclasped her bra with a flick of her wrist and it sprung off leaving Jenny holding her breasts. Nes then unzipped Jenny’s skirt pulling it off and too the ground.

“Come on babe, step out of this,” she said as she pulled the skirt from underneath her feet, “good and now we need your panties.” Nes quickly unclipped Jenny’s suspenders before easing her panties off and down around her ankles. Jenny felt so embarrassed as she noticed the crotch of her new panties soaked with her pussy juices. Nes then clipped her stockings back on and checked them to make sure they were straight. “Good girl” said Nes as she gave Jenny’s butt a light tap.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” said Dawn, “turn around and lets see you.”

Jenny turned her head towards where her mother and Nes were sitting. Her mother was sat wearing a robe that hung open at the front, stockings and her high heels, Jenny could easily see her open pussy that was also shaven bare. Nes was putting her robe on; she tied the belt and stood next to Dawn.

Jenny slowly turned around, she lowered her arm and let her breasts hang loose, her hand dropped down to conceal her pussy. “Isn’t she gorgeous?” said Nes as she ran her hand over Dawns shoulder. Dawn just nodded; as she looked her up and down, “let me see your pussy babe” said Nes moving closer. Jenny slowly removed her hand, “very sweet,” said Nes as she admired Jenny’s Brazilian wax that she had had done the previous day. Nes reached out a finger and stroked Jenny’s pubic hair before letting it rest on her clit as she rubbed it quickly back and forth. Jenny turned her head away but had to gasp when she felt the erotic feelings flood over her. Nes then slid her finger just up inside Jenny’s lips before removing it and licking her finger.

At that moment Ling returned into the room. She saw Jenny stood there looking embarrassed at threw her a robe. “Come with me,” she said turning and walking out of the room. Nes got up first and followed, Dawn waited for Jenny to follow next before bringing up the rear of the procession. They walked out of the changing room and into the first room they entered. They then walked out into a corridor that had white walls and mirrored glass on the walls. Jenny was finding it easier and easier to walk in her new shoes. She walked down the corridor flanked by her mother and Nes and was led into another room. The room was quite dimly lit and had various apparatus dotted around. The floor was padded in certain areas with thick red velvet. Ling led them to the far side of the room.

“Please remove your robes,” Ling said as she watched them.

Nes and Dawn took theirs off and threw them against the wall, Jenny did the same but slower and more deliberately. Ling walked back and forth in front of the girls admiring their bodies. She reached out and squeezed Nes’ breast, Nes gasped as Ling pinched her nipple, she then looked at Jenny, she ran her hand over her breast, making Jenny moan from her soft touch. Jenny immediately went red as the embarrassment hit her. Ling stopped in from of her and turned to face her, “so you are the birthday girl?”

“Yes” replied Jenny. Ling just opened her eyes wide at her; Jenny realised her mistake and quickly responded, “yes Mistress Ling.” Ling smiled before running her hand down Jenny’s body and up between her legs into her pussy. Jenny felt Ling slide two of her fingers into her damp pussy, she stepped a little wider to allow her better access. Ling thrust them up her a couple of time before removing her fingers. She looked at them closely; they looked slick and sticky with Jenny’s juices. Ling extended her fingers to Jenny who instinctively opened her mouth and tasted herself on Ling’s fingers. Jenny was surprised at what she had done; she was also surprised at how good she tasted. Ling continued down the line, she ran her hand over Dawn’s firm breasts giving her nipple a little tweak as she did.

“Good” said Ling as she stood in front of the girls again, “you” she said pointing at Dawn, “you go into that corner.”

Dawn turned and walked over to the left-hand corner of the room. “You” Ling said pointing at Nes, you go into that corner,” Nes turned and made her way over to the right-hand corner of the room. “You” she said pointing at Jenny, “you sit down here.” Jenny just nodded and sat down cross-legged. Jenny nervously glanced over at her mother and then at Nes who both looked a little nervous also. Ling walked to the middle of the room where she clapped her hands together loudly. Three doors around the room opened. Ling clapped her hands again and four completely naked men walked through the doors and towards Ling, when next to her they all lowered to one knee and bowed their heads. Ling directed four men towards Nes, then four to Dawn before directing the last four towards Jenny. Jenny nervously looked at the four men who walked purposefully towards her. They were big in more than one way and none of them were actually erect. Jenny couldn’t stop watching them as they came closer to her, their large cock hanging loosely as they walked.

Jenny had seen a cock before; she had even touched a cock before, but she had never had one inside her. There was one time when she was about sixteen that her friend Jon had asked her to touch his cock. She had and had made him go hard before she gave her first hand-job, spraying his cum all over the carpet in his room. Ever since she had been fascinated with cocks and cum; as she suspected many girls and women were.

As the four men approached, two of them lifted her to her feet and walked her towards the padded area just in front of them. Ling stood over watching Jenny, “be careful with her, she is still a virgin,” she said before turning and going to see what was happening in a corner of the room. The four men lay her down on the padded floor, before spreading her legs and her arms out and fastening them into straps that were there. The main guy was blonde with very big muscles and a huge cock that hung between his leg like a huge sausage. He kept Jenny’s gaze as the others strapped her in. Jenny didn’t really realise what they had done until it was too late.

The blonde guy started to kiss her body, he ran his tongue over her belly and up over her right breast. She felt another tongue kissing her neck softly another that tickled slightly tracing over her toes. She then felt her fingers of her left hand being sucked and licked. The blonde guy kissed and licked her body avoiding her nipples, avoiding her pussy. He kissed her thighs, her waist, her face and her lips. Jenny moaned softly enjoying the attention that she was receiving. She could hear more moaning going on in the room but she couldn’t lift her head to see who it was.

After what felt like forever, Jenny finally got what she was craving, a tongue slid gently over her clit as another started to suck her nipples, softly biting them as they sucked. She felt the pleasure slide over her, causing her to shake and cry out. Even before she stopped shaking she felt her pussy lips being slowly eased apart; she looked down to see the blonde guys now erect cock slowly being guided between her legs. Two guys were licking and sucking her nipples as he slid his cock gently inside her. It hurt a little, but then as she felt it steady inside her she felt full and warm. He slowly started to ease it out and then back in again.

The sensations within her pussy started to grow as he started to quicken, as he thrust more and more of his cock disappeared between her lips. Jenny started to groan and gasp as he started to thrust harder and harder into her virgin pussy. Jenny looked up to see Ling looking over her with a smile on her face; her long black hair was falling over her shoulder. Jenny opened her mouth as she came again for the second time. Her pussy was starting to feel sore from the constant battering she was getting from this huge cock. When she felt she couldn’t take any more the guy pulled his cock out completely, leaving her once tight virgin pussy stretched wide open. The problem was that as soon as he pulled it out, she longed for it back where it felt best deep inside of her.

The blonde stood up and walked around to her head, he held his huge cock in his hand as he walked. He knelt in front of her and started to run it over her lips, Jenny opened her mouth as wide as she could to let the huge cock slide between them. She had never sucked a cock before but it felt so natural for her to suck and lick this cock that was being slowly slid between her lips. As she sucked the blonde guy was starting to pump in and out, Jenny looked up to see his face screw up as his cock twitched. She remembered the feeling from when she had made Jon cum and let the cock slide out of her mouth as she closed her eyes.

She felt the warm sticky substance land all over her face and hair. She opened her eyes and licked her lips tasting the warm salty cum that had landed on her lips. Jenny looked up to see the three other guys surrounding her pumping their cocks back and forth. Jenny felt wonderful, these guys were going to cum for me she thought as she tipped her head back and opened her mouth. She felt hot squirts of cum hit her face, and her breasts, she opened her eyes just in time for another squirt to splash across her open mouth. Hungrily she licked the fresh cum from her lips and swallowed it.

Somewhere off to Jenny’s right she heard a loud clap. To Jenny’s disappointment, the men stood up and filed out of the room in single file. The room was quiet apart from the deep breathing, Jenny lifted her head as much as she could, she could just about see her mother’s spread legs restrained in the same way as her own dripping with cum. She couldn’t see Nes but she imagined that she’d look pretty much the same. She lay back and caught her breath; she could feel cum slowly sliding from her cheek and her breasts. There were two loud claps from Jenny’s right. Jenny lifted her head slightly towards the door and saw a line of twelve stunningly beautiful women walking in. They were all dressed the same in high stiletto heels and fishnet stockings. They circled Ling and all knelt and bowed. She directed them in the same way as she had the men and soon Jenny was looking up to see four stunning women circling her.

The leader seemed to be a woman with long blonde hair and very big firm breasts, she directed the other girls as to what to do. They set about licking cum from the remotest parts of Jenny and then working in. The leader girl took her finger and started very softly rubbing her clit. Her pussy was shaven bare and Jenny could easily see her pink puffy pussy lips moist with her juices. She stood looking directly at Jenny while she rubbed herself for a couple of seconds more. She then stepped up to Jenny’s head and very carefully squatted down over her face lowering her pussy to Jenny’s lips. Jenny was a little afraid, but guessed that she must want her to lick her. Jenny slowly extended her tongue, not know quite what to do she plunged it as far as she could inside the girl, tasting her sweet pussy juices. Jenny lashed about with her tongue for a while; the girl tried to control it more and eased Jenny up to lick her clit. Once Jenny had the hang of it, it wasn’t long before the girl was moaning and panting. Jenny could feel the other girl moving in on her pussy and her breasts, feeling their warm tongues lashing over her body.

She felt a tongue licking her clit, flicking it very delicately. It wasn’t too long before Jenny’s was cumming as the girl she was licking did the same, squeezing her pussy muscles so that some warm cum left her body and was licked up by Jenny. Jenny figured that this girl must have been freshly fucked, that couldn’t have been just her juices. Once she had finished the girl lifted herself up, turned around, knelt down gave Jenny a passionate French kiss and then left her. One by one the girls got up and left Jenny lying there covered in cum and saliva. Jenny watched all of the girls filing out of the room. A couple of minutes later, Ling came over and looked down on her. Jenny then caught sight of her mother and Nes looking down on her.

“Did you have fun baby?” asked Dawn.

Jenny nodded feeling a little embarrassed.

Ling lent down and untied Jenny and helped her to her feet. She was a little unsteady so Nes and Dawn helped her up. Jenny noticed that her mother had cum running down the inside of her legs, as did Nes. She felt a little jealous, that guy hadn’t cum in her, she thought. Plenty of time for that she thought as she was escorted back to the changing rooms. They didn’t wash just put their clothes on and left. The car was waiting for them. Jenny felt a bit dirty as she was driven back with her blindfold securely fastened, her body still felt sticky, her pussy still felt stretched and she could feel that her hair was tangled in cum. Jenny smiled to herself as she noticed something on the car floor.

She reached down and picked up the twelve-inch dildo that Nes had bought her. I know exactly what to do with this now she thought as she got out of the car and walked into the house.