Eylül 30, 2021

His Trip

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His TripRay always stayed at the Kingsman Hotel in Asia. The manager supplied the men with a whore of their choice each night they were there. Ray sometimes kept the same girl every night and then sometimes he used a different girl each night. He liked them young and naughty. He liked big tits and a big ass and she must be a great cock sucker and ass eater. Tonight he was wearing the hotel robe and nothing else as she knocked on the door. He opened the door and she was standing there very pretty and sexy. She wore a red tight knit dress. The front was cut low showing most of her huge tits. It was also short and about an inch below her ass cheeks. She had a great ass. Ray shut the door and pulled her tight to him and kissed her tonguing her mouth. As he kissed he pulled her dress up over her ass and his hands grabbed her nice big cheeks. As they kissed he pulled her panties down and pushed a finger into her asshole and finger fucked her. He next pulled the top of her dress down to her waist and looked at her huge tits. He moved his mouth down to a tit and began sucking and licking the huge mound. He took her leg and put it on the chair spreading her wide and then as he sucked on her tits and nipples he used his other hand to finger fuck her cunt. He had three fingers in each hole working her hard as his cock got harder and harder. She reached down and began stroking his nice long thick and very hard cock. Her hands worked his cock then his balls then back to his cock. She had been trained from a young age to please a man. She knew what men liked and knew that her body was theirs to do as they pleased. At night she was his from eight till eight. She had even been kept for five days with four men twenty four hours a day. She was steady sucking and fucking with no breaks and when her time was over she had to to have two days off to heal.Ray then grabbed the girl and put her on her knees and told her. “Lick my ass and kiss my ass cheeks.” As she gave his cheeks a good licking and kissing he told her “Spread my cheeks apart and lick my asshole.” She did. He then bent over and told her “Tongue fuck my ass.” She shoved her tongue deep into his ass and şişli escort began fucking him as she then grabbed his cock and stroked first it then his balls. He let her tongue fuck his ass for a while then he told her “Suck my balls. Take them deep in your mouth and suck them hard as you finger fuck my asshole.” She did as he wanted and he loved how good she was. “Now suck my cock. Take all of it after you lick every inch of it for me.” She began running her tongue up and down his cock and over his thick head and she licked his precum and then she took him into her mouth and began sucking him as she grabbed ahold of his tight balls. He felt his cock go down her throat and the suction of her mouth and he loved it. She put a tight grip on his balls and shoved two fingers in his asshole and fucked his ass hard as she sucked his monster cock feeling the precum leak in her throat. She was good and Ray had a hard time not cumming fast. He enjoyed her sucking and fucking as long as he could before he filled her with cum. He then stood her in front of him and stared at her gorgeous body. He told her “Walk across the room slowly and then turn and slowly walk back. I want to see your ass and then your tits.” She walked as he eyed her ass and it was full and thick and then she turned and he watched her tits jiggle as she walked back. He pulled out a stool and told her to sit on it. “Spread your legs and show off that bald cunt. Now spread those pussy lips and let me see your clit and your fuck hole.” He pulled out a peppermint stick and shoved it in her cunt and began to fuck her with it as he sucked a nipple. He then broke the stick into small pieces and shoved one in her cunt and another in her asshole and used a finger to push them in deep. He grabbed two ice cubes from the bucket and pushed a cube into each hole. He took another cube and ran it over her nipples then sucked an ice cold nipple and then did the other one. He ran the cube down to her stomach and to her pussy and ran it all around her clit. He held it there till her clit was ice cold and then pushed the rest of the cube in her cunt and his mouth began to suck on the cold clit. Melted şişli escort bayan ice was dripping form her cunt and flavored with the peppermint. He licked the water and then shoved another cube into her cunt again and used his finger to push it in deep. He played with the ice another hour rubbing it across her nipples and clit and shoving her cunt full of the cold cubes. He put a cube in her mouth and told her “Suck and lick my cock and get me hard. I want to fuck your cold cunt with a cold hard shaft.” As she rubbed his cock and balls with the ice cube and he would give her another as it melted in her warm mouth and his over heated cock. When he had had enough he laid her on her back and spread her legs wide and pushed his cock deep in her cunt and screamed at how good her cold hole felt against his cold cock. He fucked her deep and hard pounding her cunt as his mouth sucked and licked her tits and nipples. He fucked her quite a long time before he pulled his cock out and then rammed it in her asshole and kept fucking her more. Just before he was ready to cum he pulled his cock out and pulled her mouth to it and let the cum squirt in her mouth and over her face. He kept her on her back and pushed her legs up over her head as he grabbed the bottle of wine out of the ice bucket and filled her cunt with a good amount of the liquid. He then sucked it out and filled her once more. He grabbed a wine glass and filled it then dipped his cock in it and pushed it to her mouth to lick it off. He did this several times as she licked the white wine off his cock. He took turns filling first her cunt then dipping his cock in the wine.He filled her cunt and then he shoved his cock in her cunt and then pushed it in her mouth to lick clean. He loved the feel of the wine on his cock as she licked him. He poured wine on her tits and licked them then on her clit and licked it. He put the neck of the wine bottle in her asshole and then shoved his cock in her cunt and as he fucked her cunt he bottle fucked her ass. He had her screaming and cumming hard as he ravaged her body. Then he put her on her hands and knees and shoved the bottle in her cunt mecidiyeköy escort bayan and rammed his cock in her ass and fucked both holes loving the feel of the wine in her tight asshole.They showered then ordered room service. When the man delovered the meal they were both naked and he brought the food in and set the table for them. He gave Ray the bill and Ray told the girl “He needs a tip. Unzip his pants and suck his cock while I watch.” She walked naked with her huge tits and unzipped the boy and pulled out his cock and began to suck him. She took every inch of his cock in her mouth and it did not take him long to cum down her throat. Ray told the boy. “Thank her. I have a treat for you. He pushed her on her back on the bed and spread her legs and shoved the boy’s face to her pussy and said “Eat that pussy while I see how good you are. I want to see your face covered in her cum. She tastes real good and has a great cunt.” As the boy was eating her pussy Ray grabbed his balls and began squeezing them then he rammed his cock in the guys ass and gave him a deep hard fuck as he held the guy’s mouth tight to the girls pussy.. By the time Ray came and pulled his cock out the guy’s ass was gaping wide open. Ray then pulled him from the pussy and turned her over and shoved his cock in her ass and told the guy “Now fuck my ass hard as I fuck her ass. Let me feel that cock deep inside my asshole.” As they chained fucked each other Ray loved his cock in her ass as the guy fucked Ray’s ass. He kept the guy there another two hours as he used him for ass fucking and cock sucking and and letting him eat pussy. He stood the guy on front of the mirror and got behind him and began stroking his cock as he had the girl behind himself stroking his cock. It took the guy a while but he finally came and sprayed his cum over the mirror. Ray grabbed the girl and watched her lick the cum off the mirror. In front of the mirror he had the guy suck his cock as the girl tongue fucked his asshole. He loved watching them in the morror as he got his monster cock sucked and his ass fucked. At one time he let both of them take turns sucking his cock and sucking his balls.When he finally let the guy leave he told the guy to be back tomorrow night for more fun. He was going to get some bondage toys from the manager and really have some fun with both of these whores. He might even get another guy or gal for some real hot fun.