Haziran 20, 2023

I Think of You All the Time!!

ile admin


I Think of You All the Time!!I thought of you in the shower this morning. It happens a lot. It seems like I think of you all the time anymore, but it especially happens a lot in the shower. I can’t help but imagine you walking in on me, showing your evil, tempting smile. But today was different. The “other woman” was in the dining room sitting at the table on her i pad. And my thoughts were on you. I couldn’t help stroking my cock as I imagined seeing you walk through the door. At first I was a little nervous because the bathroom door was open. What if she walked in and saw me imagining and stroking? It would take more than a little explaining. But I could get you off my mind. So FUCK IT!! Lol.You walked in the door and teasingly took your clothes of very slowly. Damn you were killing me. You closed your eyes and touched yourself all over as you danced and stripped. It seemed as if you were fucking yourself in your mind. I was wanting you so badly as you stripped. You finally got your clothes off and stood there making love to yourself with your hands. I opened the sliding Escort Hikayeleri door, grabbed your arm and jerked you into the shower. You laughed as you jumped in and fell into my arms. Fuck you feel so good. I love the way your body squeezed and presses against mine. I kissed you as your body was getting wet in the hot shower. We kissed for a few minutes. You taste so sweet. Then I couldn’t wait. I pushed you against the back wall and moved the shower head so the water was hitting the middle of your body. You sighed deeply with an incredible release of pleasure. I spread your legs and knelt down. I curled my tongue up to your clit. You jerked violently as I did and cried out lightly. You were already so fuckin wet. OMFG, the water ran down your body and mixed with the moisture from your pussy as it ran into my mouth. I was in pure heaven. You taste, smell and feel so good. I licked your clit and curled two fingers inside of you. I looked up and saw that you had your arms over your head plastered against the wall. I almost had an insanely Escort Pornoları powerful orgasm just looking at you. You are so DAMN beautiful. I can’t even put it into words.You seemed overwhelmed by my lips sucking on your clit and feeling my tongue flick over it at the same time. I curled my fingers deeper inside of you, just behind your pelvic bone. I reached for your g spot. I could tell when I had found it. The surface was rough to the touch but I could also tell because you jumped when I touched it. Your passion was really building. I could feel the inside of your pussy getting soft and puffy. I gently bit on your clit as I sucked. It was as though it sent you into another world. You began to cum so powerfully. I stood up. You spread your legs wide. You braced your left foot on the soap dish and the right on the door towel rack and pushed yourself back against the wall. I slid inside of you forcefully. You continued to cum over and over. I held your ass in my hands and pulled us together. I moved in and out of you so furiously Escort Portalı fast, my cock all the way out and back in; faster and faster and faster. My middle finger slid into your ass as we fucked harder and harder. I could feel the muscles of your ass contract as you continued to cum. We were slamming together faster and faster. The water was still burning hot. The room was full of steam. One more deep stroke in and I shot cum deep inside of you. You came again hard at the same time. We just stood there, holding each other, convulsing and gasping for air. I looked at you again. You looked so beautiful. I wanted to hold you forever. You put your feet down and stood up in the shower. You laughed, more like a giggle, hopped out of the shower and picked up your clothes. You were still dripping wet. You continued to laugh as you ran out the door.I wanted to follow you. But then I was interrupted by her voice. “Wow, nice shower? You’ve been in there a long time!!” It was like I woke from a dream. It was all in my imagination but I was very satisfied. It felt so real. “Yes, it was an amazing shower”, I said. “I have really needed this.” Now on to the rest of my Sunday but I can guarantee you the rest will be a total let down after our shower this morning. I’ll just have to think of you some more today or tonight. But that’s easy — I think of you all the time!!!!