Mayıs 12, 2023

Jen’s lesson part II

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Grayson watched as his pet walked painfully to the table. He called it the kitchen table, but it was in fact her punishment table. He cleaned up the area where he had spanked her and took out a few instruments for her pussy spanking. He opened the cabinet and got out a small black leather paddle, about the size of his hand, and a smaller thinner cane that was making his dick squirm as he thought about using it on her pussy. Jen walked down the long hall way looking at the pictures of her and her Master. The love she felt for him swelled in her heart. She had to stop breaking these damn rules. She had to discipline herself better, or endure the consequences. She turned slightly to make sure her Master wasn’t behind her and rubbed her ass slowly. God it was painful. She would be feeling that at work tomorrow. That was the point of it though. She walked into the dark room and saw the table looming in front of her. It was black and tall, the table itself was padded leather, and actually very nice to lie on. There were two tall poles that connected to the bottom and rose about two feet into the air. The top had two rings bolted into the leather. She remembered all too well the last time she was tied to that table. She had broken one of the most important rules so she was sent to the “kitchen table” she didn’t know why her Master called it that but thought better of it to ask at the moment. He had tied her to the table roughly, not saying a word to her. Her legs were tied wide apart and he had spanked her pussy, thighs, and ass hole until she promised him she would be a better behaved cunt. In all reality the spanking had made her so hot she had come during it. He knew and Sarıyer escort had spanked her more, until she was on the edge again. “Get everything ready slut.” She jumped as his voice pulled her from the depths of her memory. “Yes Sir.” He watched her as she sped around the room, grabbing the long pieces of rope he was going to use to tie her legs open, and the cuffs he was going to tie her hands down with. Jen could feel the cold metal between her fingers and she picked them up. It made her shiver slightly. She looked around the room and noticed her Master was gone. She let her eyes linger on the black walls and let her eyes slide over the many different paddles, whips, handcuffs, ropes, dildos, and butt plugs. He had yet to use most of the implements on her, and yet she was imagining how delicious being his toy was and would continue to be. Grayson walked into the kitchen getting a glass of water. He wasn’t mad, he had learned a long time ago punishing his pet while angry was no good. He couldn’t enjoy it, and she learned nothing from his anger. He looked around the bright kitchen and decided to take his time, to make her wait a little longer than usual. He had some special things planned for after her pussy spanking. He knew she would come again during her pussy spanking, she couldn’t help it and when she did he planned to humiliate her, because as he discovered a few weeks ago, she loved it. On top of that he really did want her to learn the discipline of only coming when he allowed her to. Jen kneeled in front of the tall table waiting for her Master. She had her eyes cast down and her thighs spread, with her hands on the floor Escort Silivri next to her. She arched her back the way her Master had instructed she was to do while waiting, this move pushed her breasts out. Grayson walked into the dark room that was hidden from the main hallway of the home, and if you didn’t know it was there you would never find it. He closed the door behind him and stood back admiring his pet. “Up.” Jen knew what that word meant. She stood and quickly got on the table. She lay on her back and bent her knees, with her thighs slayed open. One of the main rules in this room was that her pussy was to be on display at all times. He slowly walked to her and began the process of tying her to the table. He decided to use duct tape to secure her legs to the tall poles that rose out of the bottom of the table. He secured them tightly, spreading her wide open. He then went about cuffing her hands together. The chain was long, solely for the purpose of him securing each hand to the rings that were bolted to the table. He stood back and admired his work. Her body looked beautiful in this position. Her hands were positioned in such a way that if anything horrible happened and Grayson could not untie her she could get her hands free; it would be difficult but it could be done, they had tested it many times before. He brought the small paddle he had retrieved from the desk and walked over to his pet. “Tell me, slut, why are you making your Master punish his pussy?” Jen cleared her throat. She could feel the cool air of the room against the inner warmer, wet folds of her pussy. “Because this slut spoke out of turn and tried to Topkapı escort bayan tell her Master what was good for her, when she clearly knows her Master is the only one who knows.” He smirked. She was learning quite nicely. “You will get five with the paddle, and five with the cane. As with the punishment a few minutes ago you will count. However, you don’t have to ask me for more. You will say. “One, thank you Sir. This cunt is sorry Sir.” Understand?” Jen was sure she was going to leave a puddle once this spanking was over. “Yes Sir.” Grayson slid his long finger between the folds of her pussy. He smirked, and softly patted her open pussy with the paddle. Jen tensed and waited. Grayson waited just a second long enough and she relaxed her muscles. He quickly brought the paddle down on her tender flesh, hitting her clit and top of her mound. “OWWWWWWWW FUCK!!!” Jen took a deep breath. “One, thank you Sir. This cunt is sorry Sir.” Grayson moved the paddle lower and hit her pussy again, slightly harder. “What are you sorry for?” The slap hit her pussy right over her cunt hole. The pain/pleasure was so intense for Jen that she felt her orgasm building quickly. “This slut is sorry for disobeying and thinking she knows what’s good for her.” The sentence came out in a series of moans and pants, but her Master got the gist of it. When she didn’t count he slapped her pussy again much harder than before. “OHHHHHHH!” “Did you forget something cunt?” “Three thank you Sir. This cunt is sorry Sir.” Jen was getting dangerously close to coming. She was lost in herself. The intense mixture between pain and pleasure was getting to her. She was writhing against her bonds and she knew that if the next slap by the paddle landed on her clit she would come, and she wouldn’t be able to hold it. Grayson heard her breathing becoming more labored and saw her closed eyes and knew she was close to coming. He used his right hand to open her pussy lips and moaned softly.