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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story – Prologue

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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story – ProloguePlease remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity. If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.PrologueStory SynopsisThis is the story of a Mother, Karen, and her daughter, Michelle, who each have a sad and sordid past and how they become the slaves of a spoiled little rich girl, Sarah, many years later. Because of her husband’s severe physical, mental and sexual abuse from even before they were married, she leaves him and their daughter behind (a decision that will become clear as you read her story) after living in hell for a little over three years. She goes on to college, earns two degrees, and goes to work for the owners of a new biotech company called BIOGEN that is owned by a husband wife team of molecular geneticists Tom and Nancy Warren. During all this time, Karen has changed the path of her life onto a very successful career path while her daughter has become the focus of her ex husband’s abuse. This goes on for many years until the sex ring the husband belongs to is broken up and the daughter ends up pregnant at the age of sixteen. Karen’s ex ends up going to prison and Michelle joins her. Karen did not have an apartment of her own but lived in a cabin on the Warren’s estate. Karen was the Research Coordinator for BIOGEN and was also the administrator for Nancy Warren. The Warren’s and their daughter were the best friends that Karen had. Because of this, she arranges for her daughter to stay at the mansion, with their adopted daughter Sarah while she stays behind and testifies and helps round up many of the remaining members of the organization. This is when everything goes off the deep end again for Michelle and when she returns Karen. They are forced into submission as the slaves for all of the warped imaginations of the Warren’s adopted daughter, who takes after her biological father very much, and who has been catered to, spoiled and basically given anything and everything she has wanted. At the age of 14, she has been kicked out of school after school for misbehavior and has even chased off several private tutors. To find out how it all goes down, please read the story. There is a bit of a surprise twist as well. See if you can guess what it is as you read the story.This story will be divided into 3 parts. First will be Karen’s story until she comes to work for the Warrens. Second will be Michelle’s story as she grows up under the thumb of her abusive father until Karen intervenes and “saves” her. Third will be the Warren’s story giving a brief synopsis of their history and particularly the sordid story of Karen’s and Michelle’s submission to the family. I promise there will be plenty of sex along the way of just about every variety you can think of. (MF, mf, Mf, Mg, Ff, ff, b**st, ws, s**t, blackmail, i****t, NC, ****, fdom, Mdom and maybe a few more before it is all over with) Not every chapter will have each of the codes indicated, but they will be found in the story before we get to the end. Date = Present Day at the Warren MansionThere was a huge party going on in the board room of NEOGEN Biotech Company. They had only been in business for three years and had developed two novel molecules for curing Diabetes and Asthma. They had drawn the attention of the major Pharmaceutical companies and the owners, Tom and Nancy Warren, had just made a deal with one of them that would make each employee rich. Tom and Nancy were now Multi-billionaires and each of the company employees received between 100,000 dollars to 1,000,000 dollars. Everyone was extremely happy with the buy out and was talking excitedly about what they were going to do with their share of the money.Karen Miller, formally Karen Mitchell, was sitting at a round table in the center of the room enjoying a cold beer. She thought back to when she first met the Warrens. She had just started her freshman year of college at University of Southern California a couple of months after she had given birth to a baby girl canlı bahis which she gave up immediately for adoption. She decided to swear off of dating or partying like most of the other students. She just wanted to get her degree and be able to pursue her dream of getting an MBA degree. She had gotten a job in the university’s library to help pay for college. She had chosen to work at the library because she knew she could get a lot of studying done between times she was helping students. She quickly got a good reputation among the grad students because of her proficiency at finding research papers in scientific journals. Tom and Nancy Warren were just beginning to work together on their Doctorate research. They were working on a project to identify the genetic mutation that caused Type 1 Diabetes. They knew if they could find the defective gene, they would be able to find a cure. Before they could start their research, they had to research everything that had been done along that line so that they didn’t duplicate anyone else’s research. They had been working for the last month on doing the preliminary research and hadn’t gotten as far along as they had hoped. Nancy decided that they could use a little assistance to speed things up and asked Karen for help. She was the only staff member that was available at the time. After two weeks of help from Karen, they had not only caught up with their preliminary research, but had completed it and were actually able to start making their research proposal for the Doctorate Thesis a good couple of months ahead of time. Karen continued to help Tom and Nancy whenever they needed it.Tom and Nancy just happened to be from wealthy families. They had married between their junior and senior year of college. They didn’t want to wait to have c***dren so Nancy quit taking her birth control pills a month before they got married. They wanted to have c***dren immediately. She never did get pregnant that first year though. That spring they both graduated with degrees in Molecular Genetics and were fortunate to have the grades to get accepted to USC together for their Masters Degree fellowships. They were the epitome of a happy couple. It seemed as if everything was going their way. They each taught a couple of classes and labs to freshmen as they worked on their Masters Degree. They also kept trying to have a baby. While everything went better than they could hope on their master’s thesis, Nancy couldn’t get pregnant. She decided that she needed to get checked out and made an appointment at her OBGYN.After three months of testing, they finally determined that Nancy could not have a baby. She had been born without ovaries, so she couldn’t even have eggs harvested for in-vitro fertilization. Because they both were wealthy due to large trust funds from their families, they could afford to adopt. After about a three month search, they found a young woman who was willing to give up her baby for adoption. The girl was going to have the baby in the third week of June. That was perfect for them because that would give them almost two months to get the baby acclimated and hopefully sleeping through most of the nights before school started. When they saw the baby for the first time, Tom and Nancy immediately fell in love with her. The agreement they had made through lawyers was that they would not have any contact with the Birth mother and would pay for all of her expenses plus 20,000 dollars. They agreed that they would be able to take custody of the baby immediately as soon as the hospital released her. They named her Sarah Anne Warren and loved her as if she were their own. They hired a nanny to take care of her when they went back to school.It was during the second month of helping Tom and Nancy doing their research that Nancy had the baby with her at the library. Their live in nanny was down with the flu, so she brought the baby to give her a quiet evening to recuperate. The baby had been crying almost constantly the whole time it was in the library. Nancy was getting ready to leave when Karen asked to be able to hold the baby for a few minutes. The baby quit crying bahis siteleri almost immediately after Karen started holding her. Karen, having given a baby up for adoption the previous summer, latched on to the baby immediately. She didn’t know why, but she seemed to have an immediate connection with the baby girl. She just figured that it was the nearness of having given birth to a baby girl.Tom and Nancy were beginning to develop a close friendly relationship with Karen. They decided that her ability to find and analyze research was far better than anyone they had ever met. They knew that they were going to need someone to be a research assistant when they started their research business after they graduated. They also knew that they would not find very many people that would be as good as Karen. They decided to offer her a job as a research assistant that would pay just a bit better than the library job. They would also offer to pay for her to get a degree that would give her all of the skills she needed to be a good research coordinator. Karen accepted their job offer and became Tom and Nancy’s first employee. She didn’t give up her dream of getting an MBA, she just added a second degree to her graduation plan.Tom and Nancy had a fairly large home closer to the university than the apartments that Karen was living in so they offered her the opportunity to move in with them. The house had a finished basement that had a separate entrance to it and had a small kitchen in it. This was ideal for Karen for several reasons. First it provided a quiet place for her to study away from the other college students in her apartment complex that thought that going to school was all about partying non stop. Secondly it allowed her to work more closely with the Warrens. And finally it gave her a chance to be involved in the Warren’s baby’s life, something she never really got to do with the two babies she had given birth to. Karen loved her new apartment and developed a very close bond with all three of the Warrens.The Warren’s finished up their degree three years later. They were able to successfully isolate the gene primarily responsible for Type 1 diabetes. They put their money together along with a fellow grad student and created NEOGEN. They hoped to develop a cure for the disease based on the research they had done. It took them about a year to get the business up and running with a small research staff of thirty scientists and research assistants. Things were going real slow for everyone and it seemed that for every step forward that they made, they ended up taking two backwards. That is until one year after they started the company. That is when Karen graduated and joined the Company as the research coordinator. The ideas and direction the research took were determined primarily by Tom and Nancy but the execution and coordination of effort was directed by Karen. Once Karen came on board as research coordinator, things took off and they started really making progress. It took the company about five years to do it, but they finally succeeded in developing the cure that they sought. After four years of Phase one, two and three research trials to prove the safety and efficacy of their treatment, the FDA finally approved their treatment and it was hailed as a major advancement in medicine. The company expanded and hired a sales force and soon the money came flooding in. They then started work developing a cure for asthma and it took another five years, but they finally succeeded. That is when several of the major Pharmaceutical companies started expressing interest in buying them out.That brings us to the current celebration. Karen was startled out of her trip down memory lane when her name was called to come up to the podium. While the rest of the employees had received between 100,000 to 1,000,000 dollars for their contribution to the company’s success, Tom and Nancy sang Karen’s praises and how she was actually the very first employee for the company and without her help, it would not have been nearly as successful as quickly as it had been. They awarded her 10,000,000 dollars as her share of the güvenilir bahis multi billion dollar buy out. Karen was totally at a loss for words. She remembered how at one time it seemed that she would never be able to achieve any of her dreams. She remembered briefly in that instant how her life had been totally controlled by others. She quickly snapped out of it and thanked Tom and Nancy and especially all of the hard working employees without whom they would have achieved anything. She then announced that as part of the negotiation with the new owners, every employee would receive a 50% pay raise and would receive stock options from the new company commiserate with their time employed with BIOGEN. A thunderous round of applause went up at the end of her speech and the party kicked in to high gear. Tom, Nancy and Karen were the last ones to leave the company headquarters after the party ended. They were met by a swarm of local press as soon as they left the building. It took about an hour to answer all of the questions but they were finally able to leave. They left for the Warren Mansion. When the diabetes cure ended up being so successful, Tom and Nancy bought their dream house. The mansion was over 150 years old and with a little planning and renovation it had all of the modern amenities with that classic look. The house had about a thousand acres of valleys, woods and a nice stocked fishing lake fed by a stream. They built a couple of cabins on the lake and it was one of these cabins that Karen lived in. She had become such good friends with Tom and Nancy that they insisted that she stay with them. Because she had grown to love their daughter Sarah so much, she readily agreed. After they arrived home from their very busy day, Tom and Nancy invited her in for dinner and to watch the television interview with them. After a good meal and a discussion of how exciting things were going to be from then on the ten o-clock news came on. The lead story on the news was the sale of BIOGEN and the interview of Tom, Nancy and Karen. They all agreed that the interview went well. Tom was just getting ready to turn the TV off with the remote when Karen noticed that the story was about a sex ring being broken up in Washington that encompassed a couple of small towns and a county seat. Karen stopped Tom from turning it off, hoping that they were talking about her ex-husband and the group that he and his family belonged to. Sure enough, the story was about how over 100 people were arrested for the systematic k**napping, sexual abuse and torture of c***dren. One of the pictures showed a young girl about 16 years of age that could have been a younger carbon copy of Karen. Karen knew instantly, that she was her daughter that she had been forced to give up by those evil people.Tom and Nancy both heard Karen gasp in shock and watched her as she stared at the TV with her hands covering her mouth and repeating over and over, “Oh my god…Oh my god!” Nancy asked her what was wrong. Karen had been standing when the story came on and she sat down hard on the couch in a state of shock continuing to repeat “Oh my god.” Finally Nancy was able to shake Karen out of her stupor and get her attention. She said, “Karen, talk to us, we’re your friends. Please tell us what is wrong.”Karen took a deep breath and said, “That girl they showed being taken to the hospital was my daughter, she has to be.”Both Nancy and Tom had a look of disbelief on their face as Nancy said, “Your daughter? We didn’t know you had a daughter. Tell us about it please. What happened that you would leave your daughter behind in the clutches of those people?” Karen tried to start the story and tell it normally from her perspective, but each time she tried she broke down in tears as memories she had tried to forget came flooding back. She cried for a good hour before she finally told them she would try telling the story in the third person so it didn’t seem so personal. Maybe then she would be able to tell the whole story.The three weren’t aware that f******n year old Sarah had heard the gasp and commotion from her room and snuck out to see what was going on. When she heard Karen mention a daughter, her interest was piqued and she decided to listen in. She was in for a hell of an education into the world of sexual deviation.Finally Karen began to slowly tell her story.