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Lil Piggy part of life story collection

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Lil Piggy part of life story collection
(Not a story per say, but a collection of my past kinky history)
Per Lil Piggy

In the past it was easy because the world I know now I didn’t know then.
The “top” aspect was simple for lack of a better word. There just wasn’t much to it. All you needed was a bottom and they either went down or opened up for you. That mentally came from the women I was fucking out there. Which was funny because as I was doing it, I got off thinking about those guys I played with when I was a teenager. I did that a lot, or I faked it and called Someone up to meet me somewhere. Once there I usually fucked and came. I did switch roles a few times out there, but nothing like now. In 98 and 99 being bi or out wasn’t as popular. Plus I made it bard on myself only seeking older white guys. But with everything else, once you meet one you meet others in that circle. This girl Kim, who I met, ended up being a door opener. When she got drunk there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do. Of course she always swore she didn’t remember. Well one time we were at her friends house drinking and it was them, myself, and two guys who thought I was a friend/weed connect. Well Kim told me Shelly wants to have a 3 some with us and I played it off. I told the guys I think they might just get lucky, that they wanted to talk to me. I went to the room and got them ready. I told Kim I was going to invite the guys because now she had to have a 3 some with me and one of the guys. Shelly could do the other one. Shelly was a big girl so she just wanted More. She quickly said she’d fuck all of us, and Kim just said she didn’t care, but only I could cum in her. I called for them and told them wait at the door. On the other side they knocked and I told them the girls wanted me to stay because both wanted to fuck all 3 of us. Kim didn’t want anyone cumming in her pussy, but everywhere else was good. Shelly doesn’t care. Anyway, I participated until I couldn’t. I spent a lot of time watching & sucking tits. Well when I was just Kim and I we saw Shelly take 2 dicks in her pussy. Kim told me she wanted to try it. I told her to go ahead, but she wanted me and one of them. Not knowing how they’d react I asked who wanted to do that to Kim with me. The one underneath came and volunteered. The other turned Shelly over and put it in her ass. It took him a bit to get hard, but we got there. After all was said and done we took a break. Tow of use went to the store for beer. That’s when the door opened. Small talk led to, “which one of them is your girl”. And the 2 guys were actually brothers. Turns out they share their girl toys and were bi. He knew I was either bi or curious because I spent a lot of time staring at them. So which was It. I can still remember now all I said was Yes! After a series of questions I admitted that I have been with guys, but not since coming to Nevada. That I needed to find someone who didn’t mind a fuck buddy with no strings attached. But who was a call away. Only I wasn’t interested in fucking them… only getting fucked… Next came a awkward silence and all he said was ” interesting”. When we got back Shelly was in the shower and Kim was giving his brother head. He came on her tits a little after. His brother called him and I got back undressed so Kim could blow me. Only she wanted a titty fuck and with his cum I did it. After I came she said she needed a shower. I was left there naked and then Kim came back saying the guys got a call from someone looking for weed. I got dressed and in the living room they said they had to go, but if I wanted to sell some weed, they had someone asking. Okay so I assume they were done and leaving and going with them gave me a chance to get their number.

We ended up at an apartment complex. Then inside an apartment that was to quite. I sat on the couch like I was told and they went down the hall. After like 20 minutes I was called to a room. When I knocked one answered and I know it wasn’t about weed. He was naked and his brother was too. He told me his brother told him everything and they were going to see if it was true. I reached for his dick and he started undressing me till his brother helped. I was hard as a rock when they sandwiched me. I told them that it had been a while, but I could only focus on one first. (not like today- as experience has taught me a lot.) With both I lowered myself to control the penetration. Once relaxed they took me and came in me. They said anytime I wanted to get fucked to just call.. And that’s how the door opened to where after being with a girl I’d get fucked, in they’d call me for some week only to share me with someone new. Then I only played with white men so I told them not to introduce me to any black guys. Oral wasn’t easy for me cuz of what happened when I was little, but my ass pleased them. Kim and I continued till I boldly mess with a guy we were playing with. Then she took it to another level. I was okay with it till the hot was on my ass!! She would fuck me with a strap-on and talk dirty with the windows opened so people could hear. of course I got the curious looks from it. The was shit came from her 5 guy fantasy and only having candle light. I watched her take 5 nice white cocks. Once all together.. After all had came in her she wanted me to eat her pussy. But first I had to lick her juices off them like I do the pretend cock she used on my. I knew it would come one day once she learned about me and those brothers. I did and moved to her pussy. It was soaked and tasted tangy. Then I started– she told them she wanted to watch them fuck me like the did hear, so I could be their pus-boy too. That I loved cock too and she wants to see me get fucked by the cocks she enjoys. Once they started the humiliating came. They told her she had a fuck boy not a man. And this is why white is right and brown stays down. To see how her boy is a bigger cock slut then her. And how I would never please her cuz I wasn’t a real man. All the while slapping my ass and pounding. Truthfully I wasn’t listening. I was really enjoying the fuck. Then she moved and told me to lay on the floor. She sat on my face, grabbed my legs and pulled them to hear chest. Then a cock entered me and when I looked around her she had someone in her mouth while the guy held my legs up. She leaned forward and this guy slapped my face with his cock before putting it in her pussy. After a while she jumped up and they all came on me. She looked down and said I looked like a pity of a man. She scooped up the cum and wiped it on my face. She told me to get up and lay on my stomach and to spread eagle. I did and she just said for the final, I was to stay still and watch. Next to me she fucked them all got up and poured hot wax on my ass saying she was down with me and I got one thing right. White Men are superior and she only used me to remind her. They all spit on me and one by one left. The last guy said he didn’t spit on me and that he didn’t agree. That in 30 minutes he’d be back and take me home. I laid there in shock! I didn’t even get dressed and I didn’t even hear him come back.

I snapped out of it and he said he was sorry. That he had no idea this was going to happen. And they wanted to take me somewhere and beat me up but he talked them out of it. And then Kim had photos of me wearing a wig, panties, and a halter top. She showed them one of me covering my dick with maxi-pad and wearing makeup wearing a skirt. I knew exactly what he was talking about. I wore that earlier that week for brothers because they knew someone who wanted to fuck a tranny for some money. And we would split it. I just had to pretend to be a tranny. I even wore falsies. I pulled it off cuz he didn’t believe I was till I pulled the pad off, and out popped my erection. I turned and hurried to put it back on. They collected money and left me there. I was to call when he said he was done. Another weird experience in Las Vegas. I had to call him Uncle Jim and tell him I belonged to him. that while at school I thought about how lucky I was that you caught me sucking my cousin off, or I’d be in trouble. That thanks to him I know how to please a man. That it was our secret and he was my favorite Uncle.

Then I had to act like he was my Dad and how much I loved him for teaching me to be a good girl. Promising I wouldn’t tell anyone, and I would do anything he tells me. And how when Mom left the house I liked walking around naked for him and how I enjoyed it when he made his friends pay me for my attention, or when he’d let me sit on his lab and help with his homework and touch me down there with Mom not having a clue. I did this the whole time there. I was pretending to be a teenage boy. So when I heard about the photos I thought she knew about the date on even sat it up. I just don’t knew who took the pictures.

I ended up getting dressed but didn’t know what I was going to do. I asked him if they were coming back and he said no, that he told them not to, in case I called the cops. I said I wasn’t going to or tell anyone. Like I said, I was shocked! Then it dawned on me and I asked why he was still here. He turned a bad time into a good one. He said he has a wife and family but wanted me too. That he’s heard things and before tonight had been watching me. Only he was unsure of things because I never showed signs, but the pics and tonight showed it. Call it crazy, but we leaf and got another room for the night. We talked for hours. He got in the shower with me and washed me. I closed my eyes and let him. Crazy enough but his chest on my back and stomach up against me felt good. He rubbed my chest and stomach with soap and between my legs. I went to push his had away and he said not to worry.. its ok. I faced him and told him he didn’t have to touch me there. He pulled my hand to his and I looked down to see his cock wasn’t fully cut and curved to the right. It was no bigger than 5 inches , but soda can fat. His balls were Huge! I knelt down to get the soap and under his stomach his cock looked a couple inches bigger. I stood up and blurted out how he enjoyed me.. He said he didn’t fuck me… only Kiss. Because he didn’t want his DNA in me if they hurt me. Also because the whole time I got fucked he watched and pictured me. After the shower we got dried and laid down naked. Still confused I asked what exactly he wanted. Telling him that just because Kim knows about me not everyone else did. He said he wanted a secret thing with me, but as a boy. For me to be a boy he could play with , not a girl cuz I could go to his house as a guy. That he just wants to be a friend and a lover too. Long story short I told him to lay down and I lathered his cock with spit and lowered my as down on it. It felt like I had to shit but once I relaxed I moved up and down. I told him it was okay if he came in me. That it would mark our beginning. He stroked me and said he wanted to taste my cum and that he seen movies and fantasized , but could never find a young guy to be with. I zoned out and moved slowly till he told me he was almost there. Once I felt the warmth I sat all the way down and told him he did good. I looked at him and told him thanks. I also told him I had a girl too. that I ventured out only because I missed the feeling of a man in me. That with a man I was what ever he wanted. That guys like him called Bears and Chubby’s and although I wasn’t a chubby chaser I had my share. But to answer his question earlier— year we could be secret lovers, but he had to keep his family and wife first. And I will do the rest. It’s funny because even after the scare I ended up with this Big Gentle Giant. he always asked before he did something to me. We hit it off and up until I came to Prison he and I did stuff. Only once did he ask me to dress up like a girl because he bought some lingerie. This was the night he told me to put it in him, but to pretend I was his girl using a toy. And to tell him when I was gonna cum cuz he wants me to cum in his hand. I didn’t ask why. When the time came I did it. He ended up using it to get himself off stroking his fat cock. Later he explained that he was curious how it felt cuz how much I enjoy it. That the girl thing was his way of going with it. Pretending it was a dildo or something. All in all we had fun. I almost got killed and got humiliated but it was worth it. We had this thing where we’d go to the bathroom and he would be a the urinal while I was on the toilet. When someone would come in he’d say stuff like, “so what did she say when you told her you wanted to get fucked by a man, not her toy”, or “how are you going to find a man willing to fuck you in the ass if he isn’t gay” The best one was “does you girl know you like letting strangers fuck you in your ass and that your stright friends let you practice sucking dick on them. I’d respond saying, No she doesn’t, that’s why I only sleep with stright men. One they don’t go both ways and Two by keeping it quiet they come back. I’m pretty much the piece of ass they want to fuck when their wife won’t let them enter there. I’m only there to give them what they want. At a McDonalds once this big ass trucker on biker looked dude said “who ever is in the toilet sounds fun. How about you let someone on the road get some of that action. I haven’t stuck my dick in some ass since I left a who at a truck stop. It’s been even longer since I had a boy. I flirted a little saying he wasn’t ready for me but if he was he just had to go to the big stall. he did and in walked a giant so to speak. H smelled like gas and he was dirty with oil on his hands. He towered over me and said” ready” I asked if he had a condom and he said yeah but he’ll put it on once he was ready. He unzipped his fly and out popped an elephant trunk. I went to unbutton his pants when he lifted his cock to my lips. I grabbed it and put the head in. His pants dropped to his ankles and I saw just how big he was. Growing in my mouth it was to hard to continue so I liked the shaft, under it , sucked the tip and stroked it. I stopped and told him there was no way all that was fitting in me. He just said I’d take what he did fit but first he’d get me ready. He turned me around and sit on the toiled. Facing the door I leaned forward and he fingered me till I accepted 3 fat fingers. Then he put his cock at my hole and told me to spread my cheeks, I did and boy did it hurt. I said stop a couple of times, till I got used to it. No k**ding , but about half way I felt like there was no more room. He turned me and I held the railing front my leg up on the side rail. I felt like a tiny small whatever. He was Huge. His hands held my hips and he kept tilling me what a wonderful ass I got. That I was doing good and he know how much I could take from how he has fucked a lot of asses. I just stayed quiet and took it. I looked back a few times telling him to fill me up. He said the only thing he was filling up is the condom. Before I said anything someone came in. I heard him piss and wondered where my fat friend went.. He left and I called out for him and I was looking over the stall at me. Saying we’re good to keep going . I didn’t , I told this big ass dude lets go and I told my fiend I’d call. I ended up at a truck stop 35 miles away. cum in me and all over me. Felt like I was still getting fucked house later. The condom I pulled off after a while when he said he loved how I felt and how well I took his cock. That a girls ass can’t take it, but mine could. I tried to get more in but I wouldn’t go. It only hurt and I felt it in my stomach. when he came in it leaked while he was still in. He pulled out and I saw blood mixed with cum.. I later found out I had tearing inside after trying not to tell the lady I just got fucked. she told me the cum gave it away. In short I got fucked over and over till I just laid on the floor. Even had a old man walk in and watch for a second. At that point I stopped caring and just begged for more. No shit, but all I kept saying was fuck me and Yes over and over. I was loosened up to where you hard slushing noises.

I went nuts! I even told him to let me go with him and I would be his, till he was done, or stay and he could be my Master. That was a mistake cuz he said none of that—I only wanted some ass from a guy cuz guys handle my dick better. He said. he was done and I did the funniest thing. I turned, knelt and rubbed his dick all over my face, looked up and said thank you. I tried sucking it but he pulled away and left.

I called my friend and when we got back I noticed the blood. I went to the Emergency room and learned about the rips. That’s how I know today to be careful.

These were just things I experienced coming to Vegas. Up until recently I didn’t know what fun and pleasurable it would be to play piggy. To try out other cocks of color and size. That was a big one. Just seeing a black cock up close, tasting it and then watching myself get blacked. The contrast of it and the felling of a black mans body on you. Learning that not all of them are huge, but vary in darkness. The hypnotizing way white sperm shoots out and coats there cocks. Or how they just take control and get you to submit to them. Or when they tell you how much you love black cocks and how it feels inside. That one is funny cuz they all feel the same. Another thing is how the minute your sucking or they’re fucking you are now there bitch or how your ass is now a pussy and your cock is a big clit. They all love it when you tell them how big they are and how deep they are. And how you want more and for them to put a black baby in you.
That you’re their hot Latina with a pussy that craves black cock. I’ve been a hot Latina a few times. I shaved all my body hair and facial hair. I slept over at there place and under my sweats I had on crochet panties, bikini top stuffed with socks and hid the front in a pocket made for the front. Put on makeup and next I was Juanita, JuJu or the name they wanted. I would never pull the panties all the way down. Only the back below my butt cheek/pussy hole. I’d stay like that all night. The only time the top came off was when I was flat crested lulu the Latina who belonged to the Blacks. Only a couple wanted me to just get naked and that’s how I stayed. My cock was nothing but a clit. I was a Mexican Girl with no tits and a big clit. A girl who had good pussy and was a freak. She liked it rough, hair pulled, ass slapped, facials, 3-some, 4-some, and more some double fucked and cum everywhere, but a mirror had to be everywhere so she can watch these black cocks invade her. What did I care. With the Mexicans I was a secret. I was no ones idea, but they all had some. Alone I was for fucking, sucking, or letting them suck me off. It was always 1 on 1 for the most part. Some wanted to be fucked but after they were done. I wasn’t a girl to them. I was a boy to their family.

With the white guys I was a Latin girl who loved the Superior Race. I was there to warship them and to give myself to them. They were my Daddy’s and I was their little slut. I wear only a long white shirt and cover my cock when missionary. I don’t touch myself at all. I take it in any position and I’m vocal. I encourage them to cum in me and mark their territory so everyone knows this Latina is theirs. I take on as manly as they bring and I tell them how much I love their manhood’s in me and how this Latinas pussy is open for them. Or for some how they can make this Mexican suck a superior cock while they each fuck me. Some I’m just the Latina they make love to and suck her nipples, eat the pussy “the just fucked, or stroked her clit while they fuck hear. She tells them she love there and calls them Papi. Stuff like “Yes Papi, give me more and “oooh Papi, you feel good”. Papi, I love you so much; cum inside me please! Pull my hair and show me you’re Daddy. Make me your bitch, take me and have your way. I’m your slut and I love white boys. I’m their little slut.

All that is unusually is how I treat each of them. Each has their likes, whites and Blacks have the big cocks. They vary in length and width. The Mexicans are average, uncut and fat. Some are as big as 8 inches, but all are fat. They pre-cum the most. Their cocks being uncut take getting used too. They secretly go both ways, and are touchy feely. They prefer I stay a guy not a girl. They love 69ing and missionary so they can play with my cock too.

Don’t mind me, I’m just rattling on. So yea, on the street I wasn’t as submissive. I played, but still fucked the girls I was with. Now I love getting fucked and do less fucking. It feels good and whey I receive a load it feels even better. So an Alpha Male there’s just a feeling about being dominated on being submissive, or just mating with someone and letting them take full control.

The population that doesn’t know just strong, tough, stright , Latin male with respect. My lovers see their secret and don’t expose it. In public then treat me like one of the guys. In the call I’m not one of the guys. I enjoy it thought. I would never be transsexual, but I wouldn’t mind growing some small perky tits for them to enjoy. Something I could squeeze together so they could titty fuck too.
Or even C coups as long as I wore a sports bra to hide them.

White boys and black are the best lovers. I only say that cuz enjoying the bottom makes me not want to do the top thing. I even cum from body friction or wait till their done. Stamina is equally impressive , but white cocks grow faster. Even the big ones. The BBC’s take forever to get up, and to go down too. White have the prettiest cocks, the black ones look better in you cuz of the contrast. Plus they vary in color from light to dark. The big ones from both are fun to suck, but hard to swallow and get in. Those I get in me where I can handle more.

Speaking of Big; when I was in the juvenile system a Mexican from Merced, CA was my celly. He name was Jesus, I don’t know how it happened, but one night we just had sex. He had a big fat one too. It was 9 inches, I bent over the sink and he fucked me good. When he came he pushed it all the way in and it hurt. I felt like peeing, but he was cumming and it felt good. I was 14 then. At the juvenile camp a guy name Joshua would finger me late at night when we me at the toilets. He’d give me oral while fingering me, and he swallowed too.
Eventually I was in there trying to sit on his cock. We almost got caught, and we played it off like we were fighting. I doubt we fooled the guy, but he left. One night when it was shower time, I went first to get ready. He and I got out first to see of no one as coming. I laid on the table close to the edge and pulled cock out and he started fucking me. It was our first time and nothing like trying to ride him on the toilet. When he came he pulled out and shot it on the floor. All he said was Wow, how did you do that. I didn’t say anything, but I felt awesome. He always wanted to get oral, but I only wanted to get fucked. I missed those men when I was back home, and unlike my friends, there k**s where bigger and knew what to do.

Jesus fucked me at NRCC over the sink and later I did him missionary under the sheets. No one had a clue, but at night I’d bust a light, cover our window, and take his cock deep in me. He had a grown up cock and knew how to use it. I spent the rest of my time in the youth authority trying to find him or someone to fill the void. I did a lot of shower peeking and fake sleeping so cellies would jack off and I could hear. It’s funny cuz when I walked I would switch and I didn’t know. Joshua was in 91′ I think and Jesus was in 94′. The next celly I played with was in 97’/98′. One was jacking off moaning and I laid quietly. Then he said something and I knew then. It was to the likes of “you want this dick huh? Show me yours too.” I got hard and came down saying okay. He acted like he wasn’t doing anything and I told him I heard and here I am. He asked if I was serious and I aid Yeah. We got naked and put the mattress on the floor. He licked my ass and sucked me a little. He got in a 69 position and wanted me to suck him. I told him I didn’t like doing that , but he could put it in me. He always wanted oral , but I refused and still got fucked. I went up in level so I moved upstairs. Having recently been fucked I had my boxers riding my crack. I caught him looking a few times. When we showered he always got hard. Well he asked if I’d get his back for him. We all did it so I thought nothing of it. I asked him too. Only when he did mine he lathered his wash cloth and squeezed it so the suds went down my crack. When he moved closer I felt his cock touch my ass. I didn’t react right away, but I cut it short and said thanks. When we got back to the room he asked me to lotion his back. I knew what he was doing. He was copping cheap feels. So I do it and he offers to do mine. Before he does he looks out the window. Then he does my back and went down t my upper cheeks. I pull away and he lays down on the lower bunk to watch TV. I sit next to him and tell him my back hurts. So the bed is set up like a couch. We’re kicking back and he’s rubbing my back. In my mind after having looked at his cock in the shower and not saying anything went in touched my ass. I knew we’d fuck. He tells me to grab the lotion and he’d massage my back. I go along with it and then his pulling my boxers down just under my cheeks. I hear him squeeze the lotion and then the coldness hits my crack, followed by the feeling of his cock. It slid in easy and he reached for my cock. He stroked it till I came and then he came. I asked why he stopped knowing fully why. Later that right he asked if I’ve done that before. I lied and said no but he surprised me saying it went in to easy when it should have hurt. He knows cuz it wasn’t his first either. I came clean and told him I have been fucked before. He said he had to but a long time ago. I told him the last celly I had fucked me 4 times. After that we were good till he started acting moody. After showers one night I ask what was wrong and he tells me I changed. Long story short I wasn’t being intimate. I ignore him till I start feeling him entering. He takes his time asking if it hurts till I pushed back and he was all the way in. With my face down I tell him to hurry up or we will get caught. He took a while so I started moaning and asking if he liked it. All he said was yes and that was when he was done he wanted me to do him.. He came in me and asked if I was okay? I said yes and he said my turn. He laid on his back and he was and hot and tight. Slowly I eased in him and he tells me to go slow and to cum in him, so we can have each others cum in us. I do it and when we’re going to bed he tells me he know I was in the closet the first time he saw me. That he had a direct view in my room downstairs and noticed I walked around naked after showers. Then when they gave me a celly he was taking everyone he caught me “peter gazing” and when I walked I would walk like a girl. Everyone that ever showered with you got hard staring at your butt waiting for you to look at them. Only you never did or were to slick. Then you moved and your celly exposed you to me. He left a slit in the window cover and I watched you get naked at the door and he got behind you spreading your ass so you could guide him in. I saw him pullout and com or your back and ass then when you bent forward he slapped your ass and you were jacking off. He saw it all and ever since then he’s wanted to fuck me. That day forward till I left I played house wife and didn’t fuck him again. When the rumors started flying I quit the trade.

I was taking, and before I dropped out I told Scott from Oildale, I would pay him his $5, but I was dropping my trade and I knew I’d go back to phase I.
I told him why and he called his homeboy. Something was said and Scott called me in the shed. Inside he asked if it was true, if I lied he couldn’t help me. Then he exposed himself and ask me if it was true? I stared at his cock and mumbled. Then he said he would take me under the wing, but I was to be by him at trade school. He don’t care about my celly, but before I walk out the shed he wants to see my ass. So I showed him and he rubs it. Instead of the games I just tell him he could fuck me if his homeboy makes sure we don’t get caught. he bent me over and once in me he calls his friends. He comes in and tells him it’s true but make sure he don’t get caught. So every day Mon-Fri, I went to the shed with Scott or his friend. The talk shipped and I told Scott and his friend before I left, that if they ever saw me outside we could continue. They laughed.

I don’t know why I told you all this, but I did. It was all part of growing up. The buy I told you about who saved me from Kim and then turned out to be a cool dude. His wife was hot. He introduced me to couple who played with younger guys. And a couple of older guys who were kinky and said I could call them anytime. That’s how my go to list was formed. I only fully learned to appreciate something other than white in here. What I didn’t see coming, and I should have, was how much I would love being fucked and enjoying so many cocks. I’ve definitely come a long way.

– – – – – – – – –
by Little Piggy Juan

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