Eylül 30, 2021

Living with my two lovers. Part 1. How it began

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Living with my two lovers. Part 1. How it beganI had only been dating Rick for 3 months when he told me he was going to England for the summer to work in a holiday camp. We had both finished college for the summer,and I thought we would try find bar work like the previous year. But his best mate Jack had worked in the camp before, and said he could make twice as much money.Jack was from London,but had lived in Ireland for years.I wasn’t happy at all. As we weren’t dating that long,we were still in the honeymoon period.We were having sex daily,and it was incredible.Rick was 6 foot tall, a couple of inches smaller than Jack, and was blonde and handsome.He had a mop of curly hair that made him look like a Californian surfer.His cock was a good size too,about 7 inches,and he always had it shaved.I just loved having in my mouth.Thats how I would wake him for sex. If I woke first, I would go under the blankets and take him in my mouth.He would always grow instantly.We would have wild sex and collapse in a heap.Sometimes he would canlı bahis finish by cumming on my tits,sometimes on my ass,if he was taking me doggy-style,his favourite position, but my favourite was a 69, I would always let him finish first,let him shoot his sweet load in my mouth,and the combination of hearing him cum,feeling him cum in my mouth,tasting his load,would take me over the edge.God I loved swallowing.So after 3 weeks of absence, I was missing him so much , and missing his big cock even more. I was yearning for sex. I had been masturbating every night,using my dildos,but it wasn’t the same. So I decided to surprise him by visiting for a weekend. When I told him he was delighted,to my relief.I was afraid he was enjoying his freedom,but when he met me at the airport he lifted me into his big muscular arms and swung me around.I could see he was glad to see me by the bulge in his trousers.On the way from the airport while he was telling me about his new job, I started rubbing his cock through his trousers.I had him bahis siteleri hard as a rock very quickly and pulled his zip down,releasing his cock.Soon I was sucking him and I was in heaven.I licked the tip,and took him fully in my mouth.But I was interupted by the sound of a trucks horn.A passing driver saw us and was leering at us.I didn’t care and he was soon gone,probably with his own cock in his hand. Unfortunately for me Ricks apartment wasn’t that far from the airport,so we arrived home before I got my reward.And when we got in Jack was there.I still wanted to go straight to bed but Rick was too embarressed.So we made small talk and opened a bottle of Albarino wine,then a second.We went to bed around midnight and fucked for an hour, Rick finished inside me which was a bit unusual.He rolled over exausted and I needed to go to the loo to clean up.I opened the bedroom door to the living room but it was in darkness.So I threw on Ricks shirt and ran to the loo with nothing else on.I wiped my dripping pussy with tissue güvenilir bahis and flushed it.I open the door and went back to the siiting room and was just about to open the bedroom door when I thought I heard something.I turnd on the light and there was Jack on the sofa,naked,with his cock in his hand.It was obvious what he was doing..He apologised,telling me he had heard everything we were doing and was turned on.I knew I could be loud,and told him not to worry about it.I noticed his cock was bigger than Ricks by about 2 inches.My eyes were glued to it.I said goodnight and raised my hand to turn off the light.Time seemed to slow down. Just as my finger hit the switch I realised two things.First, Jack had started rubbing his cock up and down furiously before I had even gone,and second, I realised that as my hand went up,so did the shirt,exposing my bald pussy to Jacks eyes !!! I paused in shock, instead of hitting the switch,in truth I was enjoying Jack wanking off looking at me.He looked directly at me as he shot a huge load high into the air.I looked at his cum hungrilly,wanting it.I turned the light off and said goodnight.I went to bed,and woke Rick by sucking him,but I was thinking of someone else.Someone two inches bigger than him.