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louise and her neighbour(s) 3 young teen lesbian e

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louise and her neighbour(s) 3 young teen lesbian eIf you are new to my stories please read 1 and 2. Louise is 17 and a dirty blonde girl next door type with a nice pert bottom and c cup breasts. At the moment she is a dress size 10 and has a nice pink pussy with lips that slighty splay outwards and a small little “runway” type brazilian pubic patch…..Louise left Gary’s and headed for the swimming pool. Sending a message to vicky that she was going to be about 30 mins late. She walked briskly and met her friend outside still flushed and full of Gary’s baby seed.”Where have you been louey” vicky uses this as her friendly name for her best friend. “If I told you, you wouldnt believe me and I dont think I want to tell you until I can decide whats safe to tell you”. Louise blurted back in one fast sentence. Her head still spinning and her pussy calling for someone to finish the job. Her face flustered and red.”C’mon. Lets go inside and you can tell your bestie all about it”. Vicky said.Louise leads and they go up the steps and Vicky is slightly behind her. Vicky thinks she can smell sex on her friend and looking at Louises jogging bottoms notices a little damp patch at the back just below her bottom. “Lets go straight to the changing room”. Vicky says, they were going to have a coffee first. Inside the building there is a big queue and they wait 5 minutes to get to the front. The whole time Louise just stood in a daze with her eyes open, rarely blinking and appearing completely oblivious to what was going on around her but continually reaching down to pull her tight bikini bottoms out of her young pussy. They get to the front and Vicky pays for the two of them to go in. Its only a £1 each ($1.60) as they are under 18. And they head off to the changing rooms. The changing rooms are manic and noisey its the school holidays and its mixed with lots of changing cubicles. All full they wait and still Louise is quiet. “You ok?” Vicky asks”Im ok just give me a second or a minute or a few minutes just some time 2 minutes and I will be ok I dont know isnt it noisy in here?” Louise snaps back. Vicky hardly able to understand what her flustered friend is saying. A door for a group room opens up and Vicky says “Quick. That will do”.The two girls swiftly move in and put their bags down on the bench and stand there. Its noisy outside the cubicle so Vicky stands two feet from Louise inside her personal space and puts her hand on her friends shoulder”Are you ok?” She asks”Im fine, ok, not fine, ok nothing wrong, ok theres something wrong, but ok im fine”. Louise repliesVicky just looks at her and says “Sit down and tell me. But tell me slowwwwly”. Heavily emphasisng the word slowly.Louise sits on the bench and keeps her legs slightly apart and vicky sits next İzmir Escort Numaraları to her, right up close. “Ok, ok, ok”. Louise says. “I will tell you but you wont believe me cause i dont believe its happening so when i tell you its going sound stupid and far fetched and you wont believe me but im going to tell you everything and I swear im not lying” louise bleats out without pausing.Vicky looks at her tilting her head and slightly squinting her eyes wandering what is wrong with her friend or what she had to say, she slowly says “Ok then, tell me”Louise quickly replies “Well you know I fucked Harry yeah or more like he fucked me, well we fucked yeah, he fucked me in the ass and i didnt think I wanted to, but I did yeah like cause I liked it yeah, and he like, spunked in my ass and videoed it and put it on the internet like, and im a virtual online pornstar”Vicky pulled her head back and replied “ohhh emmmm geee” (OMG). Louise continued “Yeah but thats not it you know that piss head ugly drunk fucker in the flat next door?” She paused and Vicky nodded, louise carried on..”Well Gary like has been getting stuff delivered to our flat and today yeah today I took in some vodka for him and then took it next door and went in and he showed me the video on the web and thats how I know about it and he threatened to tell my parents unless I showed him my pussy yeah and he fucked me Vic he fucked me but I more fucked him, anyway we fucked yeah and he spunked loads in my puss and im not on the pill and i could be carrying drunk Gary’s baby what do I do?”Vicky just stared at her mate opened mouth “what      the       fuck” she replied. And Louise just looked at the floor. Meanwhile there was a bit of movement in the next cubicle as a bag was placed against the thin wall. “Ha.. its a wind up good one louey youre shitting me thats sooo funny?” Louise shakes her head “No vic. But its such a relief ive told some one.. the worst bit is I enjoyed fucking Gary but he had is fun and I left”.”What do you mean” said Vicky”You know. I rode his cock mate and i told him not to but he cum inside me loads and im still kinda horny cause i came straight here.” Vicky says “Wow. Lets go for a swim and relax and chill out a bit. And continue in the pool”Both girls start to get undressed and louise stands there in her pink bikini and Vicky, slightly plumper a size 12 bordering on 14 and standing 5’2 with the most gorgeous D cups, bobbed brown hair and big brown eyes stands proud in her all in one baby blue smim suit with a few black stripes running down the front of her chest. Vicky looks at her friend “Come on chin up.. smile”. Louise lifts her head and gives a cute smile. Vicky looks at hee friend and notices the darker material İzmir Escort Profilleri colour at the bottom of her friends bikini. “Is that his cum?” Vicky asks.Louise looks down and pulls bikini bottoms open wity her hand to have a look “uh huh”. She nods.Vicky takes a cheeky look at her friends pussy and Louise catches her looking down her bottoms. “Will I be ok to go in?” She asks Vicky”I dont know Vicky replies. I know it sounds weird but pull them down and lets have a look how much there is”.Louise awkwardly agrees to the embarassing task of showing her freshly fucked pussy to her friend to inspect for its suitability to go in the pool. She pulls her bikini bottoms down and kicks them off ro the side. Vicky can see a small wet trail as she does this from her vagina lips about an inch long and glistening. “Open your lips let me see”. Vicky demands. Louise reaches down with her right hand and with her index and middle finger pulls her little lips apart. Tracy gets down on her knees and puts her head down to have a look. More curious about her friends private place than hee suitability fir swimming. She looks at her hole and slowly a small white fluid oozes out and Vicky says “keep still, put your leg on the bench so i can have a good look”. Louise puts her left leg on the bench with her knee bent exposing her vagina some more for her friend to inspect.Vicky tilted her head for a closer look and looked up at her friend who was nervously looking back at her still hot a flustered but looking redder.”Im going to stick a finger in and see whats in there” Vicky matter of factly pronounced.”I dont know”. Louise repliedVicky moved ger right hand upto her friends pussy and with her index finger, finger tip rubbed along her very moist slit backwards then forwards then backwards then forwards and the slowly pushing it into her friend. She looked uo at louise whose head was now tilted back and she was supporting herself against the wall with her spare hand.Vicky slowly moved her hand up and down and slipped her finger in as well. She took her fingers out and sniffed them smelling garys salty cum and louises juices combined. Vicky then had an uncrollable urge, almost instinct like to suck her fingers. Louise saw this amd her face went bright red. She was horny. Vicky looked up at her friends face then back at her vulnerable open teen pussy and moved her face nearer till her nose was touching the top of louises small pubic patch. Vicky slowly put her tongue out and began licking her friends pussy lips and kissing them before moving her hand in to rub her small exposed clit. She rubbed slowly with her thumb and looked up at her friend and asks “is that nice?” Louise replies “ooo yeah brill”. Vicky says “What İzmir Escort Sitesi would you like, anything?” Louise replies “Anything?” Vicky removes her thumb and licks Louises clit quickly before breaking away and agreeing “Anything louey, im so horny and wet.”a damp patch was forming on Vickys swimsuit and she returns to licking her friends clit and slowly fingering her cum filled hole. Louise says “thats nice, hmmm. Lick my ass”. Vicky stops licking but slowly carries on fingering, a little shocked at the request but still so horny. “Ok.” She says and stands up. The two girls lock lips and tongues and psssionately kiss snowballing Gary’s cum and louises juices. They break apart and Louise turns her back on her friend and bends over slightly exposing her ass to her. Vicky gets back to her knees and pulls louises pert cheeks apart and rubs her toongue along her exposed slit from the clit towards her ass befire slowly licking round her ass and pausing. Rubbing louises clit with her right thumb she then sets on licking her ass. Louise gasps “oooo thats nice”. Vicky continues to lick her mates ass and rubbing her clit faster, louise gets really into it and then suddenly stands up and sits on the bench bringing both legs up and feet either side of her. With her back to the wall she says to Vicky “Make me cum, lick my dirty spunk filled pussy”. Vicky has never heard her frend talk like this and drops to her knees at to her friends fully spread pussy licks her hole and plunges her tongue in.. she is so wet her tongue almost falls in. She licks her well oiled clit and fingers her ass with her indec finger. Louise’ head is fully back and she is panting trying to keep the noise down.She says is a whispery voice “my god im gonna cum im gonna cum”. Vicky takes the encouragement rolls her tonue and tongue fucks he friend quick and hard whilst continuing on her clit rubbing furiously. Louise lets out a loud high potched squeal at the change of tempo causing a few people outside the cubile to look round. The she loses it and shouts “ahhh ahhh ahhh!” Everyone now stares at the cubicle Louise squirts in her friends mouth and on her face, lady juice all over vicky as Garys salty taste subsides to the new taste.Louise looks at her friend, vicky moves her head away covered in louises juices. Louise says “im sooo sorry thats never happened before”. Vicky licks her lips and there is a knock at the door. They get their things together and quickly dress and leave noticing a large number of people smiling at them as they leave. In the next cubicle is rupert. Hes 73 years old and the old fella living in the block with louise.He has a big smile on his face.. he pulls his bag back and checks his phone, its recorded all the action in the next cubicle and hes glad he followed them in. Now he has to get home and watch it all before he has a heart attack!Tracy and louise walk back to louises place holding hands…….. This is the third story, I have some ideas clearly rupert is on for a good time soon. Let me know what you think as im typing these on my phone and they take for ever!! :-/