Eylül 16, 2021


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Paul picks me up at 2:00 P.M. We are going for coffee at the Pizza place on Coventry. 
The lunch crowd is finished and we are the only customers. 

It’s my first time here but Paul has been here often. He likes the waitress. Her name is Mona.

Mona is cute, about 25, 5’8” and has a nice full figure. She is wearing a flowered dress and it shows off her tanned legs really well. When she bends over, I can see a tattoo running down, or up, her inner thigh. I wonder how high up it goes.

As we visit, she stops by our table several times. Paul jokes and flirts with her and she is a good trooper and jokes back with him. I throw in the odd comment or two which she laughs at.

On one of her visits, she sits next to Paul. She stays for about five minutes and I am sure he gave her leg a quick rub or squeeze at one point. She didn’t slap his hand away. She even gently gave him a friendly tap on the shoulder when one of his jokes should have offended her, hah hah. 

I am wondering if she’d object to my taking a photo of her tattoo. 

We’ve been there about half an hour when I approach her. 

“I hope I am not going to freak you out and I am not sexually harassing you but I find your tattoo quite interesting. Would you be willing to let me take a picture of it with my cell phone?”

She isn’t shocked or embarrassed. She looks towards the kitchen and says, “Make it quick before the cook sees us.”

She hikes up the hem of her dress and I not only see her tattoo but her trimmed pussy too. I at least have the presence of mind to take my phone out of my pocket, turn it on, switch to camera and start clicking away. She holds that pose for a count of five, then turns around and I photo her nice smooth bum. She raises her hands, her dress drops down and she gives us a big grin. 


“Yes, thank you,” I manage to mutter. 

Paul laments, “I didn’t get any pictures.”

She gives him a  tsx tsx look and goes to the kitchen.

When she comes to the table next, I pat the seat beside me on the bench. She sits down and I ask, “When do you get off?”


“I have a proposition for you. We would like to take lots of photos of you. We are not professional photographers. They would be for our own private use and we’d never show them to anyone.”

“Hmmmm, I’d have to think about that. I get off in half an hour or so, or as soon as the evening shift waitress gets here.”

“What do you make per hour here?”

“I clear $10 per hour plus tips.”

“What if we paid you $50 for an hour of your time?”

“I could really use the money. As you’ve already seen, I’m too broke to buy underwear!”

She giggles and we both laugh! 

She gets up and goes to the kitchen.

Paul is shocked, “You bugger you.”

“I am a little surprised myself. Her pussy got me all excited!”

“It got me all excited too,” he says.

She returns and asks, “Where would we do this? I am not saying yes, but I am considering it.”

“What about your place? You might be more comfortable there.”

“I live in the apartment sort of kitty corner across the street. I would not want the cook to see you walking there with me.”

We look out the window and see the apartment block. 

Paul says, “How about we leave and drive down Coventry, make a right turn and I’ll park on Fuller and come in the back door?”

“That should work fine, I’ll go in the front, and meet you at the back door.”

We leave and Paul drives around the block and we park. We stand by his car until we see Mona at the back door. We join her and the three of us walk to the elevator.
She is between us and puts an arm around each of our waists. She is a friendly gal, I think to myself. 

Once inside the apartment, she sits in an armchair and points us to the couch opposite. We sit down. 
She asks, “How is this going to go. I’ve never done anything like this.”
Paul says to me, “I have no idea. This is your show. I’m just along for the fun!”
“It’s 3:00 o’clock. For the next hour or so, you pose however you like and as graphic as you’re good with, and we’ll snap our pics.”
“Well, first, pay me $50.”
We each take out our wallets and it seems we each only have twenties. I give her $30 and Paul gives her $20.
She stands, puts the money on the coffee table and takes off her dress. She is totally nude except for her bra.
Nosy me asks, “Why the bra!”
She laughs. “My nipples poke through the material. The cook says it’s not good in a family restaurant.”
She turns around slowly so we can see everything. 
“Oh! One thing boys. If I’m naked, you are too!”
Paul babbles, “What! We didn’t say anything about that!”
Dear readers, I have wanted to see Paul’s cock and balls for years. This is like a double dream come true for me. As long as I’ve known him, whenever we are at the urinals pissing, he’s always hidden his junk from my sight. 
I start to undress. 
Paul continues to protest, “You are ok with us being naked?”
“Paul, you dumb shit, there is a gorgeous woman here asking us to undress. Why wouldn’t I want to get naked.”
He is hemming and hawing and finally, just as I’m removing my underwear, he starts to reluctantly undress. 
When he is naked, Mona  walks up to him, cups his cock and balls in her right hand and says, “ What’s the problem. You have nothing to be shy about it. Your junk is mmmmm delicious looking!”
I agree. It’s not the biggest cock I’ve ever seen but he is nicely endowed. 
“Alright boys, start snapping.”
We watch and click pics as she goes through dozens of poses, turning, raising her arms, spreading her legs a bit. She sits on the couch, crossing and uncrossing legs as we snap away. 
I ask, “Can you do a handstand.”
She gets off the couch and attempts too but is unable. She keeps losing her balance. 
“Get on your knees. I’ll put one of your legs on a shoulder, and then the other.”
She complies.
I put my phone on the arm of the couch. I get on my knees. I raise one of her feet and place it on my shoulder. Then the other. 
The view I have is extraordinary. Her pussy is wet and sort of winks at me when I widen her legs using my hands and spreading them slightly. With both hands occupied, I can’t take any pictures. Oh well, too bad, so sad. The view makes up for it!
The photos that Paul is taking not only show off her body, but my semi too.
She gets off my shoulders and sits on the couch. 
“Whew, that is hard work!”
She giggles, we laugh.
We sit down beside her. She glances over at me and her left hand envelopes my semi hard cock. Her hand slowly moves up and down. Reaching over with her right hand, she does the same to Paul.
“Boys, I have a proposition for you now. I’ll suck each of your cocks for another $50.”
I reach for my pants, I get out my wallet and luckily, I have a $50 bill. I give it to her. She takes it and puts the money on the coffee table. Paul, again hesitates but reaches for his pants, digs out his wallet and gives her three twenties.
She gets on her knees between my legs and latches onto my cock. She fully retracts my foreskin and her tongue licks around my cock head and up and down the underside of my shaft. She lowers her head and my cock is in her mouth. She sucks my cock and bobs up and down in a slow steady rhythm. 
I look over at Paul. His hand is wrapped around his boner. He is slowly rubbing his cock, base to tip and back again.
Sadly, I am way over excited and cum quickly. Too quickly. It’s been awhile. 
Trooper that she is, she swallows it all and milks my cock dry with her hand and mouth. 
She gets up and gets between Paul’s legs. She kneels and takes him into her mouth. She soon establishes a steady rhythm of bobbing up and down on his cock. 
Paul’s eyes are closed and his head is resting on the back of the couch pointed at the ceiling.
I get off the couch and kneel beside her. I place my left hand on the cheek of her ass and rub around in circles. My fingers graze her pussy lips. Her sloppy wet pussy lips!
I ask, “Is this alright with you!”  
She takes her mouth away from Paul’s cock and moans, “Yes please.”
She parts her legs a bit and I gently insert a finger, then another, then a third. I stroke in and out and my thumb rubs her swollen clit. She and Paul are both breathing faster and moaning softly. 
I have long wanted to jerk Paul off. My right hand wraps around his cock, replacing Mona’s hand. She sucks on his knob while I stroke his shaft. I deliberately roll his foreskin back and forth over his glans. She licks and sucks his knob when it is exposed. Paul shudders and gasps. His cock feels hot and hard in my hand.  Stiff like a poker he is. He’s gasping mightily and thrusting his hips up and down as he cums. I continue to stroke him and Mona sucks him until his balls are empty. 
I have not finished getting Mona off so I sit on the couch, draw her up and have her straddle my legs. I hug her to me with one hand and reach for her pussy with the other. 
Two fingers probe and stroke her pussy lips in and out. My thumb gently rubs her clit, around and around in circles. She raises up a bit and thrusts a breast in my face. I kiss and nibble and suck on her nipples, first one then the other. Her nipples are rock hard, like little cocks. I suck her and finger and she climaxes, breathIng fast and bucking on my legs. My tongue bathes a breast and nipple and my fingers slowly push in and out of her as she comes down from her orgasm. She rests against my chest and I hold her.
After several minutes, she pulls away. We are sitting on the couch and she stands in front of us.
“You buggers! Did you plan this all along?”
Paul says, “I sure didn’t!”
“I had heard Paul mention repeatedly that he really liked the waitress at the pizza place on Coventry and that it was his favourite place to go to. I was very glad to see that he was right. You are a gorgeous, tremendous, fun loving gal.” 
“Thanks boys, I appreciate it.”
“Have you sucked off two guys together before?”
“No. I have sucked off half a dozen guys but only once did one guy cum twice. I just kept sucking, he stayed hard and came again.”
I ask, “Would you care to see us again? Maybe do some fucking next time.”
“Here’s the deal boys. I can’t take the pill so it has to be with a rubber.”
“You’re in luck then. We are both shooting blanks. We were each neutered by our wives getting us vasectomies years ago.”
“Do you think badly of me for asking for money?”
“Not at all. We are happy to help you out. After all, you sure helped us get a load off!”