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Mother Still Knows Best

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Mother Still Knows Best

Chapter 1

It had been almost a week since my cock was inside my girlfriend- and her mother. Five days of working at my summer job as usual, talking on the phone with Lexi at night. When her mom Crystal would answer the phone, she was her usual warm self, completely nonchalant- as if she hadn’t gagged on my cock last weekend. Lexi was also completely normal, planning our movie date this weekend without a thought to how our universe had changed- as if seeing her mom’s tits (not to mention seeing Lexi eat her mom’s pussy) hadn’t completely turned everything upside down.

I had thought many times that maybe I hallucinated the whole thing- that would be a far easier explanation for what had happened. I almost convinced myself that was the case, until Lexi ended our phone conversation the other night with “I can’t wait to feel your cock in my ass again this weekend. I hope you’ve been saving your cum for me.” Nope- not a dream.

I heeded Lexi’s request all week- I hadn’t cum since I last exploded all over (and in) her and her mom. My balls were constantly aching, begging to be drained- a task that I knew Lexi was more than up for. We had plans to go to the movies, and I was holding out hope of a movie theater blowjob- hey, after last weekend, it felt like nothing was off the table. I had seen a whole other side of Lexi, and I was dying to see more.

I got dressed and took the familiar route to Lexi’s house. I knew that she had been out with friends all day, but she had still taken the time to sext me a photo up her short skirt to show me she wasn’t wearing panties. The message had read “if only my friends knew how soaked this pussy will be with your cum tonight.” I was beginning to worry that I might not make it to nightfall before blowing my load all over her.

I pulled up in Lexi’s laneway, feeling my cock jump at the sight of the photo as I texted her that I was outside. I would usually go in and get her, but…Crystal. It’s not that I was avoiding Lexi’s mom, but I had no idea how to act around her. Now that I had seen her naked- tasted her pussy, felt my cock throb inside of her ass…I just didn’t know what to do. I decided it was best to let Lexi navigate things as she chose, and I would follow suit. Maybe Lexi could tell me what to do with my hands, when all I wanted to do is put them down her mom’s shirt.

While I awaited Lexi’s sage wisdom as to where my hands should be, I elected to put them in my pants. My cock had felt half hard all week in anticipation of what was to come, and in memory of what had been. I pulled it out of my pants, gently stroking it as I thought about Lexi’s perfect body, and the way her laugh made my cock twitch. I closed my eyes, allowing myself to wonder if she would actually suck me off in the movie theater, or if she would make me wait until the drive home. She did like to tease, but I was also hoping that she would be eager to continuing practicing the skills that her mom had taught her.

Speaking of her mom- a movement out of the corner of my eye interrupted my daydream; Crystal was standing on the porch waving at me- oh God. Where Lexi was tight and sculpted, her mom was soft and curvy- in all the right places. Her tits bounced as she waved at me, my cock twitching in my hand while I gawked. She was wearing a denim skirt even shorter than Lexi’s, and a red cropped tank top that showed off her hips. She had cleavage that you could drown in.

My cock allowed the tiniest amount of blood to head to my brain; it was then that I realized she was calling to me. I clumsily put myself away and opened the car door. “Lexi just texted to say that she’s running late and her phone was about to die…she should be here in 10 or 15 minutes.” Not wanting to be rude, I got out of the car. A wave of self-consciousness threatened to drown me as I walked up to the porch. There was no way I was going to be able to look Lexi’s mom in the eye.

Crystal bit her lip, batting her long lashes at me as she looked me up and down. “You’re welcome to wait in her room if you’d like to be more…comfortable.” She let the last word roll off her tongue, as if she knew what I had been up to just moments before. I studied my shoes.

“Th…thanks,” I said lamely. I would have shed my own skin if it got me up the stairs faster. I entered Lexi’s room and closed the door behind me. Her room looked just as it always had, but somehow different- probably because it had been the scene of last weekend’s events. I checked my appearance in the mirror, the nerves from seeing Crystal again coursing through my body. My palms were sweaty as I readjusted my clothes and fixed my hair.

I sat down on Lexi’s bed, flashing back to how her mom had interrupted us the weekend before; my mind was a reel of tits and pussy and spit and choking as I remembered Lexi and Crystal taking turns gagging on my cock.

My cock was instantly hard again, and I took it out to keep stroking. If Lexi was running late, I figured I could edge until she got there to get ready Kıbrıs Escort for my hopeful movie theater blowjob. I laid back on her bed, closing my eyes and picture Lexi’s tits…or were they her mom’s? Details.

I could feel my balls pulsing, desperate to release the week-long buildup of cum. I pictured Lexi’s sexy mouth wrapping around me, my cock twitching in anticipation. I stroked slower, trying to soften myself after realizing that I was dangerously close to blowing my load already. I didn’t hear the door open.

For the second time, Crystal walked into Lexi’s room while my cock was out.

Chapter 2

“Insatiable little thing, aren’t you?” Crystal chided as she casually walked into the room.

I made a noise between a yelp and a groan, moving to grab a pillow to cover myself. It was way too late. Crystal took the pillow out of my grasp, smirking as she looked at my cock in my hand. “Hmmm, I remember you being bigger,” she said, making no effort to hide her gawking.

“I…I was trying not to cum,” I sad quietly, trying and failing to cover my cock with my hand. “I felt my entire body flush in embarrassment as she looked me up and down. My eyes focused on one of Lexi’s pink slippers on the floor.

“I came to see if you wanted a snack,” Crystal said calmly. “Clearly you do need something, but I don’t think it’s a snack. You know, I could help you with that. Well, I know you know,” she purred, inching closer to me as she licked her full lips.

I swallowed hard. I could smell her floral perfume, a stark contrast to the vanilla scent that usually surrounded Lexi. “No, no I’m okay,” I stammered. “Lexi will be here soon, and we’re going to see a movie. I was just trying to take the edge off,” I explained hastily. My cock was still half hard as I continued, “Thanks for offering, it’s just…I don’t know how Lexi would feel, and…I’ve kind of been saving my load for her all week.” I blushed as I said the last part, hoping that reminding her of Lexi would cause Crystal to back off.

“My daughter is a lucky girl,” Crystal smiled, still not taking her eyes off me. She reminded me of a predator eyeing up her prey, and suddenly I understood where the term cougar came from.

“I’m the lucky one,” I replied- and I meant it. Even with Lexi’s mom- probably the hottest woman on earth- standing in front of me ready to pounce, my cock was still twitching at the thought of her daughter’s mouth surrounding it. I thought I was getting control, getting it softer, but the thought of Lexi had me stiffening back up. Crystal’s eyes never left it, taking in every inch.

“Listen, Shane- I am going to suck your cock until my daughter gets here. You don’t have to worry about your precious load, I won’t make you cum. You can’t expect to lay there with your half hard cock out and not have me do something about it- what kind of host would I be?” she said playfully, walking slowly toward me. While her tone was playful, there was an unmistakeable edge of assertion in her voice.

“I…I don’t think…” My protest was interrupted as she hooked her fingers into my jeans and boxers and pulled them off. “Crystal, please I…”

“Shane, this is happening. I am going to suck your cock. You’d best lay back and enjoy it,” she said, this time with that mom tone that made me instantly obey. “I have thought about all of your nine inches all week. It was such a challenge to get down my throat- and I do love a challenge,” she said, beginning to stroke me.

My cock wasn’t quite hard yet, but her firm grip around the shaft soon changed that. “There he is,” she purred as she stroked. She spit in her hand, lubing up my shaft as it grew in her hand. “Last time I tried to get you in my throat it took an awful lot of spit,” she mused, more to herself than to me. “I suppose we should start there.”

She leaned over my cock, dripping a bead of spit on the tip and rubbing it in with her hand. She repeated the action a few times, until I could hear the lubrication with every stroke. “That’s it, much better- that looks like about nine inches, don’t you think?”

“Y…yes ma’am,” I said, still shocked that my girlfriend’s mom was yet again stroking my cock. I was vaguely worried about what Lexi was going to see when she came in- and how she was going to feel about it- but most of my blood had left my brain in favour of making my cock hard for her mom. Go figure.

“Just lay back, Shane,” she purred as she settled herself on her knees between my legs. I did as I was told, leaning back on Lexi’s bed while my legs hung of the side, Crystal in between them pumping my cock faster. “Your cock is going in my throat now, try not to blow your load before Lexi gets here,” she smirked, spitting on my cock one last time before she wrapped her painted red lips around it.

I moaned instantly; Crystal’s tongue swirled around the head of my cock while she sucked with such strength I thought my cum would just spontaneously explode. “Crystal!” I exclaimed, squirming under her intense touch Lefkoşa Escort so as not to blow my load down her throat.

She released, her hand cupping and massaging my balls as she laughed. “Oh, come on Shane, you’re better than that. Now that I’ve got you hard, you have to let me have some fun. I want your cock in my throat, and I am going to get it there. When Lexi gets home, she will be happy that I did all the heavy lifting.”

With that she licked me from shaft to tip, tracing the trail of her tongue with sloppy wet kisses. She spit and sucked me into a frenzy, pausing every now and then to take in my size with her eyes. At long last she squared her shoulders, taking me into her mouth. I felt the back of her throat with the tip of my cock, and then she relaxed it to slide me all the way down. She made it about halfway, and forced another couple of inches down before she gagged.

“Fuck, that is a huge cock,” she marvelled as tears sprang to her eyes. She put her head back down, choking again and coming up for air. The next time she went down I put my fingers through her hair, holding her head on me. I didn’t even realize I was doing it until she sprang up.

“Oh no, honey, I am in control now,” she said menacingly. She was clearly becoming frustrated that she couldn’t get me in her throat, and forcefully removed my hands from her hair before forcing my cock back down her throat.

She bobbed up and down relentlessly; each time the head of my cock felt her throat it slid in a little deeper. She was almost there but was gagging and drooling with such fervor that her eyes were tearing. I looked down at her, seeing her makeup running and lipstick starting to smear, and couldn’t help but think that I can’t wait to do that to Lexi too.

When I thought of Lexi again I almost lost it. My cock twitched in Crystal’s throat, and I was sure my load was coming. I pushed her head back, pulling myself out of her mouth at the very last second before I exploded.

“Crystal…fuck!” I breathed, equal measure of relief and frustration at almost losing it. “You said you wouldn’t make me cum. I told you I’m saving it for Lexi- your daughter.” I said, irritation clear in my voice.

“I know, I’m sorry,” she said chastely, though the expression on her face as she licked the spit off her lips told a different story. “I’ll be good, I promise,” she continued, moving her hand back to my shaft while the other one cupped my balls. “I’ll go slow- I just want to get you all the way in. I know I can do it, it’s just going to take a little time- and a lot more spit,” she said, spitting all over my shaft for effect.

My frustration and resolve melted away as she stroked. I leaned back down, surrendering to my circumstances. “That’s it, good boy- just let me work,” she purred, flicking her tongue along the tip of my cock before trying to swallow me again. She came up for air, gasping and choking. “I’m so close, Shane, just be patient, I’m almost there and then I’ll leave you for Lexi,” she promised, forcing me down again.

I moaned- in pleasure, frustration, helplessness- her mouth felt absolutely amazing, particularly on a cock that hadn’t cum in a week. Her hands continued to massage my balls, spit pooling and making them slippery. I could feel their fullness in her hands, and was aching for a release- but I was determined to save it for Lexi.

I was picturing Lexi’s gorgeous face when I felt Crystal’s lips on my body- she was finally holding my cock all the way in her throat, her tongue almost reaching my balls. I moaned; having her mouth fully envelop me and her throat contract around my cock as she tried not to gag was sublime. She finally coughed and choked me up, a look of pure accomplishment on her face. She wiped the tears from her eyes as spit trailed down her chin. “Got it,” she said triumphantly.

I smirked- in a way, I was proud of her. It felt so good to have someone with such experience suck my cock- I knew that Lexi would get there, but it was going to take some time. “Well done,” I said, marvelling at how the spit had trailed down onto her breasts, soaking the front of her crop top.

Her eyes followed mine, noticing her soaked shirt for the first time. “Well, I guess I had better take this off, it’s soaked,” she said casually, pulling it over her head in one fluid motion. Her huge tits bounced, and I realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could see her cleavage shining with spit, and had to look away to make my balls relax. She stepped out of her skirt next, leaving her fully naked. There was hair between her legs, neatly trimmed. My eyes followed her fingers down as she tasted herself. I didn’t stand a chance.

“Can you take more without cumming?” Crystal asked, standing and looking me up and down. I sat up, my eyes not leaving her breasts as she sucked her juices off of her fingers.

“I think so,” I said cautiously, “but you’ve gotta go easy. I really want to blow all over your daughter’s face, not yours.”

“I get it- like Girne Escort I said, she’s a lucky girl,” Crystal said genuinely. “Stand up, I want to get better leverage. Now that I’ve had you in my throat, I want more.”

I did as I was told, my cock standing straight out from my slim body. It was rock hard, and I could feel my balls ache as Crystal got down on her knees. She spat on me and stroked, rubbing my cock between her tits to lap up some of the drool from earlier. My cock was slippery and soaked as she took it back into her mouth.

Crystal wrapped her hands around my hips, each palm grabbing a handful of my ass and drawing me closer. I felt her throat open, the tip of my cock pushing through the resistance until I felt the smoothness of her throat. Her hands clenched as she fought her gag reflex, holding me in her throat for an impressive amount of time before finally choking me out. She looked up at me, spit shining down her chin as her eyes watered, a huge smile on her face.

“Much better,” she said as she went back for another round. She fucked herself in the face better than I even would have, using her hands on my ass to force me deeper and deeper into her throat. Her tongue swirled around my cock as she caught her breath, only to clamp back down on me with more intensity.

I have no idea how long she was at it; I was completely lost in the moment, trying my very hardest not to cum. Crystal was relentless, and I felt like I was invincible.

When Lexi cleared her throat, the feeling quickly left.

Chapter 3

Lexi and I locked eyes just as Crystal swallowed me yet again. Crystal’s back was to her daughter, so she didn’t realize that we were being watched. I swallowed hard- almost as hard as Crystal on my cock. Lexi stood there staring, her hand on her slender hip. She was wearing a miniskirt and skintight tank top, her long legs distracting me from her gorgeous tits. Her expression was totally unreadable, which made the moment all the more agonizing.

Crystal kept fucking her face with my cock, completely oblivious to her daughter’s voyeurism. She gagged and slurped and gargled, not noticing that my body had completely stiffened in apprehension of the moment that was about to unfold.

I tried to pull on Crystal’s hair gently, willing her to stop. “Shane, I told you- I am in control- don’t touch my head again or I am going to make you cum before my daughter gets home- then you can explain to her what happened,” she chided.

“That won’t be necessary,” Lexi finally said. Crystal froze, my cock deep in her throat. She gently released me, turning slowly to face her daughter.

“Lexi, welcome home baby. We were just….I was…getting him ready for you,” she said sheepishly. Crystal recovered quickly, standing to her full height. Her toplessness didn’t seem to bother her, even with the copious amount of drool running down her cleavage and nipples.

“Mom, Jesus,” Lexi said incredulously. “What, I’m ten minutes late so you just have to choke on my boyfriend’s cock? Last weekend was…a one-time thing. It doesn’t give you the right to suck his cock whenever you want.”

Lexi was talking about me as if I wasn’t even in the room- I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. So far, however, I was absolved from blame- that felt lucky.

“Oh, Lexi, relax,” Crystal said dismissively. “I was just getting him ready for you. I know he’s been saving his load for you all week; I wasn’t going to take it. I just thought I’d have a little fun with him- get him all riled up so that he was extra needy for you.”

Lexi rolled her eyes before she focused them back on me. “And you? My mom? Again? Seriously Shane?”

I was keenly aware of the fact that I was fully naked, cock still half hard standing beside my girlfriend’s half naked mom. Where should I even begin to explain myself? “Lex, I’m so sorry. I was up here waiting for you, and your mom…well she just sort of pounced. I told her that I was saving it all for you- that I wanted you to suck the cum out of me- but she insisted. I made her swear not to take me all the way,” I finished, as if that would matter. To my surprise, it did.

Lexi’s expression softened. “I know, I know what she’s like. I really like that you were thinking of me- and I definitely want all of that cum- none for her this time,” she said, glaring at her mom.

“You should be thanking me young lady, you only know how to suck cock because I taught you last weekend. Show some respect,” Crystal said, idly beginning to stroke my cock. “After all, mother knows best- I know exactly what men need. Really you should be begging to learn from me- begging me to teach you how to keep Shane satisfied.”

Something in Lexi’s demeanour shifted slightly. “Respect. Hmmm. Mother knows best…” She set her jaw, coming to some sort of conclusion that neither me nor Crystal was privy to. “You know what, mom? Fine. If you are so desperate to suck his cock, get to work. Show your naïve, inexperienced 18 year old daughter how to suck a cock.”

With that, Lexi sat down in her desk chair, legs spread just enough that I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties under her miniskirt. My cock instantly jumped to attention. Crystal’s hand stroked me while I stared at Lexi- I couldn’t believe that this was happening again.