Eylül 30, 2021

My first time truly sucking and being fucked

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My first time truly sucking and being fuckedI had left work and went to a restaurant close by to get dinner. As I was sitting at the counter waiting to give my order and man sat on the stool next to me. “Hi,” he said, “my name is John” and he reached out to shake my hand. At first I thought it odd that a person could just sit down and introduce them self just as he did. But I was taken by how pretty he was. He was about 5′ 5″, thin, had brown hair that shined, and had the greenest eyes imaginable. His lips were full, and he had a full mouth, like Mick Jagger (which I had fantasized kissing many times…not Jagger, but the mouth). “Hi,” I replied, “I’m _____.” I was so taken by his beautiful looks I could hardly tear my eyes away. I glanced down at his body and became quite aroused when I looked at his crotch. Not that there was any bulge or anything, it was that I knew what was hidden inside his trousers….directly behind the zipper. I knew that there was a dick and that it could get hard and be sucked. I was hot already and I just met him! And, I did not know if he would feel the same about me sexually…heck he might be straight and just very friendly.We chatted about the weather, work, school, and anything else I could think of to keep the conversation going…and it did appear that he was doing the same. By the time the waitress was to take my order I was no longer hungry for food. We both ordered a coffee, and half way through he said, “How would you like to come over to my place and listen to some music ?” I was caught in between the suddenness and the instantaneous wave of warmth that overtook me. “Sure,” I told him, “I’d like that.”He lived about a quarter mile from the diner and as we walked I was torn between wanting to kiss and fondle him right on the street and needing to control my urge. When we arrived at his apartment he offered me a cold drink. I sat on the sofa and he turned on his stereo, then turned and told me he was in the mood for some soft classical canlı bahis music and asked if that was okay. I nodded in agreement…I didn’t want loud music to interrupt my thoughts of his naked body. He turned to put on some music and I could not help but rub my dick…but as I was applying that pressure to my hardening dick he turned around and saw me. I wanted to disappear! I did not now what to do or say.Thankfully he just smiled and refreshed my drink. Next he sat on the sofa, not next to me but not far away either. I tried to concentrate on the music and my lemonade…but my mind was with him naked on the floor, the bed, it didn’t matter. Then it became obvious my dick was getting hard and beginning to produce that bulge in the pants. I looked over at him and was surprised he was rubbing himself.”Have you ever been with another guy?” he asked. My heart was pounding and when I tried to talk I had no voice, so I nodded my head. Finally the word “Yes” came out. “Did you like it?” I said yes…but then I said that I had a blow job, and had put my mouth on my friends dicks in high school, but had never sucked a guy until he came and that I really wanted to experience cum in my mouth…other than my own. “I would like to try it and feel a dick explode in my mouth…to taste cum…and to swallow it.” I took a drink of my lemonade and blurted out, “I also fantasize about being fucked.” He asked what I fantasized and I told him that I wanted to know how it felt to have my legs spread far apart and have a guys hot body laying between them, then have him slide his dick in me and fuck me until he cums.He moved next to me on the sofa, and put his arm around my shoulders. With a very gentle movement he turned my head towards himself and then kissed me. It was a feeling I shall never forget…his hot moist mouth on mine and when he slid his tongue in my mouth I thought I would cum right there. His began to rub my crotch and I rubbed him. The feel of his hard dick was almost too bahis siteleri much to take, and I leaned over and put my face in his crotch and started kissing his cock through his trousers.He stood up, took my hand, and then led my into the bedroom. He proceeded to undress my…a piece of clothing at a time until I stood there absolutely naked. He took off his clothes and laid me on the bed. His mouth went immediately to my dick and began to suck me. Oh, the immense pleasure I felt. I wanted to do the same to him. “I want to do it to you,” I said. With that he spun around and we began to suck each other. He wasn’t circumcised and I found such a thrill by running my tongue between his foreskin and the head of his dick, and by the way he moaned and groaned I believe he received great pleasure from my doing it to him. It wasn’t long before he stopped sucking me and moaned he was about to cum. I took him deep in my mouth and within a few seconds he thrust deep in my mouth and released a torrent of cum. It was hot, thick, and stung my throat a bit when I swallowed, but it turned me on so much that I immediately came in his mouth.We lay there sill gently sucking each other, and I was in pure ecstasy. I never believed that a guy cumming in my ,out, and swallowing his cum. would give me such delight, such pleasure. The lingering together lasted for quite awhile and we both eventually fell asleep. I awoke to find myself still in bed with beautiful naked male, and was hot again. I began to caress his dick, and then I began to suck it again. He stirred from his sleep and asked if I would like it if he were to fuck me. I knew the answer, and I think he did as well.He told me how to clean myself in preparation. I went into the bathroom and followed exactly what he told me. When I came out he had me lay on the bed. He had me lay on a thick towel, and began to wash me. Then he said he wanted to shave my ass. At that point I was game for anything, but never before thought of shaving. I went güvenilir bahis ahead and let him, and when he was finished he held a mirror and showed me how it looked. And as he was showing me he began to rub my hole with a moist finger…I thought I would die it felt so good.He asked me if I would let him lick me. I had never thought of that and was somewhat hesitant which he sensed. John told me that if I didn’t like it he would stop. He then slowly slid his finger inside of me…oh, what a feeling that was. “Yeah, you can lick me,” I told him. He raised my legs up high until my ass was far above my head, he spread my cheeks and began to rub his tongue all over my hole. I know I moaned and became louder as his tongue went inside of me. He alternated between his tongue and fingers until I could take it no longer and begged him to “Fuck me and fuck me now.”He lowered my legs and lay between them and moved his dick rubbing it against me. He put some lubricant on me and on his dick and then gently pushed it inside of me. At first it hurt, but he told me to relax and breathe deeply, and when I did my ass opened up to him. He moved me into different positions and I liked them all, but the one I enjoyed most was him laying atop me…and kissing me deeply as he slowly moved his very hard cock in and out. He had a somewhat long dick, but not large in girth so I think it fit very well.He fucked me for about 15 minutes when he began to push deeper and quicker and he panted and moaned. “I’m going to cum” he said and with that he pushed very deep and I felt him cum. I really loved how his dick throbbed and had him keep it inside of me until he went soft.He offered to let me fuck him, but I was so spent from getting it I declined the offer. Instead he gave me a superb blow job and let me get into position so I could cum in my own mouth as he stroked me. God, even my own cum tasted much better that way. We met up a few times after that until, sadly, he moved across country. Since then I had only had a few encounters over many years (society’s intolerance) but each experience, while good, never compared to my first time.This is a true story, and I thank you for taking the time to read it.