Ağustos 13, 2021

New Year

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New Year
“Let me get this straight. You want to book me for New Year’s Eve at the stroke of midnight.”


“But I have some killer party plans. How bout we meet earlier?”

“I’m sorry. It has to be midnight. I’ll double your rate. Triple it if you cum inside me bareback at exactly midnight.”

“All because of the silly superstition that whatever you’re doing at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve is what you’ll be doing all year long?”


“You know that’s bull shit. Right?”

“Probably, but what have I got to lose?”

“Why me? Why not one of the other girls in town?”

“Suzi, you know you’re the only one for me. I’ll only consider someone else if I can’t have you.”

“Well you can’t have me.”

“What?! What about the money?”

“Money isn’t everything Johnny.” He was so close and now his plan is slipping away. Then an evil thought occurs to him. He heaves a big sigh and tries to sound resigned,

“Well….okay. If that’s the way you want it. I guess I’ll have to ask Amanda. I hope she can use the money. Thanks anyway Suzi, maybe I’ll call you in the New Year.” Johnny knows he is exploiting a rivalry between the two.

“Wait. You’re going to call Amanda?”

“If I can’t have you, yes.”

“But I thought you wouldn’t consider her. You’ve told me she doesn’t turn you on.”

“She doesn’t, but she claims to be hung and to be able to cum at the same time as her partner, which is exactly what I need. I’m sure I’ll be paying her triple and if my plan comes true….well, it’ll be worth it.” Johnny is met with a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, and then,

“You’re an asshole Johnny.”

“Does that mean that you’re fucking me tonight?”

“Yes. And bring triple my fee. You’re gonna to need it.”


“Be here at 11:30 sharp. But as soon as I’m finished I’m getting off you and goin straight back to the party. Understand?”

“Yes Suzi. I’ll be there.”

“I know you will.” The phone went dead.

At exactly eleven thirty the apartment door opens and Suzi is standing there in bright red lingerie. The contrast of red satin against smooth black skin is delicious. Johnny drinks her in, the large round breasts in the lacy bra and the corset that accentuates her already generous curves. A garter belt holds up a pair of white stockings covering shapely legs that disappear into red shoes. There are no panties and her black cock is rock hard and standing straight out, pointing at him accusingly. He leans in to give her a kiss on the cheek, but she pulls back into the room making him follow. Once inside Suzi grabs him by the neck and pushes him to his knees. Her voice is dark and husky.

“Johnny, I’ve been thinking all afternoon bout the fucking I’m going to give you. I want it to be one of my very best since you’re goin to be payin triple for me to make your New Year plan come true. I’ve been doin some edgin to work up a great big load to pump into your sweet ass.” Johnny is looking up at her as she talks, but he dosen’t reply because he has a mouth full of Suzi. “Of course doin that makes me screamin horny and that combined with the drinks I had at the party might make it a rough night for your ass.” Johnny shrugs and winks at her as he sucks her fabulous cock. He loves it. Every glorious inch of it. She advertises it as eleven inches, but it is actually a little over eight, thick and rock hard. More than enough to take a man’s breath away. He slurps and sucks on her till his knees begin to ache. Suzi loves the view of him on his knees with his mouth stretching around her. He’s a good looking guy and built for hard work. He is muscular and confident. Passing him on the street you’d never imagine him in this position. Suzi has her hands on her hips as she watches hot wet mouth work her over. She can tell how much he loves to suck her and it makes her smile. “Johnny, do you know you’re my favorite white boy?” He looks up at her with wide eyes and pops her out of his mouth to lick along her length then says,

“I didn’t, but thank you Suzi! You’re my favorite girl.”

“You mean T-Girl?” He licks her a couple of times.

“Nope. Girl. You’re my favorite girl. Of any kind. Period.” He goes back to sucking on her glorious rod.

“Honey, you’re somethin else.” She says with a chuckle. “Get up off the floor. It’s time to put my New Year’s load in your ass so that your dream comes true and you spend all next year gettin your ass plowed.”

She helps him off the floor and leads him into her bedroom. The TV is on with the sound down low and someone marginally famous is bundled up talking into a microphone on Times Square. The countdown clock reads f******n minutes and fifty six seconds.

“Think you can make it?”

“Sugar, when that crystal covered ball gets to the bottom of the pole, my flesh ones will be dumping cum in your ass.” Johnny smiles and kisses the back of her hand as she asks, “How you want it? Doggie? Missionary? Something else?”

“Nothing fancy tonight. Can we start in doggie and finish in missionary? I love watching your face when you cum.”

“Sure baby. Strip off and get on the bed.” Johnny does and is on his hands and knees when he feels her weight on the bed behind him. Suzi is rubbing her unprotected and lubricated tip over his sphincter. “You sure you want it bareback?” He looked over his shoulder and smiles at her.

“Yep. I don’t want to take the chance of a rubber breaking the magic.”

“Baby I’m not complaining, just being sure. We’ve done it enough times I’m comfortable doing this with you. Just this once though. Understand?”


Suzi really likes Johnny and has always wanted to give him a big ole cream-pie. So as the bare tip of her penis begins to enter him she tilts her head back and relishes in the feeling of her flesh on his. She is really excited about bare backing him and pouring those little drinks with umbrellas all over the mix is going to shorten up her ride to the creamy finish. She sneaks a peek at the TV and the time is just under ten minutes. She hopes she can last that long and begins to consider making him suck her some more when he pushes back onto her. Instantly all thoughts of sucking melt away and she pushes deeper. She loves watching her big black cock sliding into his soft pink ass. She goes slowly, inch by inch, feeding it into him and watching him squirm.

She has been inside Johnny half a dozen times over the past year, but he still struggles to accommodate her. The stretching and filling makes him breathe shallow, almost panting, as he struggles to maintain his composure. He knows she likes this part. She’d told him on several occasions that entering a guy for the first time is one of her favorite things. She’s never met a guy that didn’t struggle with her size at first and jokes about what it would be like if she really did have eleven inches.

They are both lost in the feelings of their flesh. Suzi in her unprotected invasion of his tight ass and Johnny in the swelling fullness that is growing inside him. He loves this feeling. Loves giving himself over to Suzi’s pleasure. She always makes sure he gets his happy ending, but she also knows that using him is what turns him on. Johnny has been with a few other T-Girls, but none of them have understood him like Suzi. She seems to know what he needs without him ever saying a word.

Suzi spreads his ass cheeks wide and watches the last inch of her cock disappear. She can feel him snug around the base of her cock and she enjoys watching the little spasms and twitches of his sphincter. Johnny is panting a little as he labors to accommodate her.

“Johnny, you’re such a little slut. I can tell you love having me buried in your ass by the way you squirm.” She pulls back and watches his skin roll out a little before she begins to slip from him. When the rim of her cock head catches on the back of his sphincter she stops for just a moment then begins the journey back inside him. “But you’re not the only one lovin this shit. I can never get enough of watching my big cock stretch you out. I could watch this all night.” She leans in close, pressing her breasts into his back and whispers. “But I’m not goin to.” She is all the way back in now and just for fun rolls her hips in a circle to stir his guts. “Mmmmmmm, feel how your ass clings to me. It can’t get enough. You’re addicted to me Johnny. You’re addicted to my big, hard, throbbin,……cock.” Suzi goes back to thrusting and increases her tempo until she is pounding him hard. “You’ve got such a nice ass and it’s all mine.” She glances at the countdown clock. Four minutes left, better switch to Missionary. She pulls out of him and a little breathlessly says, “On your back baby, countdown’s gettin close.”

Johnny flips over onto his back, spreads his legs and pulls his thighs to his chest. Suzi moves her knees closer to his ass and after a moment to realign plunges her entire length into him. Johnny watches her breasts heave and jiggle in her red bra as she goes right back pounding him. This Creole beauty is everything he wants in a woman. Her smoldering sexuality thrills him better than any silver screen starlet and giving himself to her this way is his every dream come true.

Suzi enjoys watching how Johnny reacts to her. She knows that she thrills him whenever she is near him and she loves that this big strong man can lay on his back and so willingly give himself over to her. She loves being inside him mostly because he loves having her there and when she is inside him they become a live version of Ying and Yang. She leans up over him to be close to his face. “You’re mine baby. You love havin my cock in you as much as I like fuckin you.” Now she is slowly pumping him in long hard strokes from the rim of her head to the base of her cock. She fumbles around on the bed till she comes up with the remote and turns the volume up in time to hear the announcer say,

“…minute left till the New Year! The ball is ready to go and in moments will begin its descent!”

“Mmmmm….Johnny, I’m glad you decided to do this. I can’t think of a better way to ring in the New Year than shooting my huge load deep in your sexy ass!” Suzi’s tempo is ramping up. She is pumping into him hard, her delicious jugs sloshing toward Johnny’s face with each thrust, but he focuses on her face while the TV begins the thirty second countdown. “Oh Johnny, I’m gonna dump such a huge load in you that it might just squirt out your nose! Oh God this is gooooood! I’ve got you stretched out and lubed up, takin every damn inch of my big girl cock! You’ve got to cum with me! I want you to cum all over your belly when I cum inside of you! Ya hear?” On the TV the crowd begins to chant.


“Comon sugar!” Suzi crams into him hard over and over.


“Let me help you honey!” She sits up on her knees and grabs his turgid prick, the grip of her fingers causing a bolt of lightning to shoot up his spine.


Suzi strokes him with one hand as she holds his shoulder with the other and pounds him for all she’s worth.


They are both panting and groaning.


Suzi’s thrusts are slowing, but becoming more forceful.


“Suzi! Suzi, I’m not going to make it!”


She grips him hard and quits stroking for a second.


“Oh God! Suzi I love this!” She is stroking him again and says, “I’m about to cum baby!”


Suzi buries her cock in Johnny as she pumps his in her fist. Johnny watches her face through orgasm squinted eyes as he releases a huge groan and his cock explodes.


“Oh Suzi! Ugh, Ugh!” Suzi’s face screws into tightly closed eyes and pursed, quivering lips. He feels her twitch inside him as she blasts off too.

“Happy New Year!!!!”

Is the tinny roar from the small TV speakers, but Suzi and Johnny barely notice as their orgasms tear through their bodies. Suzi lasts several seconds longer than Johnny and then collapses onto his chest, panting as if she has just sprinted a hundred meters. Her cock is oozing and twitching inside of him, but she doesn’t stay like that long. Pulling from him she rolls off onto the bed, takes a deep breath and forcefully blows it out.

“Whew! Johnny honey, that was some intense shit! I’ve never had to throw a load at a precise moment like that before and it was pretty damn fun!” Johnny can feel her cum dribbling from him and it tickles. He wriggles his hips trying to get it to stop. “Suzi looks at him strangely. “What’re you doin?”

“Your cum in leaking out and it tickles!” She bursts out laughing and he joins her. After a few moments Suzi gets up off the bed. Still snickering, she grabs a towel from the attached bathroom and tosses it to him. While he cleans up she shimmies back into a red dress that hugs every curve of her luscious body. Johnny’s eyes never leave her. When she is dressed she looks at him and can’t help noticing he is hard again.

“Geez Johnny, what are you? Some kinda nympho?” He grins at her.

“Only where you’re concerned. You’re my perfect woman Suzi. If I was rich I’d just pay you to live with me, but I’m not, so I have to rent you when I’ve got the cash.” He shrugs his shoulders as his lopsided grin shows white teeth. Suzi really likes him, he is so upbeat and he also treats her great. She could do with a good guy like him in her life. She doesn’t have a boyfriend and sometimes things get a little lonely. Before she realizes what she is doing these words spill from her,

“Hey Johnny, I like you a lot. You wanna to be my boyfriend?”

Johnny can’t believe his ears. Did his beautiful dream woman just ask if him to be her boyfriend?

“Are you serious? I’d love to be your boyfriend! I can’t believe this! It’s incredible!” Suzi leans down to give him a big kiss.

“We’ll work out the details tomorrow baby. For now get your clothes on and let’s get back to the party! Then later I’m going to fuck your sweet ass again. You up for that?”

“I’m up for it any time you want it!”

“Good. There’ll be a lot of that from now on. But you have to understand that my customers come first.” She chuckled. “Pun intended. Are you cool with that?”

“If it means I get to spend all the rest of the time with you, I can deal with it.” Suzi gives him a playful slap on the ass.

“Get some clothes on and let’s go! I’ve got dancing to do!” As he is dressing Suzi starts to chuckle and then she burst out laughing. Johnny looks at her confused.

“What? What am I missing?”

“I guess you’re magic worked after all! Cause I’m gonna be cummin in your ass from now on! Looks like your New Year’s plan worked after all!”

Still chuckling she leads him from the apartment to party the night away.