Nisan 3, 2024

Nikki Ch. 02

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I was waiting on Nikki to make her decision. She didn’t know that her husband was already in the room with me. We talked casually and I asked him, “Do you want to be in the room? I have a room just down the way that you could watch just like here but you wouldn’t be that personal.”

He thought that might be a good idea and he could come back if he wanted to. I took him the secret way, as Nikki was still getting ready. I showed him how to use everything, explaining that he might want to tell Nikki what he was doing and give his blessing.

I went back to my room to finish a couple of things and wait to see what would happen. Soon there was a knock on my door; it was Nikki in deep purple lingerie with a see through cover-up. I spoke through the speaker, “If the answer is yes, the door is open.” I was standing behind the door when she came in so that I was behind her. The room was light enough to see but dark enough for me.

I could tell that she was looking for me so I stepped up behind her and moving her hair, caressed and kissed her neck. She was wearing Short links my favorite perfume. She didn’t jump when I touched her. I started moving my hands all over her and then moved around her. I took her hand and led her towards the bed.

I let her get on the bed as I took off her cover-up in the process and followed her, the mood was very passionate. We explored each other like we never had before. Finally I laid her back and took off her lingerie.

I kissed all over her body and was using my hands everywhere else, avoiding the promise land. She was starting to squirm with anticipation. I was working down finally being at the gates. I used my hands first to play with her lips, massaging and blowing air, making her jerk. All of a sudden I face planted into her pussy like a hungry man on a Christmas ham.

She was shocked; I put my tongue on her clit and with just a few seconds sent her through her first orgasm. I continued on altering my hands between her clit and honey pot. My tongue was all over the place. She came again and Short link again, harder each and every time, begging me to give her a break. I knew that is not what she truly wanted so I continued.

While I was eating her, I reached my hand into my tricks bag and produced a jelly dildo. When I inserted it she squirmed but set into a motion. I stayed on her clit till she came two more times. Very softly I licked up the cum as she twitched being she was off in lala land. I slid up beside her and she had tears in her eyes.

With a slight smile on my face, “Was I really that bad?”

She reached up to kiss me and whispered in my ear, “That that was the farthest thing from the truth and just because I talked the talk, I definitely walked the walk too.” We lay there and cuddled.

Rich came in and laid down beside Nikki. He told her how amazing she looked and how he was almost jealous of what I can do. I assured him it was because it was the first time. He leaned down and whispered something in her ear and she smiled the smile of love and then leaned over to kiss me.

Her hands started to wander but I stopped them, looking deep into her eyes. Rich spoke up and said, “Let her play, please.”

I laid back and she proceeded to tease and please me. She went for my pussy and worked me up. When I was about to cum for the second time, she had Rich get between my legs with his face just a couple of inches away. She moved to the side but went at me double time. When I came, I came so hard that I not only flooded my bed but Rich’s face and Nikki’s fingers were dripping. I watched as she and Rich licked off her fingers and Nikki cleaning off his face.

I rolled over, not knowing what he thought, thinking how wrong it was that I exploded. That was not the first impression I wanted to make. In the midst of my thoughts, I felt her hand trying to turn me over. I had tears in my eyes, so I got up unsteadily and went to my window.

I could run but what good would it do. I felt Nikki behind me, and yet I couldn’t turn around. She walked around me and looked into my eyes, but it wasn’t Nikki. She was still behind me. Rich lifted my chin and said, “You have my permission. You care about her and by the way, that was amazing.” as her arms wrapped around me and so did his.