Eylül 28, 2021


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It had been a few summers since I was forced to be a sex slave to my Aunt in her apartment.

She had tired of dressing me up and showing me off to her friends and they were now aware of my situation and I think some felt sorry for me to be blackmailed like this.

She had me do several things in front of her Friends and they included bondage , torture, and using dildos to use me as a boi whore!

I had hoped to somehow get even with her but how?

I dreamed that it would come someday soon and she would get her comeuppance!

My Parents went out of town for the weekend an I knew what this meant. I was to go down to her apartment , strip nude, and wait for her to come home from work.

I went thru her drawers and found dildos and butt plugs and ball gags all of which she had used on me either alone or with her girl friends. Sometimes I enjoyed the rough treatment and other times I was so embarrassed that I prayed they would quit their blackmail of me and leave me alone so I could be like other boys my age.

I found some hand cuffs and leg irons in her drawer and also a leg spreader and some ball gags. I decided to confront her and tell her I wasn’t going to be her little sissy any longer.

Then I heard her keys in the door and sat back on the bed nude waiting for her orders!

Hello Honey she yelled as she came down the hall. I know your there so come out and show me your nude body.

I walked out covering my penis with my hands and she slapped them away. Don’t you ever do that to me again she cried.

Now wait here till I find an outfit for you to wear.

I did and she returned in minutes with a sexy school girl uniform.

Put this on she said and I did as I was ordered. Then put on this wig and I will do your make up and lipstick. I sat an watched as I was transformed to a young girl in front of the mirror. She added something to my cheeks that made my jaw bone seem different and with the red lipstick I now saw a whore in front of me.

Please no more Aunt Rita I begged. I want to be like the other guys not a slave to you and your girlfriends.

Ok you can get out of this Honey. But you must do one more thing for me tonight .

Ok I will do it no matter what it is if I am given my freedom and the tapes she had made of me in my unusual dress and attire!

It was around 9pm when she came to me with a glass of wine and told me to drink it. I had only had wine a few times and it made me tipsy both times. I drank it down and then another and another.

We sat around the table and she told me she enjoyed my bondage and sexual acts she witnessed. She told me how she loved my little cock and would lick the precum if I was a good boy. I agreed.

About midnight she had me go into her car and we drove way into the city. I looked like her Niece so no one seemed to notice the other passenger in the car.

We drove to the ghetto. There she stopped and made me put on the handcuffs which she secured behind my back and she put me in the ankle cuffs with allowed me to walk in 9 inch steps. I was told to put on 5 inch high heels and and a penis ball gag into my mouth secured .

I had the short dress on and a demi bra and hose that came to my thighs. They were black and made me look like a cheap whore.

After I was fully secured she drove to another block and on top of a mailbox she put the keys that secured me.

I want you to walk down this street Honey and shake your ass. You walk to the box secure the keys and free yourself and walk back to the car where I will return you back to the apartment. You understand? I nodded and looking like a cheap whore I somehow got out of the car in my bondage attire!

I could barely walk with the leg irons and had a time getting out of the car.

Just a minute Honey one more thing she said. She pulled out a butt plug and with some lube she jammed it into my tight anus. I was now fully secured.

I could barely take a step it hurt so bad. But I knew if I accomplished this feat she would be true to her word and leave me alone. I could go back to being a normal teenager if that was even possible now?

Honey now go ahead and if you are caught you must make up a story. If you however get to the key an release your hands and feet you can walk back to the car and your test will be over.

So in the dark of the night , dressed like a little whore, in bondage and secured with a dildo gag and a butt plug squarely in my anus I walked down the dark street.

I could barely step and the block seemed to be forever. I watched for cars or even worst gang members that might see me an do??

I somehow got to the mailbox and secured the keys freeing my hands to unlock everything and take out the gag and butt plug. I took off the heels and ran back to the car barefooted.

Once there I knocked on her door and she opened the window. Honey that was to easy she said laughing. I want you to do this in the daylight where you might be caught and used by the ghetto rats.

But you promised Aunt Rita!!

She told me if I did this one more time I was a free boy to do whatever I wanted.

I agreed and asked her to put it in writing and she agreed. I figured I could do it one more time and the next night assembled the attire and put it on once again only to be given nipple clamps with a chain that went around my balls which enabled me to barely walk without ;pain. I figured this was her way of getting back at me.

It was dusk as we drove to the mailbox where she left the keys for the locks.

Then she drove a block or two further down the street where there was a bar frequented by BBC. Sometimes they were outside shooting craps or smoking joints.

I’d have to be extra careful but still thought I could do it.

She stopped the car and put me in all my restraints and gags and butt plugs only this time my balls were tied to my nipple clamps. It hurt as I slowly walked the street with my five inch heels. I must have looked quite funny walking with my ass full and my nipples hunching me over as my balls tugged on the chain. The only thing different was she undid the dress letting it drop to the floor exposing my semi nude body covered only in panties and hose and high heels.

I made my way slowly down the street. I watched so no BBC were out front of their tavern an the box was in site as I almost crawled down he street.

I was only a block away from freedom when I heard a yell.

Hey what have we got here!!

I couldn’t move any faster and before long there was a group of five young black men. They surrounded me and watched as I tried to hid behind the mailbox.

Come here Cunt they yelled and as they got closer they could see my chain tied to my balls and my little penis!

Well its a fucking he she they laughed. He wants us to fuck his ass like a pussy. I’ve dont it before in jail one laughed why not now!

They pulled off my gag and told me either I cooperate or they would hurt me good for fooling people dressed like a slut whore!

Please I begged free me and I will pay you what you want.

What we want is for you to suck or cocks while we fuck your boi pussy good!

No please I am a sex slave and I am tortured like this weekly. I am not gay or nor do I enjoy dressing up like this but I am being blackmailed by my Aunt.

They seemed to relate to that.

What she got on you honey? I told them the story and how I had begun to act like a little slut for her and her Friends.

You like to get even?

Ya I sure would.

How do you get released from the cuffs and stuff honey? I told them the keys on the mailbox and once I un- cuffed my self and got rid of my butt plug I was to go back to the car to be driven home.

You better be straight with us or we will use your sissy ass all night. I agreed and once uncuffed I walked back to the car with the gang of them hiding in the shadows.

I was now nude except the panties that somehow hid my little penis. These guys had homosexual love making in jail and wanted some real pussy this night. So they followed me slowly out of sight.

I got to the car and my Aunt rolled down the window and told me to get in but she had changed her mind and had something else for me to do to prove to her I was still her willing slave. I ;protested telling her she had promised to me I would be free and she was going back on her word?

Yes I am honey now get in and we will go back tot he apartment.

I was only covered in panties and my ass cheeks were hanging out an she slapped my ass!

I will beat it good for you tonight for disagreeing with me !

Suddenly the BBC jumped the car and pulled my Aunt out of the car.

You like to make him a sissy huh? She yelled that they would pay for this and she would call the cops as soon as she got home.

Or your not going home honey at least now. They pulled her into the alley and ripped off her clothes. They used the cuffs to lock her hands behind her back as they pulled off her hose and garter and then her panties until she laid nude on the alley floor. One by one they shoved their hard black cocks into her pussy and mouth and she was forced to service them over an-over!

She had cum all over her face as they pulled out of her cunt and ass and shot their huge loads all over her face.

I thought she would be screaming her head off but it seemed as if she almost enjoyed this ****! She yelled give me more of that Nigger jizz you bastards and each again shot a load into her face and hair till she was covered with jizz.

They left her laying there in the alley nude and full of their sperm!

I had wanted revenge and this is what I got this night.

She barely could drive us home, both nude with her body full of jizz and sweat and dirt.

When we got to her apartment she showered and then took me into her bed an gave me a blow job like I had never had before.

I laid on the bed in heaven or was it hell?