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Rest Stop Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. It contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are under the age of 18, if such material offends you or if it’s illegal to view such material in your community please do not continue. All sexually active characters are 18 years of age or older.


He was right, both guys were taller than him, about about 6′ or so. Jeff hadn’t gotten a good look at Mitch’s cock before, mostly because Tank was so busy servicing it, but now it hung free in front of him, still red and slightly swollen from earlier activities. Jeff could see that it wasn’t as big as his, but it was a good size, at least limp. His pubic hair was a lighter blonde then the hair on his head and tightly curled against his body. His body was lean with a little padding; he wasn’t out of shape, but he’d never be mistaken for a bodybuilder either.

Tank was an entirely different story. Except for the hair on his head and his eyebrows, he was completely smooth, his whole body shaved. As Jeff had suspected earlier, his body was sculpted muscle, as thick as a tree trunk and twice as solid. He looked like he could snap Jeff in half if he wanted to; Jeff’s cock softened a little as fear chipped away at the edges of his arousal.

Smiling, Tank moved his hand to his shaven crotch and fondled his own cock. It was definitely shorter than either Jeff or Mitch’s, but what it lacked in length it made up for in girth. Soft, it was the diameter of the center of a toilet paper roll, and as chiseled and well defined as the rest of him. As he rubbed, it thickened even more, until Tank could barely close his hand around it.

“I guess you can figure out why they call me ‘Tank’,” he said grinning.

Jeff swallowed hard, and then swallowed hard again when the large man dropped on his knees and began licking Jeff’s shaft like a lollipop. Jeff sighed and slid forward, holding on to the handicapped rails on either side.

“Such a great cock,” Tank murmured between licks.

Mitch lay down on the floor on his back and slid between Tank’s legs, running his tongue over his balls. Tank moaned softly as he took the head of Jeff’s cock in his mouth.

“Oh God that feels good,” Jeff groaned, moving his hips closer to Tank’s hungry mouth.

In response, Tank scooped Jeff’s legs over his shoulders and grabbed each ass cheek firmly, pulling Jeff’s cock deeper into his mouth. He relaxed his throat and pushed his head closer to Jeff’s pubic hairs, until his nose nuzzled them. Below him, Mitch sucked one of his balls into his mouth, running his tongue hotly over the trapped sack.

A little voice inside his head told Jeff to get up. He’d never been with a guy, never even thought about being with a guy, but here he was getting his dick sucked uzun konulu porno by another guy in a bathroom an hour from his house. This wasn’t right. He needed to get out of here, find some chick in a bar, and fuck her brains out. Shit, another voice broke in, but this feels so good! And he’d never had had a GIRL take his whole rod in her mouth before!

As if sensing the inner debate, Tank began pumping his head up and down, making Jeff fuck his mouth and throat. Expertly he tightened his throat and sucked in his cheeks, creating the tightest, wettest, warmest hole Jeff had ever felt. He shuddered.

Then Tank spread Jeff’s ass cheeks wider as he pulled his head all the way back, letting Jeff’s cock slide free with a wet pop. He began tracing a wet path with his tongue from Jeff’s balls to his asshole, probing a little each time he changed direction. Jeff shuddered again and humped the air, his long cock flopping against the top of Tank’s head. Both he and Mitch were amazed that Jeff hadn’t cum yet.

When Tank thought that Jeff’s asshole was ready, he pushed a meaty finger into the opening, implanting just the first knuckle; he had a feeling that Jeff was a virgin. He wiggled it a bit, stretching the hole a little, and then continued until the whole finger was in. He looked up at Jeff.

Jeff’s face was a conflicting mask of pain and pleasure, doubt and acceptance. His head lay to one side, his eyes squeezed tight, his mouth open and his breath coming is rapid, shallow bursts. Tank wiggled the finger inside him and Jeff groaned, his cock standing stiff and long out in front of him. Tank covered the head again with his mouth and Jeff thrust his hips forward, trying to force it deeper. Teasingly, Tank dragged his teeth over Jeff’s cockhead, making him shiver. He moved his finger in and out of Jeff’s ass slowly until he could work in another one, the middle finger.

“Oh Jesus, no,” Jeff moaned. “Please stop,” he pleaded, unconvincingly, all the while spreading his legs wider. Tank chuckled.

It took a little longer before Tank could get a third finger inside Jeff, but he finally did, and Jeff ground down on them, trying to force them deeper. Tank found his prostate and stroked it, making Jeff’s cock tremble and leak precum. Tank licked it up like ice cream dribbling down the side of a cone. Then he stood up, pulling his balls free of Mitch’s mouth and his hand free of Jeff’s ass, and lifted Jeff off of the toilet. Mitch scrambled to his feet, as Tank took Jeff’s place sitting down while holding Jeff aloft over him. Jeff shook his head to clear it, a weird, vacant feeling where Tank’s fingers used to be. Fear once again nibbled at his conscious mind, but so did anticipation.

Unbidden, Mitch bent over and spit on Tank’s cock, making it wet and slippery, then placed each of Jeff’s feet up on the railing as Tank lowered him toward his lap. Jeff had all the resolve of a rag doll; he would do whatever they wanted. He bit down on his xhamster porno lower lip as he thought about the wedge between Tank’s legs. Admittedly, the fingers felt better than he ever would have expected, but that cock was another matter.

As Tank’s cockhead grazed Jeff’s asshole he tensed. A maelstrom of questions filled his head: Does this make him gay? Would he still like women? What about his girlfriend? Would it hurt? Would he…

His thoughts were interrupted as Tank’s cock invaded his ass, redirecting all of his focus. It felt like someone was trying to ram a bus through him and he winced, even though Tank was holding him perfectly still, only his cockhead inside. Way too soon, Tank began lowering him again, slowly working the impossibly thick prick deep in him. When Jeff’s ass finally rested against Tank’s pelvis, both men were covered in sweat and breathing heavy. Tank’s arms were sore with the effort of supporting Jeff, and Jeff’s ass felt stretched and overflowing. Thank God Tank wasn’t as long as Jeff or they’d both be dead.

Rested, Tank grabbed Jeff’s hips and began lifting and lowering him on his cock. Jeff moaned loudly, deep and guttural, as Tank’s cock burrowed into him over and over again. With his feet up on the railing, Jeff’s ass was wide open for Tank, allowing him to plunge in deeply. Mitch stepped in front of him and quickly covered Jeff’s mouth with his own in an effort to quiet him. Although nobody could see in, they sure as hell would hear him. More from instinct than anything else, Jeff’s tongue darted between Mitch’s teeth and sought him out. He was on autopilot; the fact that he was kissing another man didn’t even register. He was just doing what came naturally. Comfortable that Jeff was adjusting to the fucking, Mitch broke the embrace and trailed his tongue over Jeff’s chest, pausing to lick each nipple before continuing down to his cock.

“Yes, yes, please,” he begged as Mitch teased his cock with the tip of his tongue.

Mitch was nowhere near as good as going down as Tank was, and he knew that he’d never get Jeff’s entire dick in his mouth, so he didn’t even try. Instead, he crammed both thick, heavy balls in his mouth and sucked hard. By way of encouragement, Jeff muttered something unintelligible, and Mitch moved Jeff’s balls around in his mouth.

Tank grunted, a sign that he would soon cum, so Mitch released Jeff’s balls and took as much cock in his mouth as he could manage. Tank picked up the pace of his thrusts, forcing Jeff’s cock painfully against the roof of Mitch’s mouth. Mitch grabbed Jeff’s cock with both hands and started pumping, struggling to keep the rest of it in his mouth. Tank pulled Jeff down on his cock as hard as he could and pressed his face into Jeff’s neck as cum exploded from his cock. He whimpered as Jeff’s ass tightened around him, coaxing a torrent of cum out of him.

The flood in his ass set off a similar reaction in Jeff. Just after the first spurt of hot gooey liquid xnxx porno filled him his own cock followed. His hands moved to the back of Mitch’s head and held him steady as he pounded his cock into his mouth, gagging him on flesh and cum. He’d been building for several hours now, and the amount of cum he shot reflected it. Mitch swallowed as much as he could, but more than half of it spilled out of his mouth, splashing all over the floor. Just when he thought he was done Tank twitched deep inside of him and he let loose with another small stream, catching Mitch off guard and covering his face in cum.

Mitch swung Jeff’s legs down and Tank leaned him forward, removing his cock from Jeff’s bowels. Jeff sighed as it came loose, both from the feeling of emptiness as well as from the realization that nothing was going to be the same anymore. The three men dressed in silence. Jeff, having the least amount of clothes, finished first. His ass was sore; he could only imagine how he’d feel tomorrow. He felt like he ought to say something, acknowledge the two men somehow, but words escaped him. Instead, he unlocked the door and padded out barefoot, unmindful of the curious stares, and left the bathroom. Mitch caught up to him at his car.

“Hey, uh…,” he realized that he didn’t even know this guy’s name.

“Jeff,” Jeff offered, holding out his hand as if they’d just met in a boardroom.

“I think we’re probably a little past that, don’t you?” he asked, looking curiously at the proffered hand.

Jeff blushed.

“Anyway,” Mitch continued. “Me and Tank were wondering where you were on your way to?”

“South,” Jeff answered evasively.

“Really?” Mitch asked, his face brightening. “So are we!”

“I’m not really going that far,” Jeff said quickly. “Only about two hours farther down the road,” he added, unlocking his door.

“That’s perfect!” Mitch exclaimed, pulling open the passenger door and climbing into the backseat before Jeff could protest.

He felt Tank’s large hand cover his and deftly remove the keys from his grasp. He hadn’t even heard him come up behind him.

“I’ll drive. You can tell me where to pull off,” he said brightly.

He looked through the window into the car. Mitch had already wriggled out of his shoes and socks, and had his pants halfway off. He looked back at Jeff and Tank.

“Besides,” Tank smiled. “Mitch still hasn’t had his turn,” he said, gently guiding Jeff toward his own back seat.

The End?


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