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Sexual Therapy Ch. 03

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I woke up with a hot pussy, or rather something hot was on my crotch and I looked down. Dick was on his knees and held a very warm wash cloth against me, swabbing my thighs and very softly wiping away the residue of my lust. I grinned at him. He was concentrating on his task and touching me so lightly I shivered.

Dick looked up and smiled. “I’m afraid we made a wet spot.”

I smirked and realized I was on the very edge of the king sized bed. I grinned and said, “What another one?”

He laughed softly and tossed the wash cloth onto the floor, picked up a hand towel and dried me gently then tossed it away. He lay beside me, very close and kissed my lips softly. He brushed my hair back and kissed me on the cheek. “I woke up and you were in my arms so warm, smooth and soft. I thought I was caressing an angel.”

My breath caught in my throat and I croaked, “Oh Slugger you’re going to make me cry.”

He grinned and kissed me softly. “Where have you been all my life Gwen?”

I sobbed once and held back the tears that threatened to fill my eyes and kissed his cheek. “Damn Slugger you did, you’ve made me cry.”

He smiled sweetly and kissed my breast and blew his scalding breath against my rising nipple. “Please tell me that those are from joy and not regret.”

I pulled him to me and hugged him, and let my joy stream down my cheeks unashamedly. “Oh yes, Slugger, it is sheer unadulterated joy,” I whispered in his ear. He held me softly, his hand stroked my ribs and I sobbed again. I decided that I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I put my face to his neck and sobbed against him.

He rolled me against his warm strong chest and made little soothing sounds in my ear. That just made me sob all the harder and the tension that had been in my heart for the last seven months began to subside as I cried out the frustration of being cast aside for a thirty-something slut by my boyfriend of three years. That was really why I had come to Portland, to get away from the heartbreak of a broken romance.

Dick held me and made soothing sounds in my ear and I let out all the pain and frustration. I had to. I had it bottled up inside me so I poured it out on Dick’s strong shoulder. I felt a lot better as I pulled back and laughed. “I hope you don’t think I’m a silly woman Dick,” I said as I wiped my face on the pillow.

“Silly? No, Gwen, you’re not a silly woman. Fun loving and kind of screwy maybe but I never though you were silly.” He smiled at me and kissed me softly, brushing the hair out of my face and making me cry again just a little. “I’m the silly one,” he said.

I laughed a little and said, “You silly, I can’t believe it.”

He chuckled low in his chest and kissed me. “Yes, Gwen, I was the silly one tonight. I went into that bar figuring I was going to, to get a blowjob. Just to relieve the pressure and maybe find someone who could, I don’t know maybe love me, if only for the moment? I’d never done that before.”

I grinned. “Really?”

He smiled and pressed me close with his hand on my back, “It’s okay if you don’t believe me Gwen, but it is true. I’m not gay. It’s just that I was so heartbreakingly lonely.” He sighed and took a deep breath,

“When I was in the Army there were all the other guys, I had friends or at least buddies, you know, I wasn’t alone. After I got out and moved down here, I got the job of driving Derrick around and lived above the garage, alone. I had never been alone in my life, not really.

“At first it was good. I could forget about the pain and fear. I thought I was happy, but Derrick isn’t the easiest person to be around and I couldn’t seem to make any other friends. I started to drink a little and wandered into a bar. Robert was friendly and he reminded me of so many of my boys that I had sent home in body bags, but he was alive and he could laugh and make me laugh and I guess I kind’a adopted him.”

I smiled and nodded. He was trying to empty his own pain. I felt it as he snuggled closer to me. I rolled over and lay his head on my shoulder. I cuddled him and stroked his arm, kissing him on the top of his head. “Go on,” I said.

“Well I was never very good with women. I guess I intimidate them with my size. I dwarf most all of them and they’re so needy and helpless. I can’t seem to find one who is confident enough to make up her own mind. I’ve had a few good relationships, but they never lasted.

“Oh, I don’t really blame them, I mean who would want to hookup with a man who might be on the other side of the world tomorrow, knee deep in blood, wiping his best buddy’s guts off his face after a artillery shell had exploded and turned the man into chunks so small you couldn’t tell what it was when you picked up the pieces.”

I felt a hot tear drip onto my chest and I hugged him closer. “What about Robert?” I stroked his head and took a deep breath. I was now a Doctor again. Dick was so strong but even he had problems.

He laughed a little. “I first met Robert when he was working in a dive out near the Kitrick’s place. I used to go over there to just be around people, you know. It was a dingy little place but the bartender had been in the Hundred and First and we talked about the Army and stuff. Robert was waiting tables and I got to know him a little.

“Well, after a while we got kind’a friendly. I was sitting watching the TV one night and sippin’ beer at the bar, right next to the waiter’s station. Robert came up and said something, some kind of a joke. I wasn’t paying attention so he pinched me on the side. He got me right on the spot where I had taken some shrapnel and it hurt really bad.

“Next thing I knew, I had his throat in my hand, he was on his back on the floor and I was just drawing back to smash his face. His eyes were open real wide and he was just frozen there.”

Dick sighed and kissed me on the chest. “I looked in his eyes and he reminded me of Bobby Burton.”

I asked him, “Who’s Bobby Burton?”

Dick looked at me and laid his head on my chest. “I had my hand on Bobby’s neck wound and the blood was spurting out and he said, “Don’t let me die, Sarge, a couple of times then he did.” Dick sobbed a few times. “Oh Bobby,” he moaned and held me real tight.

I stroked his head and held him to me. My own heart was breaking and I felt tears in my eyes, but I blinked them back and said very calmly, “Robert, tell me about Robert.”

Dick sniffed and took a deep breath. “Well Robert’s eyes were about the size of manhole covers, I got hold of myself and apologized and helped him up. I told him about the shrapnel wound and how he shouldn’t fuck with me ’cause I could kill him without even knowing what I was doing.

“He avoided me for a couple of weeks and then we got friendly again. Well he invited me to come lift weights with a couple of his buddies and I got to know them. Robert was hanging with a crowd of body builders then and I got along with them pretty good and it was nice to have some buddies again, even if they were a lot younger and sort of poofta, y’a know.”

I smiled at his choice of words and said, “Go on.”

‘Well it was nice. I’d go and work out in the evenings and I was getting pumped up and Robert said I should enter this contest. He was going to enter in the light weight class and he thought I could do real well in the Light-heavyweight class.

“I thought about it and thought it might be fun, so I signed up and we went to the contest down in Astoria. Neither one of us placed but it was fun. We went out afterward to a bar with some of the guys. Well, we were drinking beer and swapping lies when this ‘roid monster comes over and starts picking on Robert. He kept saying that Robert ought to blow him because he had placed higher than Robert. He was obnoxious, you know how ‘roid monsters can be.”

I laughed and said, “I don’t even know what a ‘roid monster is, Dick.”

Dick laughed and said, “It’s a good thing Gwen, you wouldn’t like the bastards. A steroid monster is one of those guys who take steroids, gets all pumped up and after a while they get real mean and anti-social. Anyway I got up and looked down at him and told him to buzz off. He looked up at me and said, ‘Get out’a my face old man, I’m talking to the pretty boy here,’ real hard like.”

Dick laughed and caressed my breast. “Gwen, I shouldn’t be talking like this while I’ve got a pretty wonderful woman all naked next to me.”

I laughed and said, “You can at least finish the story.”

“Well there’s not much to tell. I asked him who he was calling an old man and he slapped me real hard and said ‘You, old man,’ then Robert says I hit him three times, but I only remember hitting him the once, a good right cross that had him spittn’ teeth and blood all over the bar as he went down for the count.”

“Oh Dick, you didn’t,” I said and looked at him in an entirely different way. Here I was rhapsodizing about how kind and gentle he was and he was a bar brawler and a ruffian.”

“Yeah, Gwen, I did. I told the officer I was real sorry but that he had triggered my Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and I didn’t really mean to break his jaw or his ribs, although I thought he broke his ribs when he landed on the chair.”

“The police came?”

“Oh yeah and Robert told them what happened and talked about how we ought to press charges against the guy for battery and all. But the policeman was an ex-paratrooper and said if I promised never to come back to Astoria he’d let me off with a warning.”

I laughed. “So you can’t go back to Astoria again?”

Dick rose up and said, “I guess if I was careful I could go back. Maybe we could go there sometime?”

I smiled at him and said, “Perhaps, but tell me why you’re not gay.”

He grinned and kissed me. “Gwen, do I act like I’m gay?”

I smiled and said, “Well you were in that ‘Cockpit’ and Robert said he was going to give you a ‘treatment’ tonight, that is, before we spirited you and he away.”

He grinned and said, “Oh yeah I got a little carried away didn’t I?” He nuzzled my neck and lay down again. “Well, after Astoria I stopped lifting weights so much and Robert changed jobs. So I come down every once in a while to see him and hang around with guys. Some of them are pretty straight really and once in a while a few women come in and I thought it was a nice quite bar, no one gets frogie, so it’s nice.”

“Yeah, a nice little ‘cock pit’. Come on convince me you’re not gay,” I teased.

He smiled at me and kissed me on the lips. “It’s your fault really.”

I laughed. “It’s my fault you’re not gay?”

He chuckled. “No, that I was in the cock pit tonight Gwen. After I saw you in the office I was a little lonely thinking about you and how nice and tall you were and I thought maybe I could find a big woman. I took Derrick home and watched him get cleaned up and all. Then I went out to my place over the garage and it was empty, lonely really.

“I hadn’t seen Robert in a while and thought about how lonely I was and so I got cleaned up and on the way in I decided that Robert was perhaps my only friend and how I had never let him, you know? Well I got a little maudlin and figured if I was going to hang with the poofta boys maybe I ought to give it a try. Maybe I was denying myself.

“I don’t know I guess I was so tired of not having anyone who would show me any love I kind’a broke down, anyway when I got to the bar I told him that I had decided to try it. He got all excited and he got me excited too. Then he came over and said there was a big hot redhead that wanted to meet me and how he thought I could…” He stopped and rubbed my belly.

“Go on, how he thought you could, what.” I asked my voice calm and even.

He propped himself up on his elbow and kissed me softly, “He thought I could get laid Gwen. He said, ‘laid.’ He didn’t tell me more than that, only that you were older like me and that you were real nice.” He kissed me and smiled.

I started to get indignant and then I realized that I had instigated this- well, with some help from Marsha. I laughed at myself.

“Well, when I went to meet you, all I could see was your silhouette and then I looked down and there you were, but different. You had your hair down and you were smiling up at me. I almost shit myself. Then you told me to sit down and I thought I must be dreaming.”

“No,” I laughed, “You were thinking about my tits. You never looked into my face but once until I put my jacket back on. I patted his cheek, “Admit it. A nice bit of cleavage and a friendly voice and you were hooked.”

“Yeah.” He fondled my breast looking at it and kissed it softly. He looked me in the eyes and said, “But it was beautiful cleavage and then Marsha showed up and she had her tits out and my brain went fuzzy and you were both so nice and…”

“And you lied about Robert being your brother?”

He snickered and kissed me. “Well you were the one to suggest it and I just went along.”

I moved his hand back onto my breast and said, “You were talking about my beautiful cleavage?”

He grinned and massaged my breast and kissed me again, put his mouth to my ear and whispered, “Do you want to make another wet spot?”

“No, but if you get a towel we can keep the bed dry.”

He chuckled and went to the bathroom. I looked at the clock and it was just a little after three AM. I grinned and thought that the espresso had done its job. I thought about the bon bons and got up and went to get them. There were only four left, so I took the bowl back into the bedroom and popped one into my mouth.

Chocolate has a lot of caffeine and might just keep me awake for what I hoped would be another fireworks show. Dick was folding a bath towel over our last escapade. I put a bon bon in his mouth and climbed in to bed.

We snuggled down and pulled the covers over us and kissed as the chocolate melted in our mouths. We kissed, sharing the taste of the chocolates and warming up the old love canal. Dick was a little easier to stimulate. It only took my fondling him for a minute or two before he was hard and succulent.

He took his time and his big hands roamed my body softly, then more firmly. He kneaded my ass and stroked my back and ribs and then his hands started all over again. I rolled over on my back and he got the hint and rubbed me from my throat to my thighs. Finally he cupped my mound and his fine thick finger began to penetrate me. He pumped in and out and had me feeling little sparklers before he slid down and kissed me from my furry mound to my puckered rosebud. He wasn’t light this time but he was gentle. I was feeling the colors before he slid up and kissed me hard and asked, “Is it okay if I don’t use a condom this time, Gwen? I don’t want anything between us.”

I chuckled. “Dick, I’m not sure if we should chance it. I mean I don’t want to get pregnant and I stopped taking the pill two months ago. Use one of the lubricated ones.”

He kissed me. “Sure, Gwen.” He turned on the light and found the right condoms, opened the package and got one on. When he mounted me it went in like I was hot butter. I groaned and held him in me for a second.

We slowly stroked in and out slowly and let the fireworks smolder for a while. “This is real nice, Gwen. It feels like we’re made to fuck, like we’ve been doing this all our lives.”

I snickered and said, “Well, put another log on the fire, Slugger. I’m going to fall asleep if you don’t.”

He laughed and picked up the pace a little and gave me the long stroke. Soon his testicles were slapping my ass. I had my legs up and was urging him to greater efforts saying, “Oh, Oh, Oh, Slugger ring that bell big guy,” as he got into a nice steady rhythm and the pinwheels started to spin. I held him to my chest as he began to sweat. He drove it home and I was moaning in his ear and feeling the fireworks begin.

I realized that I hadn’t been giving him anything extra, so focused was I on the pinwheels in my own belly that I forgot to tighten up on him. I began to work my pussy as he was sweating for my benefit and I felt him harden a little more. I clamped down hard on him and the pinwheels started to gain color. I heard his breathing getting more labored and I gripped him hard when he was pulling out. He whimpered a little and drove me harder. I gasped out, “Pull back a little, Dick.”

He reduced his in stroke and wasn’t penetrating as deeply. It felt good as I could work over his tender tip. I rolled my hips up so he was hitting my G-spot better and suddenly it all clicked and the fireworks began.

I gave him as much of a flutter as I could and felt the flood of my climax crest as he whimpered and pumped. “Oh God Damn! That’s so good, Oh Yeah!”

He just kept pumping and I kept coming and fluttering my thighs. Finally I just gripped him as hard as I could and he drove it home, grunted, hit bottom and quivered against me. Then it was over except for his moaning and my heavy breathing. I relaxed and squeezed him again. He collapsed on my chest moaning and kissing my neck.

I let my legs down off his hips, took a deep breath and exhaled. “Oh Slugger, you rang my bell real nice.”

He kissed me and gasped, “My pleasure, I assure you Gwen.” He pulled out and I felt a hot flood gush over my ass. It tickled and I laughed breathlessly.

We lay there kissing tenderly for a while and I thought about what I was going to do with Slugger. He was obviously smitten. After all, I had given him what he had so desperately been seeking for years. As his breathing fell into a regular pattern and his hand relaxed on my hip, I realized that he had given me something I hadn’t had since Billy Ray Genovese had made my sophomore year at San Jose State so memorable: vaginal fireworks!

I kissed my big sweaty lover and snuggled down and figured we could work something out.

I woke up without a dick between my legs. It was there when I fell asleep last night but this morning instead of it being all soft and pleasantly warm on my thigh, I found it gone.

The sun was shining and from the angle, it had been up some time. I glanced around the room and remembered where I was, what had happened last night and rolled over to find the bed still warm where Dick had been laying. I smelled his part of the pillow and massaged my mound a little remembering the fireworks and how I had found a man who could make my nipples sparkle in many colors. I laughed out loud and felt my laughter inside my pussy as my fingers searched for more memories of last night. Maybe I shouldn’t be masturbating after Dick had worked his magic but I wanted to see if I could recapture the colors of last night.

I had my eyes closed to get into an Alpha state and was running a Mantra through my mind. My fingers cupped over my G-spot, almost feeling the colors form up when I heard a deep voice say, “Can I assist you Madam?”

My eyes snapped open and Dick was standing there in a robe with a cup of very nice aromatic coffee in his hand. The lump in his robe showed that he had been there long enough to get at least a little aroused. I blushed and pulled my fingers out of my pussy. “I thought you had gone,” I said.

He sat on the bed and handed me the coffee. “I just ordered us some coffee and thought I’d better wake you.” I slid up in the bed and my breasts lapped over the blankets. I reached for the cup. He grinned and took my right hand and kissed my fingers, smelled them like a man with a fine cigar then sucked them into his mouth and licked along side and around them. “Umm, nectar of angel, so lovely in the morning.”

I almost spilled the coffee as my vagina sparkled a little at the soft way his wet tongue was licking my fingers. I giggled a little. “How long have you been up?”

He grinned and kissed my knuckles, then looked at me with a smile. “Only since I came in here to bring you coffee and found you playing ‘Poky Poky in the Morning’. Do you do that often?”

I blushed again and took my hand from his lips so I could sip the coffee and get over the embarrassment of be caught at it. I sipped the coffee and found it overly sweet and heavy with cream. I grinned at him and thought he had watched me last night with the espresso and must have figured that I liked my coffee like that too. I didn’t say much but sipped the coffee watching his big grey eyes as he devoured the spectacle of my ‘D’ cups hanging over the blankets. I didn’t try to cover them nor did I try to hide the way they tightened up and tingled as I remembered how he had kissed them last night.