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Tales of Lotus Island – The first anniversary.

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Tales of Lotus Island – The first anniversary.
Lisa and Alex were surprised when they arrived for dinner with her parents to find Alex’s parent had been invited and even more interesting their house keeper Stella particularly as they had a ménage a trois with Stella.

“Hello darling would you like an aperitif.” Said her mother Sophie. Notching that her daughter was looking at Stella for once modestly dressed in a cocktail dress. “Did you think we didn’t know about Stella? Well to be fair we didn’t but Stu and Fliss quickly worked it out and explained.”

“I didn’t know you were such friends with Stuart and Felicity.”

“Since your wedding and that very interesting honeymoon we have become so. It has been quite an education.”
They all sat down to dinner and the conversation was fairly conventional until desert. However Sophie had a glint in her eyes that was unfamiliar to Lisa.

“The four of us have been considering a suitable present for your first anniversary. Considering how much you like Lotus Island how would you like to go back there the three of you that is.”

“Mummy, I had realised that you weren’t quite a conventional as I had always thought a certain phone call the day after our wedding gave me a hint but this? You clearly have a better idea what Lotus Island is like a lot more than myself and Alex anyway.”

“Oh yes darling and to be honest since becoming friends with Stu and Fliss we have become a lot less conventional. I do mean a lot. Lets go through to the sitting room.”

“What do you mean Mummy? Alex stop smirking and you too you naughty little tart.” The last addressed to Stella who was openly enjoying this exchange.”

“I have been helping out with this plan. Oh you are going to enjoy this but possibly not this evening.”

As they got through to the lounge Victor, Lisa’s Dad took one arm chair and Stu the other. The two mothers sorted out coffee and digestifs and then sat down but on the armchairs of each other spouses. Stella placed herself on the other side of Alex and snuggled up.

“Mum, Dad what is going on.”

“I think my darling that my mischievous parents have got to yours rather effectively. What is the chance of making this a family holiday.”

“What would we do with Lisa’s brother and sisters.” Lisa was having difficulty concentrating as both sets of parent were quite openly making out with the others spouse. Fliss had undone the halter neck of her frock and her perky breasts were being stroked by Lias’s father. What is worse one of her mothers boobs was out in the open. That her mother was clearly bra less was a shock.

“Well they would be over eighteen by now and could I suggest that if you four are doing what I think you are doing having all your c***dren comfortable with their parents games. Also it would help avoid a problem on their wedding night.”

Lisa watched in fascinated horror as her mothers second breast came out to join the first. Glancing sideways she was just in time to see Stella pulling her dress over er head. Not surprisingly she wore nothing beneath it

“If you do that I will go halves on the total cost Vic. However it might be an idea to prepare them first and give them a get out. I suggest that these three should have that task.”

Stella got up and went round behind the sofa and came up to Lisa where she pushed her forward so she could get at her zip. Lisa resisted for a second and then on being more firmly pushed forward gave up. Down came her top and her bra followed.

“By this time Lisa had recovered from the shock of her conventional parents turning swinger. A fair amount of booze and the fact that her husband was fondling her breasts had a positive effect.”

“Where are my darling sisters and brother tonight?”

We packed them off to an adventure centre for a long weekend.”

“Tim doing something active that will be a change!”

“I will have you know they all like sailing quite a lot and m is getting into rock climbing”

“Ecky thump, OK are you serious about the whole lot of us going.”

“Now I think about it if you three can obtain their agreement I think it could be helpful and certainly fun.”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that you have Fliss’ top off and are feeling her tits I would think you were joking. I have never seen my mother in law topless before, nice tits.”

“What about mine.”

“Do you think I am stupid enough to comment on my mothers tits.”

“Why not, you commented on mine. I like your tits Sophie.” chipped in Alex. It should be mentioned that by this time both all the women were not just topless but had divested themselves of their dresses completely. Apparently Lisa was the only one who had bothered with underwear. They didn’t get to plan much more that night as they were far too interested in their orgy.

Lisa tried to avoid seeing what her parents and parents in law were doing but it had bizarre fascination and if she was honest a complete turn on. Both couples were fucking reverse cow girl position. The solution to this was to bury her face in Stella’s muff whilst Alex enthusiastically fucked her.

The nest morning Lisa, Stella and Alex were lying in bed together and chatting about the previous evening.
“I still have difficulty believing my parents did that. Mind you it was an incredible turn on. Alex did you suggest that we collectively corrupt my sisters.”

“What about your brother.”

“Tim’s a boy and thus perfectly capable of corrupting himself. Lets face it even you shy as you were quite up to being a bad boy once you worked out it wasn’t going to piss me off. Greta and Toni are as innocent as I was. How are we going to explain and are they going to accept it. I can’t believe my parents are actively encouraging a situation where they won’t stay virgins.”

“You managed quite well lovey. Think was it just trying to meet your parents expectations that made you want to stay a virgin.”

“Partly but I did agree with their viewpoint. Though I must admit it was hard I am glad the girls are not going to have to go through it. Will you join me Stella in talking to them.”

Later that week it was arranged that Alex would take Tim out to the pub whilst Lisa and Stella had a girly night with Greta and Antonia. The first part of letting them into the plan was to admit the relationship with Stella.

“So you mean that the three of you, together?”

“That’s disgusting Sis, what if Mum and Dad find out?”

“They know and are sufficiently cool about it that Stella was invited to the meal last weekend and shared the bedroom with us.”

“Bloody hell, our parents don’t mind.”

“No and they are not exactly prim and proper about sex either. The thing is they nearly made an almighty cock up with me that frankly ruined our wedding night and it was only Lotus Island and Stella that retrieved the situation. Now here is the rub they want us all to go to Lotus Island together. If you agree you can bet your life you are going to be on the pill well in advance.”

“What is this place. You worked their Stella is as dodgy as it sounds.”

“Yes if not more so and whilst you will can remain virgins, the chances are you won’t particularly as your parents are not expecting you to. There are lots of nice guys and they get more than enough so will not be so overly randy that they aren’t careful. To be honest if I have a daughter I would want her to go their and have her first experience. Just checking are you both virgins still.”

“Of course we are neither of us have boyfriends because other girls will let them get away with more.”

“Believe me this will be far better because I will castrate anyone who harms my unofficial sisters in law.”
Whilst they were sort of persuaded all three were unsure particularly Tim who whilst excited also doubted his prowess considering the furthest he had got with a girl was a snog and a fondle. However Alex had an idea which he put to both sets of parents.

At the bank Alex led a young and very committed team of one girl and two lads. They were all rather geeky very bright indeed at finance but socially about as adept as Alex had been. They got on very well together and were considered a very valuable asset as recently they had landed a massive account together that really improved the banks bottom line.

“OK Dad, you are worried that someone else will work out what we have got and poach the golden trio, yes?”
“Well I would say golden quartet let’s not forget their leader. But yes.”

“I would suggest that in addition to the bonus we give them that a non-monetary reward would help. Like coming with us to Lotus Island.”

“I agree they deserve the reward but how does having six innocents not three help our other problem.”

“Well if we ask my team as well as Tim, Greta and Toni here for the weekend. If the three of us can’t get them paired off by the end then Stella is losing her touch. That way we would be well on the way to getting them tied to the family. Also it would give you and Mum a chance to bugger off for some debauchery at Sophie and Vic’s.”

“I certainly like the last bit, lets not tell them about Lotus until you have them hooked.”

Tim, Greta and Toni were ecstatic at what was planned particularly as it was with their parents agreement. It turned out that the girls had been on the pill sometime but didn’t want to admit it to their big sister. As their mother said innocent girls are easier to get in the family way than those that know how easy it is to get pregnant.

Now to get the golden trio to co-operate. They concluded that Margo was the key as if she went for it then the two lads would never have the nerve to turn down when Margo was going ahead.

It was eight o’clock so not too late to ring and Alex had Margo’s mobile number. The moment she answered however Alex heard in the background a photocopier.

“Are you still in the office?”

“No why.”

“There is the sound of a photocopier in the background.”

“Well I have a lot to do here and nothing to do otherwise.”

“Work life balance is important finish up and leave.”

“All right boss, I love it when your masterful.” And she rang off.

“Lisa grab you coat we are going drag Margo out the office by force if required and then take her for a pizza.”

“Hey a perfect chance to talk to her.”

They did end up practically dragging her out but soon they were in a pizzeria and as they waited for their food they explained.

“So Lisa let me get this straight you are setting me up with your brother and Bright and Brighter with your sisters. Do any of them other than us know what to do.”

“So you are not totally inexperienced then.”

“Thank you no, I am no mata hari but I am not a virgin either which is more than I can say for Stuart and John. I have met your brother and he’s awfully cute so I am happy to give it a go. What about your sisters I was under the impression they were good girls.”

“No that was me before I was married, it nearly turned into a disaster as Alex wasn’t a great deal better. Our parents have decided that being good is bad for you. Which doesn’t stop them worrying about it going wrong hence this set up.”

“Your parents are involved?”

“Both sets.”

“Good grief what am I letting myself in for.” The way Lisa was looking at them belied her words.

“Believe me more than you can guess. Do you have a thong bikini?”

“I will by Saturday. This sound fun if only to see the lads faces. Do your sisters have any idea.”

“Oh yes, they are probably playing with themselves at the moment contemplating it.”

“I am getting were just thinking about it.”

“Well you can come home with us and have a foursome.”

“Lets finish our pizza first I’m hungry.”

Once home they discovered Stella wearing a tiny nightdress. The other two girls slipped off and returned also in skimpy nightwear. Alex was not sure if Margo was bi or not so started to kiss her whilst Las and Stella also kissed..

“Two girls is a first for me.”

“Does it bother you?”

“No I think I rather like it. Can I try?” Both the other girls move in for the opportunity to be first but Lisa win. Alex went behind Margo and started to plat with her breasts and drew her down on top of him. With Lisa still snogging her mouth Stella started kissing Margo stomach moving down to her pussy to start nibbling her labia..

They were late into work the next day. Not that it mattered the hours that they all put in.

On Saturday morning Margo was the first to arrive. Alex who had not seen her in jeans before realised that she might not have any tits to speak of but she had a very nice bum. Stuart and John turned up together in John shiny new car complements of a fat bonus.

They all went in side to the indoor pool complex. Whilst they had all sort of met they had never as a group chatted socially. It was a bit awkward and they decided just to get on with swimming. When they all came out in their swimming clothes the look on the men’s faces was entertaining even Alex who was aware what was planned. The girls without a second of discussion formed a line then turned and wiggled their bums. The lads whooped in appreciation and all awkwardness was gone.

Soon they were all in the pool messing around. The girls tops came off fairly quickly and before long all of their bottoms. The girls very much encouraged being fondled and touched. The flirting was fairly innocent at first but quickly was getting steamier.

“Are you sure this is all right Alex, I don’t want to get myself or anyone else into trouble.”

“All the girls are on the pill and I think we can safely exclude social diseases. Believe me, my sisters in law will be really pissed if their still virgins this evening.”

“But what if your Dad finds out.”

“Both set of parents know and helped organise this. You may find this strange but they like you and Stu and want the girls first experience to be enjoyable.”

“Bloody hell.”

“Somebody else said the same, excuse me but I think I am going to play with my wife and girlfriend.”

Having got themselves thoroughly excited they all went into lounge where with some careful if ribald instruction they had a very satisfactory orgy. In the course of the day four young people discarded their virginity as it turned out that Stu had never actually slept with a girl. Inexperienced though they were the genuine helpful advice they got made for a lovely first time for all them.

My sisters are right little goers. Even though I am bi I never realised what nice bodies they had. As for Tim there is no doubt that Margo is right he’s cute.” Said Lisa watching her sisters enthusiastically bounce up and down on their respective partners unwittingly mirroring the scene the previous weekend. “Where’s Stella by the way?”

“I saw her sneaking off with Tim and Margo.”

“The crafty cow, we of all people should know she likes threesomes.”

The published plan was it was going to be just the day but the plan all along was if all went well they would all stay the night. It all went very well for all of them and three couples and a trio retired for the night An observer would have heard more giggle than young teenagers sleepover with a few more adult noises interspersed.

They slowly drifted downstairs late in the morning to find both sets of parents had returned having got an update from Alex.

“OK k**s I know Alex has reassured you but all this is very much alright by us and we really hope that you had a very good time. I for one hope that it’s the first of many. To encourage that and in part to thank Lisa, Stuart and John to join us on our joint family holiday to a very special place called Lotus Island. Does anybody fancy any skinny dipping.”

A whole lot of new experience then added to the John and Stuart got to enjoy the delights of older women having great fun with the two mothers. The young sisters got to experience Lesbian sex with Stella. Leaving two rather more normal couples as Margo and Tim cuddled as did Alex and Lisa.

“You have a very weird families but this feels so comfy. I cannot put my finger on it but it also if I am included with you.”

“I think that is rather what we are hoping for all three of you. We all work so had together we have become very close. I don’t know whether you and Tim will become an item or the others but I am sure we are going to be friends.”
“Well Tim, do you want me as a girlfriend.”

“Oh I rather think so, can’t interfere with the master plan can we. I always dreamed of having a clever girlfriend who is also drop dead gorgeous.”

“I might admit to the brains but gorgeous don’t be silly.”

“Take a second opinion when you stop sticking your hair in that awful bun and remove those ugly glasses, yes you look very nice indeed, little brother in law is a lucky man,”

“Remember I like girls as well so I agree you are definitely tasty but I am sorry I am going to drag you into an opticians and get those bloody frames changed.”

“Oh stop fussing I will just wear contacts when I am not at work. I know their ugly but it makes me look more serious. Oh goodness Tim don’t remove your fingers that is just right.” Conversation gave way to some serious playing.

They all flew out to Jamaica and then transferred to the island. They were all installed in one huge villa for parties just such as this. All of them got on really well pretty much a combination not proscribed by family relationship was tried out.

Alex and Lisa wandered in one evening to find a six some consisting of his sister in-law. a pair of twin girls who

Another thing that happened is that all the younger women other than Stella were distinctly flat chested. The island had a clinic with a new techniques of culturing fat cells before injecting them into the breast. None of them were flat anymore. Alex thoroughly enjoyed fondling his wife’s new bouncy boobs. The other three men were having similar fun with their respective girls. The unmarried participants had now settled down into three couples.

It was with some amusement that they found that Margo was true to form as a workaholic having somehow persuaded Lady Victoria to give the bank Lotus Islands investment business.

“It was easy I just got some kinky boots which I found out Lady V loves, pointed out that we are not going to get upset at publicity then let her screw me. The last was great fun she might be old but she really knows how to give a girl a great time.”

“So cheating on Tim already.”

“Don’t be silly, she likes men as well so I took him along.”

Well the holiday came to an end all too quickly but the relationships formed didn’t. Just over a year later Tim proposed to Margot, followed within a few days by two more proposals. All were accepted.

“Does Lotus Island do weddings Greta asked her mother?”