Ekim 7, 2021

Train station use.

ile admin


Train station use.
You take the train down to meet me in London.
We’re texting during your trip, and by the time you reach Liverpool Street you’re feeling horny and wet, and you can’t wait to get hold of me.
I meet you at the end of the platform, where we kiss, and I tell you to follow me. I walk you to the toilets, and ask you to wait for me while I use them.
About 3 mins later, I pop my head around the door and beckon you to come closer. I take your hand and pull you inside. You’re a little shocked, but you see it’s empty, so you follow me to the sinks, where I drop my trousers to reveal my already hard cock. I tell you to suck me, but to keep standing. You bend at the waist and take me in your mouth, sucking greedily at my throbbing dick.
After a few seconds, I hold your head in my hands as it bobs in my crotch and I loudly say “Out you come boys”. You hear the cubicle doors behind you click open, and footsteps approaching. You look past me at the mirrors lining the wall to see at least 4 strange men, their cocks in their hands, stroking them, getting them hard, and looking greedily at you. You try to get up, but I hold you hard against my cock, still deep in your mouth.
“Line up boys, this dirty slut loves a cock inside her. Who’s first?” You feel your dress being lifted and your panties being pulled roughly down, and a hard cock force it’s way into your wet pussy. He starts to fuck you, pushing you harder onto my cock. There are only a few strokes before he grunts and you feel his hot cum filling your pussy. You glance in the mirror to see him turn away, and the next in the line reach for your bum. You feel him slip straight in, right up to his balls. The other man’s spunk making your pussy even wetter and easier to slide into.
“Oh baby, I like a nice ‘airy cunt” he says, as he spreads your bum cheeks and slams his big cock into you. As fucks your poor pussy for all he’s worth, a new man comes into the toilet. “Over here mate” I tell him. “Don’t bother with the urinals – filthy girl here loves to be used like a slut. Just get your cock out and piss on her. She loves it”.
The guy in your pussy finds this all too much, and with a huge groan shoots his load into you. The next in line, a big, broad shouldered bloke with a long skinny dick takes his place. A little bloke didn’t want to fuck you, he wanted to just watch my cock fucking your face, and as he stood looking, he began wanking himself and eventually shot his load at your mouth, covering your cheek and hair with his sperm. Again and again, your pussy gets fucked and filled with spunk as man after man empties his load inside you. Your arse doesn’t escape the attention, and you felt at least 3 men who decided they wanted to fuck your tight arse hole. I told them it was off limits, so they made do with just slapping it and making it red and sore with their hands as they used your pussy to relieve themselves of their hard hairy cocks.. Soon, your pussy is oozing with spunk as the next one pushes inside. There’s piss dripping from your soaking body as there have been at least 4 or 5 men who have used you instead of the toilet, and there was even one who didn’t want to fuck you, but wanted to wank between your tits while you got fucked and were sucking me – you had to twist your body to let him get between them, and when he shot his load, it sprayed over them and your chin. Then he pissed on you, soaking your dress with his urine.
And throughout it all, your face was pressed hard against my cock.
When, at last, I shoot my load into your mouth and you’ve licked it clean, I let you stand upright on shaking legs. You feel all the mixed spunk and piss begin to drip out of you and join the large pool of it on the floor at your feet, and you see the last 2 guys in the toilet wanking as you stand up, your tits all wet and covered in spunk and piss. Together, they lean forward and I tell you to wank them. You grip their cocks and begin to stroke them, hard and fast, and very quickly they add their spunk to the rest of the mess all over you. They leave with sheepish grins on their faces, leaving us alone in the toilet at last.
“Now let’s go get you cleaned up Babe,” I say. “I’ve got lots more planned for us!”