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Two is Always Better Than One!

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“Christian, I thought of what we could do for Michelle’s birthday!” Jake exclaimed. Jake and Christian had been best friends since they were like 10 years old in middle school. Back then (and indeed still today) they were inseparable; always up to some mischief or another, whether it be playing with fireworks under the abandoned train bridge in the ravine near their neighborhood or knocking over trash cans under cover of darkness.

Then, in 8th grade, the new girl moved to town. Michelle… she was so much fun. She was unlike any other girl they had ever met. Mischievous like them and a total tom-boy, they quickly struck up a fast friendship and included her in all of their neighborhood rangings.

As the years passed, she grew into a total hottie… 5’6″, athletic body, 34-B breasts, straight dirty blonde hair that she kept cut short to her jawline. Both of the boys dated Michelle off and on, the threesome not being a jealous group. Share and share alike was their motto; Michelle could usually be found sleeping in one or another of their beds.

Now her 21st birthday was fast approaching and Jake wanted to make the milestone a very special occasion. The usual ‘bar-hop-and-shove-drinks-down-your-throat-till-you-puke’ routine just didn’t seem like a great coming of age ceremony.

“You know what she’s always said her greatest fantasy was, right?” Jake asked.

“Uhhhhh… uh huh,” said Christian while swallowing hard.

“Well how about we make it come true?”

“I don’t know man… you don’t think that would be a little weird?” Christian replied.

“Of course it will be a little weird, but we both know that we’re not gay… we’ll be doing it for her and she will love it. How often does a chance like this come around? It’s like once in a lifetime for her. It will make her 21st the most special day of her life and she’ll always remember it.”

Michelle’s fantasy, you see, was to have two cocks in her pussy at the same time.

“Alright man, I’ll do it.” Christian relented.

“Awesome, I’ll call Michelle and tell her that we’re going to come over to her place Saturday to take her out. Make sure you shave that jungle of yours down there.”

Next Saturday, Jake and Christian went over to Michelle’s house, walked up to the door and rang the bell. Michelle opened the door, and both men’s eyes bugged out of their heads. She was gorgeous, all dolled up since she thought they were going out to the clubs.

She was wearing a short black miniskirt that only came down to mid-thigh; a form-fitting blouse that seemed partially made out of fishnet, only came down to her midriff, and showed lots of cleavage; lots of mascara and eyeliner; a pale colored lipstick; and electric blue nail polish.

“Damn Michelle, you look hot as hell. How are we going to keep guys hands off you all night?” said Jake.

“Ha, that’s your problem, not mine… It’s my 21st and I want to have FUN!!”

“Oh, don’t worry, I think you’re going to have lots of fun. You see, we’re not actually going out for your birthday… sorry to have made you spend all that time getting ready. What we’re really doing tonight is making your wildest fantasy come true!” Jake replied.

“What… which… you mean that fantasy?!”

“Yes Michelle, that one. We’re willing to make your dream come true and pack you full of meat. It’s a once in a lifetime offer… what do you say?”

She eyed the two built, good-looking men standing in her living room. “Well, I’ve already had each of you individually… and we are all the best of friends… hell yes I want it! Shit, I’m getting horny just standing here thinking of my pussy being so… full.”

They all went down the hall to Michelle’s room and the two men quickly shucked out of their clothes, trying to avoid eye contact with each other as more and more of their bodies were revealed. Soon, they both stood there completely naked, their two smoothly shaved cocks half-erect and chubby as they gazed at Michelle in what they hoped was a sexy fashion.

“Damn, now that’s hot… look at those two studs standing there… their two big cocks swinging around. Can’t wait to have my way with those!” Michelle slipped her skirt down and stepped out of it. She was wearing a black, teeny thong underneath.

She noticed the two cocks in front of her twitch as they took in the sight. “Now I’ll really give them a show.” She thought.

She deliberately bent over, facing away from them as she worked her thong down from off of her crotch.

She could picture the view that they had, her smooth pussy lips peeking out at them from between her thighs, puffy and glistening with her arousal. When she turned back around, she noticed that both penises were now fully at attention. “Hmm, antep escort now what to do with my presents?” She pondered.

Christian laid down on his back on the edge of the bed, and gestured Michelle to come over to him.

“I know you can’t wait to sit on this big pole of mine, but first we’re going to need some lubrication… a lot of it” he said, as he looked up at her naked body lustfully, slowly jacking the foreskin over the head of his sizable penis.

Jake handed her a bottle of oil, which she took and then unstoppered the top. She poured a large amount all over Christian’s cock, then bent over at the waist and began to spread and work it into the skin of his hard shaft and large, heavy balls.

With this new, closer vantage point and her exploring hands, she was better able to admire the magnificent specimen of manhood before her. It was completely shaved smooth, about 8 inches long, and turgid in its excitement. There were pronounced veins running this way and that all over the shaft, and as she wrapped her small hand around it (she was surprised when her fingertips barely touched each other on the other side!) she could feel it slowly throbbing as if with a life of its own. The head of his penis was swollen and purplish with excitement, and there was a small amount of clear precum slowly leaking out of the tip.

Her fingers gently brushed over the ridges of his helmet and Christian groaned, his cock jumping with the pleasure of it. Michelle subconsciously licked her lips… god this cock looked so tasty. She could barely wait to get it into her mouth and taste the salty masculinity of this meaty, veiny, throbbing cock.

Running down the center along the underside of the hard shaft was a pronounced cum tube. She gripped the base of his cock and slowly slid her hand up to the frenum just under his head, squeezing the cum tube tight (“just like a tube of toothpaste!” she thought with a giggle) and watched in pleasure at how a large amount more of precum oozed out of his tip and began running down the sides of his cock head. She quickly shot forward and caught the liquid with her tongue, reveling in the salty flavor of it.

“Wouldn’t want to let any of that yummy fuck juice go to waste” she said. Michelle then moved her tender ministrations down to his balls, which were magnificent in their own right. They were huge, about the size of eggs, and thanks to the warmth of the room hung very loose and low. She picked one up, feeling the weight of it in her hand. It seemed quite heavy and swollen with semen.

“Mmm, looks like someone’s gone without for quite a while… how much cum do you have in here, about a gallon? I can’t wait for you to fill me up with all that jizz,” she said.

Michelle leaned in and sucked one of the huge nuts into her mouth (it barely fit!) and lashed it with her tongue while her free hand massaged oil into the other until his whole manhood glistened with oil.

Christian threw back his head and grunted, the assault of her tongue on his sensitive testicle slightly painful, but in the best of ways.

Finished with working the oil into his ball sack, Michelle returned her attention to his penis and slowly sucked in Christian’s head and the first Michelle inches of his shaft into her mouth and began to vigorously blow him, purposefully generating a large amount of saliva so that her spit began to escape her lips and run down the sides of his cock to puddle at the base of his shaft and run down over his balls.

“Hey, not so fast… you wouldn’t want to bring me off before the main event!”

“Sorry… I wanted to get you even more lubed up but I guess I got a bit carried away…” Michelle replied.

All this time, Jake had certainly not been idle. While Michelle had her attention captivated by the mesmerizing reality of Christian’s thick cock, he had picked up the bottle of lube from where Michelle had sat it, and had begun to work on her back end.

He first poured the oil onto her rear at the top of the crack of her ass and watched with lust as it ran down between her cheeks and over the mound of her pussy, which was peeking out from between her thighs as she bent over. He roughly massaged the oil into her ass cheeks for a minute or two before sliding his hand in between her thighs and cupping her smoothly shaved pussy.

“Mmm…” he heard her moan as his hand came into contact with her mons. He gently flicked his fingers back and forth across Michelle’s labia, greasing her up as he did so until her whole rear end was shiny and slick with the oil. Reaching slightly forward, his fingers came into contact with her large, engorged, and distended clitoris.

“Ahhh!” Michelle cried, and began to slowly antep escort bayan rotate her hips, seeking even more contact from Jake’s hand. Jake teased Michelle by stopping his ministrations on her clit, and moved back up to her rump, this time running his fingers into the crease of her perfect ass and lightly circling her small, puckered anus with his forefinger.

“Nngguhh!” escaped Michelle’s lips as Jake lightly played with her slippery, brown ring of sensitive muscle. Jake decided it was time to plumb her depths, and quickly plunged his thumb into the entrance of her pussy.

“Hurggh!!” exclaimed Michelle. There was no hiding the fact that Michelle was really, REALLY into this. Her pussy was so wet that his thumb sunk all the way into her with no resistance whatsoever.

“God, she is so hot inside!” thought Jake. “Her cunt is on fire for us… I’ve never felt a girl so slippery and ready!” and indeed, when he glanced down he could see a sheen of slick wetness running down the insides of both of her thighs.

No longer able to contain himself, Jake quickly kneeled behind her and gazed up at her horny fuck hole. There was creamy-white girl cum leaking out of her cunt, and Jake could wait no longer to taste her sex.

He pressed his face hard into her ass, thrusting as much of his tongue up into her channel as he could, both lapping at her sensitive hole and fucking her with his tongue.

His nose was wedged against her anus, and he breathed in her musky scent while tasting her tangy pussy cream.

“AHHH!” screamed Michelle, as she tried to shove her pussy back against his face even harder, seeking more contact. Jake enthusiastically complied, alternating lapping up her pussy juice with fondling her engorged clit and rimming her asshole mercilessly.

Deciding he had waited long enough, Jake rose to his feet and quickly rubbed some of the oil into his own, now steel-hard, cock. He nestled the swollen head of his dick against the plump lips of Michelle’s cunt and swirled it in the moistness of her frilly, inner lips before slowly but relentlessly sinking his rod into Michelle’s hot, horny hole.

Her passage expanded to accept him, and Jake sighed as he felt his cock slip past the outer ring of her entrance and into the snugness of her drenched, unquenchable heat. Michelle felt the girth of Jake’s cock enter her as an implacable, fleshy rod, filling her up and spreading her open as it displaced her vaginal walls. When he was almost all of the way inside of her, he suddenly grabbed her hips and thrust forward the last inch to bottom out and hit the entrance to her uterus with the tip of his hard cock and hold her there on it.

The pressure against her uterus felt incredible, and she barely suppressed a scream. He pumped in and out of her a few more times, reveling in the slurping, squelching noises his cock made in the unbelievable dampness of her vagina and the fleshy smacking noises of his balls slapping against the backs of her thighs.

It was time. Christian motioned for Michelle to turn around and sit down on his cock, which she hurried to do. Reaching down below her and between her legs to grip his hard shaft, slick with oil and her spit, she guided him slowly into her creamy pussy as she sank down on him, reverse cowgirl style.

“Ahhh…” she sighed as Christian’s cock spread her open and filled up the space where Jake had been just moments before. This was truly heaven… she couldn’t wait to have both of them fucking her at once. Just the thought of two cocks inside her made her shudder with lustful pleasure. Now that she was sitting on Christian’s cock on the edge of the bed, Jake’s hard manhood was staring her in the face, begging to be sucked.

“Mmm, this is so dirty…” she thought as her lips closed around him. “He was just inside me… I can taste myself on his cock and it’s turning me on like no other!”

She pumped up and down on Christian’s dick for a minute or two, while sucking her own juices off of Jake’s penis and repeating her performance of getting him coated with saliva.

“Ok,” said Christian. “Now lay back on me and get ready.” On his back, Michelle laying on top of him and exposed to Jake, Christian jackhammered into her. Fucking her in this position, his balls lay flat against the base of his cock and were rolling around obscenely in his loose sack with each thrust. Michelle’s athletic tits were also bouncing erotically in time to his hard thrusts.

“Well, here goes nothing…” thought Jake as he stepped between Christian and Michelle’s open legs.

Christian slowed and then stopped his fucking to allow Jake to work his cock in next to his. Jake positioned the swollen head of his penis against escort antep the base of Christian’s cock where it entered Michelle and the top of her pussy entrance just below her clit and slowly, oh so slowly pushed down.

Christian felt the pressure against the underside of his dick as Jake pushed, compressing his shaft and cum tube to make room for the second invading cock.

Michelle felt her pussy being stretched to its limit, and felt a bit of discomfort. She might have asked him to stop if she hadn’t wanted this so bad… and in fact just thinking of the second dick pushing into her sent a fresh wave of pussy juice sluicing down her channel.

Suddenly, Jake’s cock slipped into her and she gasped with surprise.

“Oh my god, I have two hard hunks of cock meat inside me… this is sooo hot!” She thought. The two men began to slowly alternate pumping in and out of her, their two dicks squeezed together very tightly by the horny pussy surrounding them.

The two men were in an odd position; certainly neither one of them were gay in the slightest, but they had to admit that this was extremely pleasurable.

The wetness of Michelle’s pussy juice and the two men’s precum slicked both their cocks, and the sensitive undersides of both of their penises were being squeezed tightly together, their slow fucking causing their cum tubes, frenums, and the underside of their cock heads to slip and slide against one another’s. Their oil-slicked ball sacks were also mashed together and their heavy testicles slid and rolled over each others.

“I can’t take very much of this!” thought Christian. The unbelievable pressure of Michelle’s pussy squeezing them together, Jake’s dick sliding against his, and the feeling of Jake’s balls laying heavy, warm and slippery against his were all conspiring to make his cum rise.

“Oh god here I cum!” shouted Christian. Jake felt Christian’s cock head swell and expand in size, making things even more tight inside Michelle’s channel if that were possible. A second later, he felt a rush of yet warmer heat around his cock as Jake pumped jet after jet of sperm from his extremely full balls into Michelle’s pussy.

The tightness with which their cocks were compressed against one another’s allowed Jake to feel each jet of Christian’s cum rush down his cum tube, the pulsing of it against the underside of his cock sending him closer to orgasm himself.

Since Michelle’s pussy was already full of hard cock, there wasn’t really a whole lot of room for the huge load of semen to go. It quickly filled up what space was left in Michelle’s pussy, coated both men’s cocks, and started to slowly drip out of her onto Christian’s now spent ball sack.

Jake instantly felt the change in viscosity inside Michelle’s cunt. Where before there had been a very slippery, thick lubrication, Jake’s semen had changed it to an even slicker, yet more watery environment.

With Jake’s cock now lubricated with Christian’s cum, things were almost too sensitive. It was at that moment, probably brought on by the feeling of Christian’s sperm squirting rhythmically and powerfully against her uterus, Michelle tipped over the edge and into a massive, massive orgasm.

“Oh god!!” she screamed out as her pussy began to convulse. She was almost scared by the power of her orgasm, and at the last moment wondered if her pussy was too full of hard meat to be able to clamp down during her pleasure without hurting herself.

As her fuck channel began to relentlessly and rhythmically squeeze down hard on the two stiff cocks inside her, her eyes rolled back in her head and she saw blackness and stars over her vision for a second or two.

His cock being violently squeezed and ground into the other man’s cum-slickened penis as if by a velvet fist, Jake began fucking Michelle like a madman. His wild thrusting beat Christian’s cum into a froth as he pistoned himself into her, the ridges on the underside of his cock head hitching against the other man’s, their testicles bouncing against each others.

“Urghh!!” he yelled as his penis tensed up, moments before he began spurting rope after rope of hot, white cum deep inside Michelle’s well-used hole.

Michelle was already full to the brim with Christian’s semen, and this additional huge load had nowhere to go. It drenched everything in its path to ooze its way around the two stiff cocks and drip out of her well-fucked hole.

Jake then collapsed on top of her, and they all basked in the afterglow of the huge orgasms they had had.

The men remained hard inside her, the pressure of her pussy squeezing around them keeping the blood inside their shafts. They slowly and lazily continued fucking her, their shafts lubed with a mix of oil, saliva, pussy juice, and two loads of cum.

The room smelled of raw sex, they were all a total mess between the legs… and they loved it.

“Thanks for such a great 21st,” Michelle said languidly. “Maybe we could do things like this more often… and maybe you two have fantasies I could make come true for you!”