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Visiting a Swing Club – By Her

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Author’s Note: This is part of our ongoing adventures, and our eleventh story. It references events and characters from our previously published stories. You can read it alone, but we would love for you to check out our other work. Enjoy!


The past several months had been a whirlwind. To recap for those who haven’t read our previous work, my husband and I had started swinging. We had involved others in our sex life during college, but it had been just crazy stuff we did while young. Now, we truly felt like we were in “the lifestyle.”

After meeting and hooking up with a swinger couple on our vacation to Europe, we had joined a dating site for swingers. We had met three couples, all with different levels of success. The first couple we met were great. We clicked immediately with Brooklyn and Jason, and on the second date we swapped partners. Jason was very attractive, and very tall, around 6’5″. He was also great in bed. His wife Brooklyn was stunning. Tall, thin, with sexy tattoos covering her back and one arm. She was a personal trainer who before meeting us had never been with a woman sexually. The first time we played, I couldn’t tell though. She had a natural talent.

But beyond meeting them, we hadn’t had much success on the website. The second couple we met got cold feet. Five years later, we are actually still good friends with them, but there has never been any sexual activity. The third couple we met hadn’t yet gotten up the nerve to swap, but at the time of this story, we had twice had sex all in the same room while watching each other. They were a cute couple who had just graduated from college. He was a good looking guy, with an average size cock, and she was a cute, thin brunette with B cup breasts. Watching them was fun, but every time we played she wanted to go further but he got cold feet. Looking back, I think he was intimidated by Chris’ size, and a little worried about how much more enthusiastic his girlfriend was to take the next step than he was. After 6 dates of same room sex with no swapping with us, and two dates with other couples that didn’t even make it that far, they finally decided that swinging wasn’t for them.

Brooklyn and Jason had even less luck. They had a few instances of people messaging them forever then not showing up to the date. Once their date showed up only for Brooklyn and Jason to realize their pictures online were 10 years old. While we had at least gotten to see some sexy people have sex in the same room, Brooklyn and Jason had not done anything with anyone from the website, with the exception of us.

“I’m so glad we met you two, otherwise joining the website would have been a total waste of money,” Jason said one night as he was walking back to the bed with a towel, his cock glistening with my juices. He sat next to me and wiped his cum off of my breasts.

We had known them for three months now, and this was our fourth time having sex as a group. This night we were at their apartment and all four in their guest bed. Jason and I had just finished, and he nibbled on my ear as he slid back into the bed next to me and spooned me. We were both turned toward our partners, Chris and Brooklyn.

The bed was rocking as Brooklyn rode my husband hard. Moments earlier her husband had been riding me just as hard. Chris grunted as she brought him to orgasm and she let out a deep “Yessss!” His hands were behind her, gripping her ass as he pumped his load into her. When he finished she leaned forward onto him. They were both panting.

I asked if she needed towel. She nodded yes and I handed it to her. She reached down between her legs and quickly covered her pussy as she slid off my husband’s member. His bare cock was glistening with their juices. It was the first time he had cum in anyone other than me.

She rolled to his side, lying between me and him, and turned toward me and her husband, and my husband wrapped his arms around her spooning her like Jason was with me. Her body was covered in sweat. Jason’s face was next to mine. He was beaming as he watched his wife.

After the second time we swapped, we all got tested. Everything came back good, and Brooklyn and I were both on the pill. Since we hadn’t had any luck with anyone else yet and we knew we were all clean we had skipped using condoms that night. Jason had still chosen to cum on my 34C breasts, which had become his favorite target when we played. Brooklyn had decided to ride Chris until he filled her with his seed, knowing she was protected by her birth control.

“That was amazing as always,” Brooklyn murmured.

“Mmm, it really was,” I said as her husband continued to nibble on my ear lobe.

Brooklyn turned her face and kissed my husband. “Are you two staying here tonight?” she asked. “Or going home?”

He leaned up and looked at the bedside clock, which was behind him. “I don’t know, it’s early enough that we could go home, and it’s a short walk. What do you think Mandy?”

While our bed was bigger and comfier than the one we were in, I was pretty comfy and very naked. “I’m ok staying here tonight,” I said. “I mean, I’m already bayan escort naked in the guest bed, so I don’t have to move.” I giggled and everyone else laughed a bit as well.

Brooklyn leaned forward and gave me a quick peck of a kiss. “Well you can stay right here then,” she said. “And, maybe, if you want, Jason can too?” she added, her voice rising as she asked the question.

Chris laughed, “Is that what you want to do tonight?” he asked.

“Well, your story about when you did it in different rooms is so hot, and we wanted to try it,” Brooklyn responded.

Chris looked at me and raised his eyebrows. I knew he was signaling that it was up to me to make the decision, and he was ok with it if I was.

“We can do that,” I said. “But before you get too excited Jason, I’m not drunk enough to be as loud as in that story we told you.”

He laughed and said he was ok with that. Brooklyn got up and walked around the bed to kiss her husband good night. Chris leaned over and gave me a kiss before whispering “I love you,” into my ear. I whispered it back, and he followed Brooklyn out of the room. They left the door open.

“What do you think they are going to get up to?” Jason asked me as they left. While Chris loved watching me, I had decided that Jason definitely got more out of imagining dirty things being down to his wife than my husband did.

“I’m sure he’s going to bend her over and make her cum on his big cock,” I said, knowing he wanted to hear something like that.

“That is so hot,” he said.

“Are you ready to put your cock back in me?” I asked him.

“It needs another minute of rest,” he said. He started to slide under the covers. “I have other ways of getting you off though.”

Jason had gone down on me before, so I knew he was skilled. He couldn’t finish me quite as fast as Chris, but he had no trouble getting the job done. I was plenty wet as his fingers easily slid into me, and he started to lick up and down my pussy’s lips.

I closed my eyes and moaned softly as he started to gently suck on my clit. He pressed his tongue flat against it and started licking up and down in rhythm with his fingers. Every time his tongue lick upward on my clit his fingers curled in a “come hither” motion.

Jason wasn’t much for variety when performing oral sex, but he knew how to reach the finish line. After several minutes of him sticking with that pattern my orgasm came. Typically, when receiving oral from men, I have really intense orgasms that knock me out for a while, and with most women I have smaller ones where I am ready to go again immediately. With Jason it was more like the second. It was a good orgasm, and the pleasure shot throughout my body curling my toes and making my fingers clench gripping his hair. But when it passed my pussy only needed a short break, less than a minute.

Jason crawled up the bed. I felt his rock hard organ brush against me. It had apparently had enough rest. I reached down and took it into my hand and started stroking it as he kissed me.

“Glad this could join us,” I mused. “You nice and turned on after tasting me?”

“Oh yes,” he said. “Also, I can’t stop imagining what Chris is doing to Brooklyn. Is that ok?”

I giggled. “Of course,” I told him. I gave him another kiss then asked, “So what are you imagining?”

He moaned then said, “I don’t know. Maybe he has her doggystyle. Or maybe he’s got her head hanging off the bed and is fucking her face. He’ll probably come all over her face, she likes doing slutty things when we are with you two. What do you think they are doing?”

His cock twitched in my hand as he described his fantasies of what was happening to his wife. I could tell he was really turned on by it. I rolled him onto his back and straddled him, pointing his cock upward and then lowering myself down, taking him into me. I decided to keep up the dirty talk and make him cum.

“Well every time we have all gotten together he has put his thumb or a finger in her ass,” I said. “I bet he’s got his cock in there now.” He groaned with pleasure, a mixture of feeling me ride him and imagining his wife being fucked in her ass by my husband.

I kept up the dirty talk.

“Does this pussy feel good Jason?”

“Oh my god. It’s so good Mandy.”

He reached up and started squeezing my breasts.

I knew that Brooklyn had been with more people than Jason. While they had lost their virginity to each other, they had taken a break in college. She had been with eight men over that year, and it turned him on thinking about it. With how much the dirty talk about her was pushing his buttons I decided to ask him about it.

“Did any of Brooklyn’s other guys ever fuck her without a condom?” I said it as seductive as I could while rocking back and forth on his cock. He looked up at me and shook his head no, his eyes staring into mine.

“Mmm,” I moaned. “So when we just saw my husband cum in her, that was the first time any guy other than you has filled her up like that.”

He groaned with pleasure, “Oh yesss.”

In escort bayan our three previous times together we had only played once after Jason had already cum. He had lasted a very long time before his second orgasm that time, but now I could tell he was already close to bursting. His cock was swollen inside me, his eyes starting to roll back. I decided to go ahead and make him cum. I had already gotten off during our first round of sex, and again from the oral he just gave me, so I was taken care of for the night. I didn’t feel like a facial or having him cum on my boobs again, so I figured I’d just make him cum inside of me.

“You know, no one has cum in me before other than Chris, and he knows you are about to.” I reached behind me and started rubbing his balls. He was thrusting up and holding my hips as I rode him.

“Maybe knowing you were going to cum in me is why he filled up your wife with his big load. I bet when he cums with her in the other room, he cums deep in her tight little asshole.”

That did it. Jason’s grip on my hips tightened. He thrust his pelvis up, pushing his cock as deep into me as he could, and grunted. I felt his cum shoot into me. His eyes were closed and his mouth opened. All the muscles in his abs, chest and neck were taught. His cock pulsing with each spurt.

Brooklyn had left the towel on the bed, so I grabbed it and put it between my legs as I slid off of Jason’s member. He quickly snuggled up to me and whispered, “I’m sorry Mandy.”

“For what?” I asked.

“I usually last longer than that,” he said. “It’s just… that was so hot… and… sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

I closed my eyes and gave him a deep kiss. “It’s ok, I wanted to finish you,” I told him “Besides, I’ve cum a few times already.”

He chuckled. “Yeah, that’s true.”

“You really liked thinking about what was happening to Brooklyn,” I said.

He made sheepish grin and avoided eye contact as he nodded that he did.

“Hey, that’s ok. I’m glad you did.” I said.

“Do you really think he’s fucking her ass?” he asked. Honestly I didn’t know. We were still hearing her occasional moan from their room.

“What do you think?” I asked him.

“I don’t know either, but I hope so.”

“Do you want to see a guy fuck her ass?”

He nodded yes.

“Has anyone other than you ever fucked her ass?”

He shook his head no, then added, “But she has talked about letting Chris do it, so he may actually be doing it tonight.”

It turned me on too thinking they may actually be doing it, even though I don’t enjoy anal myself.

“What else do you want to see her do?”

“I want to see her fucked by a really big cock,” he said.

“Chris is really big,” I told him. “You’ve seen that several times now.”

“No, I mean really big. Chris is only a tiny bit bigger than me. I mean like a foot-long guy.”

I giggled. “Well I have slept with seven guys, and none have been that big. And I have blown 37, and the biggest was 10 inches.”

That turned him on. “Did you want to fuck him?” he asked. The truth was no. There was nothing special about him other than he was hung like a horse, and I was worried it was too big. He seemed a little deflated when I told him that.

“But maybe Brooklyn will. I mean, she likes anal and I don’t, so there’s a shot she’ll like a huge cock more than I do too. Were any of the guys she was with on her break bigger than you?”

He shook his head no again. “It used to turn me on knowing I was bigger, and “better” than all the other guys she was with. Now I watch Chris make her cum and I’m more turned on than I ever was before. I’m really hoping we find more couples we click with. Not that you two aren’t great, because you are both amazing and don’t tell her this but you give the absolute best head I have ever gotten.”

“You like my boobs too,” I interrupted. “That’s why you always cum on them.”

He laughed then reached over and playfully squeezed each of my breasts. “I do love these,” he said. The he asked, “What are you two doing two Saturdays from now?”

“I don’t think we have plans. Why?”

“We found a sex club that is supposed to be really nice, and we are going.”

I knew there was a nice sex club not far from us. Chris and I had talked about checking it out, but the conversation hadn’t been too serious yet. I kissed Jason and told him I’d sleep on the idea and talk about it with Chris the next day. We curled up together and went to sleep.

We all woke up late the next morning. We decided to all get brunch, and Chris and I drove to our place, which wasn’t far, and showered quickly. While he was scrubbing my back I was telling him about the dirty talk with Jason.

“So then I told him I bet you were fucking Brooklyn’s ass,” I said. “He really got turned on by the idea.”

Chris laughed and told me that was hot. Then I told him about talking to Jason about cumming in me. “When I said I bet you were going to cum in Brooklyn’s ass, her blew his entire load into me. He couldn’t hold back.”

“That’s hilarious,” escort bayanlar he said. “And I didn’t know you were psychic.”

“What do you mean ‘psychic,'” I asked, before it dawned on me. “Oh my god, did you actually cum in her ass?”

He laughed and said, “Hey, you said you don’t mind me fucking other women in the ass if it means I will stop bothering you for it.”

“I did say that, and I don’t mind that you did it,” I said, quickly adding, “But you’re bad. I don’t get why you like anal so much. And keep that thing away from me until you have washed it.” He laughed and made a point to wash his cock in a manner that looked more like stroking it at me.

When getting dressed he told me Brooklyn had asked him if we wanted to go with them to a swingers club. I told him Jason had asked me too.

“So, do you?” he asked. I told him I did and he said, “Well let’s tell them at brunch.”


Two weeks went by and we were on our way to the club. Brooklyn and I were in the back seat, Jason was driving and Chris was in the front with him. Brooklyn and Jason had already purchased their membership, we had not. We had decided that if we didn’t find other couples we liked, we could always play together, or alone, or even not at all. We were going into this with no expectations.

We parked to the side of an unassuming painted brick building. “This is it,” Jason told us. Jason and Brooklyn went straight in, while Chris and I hung out at the car for a minute. We had decided not to all walk in at once. Plus, if the crowd was awful, Jason and Brooklyn would walk out and we’d try another night.

I was surprised by the cars in the lot. There were some regular cars, but I saw a few sports cars, and a few BMW’s and things like that that I recognized as expensive.

Chris’ phone buzzed within a minute or two of our friends walking in. He checked it and told me Jason said it was worth staying.

“So were really doing this,” I said. In an excited manner, not a disgusted one. I was excited. If nothing else I was curious about what the place would be like, even if we didn’t meet anyone new.

“Yep,” Chris said. “Are you ready for this?”

I nodded then asked, “Are you?”

“Yes,” he said. “I think we have waited long enough and can go in now.”

We walked in and Chris handled getting us registered as members. The place provided mixers, but not alcohol, so we had brought a bottle of gin. They took the bottle, put a label with our names on it, and took it to the bar.

When we got into the main room it wasn’t what I expected. I thought it would be a little sketchy, or very tacky 70’s decorations. Instead it seemed like a very upscale bar. The people weren’t all sexy, but they weren’t slobs either. It was a good mix of people from very attractive to very not. The thing that jumped out at me was how many couples there were with huge age differences. Women who looked barely out of college dating or married to men who looked my dad’s age. I decided I wanted to stick to couples where both members were close to our age.

We walked to the bar and asked for two gin and tonics and gave them our name. Immediately a couple that looked like they fell off the cast of Jersey Shore came up and started talking to us. We chatted for a minute, before Chris politely told him we had friends there in a way that made them assume that meant we were playing with our friends.

When they left he said, “I assume you weren’t interested in them right?”

“Not at all,” I said. “Thanks for handling that.”

We had fun for a little while., We chatted with an incredibly pleasant couple in their late 60’s. Far older than I wanted to play with, but very attractive. They welcomed us to the club, said they understood us wanting someone our age, and gave us a lot of friendly tips about how to talk to people there. Eventually they saw two people their age that they knew, excused themselves from our table and went to see their friends. They all greeted each other with a level of familiarity that indicated that they had swapped often with each other.

Once they left, a short, very cute, younger Hispanic woman sat down with us.

“Hi, I’m Sara,” she said as she held out a hand to shake mine. I shook her hand and introduced myself, then Chris did the same. She beamed at both of us as we did. She had the cutest dimples which I noticed as she smiled at us.

“My boyfriend and I wondered if we could join you two for a drink,” She gestured to a tall guy at the bar. He was wearing nice slacks, and a button down shirt that fit him well.

“Sure,” I said. “Although I need another drink.” I turned to Chris and asked him to get another round, which would be my third, and his second, gin and tonics.

Chris went to the bar, and introduced himself to Sara’s boyfriend. She and I chatted while they were away.

At the bar I could see Jason and Brooklyn chatting with an attractive, lighter skin, black couple. Brooklyn had her back to us, and she was wearing a dress which showed off all of her ink. The black man who she was talking to had his hand on Brooklyn’s ass, gently rubbing it. His wife, a tall sexy woman wearing her hair in braids, was holding a wine glass while speaking to Jason. She had on a long black dress, that was slit to show off one very sexy leg. I thought that maybe Jason would get his wish tonight.