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A Night of Ecstasy with the Devil Himself

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Costume parties are one of my all-time favorite ways to party for a night, so when my friend Ashley told me about an upcoming dress up party I was all for it. The party was at a bar in the downtown area, on Halloween night. Ashley and I decided we would dress as sexy little angels, what better costume could you wear to show some cleavage and dawn some nice heels.

Ashley has dark brown hair and eyes, very sexy body with firm tits which I have suckled before, me my name is Hilary blonde hair blue eyes with a nice pair of tits and round ass. We would be two sexy little bitches out for some drinks and flirting.

We arrived at the bar Devils and Dolls fashionably late at 10:00 pm, the bar was pretty crowded and they had a DJ cranking out some tunes. Lots of people dancing, most all it various costumes. We made our way up to the bar, gathering some looks as we cut through the crowd.

We both drink vodka and soda, trying to keep the calories in check. We were standing at the bar for only a few minutes and guys started hitting on us. We are pretty good at the flirting game, so we took turns dancing with guys, as one of us watched the drinks, can’t be too careful these days.

Ashley was just coming back from the dance floor and I noticed out of the corner of my eye a guy approaching me. He was dressed as the Devil; he wore a red suit, red shirt, black tie and had black gloves on too. His face was painted completely red with black horns sprouting out of his bald head; he had a black goatee beard. The area around his eye was all black and he had very dark piercing eyes.

He extended his hand out to me saying nothing at all, I felt like I was in some sort of trance as I accepted his hand and we moved to the dance floor. Ashley looked at me with a smile and said, “Hilary don’t get your wings clipped by that Devil. He looks like he has wicked intentions.”

I laughed, “Don’t worry Ashley I have danced with the Devil before.”

We made our way to the dance floor the Devil still not saying a word. He pulled me close and we danced to a sultry tune. It was then I noticed this guy had a tail on his back side, so I had to comment, “Nice tail you have there sir. Is it magical?”

“Indeed my darling, my tail has powers unto its own, many a lass has found it to be irresistible. Will you be next?” He said in a deep voice.

“I am not sure if I am that type good sir, perhaps if I could touch it,” I whispered in his ear.

“My darling Hilary, which is your name, is it not? Yes you may touch it but be warned the tail has powers not natural to this earth,” he replied.

“Yes my name is Hilary, and yours my good sir?” I answered.

“My friends call me Lu, you know as in Lucifer, ” he grinned, as he stared deep into my eyes.

“Oh my Lu, you are deep into your role as the Devil I see,” I said.

“More than you will ever know my angel in white. Now go ahead reach behind me and touch my tail,” Lu said in a low voice as he pulled me closer to him.

My hand was on the small of his back and I slid it down and grabbed what I though was a part of his costume. At the base the tail was about an inch or so around and felt warm to the touch. My touch aroused Lu I felt his member grow as he pressed against me. My head began to spin not knowing what the fuck was going on. I pulled back from Lu and released my hand from his tail.

Lu looked eskort bursa deep into my eyes and I felt weak in the knees. He whispered in my ear, “So darling Hilary do you now believe I am indeed Lucifer?”

In a weak voice I replied, “Yes sir, I do, but what would you want of me?”

“I want nothing more than to pleasure you beyond your wildest imagination, my darling,” He answered.

We continued to dance, he held me by my hips and twirled me around the dance floor. Suddenly I felt something rub against my pussy. I looked down and saw that his tail had come up between his legs and found its way under my costume. The egged shaped tip vibrated against my outer labia. Just the thin panty material separated his tail tip from my now wet pussy.

Lu looked me in the eyes and he could tell his tail was pleasing me. I reached under my costume and pulled my wet panties to one side, I grabbed his tail just below the egg shaped head and pushed it up into my pussy. The tail tip was very warm and I could feel many rubbery bumps about its surface. The tip was tingling the wet inter walls of my pussy.

Lu leaned in close and said, “Let the tail go, it will bring you more pleasure.”

I let go and put my arm over his shoulder, the tip worked its way in and out of my pussy, spinning me to the verge of cumming. Lu sensed this and withdrew the tip, I bit my lip wanting to cum right there on the dance floor.

“We must stop for now, before you scream out the burning desire within your loins. I live in the penthouse on the top floor of this building, we will retreat to a more private setting, so you can emerge yourself in pleasure you have not yet experienced in your life.”

“What about my friend Ashley, I can’t leave her by herself,” I replied.

“Darling Hilary fear not, she will be cared for and driven home safely. Hurry we must go now, time is at hand,” He replied.

He took me by the hand and led me out a back way, I waved to Ashley as I passed her. I didn’t know what would happen next, but I knew I wanted more from this Devil creature.

We got in the glass elevator that took us up to the top of the building, watching the city lights as we rose. He pulled me close and kissed me, holding the sides of my face I felt his tongue probe my mouth. There was more and more tongue forcing its way into my mouth. He tilted my head back, and drove his giant tongue down my throat. I thought I would gag, but for some reason I didn’t, I began to suck the thick tongue as it were a cock. He moaned with pleasure.

The elevator reached the top and the doors opened into a very large foyer, what was to just be the beginning of his expansive penthouse. “I wanted to see how much tongue you could take, and you did well. We shall see how you do with a much larger organ of pleasure, my darling Hilary,” He boasted.

Lu guided me into the living area, tall ceilings, a lot of dark wood and walls, elaborate tapestries adorned the walls all having some strange designs. There were plenty of painting of nude women, many of which included imagery of the Devil.

We stopped on a red carpeted area near a coffee table and couch. Lucifer pulled my costume from my shoulders and let it fall to the ground. There I stood in my white lacy bra and panties with white fishnet stockings and heels.

I undid the clasp on my bra and let if fall to the ground, then I bursa yabancı escort lowered my panties leaving me in fishnets and heels. Lu smiled and reached out to fondle my tits, he had removed his gloves revealing red hands with long black nails. He pinched my hard nipples with the long finger nails, only to arouse me further.

He leaned his head toward me and his long tongue teased my sensitive tits, it was then I noticed his tongue was actually split like a fork. His long fingers found the opening to my pussy and he drove them deep into me.

“That’s quite a tongue my good sir, I bet you can please a pussy very well with that,” I said in a moaning voice.

“Indeed Hilary darling you shall see in good time many of my sexual charms. Now it’s time to do your bidding for this Devil down on your knees before me and keep them spread for me. We will see how well you can handle the beast within,” Lucifer commanded.

I did as directed kneeling at the level of his crouch, he undid his pant and lowered his fly, and his pant fell to the ground. My eyes could not believe what was before me, this beast of a man had a giant cock thick and long as I have ever seen. His foreskin hung and inch lower than the head of the cock head.

The cock was pale red, but I noticed from out of the end appeared to be a forked shaped appendage, like that of a snake’s tongue. “Go my little winch, stroke my beast, open thy mouth and accept my gift to you,” He snarled.

I reached up and took hold of the thick shaft and pulled the foreskin back. The head was dark purple and like a giant mushroom top. Underneath the tip of his cock was a snake tongue looking extension. He was able to control the movement of this tongue with his sheer will.

I stuck my tongue out and flicked the appendage, next I took the head into my mouth, and I could feel the tongue tickle the back of my throat. Suddenly then was a cold tingling sensation engulfing my throat and mouth.

I pulled my head back and looked up at Lucifer, “What the fuck was that,” I said.

“Do not worry sweet maiden, it will ease your gag reflex. Now go about your work, you need to accept my entire member, if you are to enjoy the pleasure of fornication I will give that womb of yours. Now open thy mouth and swallow like the common whore that you are,” He snarled again.

I obeyed his command and open as wide as I could, I took more and more of his shaft and surprisingly I had no gag reflex. He put one hand on my throat and the other on the back of my head.

It was then I felt that all too familiar tail of his rubbing against my outer labia. The egg shaped tail entered me in no time and began to pleasure my pussy as it had done on the dance floor. This time I felt something wiggling itself deeper into me, small electric shocks caused my pussy to quiver.

Lu withdrew his cock a bit and then thrust deeper down my throat, he repeated this over and over until I engulfed his entire cock. My lips were pressing against his body, he held me close for the longest time.

Once he was satisfied that I could swallow the entire beast, he proceeds to face fuck me with a vengeance. Slobber poured form the sides of my mouth as tears filled my eye. At the same time his tail had brought me to the verge of cumming.

Lucifer sensed this and withdrew his cock from my mouth. “Take bursa merkez escort pleasure in my tail whore , cum for me,” He screamed.

“Oh oh fuck, I am coming master I am coming, your little angel is cumming like a sultry whore….oh fuck yes,” I screamed.

I felt the tail pull out of me and saw it covered in my milky cum. “To bed with you now, we will complete our union. You have proved you talents are worthy of fully accepting me,” He snarled.

He picked me up and made way to a bedroom area, the décor as I expected dark with lots of red, including the sheets on the turned down bed.

He laid me on the bed and got between my legs, I felt his tongue enter me. He split the ends wide rubbing the sides of my inner walls. I was surprised how long and thick his tongue could get. He was deeper in me than most cocks I have fucked. I now understood what he meant by his magical powers.

“Enough foreplay, you are quite ready to accept the beast into your body. I will lay flat and you mount me, pleasure yourself until your cum covers the beast. Then it will be the beast’s turn to own all that is your womanhood with reckless abandonment,” He commanded.

As always I did as he directed and straddled his torso, I raised myself high so that I could guide his cock into me. I was quite wet, and sufficiently stretch to accept the beast. I bounced up and down, I felt the tongue of the beast tickle my inner parts and knew I couldn’t last long.

Lucifer raised his head from the pillow and suckled on my ripe tits, his forked tongue working its magic on my nipples as I fucked the beast with all I had. “Oh baby I am cumming….shit oh fuck yeah, fuck the beast….fuck..fuck…fuck,” I screamed.

“Yes darling Hilary cum for me….cum hard…because you are about to find out how wild the beast can be. Now get on all fours and show me that whore pussy, I will show no mercy so don’t bother crying out for help. Most likely you will pass out from exhaustion my sweet angel of the darkness,” He sneered.

Lucifer got between my spread legs and drove the beast into me, he held my waist as he slammed the beast in and out of my pussy. He dug his sharp nails into my ass and pulled my hair has his swollen cock ravaged my womanhood.

He got up , standing with his feet outside my knees, he bent at the knee and impaled my pussy with the beast. He was able to go harder and faster in this position, if that was even possible. The beast grew with each thrust, as it felt he was ripping my pussy into shreds.

“Oh it fucking hurts master, of fuck…..please…….please stop,” I cried.

“No begging you little gutter whore, it will only drive me to go harder, give yourself up to me,” He screamed.

I tried to squirm away and got to my side, he straddled my one leg and spread the other wide apart. In this position he just pumped hard. I could feel his breathing deepen and animal like growl came from his lips.

The last I remembered was a flush feeling of my pussy being filled with his hot cum. He screamed out, “You will be mine from this day, winch……to fuck and abuse as I please….awe…..awe,” He screamed.

I passed out at that point, a rag doll of sweat and tears. I woke up the next morning naked in my own bed. Had no idea how I got there, but I was sore as fuck. My costume was folded neatly on my dresser, on top was a note which read, “I chose you last night because I knew you were fertile, I am quite confident that you will bear a son for me. Lucifer”

Knocked up by the Devil himself, I was mortified, what would this mean to my life I thought. Did I really have a horned bearing demon developing in my womb, holy fuck.