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A Romp at the Beach

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Annie starts the story: I am thinking of warmer weather and beaches.

It had been a while since we had seen each other and fucked. I thought I need a holiday somewhere warn and some place that clothing is an option. I send you an email letting you know where I am headed and cheap flight info with a hope you might join me.

I check into my little hut and enjoy that the beach is just out the patio door. I also notice that I have privacy from the rest of huts and figure that I can go without clothes. I immediately go into the bedroom, strip off my clothes and run into the water for a much needed swim. I lie down on the hammock that is on the patio and fall asleep.

It is early in the morning when I wake up; I am startled for minutes when I realize that someone is standing over me. I open my eyes to see you smiling at me. I am happy to see you. You are only wearing swim trunks. You bend down to kiss me hello and it doesn’t take long for the kiss to grow deeper. I love the feeling of your tongue in my mouth and tracing my lips. You stand up and pull me up in a sitting position. You ask me if I want to go for a swim.

We dive in the water, feeling the coolness on our skin which hopefully will give us time cool down a bit so we can play. We swim well we use it as an excuse to brush against each other, stealing kisses and touching. You move behind me, cupping my breasts in your hands and your thumbs feel my nipples growing rock hard. I can feel your own rock hardness against my ass and know that we will have to move to someplace where we can do something about it. We move towards the shore, and go to the patio. They have a large lounge chair that looks more like a bed.

We start kissing again. Your hands are playing with my breasts and my hands are running up and down your arms and legs. I get up and kneel in front of you. I take your cock in my mouth; not quite hard but love feeling it growing in my mouth. The first taste of your precum on tongue leaves me wanting more. My hand cups your balls; squeezing them gently and hearing you moan. My tongue traces over the head of your cock and scoop of the precum that is oozing from the tip. My hand is moving up and down your shaft. You are so big and taste so good. I keep of that sweet rhythm going and feel your hands knotted in my hair. You keep warning me that you are going to cum and that I need to stop. But I have other plans. I take you deep in my mouth sucking you deep and hard. I feel your balls tighten and here you moan. The first of your cum hits my throat and I love the sweet taste of it. But I pull your cock out my mouth and aim it so you shoot all over my face. Your cum is dripping off me and I stick out my tongue to catch it.

I stand up and kiss you. I move to sit beside you and lean back against the pillows. I tell you to watch me. Watch me as I finger fuck my wet pussy until I scream out your name. You move so you can see my finger slowly moving in and out, stretching eskort bayan gorukle out my pussy lips and the sound they make because of my wetness. I bring my fingers to my mouth and slowly lick the juices off. I tell you how good my juices taste mixed with your juices. I move my fingers down to my clit and start rubbing it in circles, my hand moving faster and faster. It has grown hard and you can see it jutting out from my pussy lips. Your hand reaches down to squeeze your cock and you can feel yourself growing hard again. I spread my legs wider. You love my shaved bare pussy and that you can see my ass. You wonder if you will be able to fuck that over the next few days as you hear me moan and start screaming your name. You return your attention to me, my juices are soaking the cushions below me, my nipples rock hard and I push my hips up as I cum. You push a finger into my pussy and feel it pulsating. Mmmmm….

Ed takes over the story:

I take your hand and guide it to my now throbbing cock. I lean over and kiss you catching some of my previous load from your face and tonguing it into your mouth. I love being kissed as you stroke me and you hear me moan with desire. I grope your massive tits and tease the huge nipples with my fingers. They need to be gently sucked so I comply and the hard dick pressed into your thigh is making you wet again. I love how wet you get; I love how orgasmic you are. I want you to cum again so my hand makes its way to your shaved soaking wet snatch.

I use the four fingers of my right hand to scoop up your juices letting my thumb play with your engorged clit. I love making you drip and my now hard dick is spilling precum. I tell you to touch me and lick it off your fingers. I know you love my taste and now it’s my turn. I move down and spread your lips apart with my index fingers of both hands. I love this view; I can see the bare skin quivering with passion of what will happen next. I breathe on your pussy and move my mouth to you. I start along your thighs and gently lick upward. I let my tongue flick over not quite touching your pussy, making you hot and wet.

You want my tongue and I’ve teased you enough. I slip my tongue into your pussy enveloping your scent and your juices. I love your taste and your aroma. I find your hard clit and play with it, occasionally biting it for effect. Your hands are on my head pushing me inward. I slurp your wetness and fully dive into your beautiful cunt. I love eating you, I can’t get enough. I suck and suck and suck and feel you moan as your hips engage as you start to build your explosion. I remove my mouth and move up to kiss you, letting you taste how good it is. I show you my big dick jutting out and take your juices to lubricate me. I go back down to your pussy and tell you to open yourself up for me. You do so as I tongue your clit and I feel you starting to cum. I love watching but this will be participating as well. I am right on your mudanya escort hard button as you cum and as you do so I enter your pussy with two fingers of my left hand. You are yelling and bucking as you cum and as your hand goes down to play with your clit to finish yourself off I stand back and observe.

I am furiously pumping my cock and shoot a huge load onto your hand and into your pussy. We both seem to cum for the longest time. I can barely stand but lean over and lick my cum and yours from your hand and feed it to you. We taste incredible.

Now we can shower after a brief rest. I still want to fuck your ass.

I’m lying there quite spent from the explosions when I hear the water running. I slowly make my way to the bathroom where I see your outline behind the thin shower curtain. I move the curtain back a bit to watch and lean back against the sink. You like this, heck, you love this, being the object of my voyeurism so you decide to put on a bit of a show. I watch as you let the soapy water cascade down your body and as I follow its path you scoop it up and allow it to coat you again so the process repeats itself. This is causing a reaction in my groin area as I start to stroke myself. I move a little bit closer to you but not yet in the shower just so you can soap up my dick.

I lean in to kiss you and your hands find my willing, wanting cock. You can feel me grow as our kiss and your hand movements become more intense. You are literally grabbing me by my now rock-hard dick to join you in the shower. I step over into the shower and we embrace, your gigantic, luscious tits pressed against my muscular chest. You are relentless in your jerking me off and we both look down at what you’ve done to me. We know, both of us at this turning point that this cock must be buried deep inside you. It must be fucking your sweet ass hard. I spin you around, letting the water and soap slide down your back to make your skin even more slippery. I place my cock between your cheeks and slide it up and down while you brace against the shower wall. I love feeling this hard, pressed against you while fucking between your ass cheeks.

I dab some lube onto me and push on your back to bend you over a bit more. I probe with my big dick into the outer edge of your hole. I go in and out, gently and slowly at first then picking up the frequency, intensity and depth of my thrusts. We have a beautiful rhythm going, can you feel me buried deep in your ass as I impale you mercilessly. I am totally engaging my hips as I pump and pump your tight ass. I hear you moan as I see your fingers of one hand reach down to play with your clit so I know you’re close to cumming. I balance my feet as I reach around to grab your waist with one hand while pulling your hair back with the other. I have never fucked this hard before; I don’t wish to hurt you but I want to cum hard and deep with you. I feel you tighten as you scream my bursa evi olan escort name and let go and as you do this, I shoot into your ass. Can you feel the huge cum shot inside you, dripping out of you, dribbling down into your pussy. I pull out and release more of my load onto your ass and legs. I put my still throbbing dick against your thigh and rub against you. You turn around and we kiss.

Did you enjoy me in your ass? Where can we go next?

Annie finishes the story: I am feeling very fucked and very, very satisfied. We wash each other slowly, and kiss very sensually. We dry each other off and go out to lie down on the daybed outside. The warm air feels great against our skin. We lie down, stroking, touching and kissing but feeling a bit sleepy. We end up falling asleep.

I awake a while later, feeling your hand cupping my breast and pulling on my nipple. It is making is so long and so hard. I can feel your cock between my ass cheeks and I can feel it growing and your precum dripping on me. You lift my leg up slightly, and slowly push the head of your cock in my tight pussy. Can you feel the wetness on the head of your cock? Can you feel my pussy griping your cock? And pulling your deep inside of me?

We start that ultimate rhythm. The one that fills my pussy up with your cock, push and pulling in me, tugging at my clit and your balls against my ass. Your hand is pinching my nipple and I am moaning in pure pleasure. It brings you so close, so close to exploding in my pussy and adding to my wetness with your hot sticky cum. But you want more. You pull out and whisper that you want to me to suck on your cock. We shift so my lips can slip over your cock and taste my own juices that are coating it. I trace around the tip and scoop up your precum on tongue. We taste so good together. I slowly suck your in, trying to take your huge cock in my mouth. My mouth moves up and down your length with my tongue tracing your shape. I love the feeling of your hands in my hair tugging me. My hand reaches up to cup your smooth balls. I love how they tighten when you are getting close.

You tell me to get on all fours. I present myself to you with my legs spread wide so you can see my ass and my dripping pussy. You slick your hand up and down your cock as you take in the site. You slowly push your cock deep inside my wet pussy and rub your thumb against my tight asshole. You move your thumb in and out as your fuck my pussy. My own hand reaches back and plays with my clit that is so hard. I beg you fuck me harder and faster. But you continue to fuck me slow and deliberate. You are enjoying, wanting the tightness around your cock, and around your thumb. You are thinking about how my mouth felt, and how my ass felt. You want this to last…

But you realize how close you are and how much you want to cum. How much you want to explode and how much see your cum on my skin. You hear me scream out as I cum and feel my pussy clenching around you and that pushes you over the edge. You pull out and masturbate your hard wet cock and shoot a huge load on my ass and back. You bend down and scoop some up with your tongue. You pull on my hair and kiss me feeding me your hot cum.

I think it is time for food and another nap.