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A Warm Sunny Day

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Barb and her neighbor Dany were sitting on the back deck of Barb’s home. They had been close friends for many years. The deck was on the second floor of the house and overlooked a swimming pool as well as a view down the neighborhood back yards. They were sipping cold drinks and thinking about having a dip in the pool.

Both women were in their late forties, attractive and in good enough shape to wear bikinis’ with comfort. While Barb’s build could be described as “comfortable”, Dany’s definitely was “spectacular”.

However, in terms of personality, Barb was outgoing and sort of brassy while Dany was introspective and quiet. Barb was recently divorced while Dany remained contentedly married to a commercial salesman who travelled often. Their children had all left the nest, so both women were home alone most of the time.

There was a disturbance in the house next door and they looked over to see two men carrying large boxes into the back yard. One man, apparently a deliveryman, soon disappeared leaving the other young man alone. The ladies watched casually as he began to open the boxes and remove parts of what was apparently a prefabricated shed.

Barb murmured to Dany, “Hmm, have you seen young Jim since he came home from college? Talk about growing up. I’m not sure what they fed him there, but both his body and his confidence seem to have expanded. Look at those arms and butt.” As she said this, the young man peeled off his tee shirt and stood sweating in shorts and sandals.

Dany replied, “I heard that he was back home. He used to look kind of nerdy. Goodness, he does look different. Hmm, look at those forearms,” she giggled as she caressed the side of her breast.

Barb said, “Let’s watch him for a while before our swim. Nothing turns me on like a well built man at work.”

The young man in question was intent on his job and did not appear to notice the two ladies leering his way. The ladies were correct; his four years at college had changed him. Not one to enjoy team sports; and it being a requirement that he participate in some athletic endeavor, he had become the top wrestler in his weight class in his first year at college. The combination of becoming a noted athlete as well as a top scholar had done wonders for his self-confidence and the rest of his life had blossomed.

He not only gained the respect of other males, but now he could deal with the fairer sex in a confident manner. The ‘nerd’ in him was gone and while not a stud, he had experienced satisfying sex with several different girl friends over his four years in college.

He suddenly became aware of the two ladies perched on the deck next door apparently watching his every move. He looked up and waved to them with a big grin, “Morning ladies, did not notice you.”

Barb stood up and moved to the railing of the deck and said, “Hope you don’t mind us watching you work Jim. What are you building?” She leaned ahead, allowing her breasts to bunch up over the top of her bikini bra.

Jim grinned, “Going to build a tool shed, or probably should say, trying to build a tool shed. I never was much good at following directions.” God she looked good. He had never thought about her as a sex object in prior years, she was just the lady next door.

But he had masturbated many times with the mental photo of the other lady, Dany Baker, engraved in his mind. She had worked out in a gym near his high school and became a regular feature for Jim and his horny young buddies to ogle after school. The tight gym clothes revealed a very beautiful body although she had always seemed oblivious to the boys clustered outside the gym window. One of his few claims to fame was that he lived next door to her.

And then, “Hi Mrs. Baker, have not seen you since I came home. How is your husband doing? Still travelling a lot?”

Dany moved beside Barb and smiled back down at Jim, “Hi Jim, yes Bert’s off right now for a few days. He has not slowed down at all in his travels. I go with him on occasion now that the kids are gone, but I prefer staying home in the nice weather.” She leaned forward beside Barb, presenting the young man with quadruple pleasure.

They could read in his face and body language that he was enjoying the view. Barb said, “We are going for a swim in a few minutes, why not join us?”

Dany grabbed Barb’s arm and giggled in sotto voce, “You bitch, you going to seduce him?”

But Jim said, “Well thank you, but I have to get something accomplished on this shed; maybe I can take a break after while and join you for a dip.” He was acting casual, but his heart was pounding at the thought of sharing a pool with two attractive bikini-clad women.

Barb responded, “Come over any time, we plan to be here all afternoon.” To Dany she whispered, “Look I think he is getting a bone on.” They suppressed excited giggles.

Dany was becoming a little nervous about this flirtation with the young man. As they headed for the pool she said, “Barb, what are we doing? I see the look in your eyes, you are thinking of doing him aren’t you? God, he is half our age.”

Barb türkçe altyazılı porno grinned, “Ah who knows. It is fun to arouse men and this one looks like he wants to be teased. And if something happens, all’s good. You have a man to bed, I don’t. Just stay with me for a while, you can leave if it gets too hot for you.”

Dany was far more interested than she was letting on. She was sure that Jim had been looking more at her than at Barb. His eyes had locked on hers for minutes it seemed.

She retorted, “Don’t feel special Barb, Bert’s been away for over a week, and we have not been very active in bed for longer than that. I’ll stick around and watch you work him over. If he comes that is!”

Barb grinned, “Oh, he’ll be coming, more ways than one.”

“You are a bitch in heat Barb,” Dany laughed.

They made their way to the pool, lowered themselves into the water to cool off, giggling and chatting as they paddled around. They got out after a while and toweled off in a screened off area beside the pool, and settled down for another drink.

Barb removed her bra as she settled back in a lounge chair. “C’mon, bare your tits Dany, lets give him a show if he is man enough to join us.” She fluffed her breasts and nipples.

“God, I couldn’t do that. It’s too obvious Barb,” Dany responded in a shocked voice. They had been topless by this pool many times before, but never with male company. She lay back for a few minutes, then sat upright and defiantly untied her bra strings.

Barb was sitting up, sipping on a cool drink. “You have beautiful tits Dany. It takes a lot for me to be sitting here topless beside you, and especially if our young hunk comes over, he’ll only have eyes for you.”

Dany sat up, “Don’t be silly, you look hot, you look great. And my bra will be back on when he shows up.”

Barb said, “Are you getting horny?”

“Yep,” Dany laughed.

The afternoon drifted along, the ladies continued refilling their glasses and getting a little more silly and outlandish in their thoughts about what they would do if Jim joined them.

Suddenly Jim called out, “Hey ladies, are you decent? Be over in a minute, I have to get my bathing suit. Is the side door open?”

“Side door will be open,” shouted Barb, “but no real need for a suit!” She and Dany giggled loud enough for the young man to hear.

And he did hear. His antennae were on high alert as a result of their earlier display of tits. What the hell, they had invited him. He countered with “Okay, fine by me.” Push comes to shove he would swim in his undershorts.

Barb rushed into the house to open the side door for him, and then back to the pool. She was breathing hard, and Dany giggled at her heaving tits.

“He’s going to be wondering what’s up if he sees those babies swinging around like that,” she laughed. She made no move to put her bra on again.

They heard him enter the pool area. Barb called out, “In here Jim, come in for a drink first to cool down a bit.”

His eyes widened with surprise at sight of the naked boobs but he was nonchalant as he said, “Wow, what a nice surprise.”

“What do you mean Jim,” Barb said coquettishly, her lips pursed as if dismayed by his reaction. “You’re bare chested, why can’t we be?”

He grinned, “Put it that way, and I’m all for it.” His eyes drifted back and forth between the ladies.

Barb arose and went to the little bar, “like a beer Jim? Rum and coke maybe?”

Jim’s eyes followed her ass to the bar, then onto her tits as she turned towards him, “Beer’s fine Mrs. Tinsley.”

“Barb, for God’s sake Jim, call me Barb, and that’s Dany,” Barb stated sharply. Jim smiled as he turned to Dany, allowing his eyes to drink in her beautiful face and body. “Hi Dany,” he grinned.

Dany felt a little jolt of heat between her legs. She was sure that her nipples had stiffened as his bold eyes feasted on her. She was thinking, ‘my goodness, where is this going’.

Barb knew where this was ‘going’, she just was not sure about how it was going to get there. She walked over in front of Jim to hand him his beer.

Barb looked down at his groin area, “You going to swim in those shorts? They look a little heavy for that. Better lighten up a bit.” Her breath was coming in little short gulps. ‘He is hard, he was thinking of me, he wants me, and I want him’ she thought.

Jim responded, “Well, I thought I might just swim in my undershorts, if you don’t mind. They are something like a swim suit anyway.” There was no protest from the ladies so he took a slug of beer and dropped his work shorts to the ground and turned to face them.

The pale blue jockey shorts were banded at the waist and tight on the legs. Dany held her breath as she looked at the outline of his cock now wedged up along his belly, the knob threatening to peek out above the waist band. Her loins loosened and grew hot.

Jim turned and walked quickly to the pool and dove into the water, his body slicing through the surface with barely a ripple. The ladies followed and twitter porno watched as he swam a few laps in expert fashion, returning to look up at them now standing at the edge of the pool.

“Come on in, join me,” he teased, “it will be my first experience with two topless women in a pool.” He turned to his back, paddling slowly in a circle and presenting his bulging bathing suit for their obvious pleasure.

The pool was well protected from the view of others on the street. In fact the only place one could see any part of it directly was from a window in Jim’s house, and there was nobody home. The ladies sat on the edge of the pool. Dany in particular was not sure if she really wanted to take this next step, but finally she followed Barb who had entered the pool and waded over in front of Jim, now standing in chest high water.

Barb was grinning, she had nothing to lose here and maybe a hell of a lot of fun. She thrust her tits ahead in a provocative manner and Jim smiled as the nipples tightened and broke the surface of the water. Dany, who was shorter than the other two had to swim to join them, her tits dangling deliciously under her body.

Jim grinned and said, “My, they do float don’t they, I have always wondered” and when she made no move to retreat took a nipple between her fingers. Barb reached around and pulled Dany closer.

Jim turned to Dany and cupped her tit in one hand, bringing the nipple to surface. It was as if their world was waiting for something to happen.

Barb broke the ice with, “No reason that you should be having all the fun.” She steeled herself before reaching down to rub the hard cock bursting to emerge from his tight shorts. His smile emboldened her even more and she slipped in behind him, pressed her tits to his back and pushed the shorts down. She followed them down under water and pulled them off his feet. On her way back to surface she paused and nipped his ass cheek.

Jim had just lifted Dany’s breast in his hand with the intent to suck the nipple when he felt the nip on his butt. “Jesus!” he exclaimed.

Dany, waiting for his lips to clamp on her nipple queried, “What’s wrong?”

As Barb broke surface again he said to Dany, “She bit my ass!”

They all roared with laughter, an icebreaker if there had ever been one. There was probably no wrong answers or moves any longer, and they sensed that anything would fly on this day.

Barb, still behind Jim, reached around under water and grabbed his stiff cock, “Goodness Dany, what do we have here!” She pulled her tits tighter against his back and stroked him, now sucking and nipping his back.

Dany lay back in Jim’s arms as he began sucking her nipple and did not respond to Barb’s invitation.

Barb burbled excitedly, “Let’s get nude, shall you do the honors or is it up to we ladies?”

“I do panty removal very well,” grinned Jim. He moved them to the side of the pool, lifted each one up to sit on the edge with legs dangling in the water and explained, “If I do it under water I might not want to come up again and drown.”

The ladies were no longer skittish or tipsy, the effects of the alcohol had worn off and sex was in the air. If there was any doubt about that, it was erased by the determined demeanor of the naked young man in front of them. He was going to get fucked and there was little doubt that one or both of them would be recipients.

Jim moved between Barb’s legs, pushing them to each side of his upper arms. He loosened the ties of the bikini, pulled the triangular front patch down to bare her mound and trimmed black bush. He tugged the entire bit of cloth out between her legs. He pushed her legs up as she leaned back, bent down and ran his tongue tip along her pussy lips.

“Oh God,” Barb almost passed out at this sudden erotic exchange. It had been years since a man had licked her. She settled back on her hands ready for more. He parted her lips with his fingers and pressed a flattened tongue on them and rubbed hard.

Dany watched in fascination. Without any conscious thought on her part, she spread her legs.

Jim moved between Dany’s legs, repeating the panty removal to expose a bulging shaved mound. There was no particular thought about his boyhood lust for this woman now, it was just a pussy to enjoy.

Dany closed her eyes and spread wider as his tongue began its magic. Barb moved in close to her, lifted Dany’s tit and tongued her way along her cheek until she found Dany’s parted lips. Dany turned to receive Barb’s mouth. Even the birds seemed to quiet down, the only sound the soft moans of the women kissing and Jim’s tongue now lashing Dany’s slit like a dog licking a plate clean.

Jim pulled back and lifted himself out of the pool. The ladies continued kissing and feeling each other. Apparently the excitement created by the two of them attempting to seduce this young man, had freed a latent desire for each other never before acted upon. They separated reluctantly and rose to follow Jim into the screened area by the pool.

They toweled down wordlessly, üniversiteli porno events moving at a pace beyond any of their expectations. The ladies eyes returned again and again to Jim’s cock. It was so hard it bowed upwards like an upside down banana, the veins in it full of pumping blood feeding an almost purple knob.

Jim pulled Barb close and kissed her while he held her entire pussy in his hand; and then repeated it with Dany. He was covering all bases.

Barb broke the silence, “We really should go inside.” She looked deep into Dany’s eyes and murmured, “Are you with us Dany?”

Dany had one hand on Jim’s ass and the other on Barb’s silky butt as she breathed, “Oh yes.” But now, she was not certain whether it was Jim she wanted or her old friend Barb. Maybe both. Her pussy was aching and her nipples tight and erect, she needed something or someone.

Clutching towels around them they hustled into the house and followed Barb to her master bedroom.

It was young Jim, probably being the most experienced in modern sexual practices, who took charge. He said boldly, “I want to fuck both of you. I want you to make out with each other like you did at the pool. I want to pull my cock out of one pussy and get off in the other one.”

Barb sunk down to her knees and closed her lips around his cock, and slowly swallowed it until the knob was pressing the back of her throat. She lifted his balls in one hand, fondling them as she moved her mouth up and down the shaft. Dany was standing over Barb; her lips wide open to receive Jim’s probing tongue.

Barb stood up, moved to the bed table and pulled out a tube of jelly. She demanded petulantly, “I want it first, it’s my house. Put this on, our pussies are dry from the pool water.” She handed the tube to Jim and sat on the side of the bed with spread legs. Jim sat to one side of her with Dany to the other as he squeezed jelly on his fingers and applied it to Barb’s pussy.

Barb groaned, “Oh fuck, that feels good, you could make me come.” Dany’s fingers began assisting Jim’s. It was wild and crazy, her fingers intertwining with Jim’s in her good friends pussy.

Dany lay back on the bed as Jim’s attention switched to her. Her legs were wide open, her pussy a swollen red gash beneath her shaved mound as he swabbed a gob of jelly on it and proceeded to work it into her.

The women now crawled up on the bed, side by side, facing each other, kissing and fingering each other. Jim was tempted to let them go at each other but was too aroused. He pulled Barb to her back and got to his knees between her legs.

His eyes were wild as he pressed his knob down to her slit, rubbed it around in little circles and rammed it deep in one uncontrolled thrust. He covered her, pulling her legs up around his back and began to fuck her non-stop in a controlled rage. Barb was lost in seconds, arching upwards at him as his cock relentlessly ravaged her pussy. The mattress bounced and Barb’s head pressed up against the headboard, driven there by Jim’s wild thrusting.

Dany was speechless, the sound and smell of sex permeated the surroundings. Her body was alive with expectation, her fingers making little circles around her own hard clit. She squeezed her legs together, trying to relieve the ache in her pussy.

Barb was starting to cum, her vacant eyes wide open as Jim had switched into overdrive, his cock arching upwards and slicing into her as if driven by a steam engine. There was the ‘Whap, whap, whap’ of their bellies slapping together. Her legs stretched up above his back in a desperate attempt to consume his wild thrusting. A strangled yelp and her body vibrated for seconds before her legs stiffened before collapsing to the bed.

Jim looked desperately at Dany beside them. He pulled his slimy cock out of the semi-conscious Barb, rubbing it along her belly and through her bush.

Dany lay back, reading his eyes, spreading her legs in needless invitation. He would be in her no matter what, there was no turning back and she was close to coming as it was. “Jim, please,” she pleaded and reached out.

Jim was trembling, he had not got off in Barb; thoughts of Dany waiting for him had steeled his mind. He took deep breaths to steady himself as he moved on his knees between Dany’s legs. ‘What tits she had, beautiful firm body, smooth shaved pussy trembling to feel him in her, this is heaven,’ his mind rambling.

Dany cried silently as she felt his knob stir in her lips, begin its push in little short jabs, spreading the velvet folds of her pussy as it worked into her. A few firm thrusts and he was fully in her.

She clamped her legs behind his back as he settled down; their bellies glued together, her nipples crushed to his chest. They began their intense ballet, she quickly matching his strokes, opening for him on his downward thrusts, clamping and holding tight to him as he retrieved his bone hard shaft, arching up with him before repeating the cycle.

His arms crept under her, hands hooking on her shoulders as if chinning in her body. The speed of their thrusts increased to meet the growing need for release. When they did come, it was more of a grinding conclusion than the wild thrashing experienced by Barb minutes previous. Jim’s hands slid down Dany’s body to her butt. He pulled her cheeks apart and jammed his cock deep, their pubic bones rubbing as she virtually sucked out his load.