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Favors Ch. 04

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Sorry for the long delay between chapters. I took on a new position at work and learning the new process has been time consuming. I hope that you enjoy this chapter and I would suggest reading the first three chapters.

In the last chapter, we left the sibling as they were leaving their parents’ house.

As always, all characters are over the legal age of 18. In addition, this story involves sex between sibling in a BDSM relationship. If this does not appeal to you please hit the back button now.


“Sir, exactly what are your plans for me tonight?” Jessica asked as Mike turned onto the main road.

“I don’t have exact plans for you, I kind of go with the flow. However, I will not go further than you will allow. Is there a reason you’re are asking?”

“No Sir, to be honest I don’t know what I want.” She responded while adjusting herself in the seat. “On one hand, I want to be a dirty slut and give you whatever you want. While on the other hand I would be happy with continuing what we have already done. My mind keeps flipping back and forth.”

“We will just play it by ear. You remember that all you have to say is stop and I will, correct?”

“Yes Sir.” She looked out the window as he drove. She watched as he made a left turn off the main road, not his normal way home. She looked over at Mike and saw him smiling at her.

“I am taking the long way home tonight.” He answered her unspoken question.

Jessica just smiled and looked out the side window once again as the lights of their small city disappeared and were replaced by the lights from random farm houses. Jessica always loved driving through the farming community, it seemed so peaceful and her goal in life was to live in a similar area. Her brother was lucky is getting his house in the middle of nowhere.

“JESS!” mike said loudly, his loud tone startled her.

“Yes Sir.”

“I said your name three times are you ok over there?” he asked.

“Yeah, sorry about that I was daydreaming a little Sir.”

“About what?”

“Just future plans for my life.” She answered.

“Oh, well I guess I need to focus your attention on the present. Why don’t you take them shorts off and get comfy” he said as he navigated the car down a gravel road.

Jessica figured it would be safe since it was night out and the chances of someone seeing them was slim. She unbuttoned the shorts and raised her ass off the seat as she pulled them free of her hips. She left them laying in the floorboard and sat back with her legs spread slightly. She was quietly sitting there as Mike stopped the car in the middle of the road. Being in the middle of nowhere there was no need to pull off to the side. Mike turned in his seat and grabbed her left leg. He brought it up into the passenger seat and twisted her body around. He left it bent at the knee with her foot flat on the seat. He then adjusted her right leg by moving it closer to the dash. This left Jessica with her back against the door and her legs spread wide.

“Play with yourself slut.” He ordered as he put the car into drive again. “Tell me when you get close.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jessica said as her fingers slipped between her lips to gather some of her juices. Using her index and middle finger she started making small circles on her clit. She let her head lean back and rest against the glass window. The inside of the car was quiet with the only noise they could hear was the rocks crunching under the tires. After a few minutes that was replaced by the sounds of her wet cunt squishing around and her heavy breathing. Mike stole glances at his sister when he could.

“I’m getting close Sir.” She informed him.

“Let me know when you don’t think you can hold it back any longer” he said without even looking at her.

Her head made a loud bag as she jerked it back hitting the window. Her mouth was open and she was panting. “Oh God, I am right there Sir!”

“STOP!” he barked causing all movement from her to stop. “Now smack it.”

Jessica groaned as she knew he was going to try and drive her crazy again like he did at the house. Nevertheless, she followed his orders and smacked herself hard on her exposed pussy. He then instructed her to start over. Jessica took her time playing with herself, she knew there was no rush as he would not let her finish. She lazily toyed with herself as she watched him focus on the road. She studied his profile in the limited light the dashboard afforded her. Even in the dim light he was strikingly handsome. She was focused on looking at him that she did not notice that her fingers had sped up on their own. From out of nowhere she felt the fire building inside her. Stopping before it was too late she smacked her cunt. She saw Mike smile as she did it.

Taking a second to recover, she continued with her task. This time instead of just looking at him, dirty thought started creeping in her mind. She loved sucking on his cock, but vision of him holding himself above her as he slid into her filled her mind. She wanted yetişkin porno him to desperately take what was his, but she was not sure if she could cross that line just yet. She had to stop herself once more. She was afraid to start again because the time between slaps were getting shorter and the smack itself was not calming her down.

“Sir, please let me take a break. I don’t think I can hold back much longer. Please Sir.”

She begged not sure if he would listen. To her delight, he let her rest but she had to keep sitting the way she was. Jessica looked out the window but with the darkness and the fact that everything looked the same she had no idea where they were.

“Do you enjoy the semipublic play?” he asked.

“Yes, it is very hot Sir” she answered truthfully and her fingers moved between her legs. Now that she had calmed down she wanted to start the edging once again.

“I like to hear that.” He looked at her with a mysterious look on his face. “Should we take it to the next level?”

“Only if you want to Sir. Exactly what is the next level?” she was scared to know the answer.

“Don’t worry about that young lady.” He dismissed her question as turned the car around.

Jessica watched where he was driving, running all the different scenarios of where he was going through her mind. Finally, they got back to a familiar looking area. He made a right onto an old asphalt road that led to the grain elevators for the local farming community turning off the headlights as they drove. He pulled around one of the tall cylinders and parked next to some rail cars that were on the siding. He shut the engine off and rolled down his window. He listened and glanced around. Satisfied that no one was around he opened his door and exited the car. Jessica followed his lead standing by the open door and bending down to slide her shorts back on.

“Leave them there, there is no one around to see you.” He stated as he walked towards the rail cars. She tossed them back into the floor and followed Mike.

He glanced around the parked train cars and scanned the surrounding area. Confident that they were alone he stood between the track of the siding with Jessica standing next to him. The rail cars hid them from behind and Mike had a clear view of the road leading to them, so he would spot any cars approaching. He pulled her around and held her close as their mouths tried to devour each other. Mike’s hands dropped to cup her bare ass as the kissed. Mike could only take the kissing for so long before he wanted to make things a little more interesting. Moving his hands up he applied pressure to her shoulders pushing her down his body. Jessica knew what was coming next.

She looked down at the ground and knew there was no way she could get on her knees with all the rocks between the ties. Instead she squatted down, it took her a few minutes to gain her balance. Once she did she quickly extracted his cock and did not waste any time in shoving it in her mouth. She tried to deepthroat him again but she could not figure out the angle. She gave up trying and just settled for a vanilla blowjob. Mike placed his hands on her head not really guiding her with them, just letting the rest there.

“Play with that pussy for me slut.” he said as he watched his cock disappear between her lips. “Look at you sucking your brothers cock in public! It feels so fucking good baby.”

She used her right hand to brace herself on his leg while her left hand snaked between her legs. The squatting position opened her pussy up. She timed the movement of her fingers to the speed she was sucking on his cock. She was on edge quickly from the teasing earlier and the fact she was outside, where they could easily get caught. They were both moaning with pleasure. Jessica pulled his cock out of her mouth with an audible pop sound.

“Can I cum Sir?” she asked.

“No! Now get your mouth back on me!” he grabbed the back of her head pulling her closer.

She did as instructed, slowing her fingers so she did not push herself over the edge. Her legs were wobbly as she worked on him. She stopped all movement suddenly removing him and looking down at her legs. She noticed the small rocks next to the rail tie were bouncing around. It was not her legs wobbling it was the ground itself. They both noticed, at the same time, the parallel track beside them slowly light up.

“Fuck Mike! There is a train coming!” she panicked.

“I know. They are coming from behind us they should not see us. Just keep going I was so close. Only a few more seconds” he waited to see if she would use her safe word.

Instead she shrugged her shoulders and took him deep in her mouth gagging on his cock. Working hard to finish him off while racing the train. He grabbed her hair pulling her off his cock. Taking matters into his own hands he jacked himself off. A few strokes later he blasted his load all over his sister’s face. His cum coated her forehead down to her chin. Somehow, he managed youjizz porno to miss her eyes. After the last blast came out she sucked him back in cleaning any last remaining drops.

The rumbling was getting louder and the area in front of them was lit up while they were in the shadows of the rail car. The train was moving slowly, a lot slower than normal, around the parked cars. Mike started to worry but was enjoying his sisters talented mouth cleaning his deflating cock.

It seemed like forever before the engine was passing the railcar hiding them. Jessica buried herself in his crotch to hide her face.

“Holy Fuck!” they heard someone say.

Mike looked up and saw an older guy standing on the platform running alongside of the locomotive. Mike looked and all he could do was wave at the guy. Jessica froze here she was half naked and sucking a dick. Not just any dick but her brother’s dick on the railroad tracks with his warm cum dripping off her cheek.

The worker just waved back and started laughing as the train started making a loud noise of metal on metal contact, obviously applying the brakes.

“You kids may want to hurry we need them tracks” he said as he climbed down the ladder and stepped off the locomotive at the switch ahead. He looked back in time to see the pair scurrying back towards the nearby parked car.

Mike and Jessica hopped in the car laughing at the situation they found themselves in. Mike started the car and put it into gear. As he was backing up he saw the old man talking to his partner and pointing in their direction. As he drove away the engineer gave to short blast of the horn causing Jessica to bust out laughing.

They quickly calmed down and headed away from the scene. Mike looked over and saw that she was still covered in his cum. He reached into the center console and grabbed a handful of paper towels, handing them to her so she could clean up.

“Thanks,” she said taking them and wiping up the mess.

“Well that will make for a good memory” he said, “are you ok Jess?”

“Ok… You want to know if I’m ok Sir? I’m not ok… I’m fucking so turned on by everything that I feel like I want to explode! I need to cum badly!” she stated as she wiped the last of his cum off her face.

“Oh, are you now? You are turning into a kinky girl huh?”

“It’s all your fault, Sir! You created this monster now you need to deal with it!!” she said before laying her head back to enjoy the ride.

She knew they were not far from his house. So, there was no point is getting overly comfortable at this point. She allowed her mind to wander over the events of the night. Taking a deep breath, she looked over at Mike.


“Yes, my pet?” he answered while placing his hand on her knee.

She took another deep breath and looked at his hand on her knee. “I want you to fuck me.”

His eyes got wide as he stared at her. “What did you just ask?”

“You heard me. Don’t make me say it again.”

Mike just turned his head back towards the road. Silence filled the car. “Jess, are you saying what I think you said? You have to be kidding.”

“Mike, I am serious. This is all I have thought about tonight. Even before we got caught I had vision of you pushing me up against that cold metal of the train car and pumping into me. I want to give myself to you completely holding nothing back.”

“You know how I feel about that. You’re my sister and if we cross that line there is no going back.”

“Mike, really… like there is any going back at this point. We have crossed too many lines. This is just the last one.” she crossed her arms across her chest.

Mike let that comment sink in. She had a point, they were way past the point of no return. He could lie to himself all he wanted about his reservation on crossing that line. He knew he had always wanted to cross it since that night he saw her sleeping on his couch. He had counted on her to be the one that kept him at a distance. Well, now it seems she wants to close that distance, cross the line and Mike knew he wanted it to. He was scared that he would never want to stop… ever.

“Don’t you think we are going to fast?” he asked hoping she would reconsider.

“Maybe we are Sir.”

Mike started to relax thinking he dodged that bullet.

“But in my heart, this is what I want,” she finished. “Well that is if you want me Sir.”

“Why would you ask that? Of course, I want you! If you were any other girl we would have already been fucking. You’re my sister so it makes things a little different.”

“Then why think of me as your sister. Pretend I’m just some girl you met at the bar.” she offered

“That will not work Jess, I could never see you as anything else. No promises but let’s see what happens.”

“Ok, Sir” she said with a defeated look on her face.

Soon Mike was pulling up to his house. They had ridden in silence the final few miles, each one thinking about where the night was going. Jessica wanted youporn porno him to take her to his bed and make love to her all-night long. Mike was having similar thoughts but was still trying to tear down the mental block he put in place to protect himself from sleeping with her. It was not easy but he was making some headway. He was not sure if he would give in tonight or not.

The pair made their way towards the house. Jessica walked past him reaching the steps first. She did not bother getting dressed so he saw her cute ass bounce up the steps. Mike grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“Subs follow, they don’t lead” he said while sliding the key into the lock.

“Sorry, Sir,” she meekly replied.

Mike turned the key and opened the door. He flipped on the lights in the living room as he walked in. He walked a few steps in and turned to face Jessica who had just cleared the door. When she saw, him looking at her she stopped in her tracks thinking she made another silly mistake. Mike pointed to the floor and Jessica followed the silent instructions.

“When you walk into my house you will kneel here and place your collar around your neck. It will always be on this table waiting for you.” he nodded his head towards the table on her left side, where the collar was waiting. “Furthermore, you will remove all clothing unless otherwise instructed. Fold the clothes and place them on the bottom shelf. Once you are finished with that you may ask my permission to get up. You do not move until then, understood?”

He left his sister to carry out his instructions as he walked to his room to get into some comfortable clothes. He returned to find her naked and waiting. She looked up at him as he entered the room.

She couldn’t think of the right way to ask his permission. No one is ever expected to ask permission for such petty things. Although she could see why he did this, she was his submissive, his property, and she needed his guidance on everything she does. After a quick mental debate, she decided on something simple. “Sir, may I please enter?”

“Yes, you may slut. Go get us a couple of drinks and meet me downstairs. First I want you to lock the doors.”

He descended the stairs as Jessica checked the doors. She felt so exposed walking through the house naked. She normally kept herself covered while at home mainly because her mom told her it was the lady like thing to do. She made her way into the kitchen and opened the fridge. The cold air hit her exposed skin sending chills down her spine. She grabbed him a beer figuring that is what he wanted and looked at option for herself. Juice did sound good and she reached for the container. At the last minute, she changed her mind and grabbed another beer for herself. She heard the bottles on the shelf rattle as she closed the door.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs she could hear the television on in the lounge area. She was disappointed as in her mind she figured he would be in the playroom. Trying not to show her disappointment she walked in the lounge area. Mike was watching some survival show on the television. As she walked it he once more pointed to the ground at his feet. Once her knees touched the floor she offered his drink.

Again, her mind started analyzing the situation. She felt so small sitting on the floor, she knew her place was below him. He was not even looking at her, his attention on the show while they both drank in the quietness. Some people might see this as degrading, but for Jess she was feeling totally the opposite. She wanted to be nowhere else than keeling beside her brother.

“Do you think you could do that Jess?” he asked her, referring to the television show.

It was a survival show with a twist. The couple in the show were complete strangers and to make their situation more difficult they were surviving naked. Jess knew she could not endure the survival part, having to eat whatever plant or animal she could find. There was no way she would even be able to do it with clothing, much less being naked.

“No Sir I don’t want anything to do with that.” she answered as he gave her a big smile.

“Me either Jess. These people are crazy.” He finished the last gulp of his beer and placed the empty can on the table.

“Would you like another one Sir?”

“No I am good I want to keep my mind clear.”

Once again, the silence returned as they watched the last part of the show. After the couple was rescued Mike muted the television.

“Ok we need to talk.”

Jessica swallowed hard, the way he said that made her think it was not a good talk.

“Yes, Sir?”

“I want to discuss the comment you made earlier.”

“Oh,” she responded trying to mask her excitement that he was wanting to at least discuss it.

“Wipe the smile off your face sis, if it happens and that is a big if, I will decide when the time is right. I have so many thoughts crossing my mind that I am not sure if I could actually do it.” Mike said as he played with her hair. “You’re my sister and what we are already doing is a social no no. It’s not normal. You know, that right?”

“Yeah I know it’s not normal. People would think a sister and brother doing this stuff is disgusting.” she paused gathering her thoughts. “But if it is not normal, then why does it feel so right?”