Kasım 20, 2023

Aliens Landish Earth Invasion

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Little Davie Dingus, was in his room playing with his penis. Reading a playboy, fondling his little pride and joy. When in ran his sister, a young prankster, who almost caught the ‘wanking,’

“The Worlds gonna end, the worlds gonna end,” she yelled, then looked at the covers and grinned. A tent was a rise about at Davie’s thighs.

“What ever do you mean?” Davie asked while sinking. Pulling the covers higher growing a lot shyer.

“I saw it on the Television, there is going to be an Alien invasion.” Daisy Dingus proclaimed, not the least bit at all, ashamed. Rolling her eyes and licking her lips, wiggling her slim petite hips.

“Okay go, I have to get dressed and I’ll come see about this mess,” Davie said from a muffled cover top, Daisy didn’t really move a whole lot.

“I don’t want to die a virgin, Davie, I know you’re my brother but you’ve got to ‘Fuck me.’ Davies eyes got wide and his tent started to rise, you could hear the gleam in Daisy’s sighs.

“What?” Davie shout, with an astonished look across his open mouth. Finger twirls through golden locks of pigtails, you could read Daisies mind even if you only read Braille.

Her hand did an under cover exploration which turned into a carnivorous-sensation. Davie did the two handed head grab, while Daisy was lapping in Davies lap.

Her eager tongue was a long sliding lance, Davie was sinking into an ecstasy’s cummin, pushing hips prance. She wiggled her hips as if waving a flag. “Her is my ass, I like long finger drags.” Daisy let out a snicker while Davie fired up his trigger finger.

Daisy raised up and tossed off her clothes, then she went face to face with Davie and nose to nose. Grabbing his cock she fixed her self, bursa escort bayan then slid downward and together they did melt.

Daisy began bouncing up and down, driving herself madly like a peddling clown. Her titties didn’t bounce cause they were like…fried eggs, over and easy four intertwined legs.

Everything was going great until Mom walked in, Saw Daisy and Davie wearing nothing, not even a grin. Caught in the act of making love, that was when Davie gave Daisy the push away shove.

“What in the World?” Moms hands on the hips madness swirled. Mom grabbed them both by an ear lobe, then naked as jay birds out of the room they did go. Down the stairs then down the hall Daisy and Davie did the naked hustle haul.

Into the living room where Dad was engrossed in the television sets, news casters notes. “The Aliens have landed, I repeat, the Aliens have landed,” the news anchorman exclaimed, then rattled off the stations channel and name.

“Oh my goodness… were all gonna die,” Dad cried out and I do mean cried. Mom was still holding their ear lobes, one on each side and both with no clothes.

“I want you to listen cause I’m not joking, I went upstairs and caught these two fucking!” Mom spilled the beans with a harshness that was mean.

“Oh who gives a shit, were gonna die, get it!” Poor Dad sank into his hands, he was being quite a sentimental man. Mom went to his side and she too began to cry. Then Davie and Daisy joined in their howl, drowning out the TV, which was pretty dog gone loud.

They all sat in blubber, hugging one another, when the newsman said aloud, “There is gathering quite a crowd. The Alien spacecraft has landed at the White House, and gorukle escort the crowd is as quiet as a mouse. Well almost…” a giggle from the host.

“The doors of the craft have opened, a conveyor belt is lowered,” the newsman blared, the Dingus family huddled and stared. “There is something coming down the belt now, it looks like a small silver box, somehow.”

“That’s it, were all gonna die,” Dad yelled out pulling off his tie. Daisy took Davies hand and pulled it to her thigh, Davie let out a slight rise in his eyes.

Daisy and Davie got a little finger crazy while Mom and Dads eyes were still a little hazy. Daisy pulled on Davies rod, while Davies fingers were lost.

“The conveyor belt is rising and the Alien space craft is leaving. The Military has taken this as a threat, and all their missiles and bombs are set.” The Anchorman said while Daisy lowered her head. Davies face turned red, Mom and Dad well… nothing was said.

“I love you honey,” Mom said slightly funny, “I love you too huggle bunny,” Dad said while Mom hugged his tummy. Then they kissed and began to caress. Looked over at their kids who were totally un-dressed and intertwined and bodies messed.

Mom and Dad churned their idea, Dad bent Mom over and did her in the rear. “I always wanted to do this,” he said. Davie was still guiding Daisies bobbin’ head.

The four were a midst a frolic, Daisy gave Davies balls a lick. Mom gave Dad a kiss, after 2 minutes Dad shot his bliss. Daisy did a hop and straddle settled on her brother and began to waddle.

“The Military is on stand by, I am not sure why,” blared the anchorman, sound sounded from the TV stand.

“Kabloom, bursa merkez escort bayan tat tat Kabloom!”

The Dingus family stopped to stare, the loud noise made them aware. The screen showed rockets being flared, bombs bursting in air. Mr. and Mrs. Dingus held each other tight, with shared tears in their eyes.

“The smoke screen is clearing,” all eyes were peering. The newscaster mumbled while the world watched humbled. “The silver box is still intact, I repeat; still intact,” the newscaster said at last. “It is un-harmed from the blasts.”

Four naked Dingus, two with hard penis, watched the television set, Davies fingers were sopping wet. His cock protruded from his hips, Mom began licking her lips. In a New York minute, Davie and Mom were doing it.

Dad took Daisy by the hair, lightly guiding her head, you know where. Riding ecstasy to deaths door, were four Dingus that sexually roared. Two on the couch and two on the floor.

“We have a volunteer,” The anchorman sneered. Not a single Dingus family member looked at the television. All were engrossed in what they perceived, would be their last “Fucking” eve.

“The Volunteer is approaching the silver box,” the newscaster spoke as if he were lost. “He is opening it, all artillery is aimed at it.”

“What is it,” Dad asked just as his penis spit. “A bomb to destroy the world?” asked Daisy like a frightened girl. Mom and Davie were slowing their pace to watch to end of the human race.

“He has opened the silver box and there is no explosion yet,” every Dingus was now watching the television set. The announcer described this volunteer and their every move, The Dingus family fell out of their lustful groove.

“A Card, the Volunteer is waving a Card,” Eight eyes peered at the TV hard. The Cameras zoomed in and focussed, anticipation mounting with all this hocus pocus. “I ‘can’ make out what it says,” the news caster said…

“The Aliens have left us a card in an Alien way,
but it reads: Happy Earth Day, from far far away.”