Kasım 20, 2023

Midnight Attack_(1)

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One day while Cindy was staying at Ted’s house she brought Jane over to visit. Jane was Pop’s girlfriend and Pop was real possessive and normally didn’t allow Jane to be gone for long periods of time. This day was different or else Jane was in a rebellious mood. Anyway she didn’t go home right away. In fact she stayed the entire night. When Ted went to bed he was thinking about the two girls in the other bedroom and almost went in there to see if he could get another 3-way sex situation going. He remembered with bursa eskort a great of satisfaction the other time he had had these two girls at the same time. It was the time that his long standing fantasy of having two girls at the same time had been fulfilled.

Ted fell asleep thinking about the two delectable girls and what he wanted to do with them. Sometime in the middle of the night he awoke suddenly realizing that someone had entered his bedroom. He tried to make out who it was. Finally he realized bursa escort bayan it was Jane and she was completely naked. She kneeled on the bed and reached out and grabbed Ted’s dick. Ted started to sit up to engage in whatever sex activities Jane obviously had on her mind. Jane shoved Ted’s shoulders which forced him back down on the bed. “Just lay still and enjoy”, said Jane. She took Ted’s dick in her mouth and slowly started sucking it until she had him in a görükle escort state of full arousal. At that point she positioned her body over top of chuck and impaled her cunt with Ted’s dick. She begam fucking him in ernest. Her cunt being well experienced in such matters had all the right moves. She moved from side to side and up and down until they both exploded in a simultaneous climax. Jane climbed off and disappeared out of the bedroom with only the few words spoken at the beginning of the affair.

Ted got up and took a shower still wondering about his good fortune that night. Many months later Cindy told him that she had sent Jane in to tend to Ted’s needs and that she had thought of joining Jane but didn’t. Ted told her she should have.