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All in the Family

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Jim is the proud owner of Computer Solutions. It took a few years to get it going, and he makes a comfortable living now. His store is in a small strip mall.

He is 6 ft. tall, weighs 180 pounds and is 29 years old. His cock is 6 in. soft and knows how to use it. His is better looking than average. His personality is what makes his life and business run well. Everyone he meets likes him. He is married to his college sweetheart. They met at a frat party when Marie was a freshman.

Marie is 5 ft. 2 in. tall and is 28 years old. Blonde hair and brown eyes. She has D cup breasts and legs clear up to her ass. She weighs 110 pounds. She was a virgin when they started dating. She was waiting for Mr. Right. She found him in Jim. He quickly found out that she loved to fuck and suck. He did his best to keep up with her. She stays in shape by swimming and taking yoga classes. She works at a womens boutique three days a week. She is a knockout.

They have a 9 year old son named Eric. He is a spitting image of his Dad. He is what you would call an old soul. His grasp on life is beyond his years. Because of his Dad’s business he is way into computers. His room looks like mission control.

They live in a 3 bedroom house with a den and a small pool in the back yard. Jim had a friend in Real Estate and he told him about the house. It was in foreclosure. Jim made up the back payments and assumed the mortgage. What you would call a sweet deal.

Jim is sitting in his office at the store eating his lunch. All of a sudden the power goes out. He has a battery back up power supply on his computer. He quickly shuts it down.

“What the fuck!”

He gets up and checks the circuit breakers. He resets them all and still no power. He walks outside and sees a car wrapped around a broken power pole. Apparently it was a police pursuit and the guy wrecked. Knowing it will be a long while before they fix it He closes the store and heads home.

As he is driving home he thinks about his beautiful wife. He is thinking about a nooner. He thinks about her riding him. It’s her favorite position. His cock stirs. He pulls in the driveway and gets out. He notices it’s a warm day and he is sure Marie is either in the pool or sun bathing. His mind goes to her wearing her side tie thong bikini.

“Hi honey, I’m home.”

No answer. He walks to the back of the house. He looks out the sliding glass door and freezes. He sees Marie sitting on a chaise lounge with the pool guy’s cock in her mouth. She is holding his cock with one hand and has his balls in the other. Instant rage consumes him. He stands there, watching them. He isn’t sure what to do. He calms a little.

‘That fucking slut. How the fuck could she do this?”

He gets control of himself. They are way too busy to notice him. He quickly goes into the den and gets his .38 out of the drawer. He has no intentions of killing anyone, but wants it to control the situation. He walks back and watches them. He quietly slides the door open a little. They still don’t notice him.

“That bitch. I’ll show her. He decides to fuck her mind up. He knows she will be out of his life soon. He watches and waits. He sees her lay back on he chaise lounge. The pool guy gets between her legs and shoves his cock in her. He hears her moan as he takes her. He locks her legs around his thighs and holds him close.

“Yes. Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. Make me cum. Shoot your hot cum in me.”

“Take my cock, baby. Take is all the way in. Get ready for my hot load.”

“Oh god, yes. Cum in me. I want your hot cum.”

“Tell me, is my cock better than your husband’s? Tell me how much more you like my cock.”

“Yes. Yes. You’re so much better. I love your big cock in me. You’re the best I ever had.”

Jim feels the hurt and anger burning in his gut. He manages to maintain control. He waits till they are completely lost in their passion. He slowly opens the door and steps out. Neither one of them sees or hears him. She has her face buried in his chest and he has his eyes closed. He waits till she is about to cum and walks up to them. He sees their orgasms start and says.

“Fuck her. Fuck that slut.”

They both are cumming and look up at him. They are so far into it they can’t stop. He timed it perfectly. The pool guy shoots his wad in her and she is crying out. As soon as they finish she pushes him off. He falls on the cement.

“Oh god, Jim. What are you doing here?”

“I live here you slut. What the fuck do you think?”

He watches the pool guy. He sees him clench his fists. He pulls the gun from his back pocket and aims at his balls. The pool guys almost pisses himself.

“Get on your fucking knees or lose your balls.”

He quickly kneels. Jim looks at Marie. Her mouth is hanging open. She is speechless.

“You slut. Are you having fun while I’m at work?”

“Please, Jim. It isn’t what you think. I can explain. Please don’t shoot him. Please.”

He looks at the pool guy. He sees fear in his eyes.

“Marie. Empty his pockets and give him his stuff. He is leaving bursa eskort bayan like he is.”

She quickly takes his wallet and keys out. She hands them to him. The pool guy makes a quick naked exit through the back gate.

“You didn’t kiss him good bye. What kind of a hostess are you, you fucking slut.”

He sees their juice running down her legs.

“Wipe yourself. You look like a whore with his cum running down your legs.”

He turns and walks into the house. She wipes herself and puts on her bikini. She wraps the towel around herself. She follows him in.

“Please, honey. I can explain. Please listen to me.”

“Don’t fucking call me honey.”

“Will you let me explain. Please.”

“Sure, go ahead. This should really be good. Do you need some more time to make up a good story.”

“No, I’ll tell you the truth. I want you to know I love you. More than anything. I don’t love him. It was just sex with him. I thought it would just be a few times and you wouldn’t ever know. I love you and I don’t want to lose you.”

“Just sex, huh? Just fucking and sucking. Telling him how good he is and how much better he is than I am. That’s just sex? Do you realize how that makes me feel? Do you have a fucking clue? You don’t seem to realize you broke trust. How does that get fixed? How do you fix broken trust?

“I know it was a terrible thing I did. I won’t ever see him again. I promise. I know I can fix it if you give me a chance. I know I can.”

“Sure you can. Everything will be just wonderful till you get another itch between your legs that I can’t scratch and you get another guy just for sex.”

“Please believe me. It won’t happen again. I’ll stay faithful to you.”

“What am I going to tell Eric. That his mother is a slut and broke trust. How will I explain what you did to a 9 year old kid. Did you think about anyone else when you opened your legs. Did your marriage vows mean nothing to you. Do you remember me telling you that you were the love of my life. You threw everything down the toilet for sex.

“Please. I know I can make it right. Please.”

“It’s over, Marie. I want you out of here before Eric comes home. I have to figure out what to tell him. I don’t want to try to explain what happened with you around. You can come back tomorrow and get your clothes. Everything else stays till our lawyers work it out. Just go.”

Marie packs a bag and goes across town to her sisters. She comes the next day and takes all her personal possessions and leaves. She saw the hurt and anger in his face and realizes it can’t be fixed. After a few weeks she gets a better job and moves into her own place.

Jim doesn’t go into a lot of detail with Eric. He just tells him that something bad happened between them and they are going to live separately. Of course Eric wonders what will happen with him. He assures Eric that he will always be there for him. Jim encourages him to see his mother. He doesn’t try to drive a wedge between them. When given the choice who he is going to live with, he chooses his Dad. He would have to change schools and get new friends. Jim and Eric bond strongly through dealing with big changes in their life.

At first, Jim slips into depression. Losing the love of his life and having heard her denigrate his manhood to another man is hard for him to handle. He soon realizes he has a son to take care of and slowly works his way out of it. He knows he has to drop the pain and anger and move on with his life. In spite of being in a funk he manages to keep his business running. He refinances the house and pays her off.

Marie finally gets a job at a department store in the womens apparel department. She saves enough money to get her own place. Now she can have Eric stay with her on weekends. He sees her as often as possible. Sometimes he has other plans. It works out for both of them.

Over the next few years Marie dates lots of men. She can’t find any that can keep up with her. She has to resort to using her power tools for relief. Once she keeps two guys but that doesn’t work out either. She tries younger guys but to no avail.

Jim dates off and on as time passes, but never gets involved that much. He is still gun shy because of Marie. He has sex with a few, but the spark isn’t there.

Eric grows up to be a nice young man. He excels in school and stays out of trouble. As he enters high school he notices that all the hot girls go for the guys with nice builds. He figures it out and starts working out. By the time he is a senior he is buffed out and the girls are starting to notice him. He tends to me shy so he never has a steady girl. A week after he graduates he meets a nice girl. They hang out together a lot. He isn’t in love with her. They are just good friends. The have some good make out sessions but it doesn’t go any further. She comes over during the summer so they swim and sunbathe together. Being with her builds his confidence.

The summer ends and he starts college. There is a major university near so he can stay at home. He is into computers bursa merkez escort so he takes classes to set it up as a career. He also discovers the delights of the flesh. He meets a girl at a party that is two years older than he is. She likes him and decides to teach him what sex is all about. She especially likes his ten inch cock. She teaches him how to eat pussy and how to control his hair trigger. His favorite pastime is fucking and making them beg to cum. He is very careful to have sex only with girls that are on the pill. He makes them show him their pill packet.

Just after the holidays, Jim is working on a computer. The phone rings. It’s a lady in a panic. She explains that she works at home doing medical billing. Her computer died. His outside tech is busy so he decides to take the call. He gets his tool box and heads out. He knocks on the door.

“Hello, maam. I’m Jim from Computer Solutions. How can I help you?”

She blushes a little. She didn’t expect someone that looks like Jim. She thought it would be some little computer geek. She is wearing a t shirt and shorts. He nipples are showing through the shirt. She has a pretty face and he guesses D cups breasts.

“I’m Marcie, nice to meet you. My computer is broken. I need it up and running as soon as possible. I work from home.”

“OK, let me have a look at it.”

He watches her ass as she walks away. Nice action and great legs. His interest level goes way up.

He sees she has an HP running Windows 8. He looks at the screen and sees it’s probably a virus she picked up. He puts his diagnostic disk in and lets it run. The chat while it checks her system. She seems like a really nice lady. She is quick to smile and has a sharp wit. His interest level goes a little higher. As the program is running he glances around. He doesn’t see any evidence of a man living in the house. His interest level kicks up another notch. The program finishes and he finds a virus. He removes it, but he doesn’t want to leave so quickly. He stalls, removing some temp files and cookies she doesn’t need.

“It is going to be a while before your done? I’ll make some coffee if you’re going to be a while.”

“Maybe another hour or a little less. You have a lot of stuff here making your machine run slow. I need to clean it up. It’s not serious. Just a little time and you’ll be ready to roll.”

She walks out to put on the coffee. He watches her ass as she walks away. He likes what he sees. He is curious so he pulls up her favorites. He sees a couple of porn sites. He looks at her search history. She has been looking for big cock porn and cum shot facials. He closes it and fiddles till she brings the coffee. He sips his coffee as they chat. He plays at removing the temp files. Finally he can’t do anything else so he gets ready to leave.

“How much do I owe you. You saved my life here. I’d be lost without my computer.”

“I won’t charge you today. I will need to come back tomorrow and make sure everything is ok. We can settle up then.”

“OK, that sounds fair.”

“I can make it around noon if that’s OK.”

“That is perfect.”

“Make some notes if you have any problems. It looks ok now, but you never know.”

On his way back to the store he is thinking she may be worth pursuing. He hasn’t met anyone this nice in years.

He comes back the next day. She greets him as the door. Right away he notices that she has a little make up on and the blouse she is wearing is a little more sheer than the t shirt she had on yesterday. Her nipples are showing big time. Her shorts are a little tighter. She is barefoot with red polish on her toenails.

“Hi Jim. Come on in. I think my computer is OK, but you had better check it.”

“Great. Let’s take a look at it.”

She walks ahead of him. He notices that her ass is working a little more than last time. He decides on plan A. It consists of not charging her if she will go to dinner. He suspects it will work.

He goes in and turns on her computer and puts is diagnostic disk in. the chat while it’s running.

“I was about to eat lunch. Would you like to join me. It’s nothing special. Just soup and a sandwich.”

“That sounds great. I got busy and missed lunch.”

He finishes with the computer and she leads him to the kitchen. She has lunch already on the table. They sit and eat. Two hours later they are still chatting. She pulls out her check book.

“You forgot to tell me how much I owe you.

“I won’t charge you if you will go out to dinner with me. You get a free fix on your computer and I get to have dinner with a beautiful lady.”

She blushes at his compliment.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

“How about Friday evening. I’ll pick you up at 6:30.”

“Perfect. I’ll be ready.”

She hugs him good bye. He feels her firm breasts on his chest. His cock twitches.

“Hi Jim, come in. Let me get my wrap and my purse and I’m ready to go.”

She is wearing a burgundy dress. Spaghetti straps are holding bursa sınırsız escort bayan it up. It’s short, barely covering her ass. She bends over slightly to get her purse and her dress rides up. His eyes pop as he sees her bare ass and pussy lips. The gets her wrap and they head out the door.

‘Looks like I’m getting laid tonight,’ He thinks.

The hostess seats them and they order a carafe of wine. They sip their wine and chat a while. They order and he pours another glass for both of them. They enjoy a nice meal and order another carafe of wine. They are both buzzed a little. They get up and leave.

They get inside and she takes her wrap off. She turns and melts into his arms. She lifts her head for a kiss. Their lips meet and the heat goes up. She gives him her tongue. He sucks it and licks her lips. She moans and presses her breasts against him. He pulls her close and she feels his half hard cock pressing against her stomach. She pushes against it. He slides his hands down and caresses her ass. She moans for him and he works her dress up. He is holding her bare ass cheeks. She pushes hard against him. He unzips her dress part way down and pulls the straps off her shoulders. She moves back a little letting it fall around her waist. She leans back giving him full access to her breasts. He cups them and rubs her nipples. Her nipples swell to the size of strawberries. He lowers his head and kisses each one. She is moaning and her pussy is getting wet. She pulls at his shirt trying to unbutton it. She is so turned on he has to help her. His shirt falls to the floor and she presses her breasts against his bare chest. He unzips her dress the rest of the way and it falls around her feet. She is naked in his arms. Her caresses her back slowly working his way down to her naked ass.

She takes his hand and leads him to her bedroom. There is a small night light on. She sits on the bed and drops his pants. He kicks off his shoes and steps out of his pants. She runs her hands up inside his boxers and cups his balls.

“Oh my. It’s been so long since I did this. I forgot how nice a warm set of balls feel in my hand.”

She hooks her fingers in his waist band and pulls them down. His cock flops up full hard. She quickly grabs it with both hands.

“mmmm. You have a beautiful cock. It’s so long and thick.”

She kisses the head and pulls him down beside her. She rolls him on his back and gets between his legs. She is admiring his cock as she kisses and jacks it. She slowly takes the head in her mouth and licks around the head.

“Oh god, your mouth feels so good. It’s been a long time for me too. Don’t be surprised if the first one is fast.”

“Don’t worry, baby. We are just getting started. I want a mouthful of your cum first. Then I want some in my pussy.”

She takes half of his cock down her throat. He moans and thrusts up to her. She takes a little more and gags slightly. She back off and takes a deep breath. She slowly takes his whole cock down her throat.

“Oh fuck. You took it all. Hang on. It won’t be long if you keep that up.”

She pulls it out and smiles at him.

“Give it to me. Give me you cum. Make me remember how good it tastes. Shoot your cum in my mouth.”

She takes him all the way in and his cock swells. She hangs on and waits for the first squirt. He howls and pumps one shot down her throat. She pulls back and locks her lips just behind the head. She is rubbing the underside of his cock head with her tongue. The next five shots go in her mouth. She catches every drop.

“Oh fuck. Cumming in your mouth. Yes. Yes.”

She holds on till he stops. She swishes it around, savoring the taste and texture. She looks at him and opens her mouth. She shows him his load and then swallows twice. She opens it and says, “See, all gone. I swallowed all your hot cum. It tastes so fucking good. All hot and creamy.”

She moves up and lays against his side. She presses her full breasts to him and hooks her leg in his.

“You are amazing with that mouth. No one has ever done that.”

“I thought you would like that. I take pride in my cock sucking ability.”

She kisses him all over his chest and neck while she is stroking his wet cock. She moves down and licks all the cum juice off it. She takes it in her mouth and sucks it till it starts filling with blood.

“Come on up, baby. I have plans for you. I have a hot pussy waiting for you.”

Jim grabs her legs and pulls her around so they are astride his chest. He opens then wide and pulls her up till her pussy is right over his mouth. She pulls her knees up and lowers her pussy for him. He spears her pussy with his tongue. Her squeal is muffled by his cock in her mouth. She takes his cock out and says, “Oh yes. Eat that pussy. Suck up my pussy juice. Lick my clit and make me cum.”

He starts licking and sucking. She moans for him. He sticks two fingers in and finger fucks her. He pulls her clit hood up and licks it. She cries out and cums for him.

“Oh fuck yes. Yes. Yes. Cumming on your tongue. Yes. Oh god, yes.”

He sucks on it and she cums and cums. Finally she begs him to stop. By now his cock is full hard. He rolls her off and gets on his knees. He pulls her ass up and lines up on her pussy. He holds her by her hips and pushes against her pussy lips. She reaches back and guides it in. she pushes back and takes about half of it.