Nisan 28, 2023

And Long May She Reign

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Disclaimer: This story deals with dark themes of extreme cuckold humiliation between family members. It will not be to everyone’s tastes. Please check the tags before continuing. Thank you.


Melanie was visiting her parents from college for Christmas. Hazel and Philip thought some privacy would suit their situation, so they rented a private cabin in the mountains.

Melanie was bringing her new boyfriend, Alex. She had plenty of boyfriends before, but the way she gushed about this one was different. Maybe she had met her one?

Hazel and Philip were both anxious about how much Alex knew about them. Melanie had not been forthcoming with her expectations for this holiday season, and they did not like to ask in case they accidentally put ideas in her head. All they could do was prepare as best they could to ensure their daughter and her boyfriend got the best possible Christmas.

The cabin had exposed ceiling beams and wooden walls. The couches were covered in plush draperies of patchwork reds and greens. A genuine log fireplace basked everything in a cozy glow.

They hung holly, fairy lights, and even some cheeky mistletoe over the front door. A large floor-to-ceiling presented a scenic view of the snowy landscape. It was the perfect holiday backdrop.

A text from Melanie alerted them she was almost there.

Hazel and Philip waited outside in their Christmas sweaters for her arrival, kneeling silently in the snow.

The temperature was in the low 20s and getting colder. Their teeth chattered, and their breath was misty.

It was twenty minutes before a black BMW Alpina blinded them with its bright headlights. It must have been Alex’s vehicle since they were still making payments on the Range Rover Evoque they bought for Melanie when she graduated high school.

Melanie climbed out from the front passenger seat and greeted her kneeling parents with a wave in her knitted gloves. She looked adorable in her short-waisted white puffer jacket and a mink fur pom-pom hat. A Nappa leather bag with diamond quilting was on a gold chain over her shoulder. With her shocking blue eyes, her long thick hair in acorn waves, and her knee-high suede platform boots trimmed in white fur, she was an arctic goddess.

Alex joined her, crunching through the snow. He wore a Gorski parka with bleached and natural fox fur trim. Philip and Hazel knew Melanie liked her men tall and athletic, but Alex was built like a linebacker. It was almost as if she picked her men specifically to be the exact opposite of her balding skinny-fat father. Her boyfriends always reminded Philip of the boys at school who gave him swirlies and wedgies.

Hazel admitted that Alex was a good-looking guy with his soft, clean-shaven jawline, muscles, and full lips. He was just the type who would never have given her a second thought back when she was Melanie’s age.

Hazel sometimes wondered how Melanie shared their DNA. She ought to have been created by far superior genetics than what they possessed. It was not just Melanie’s looks that attracted people to her, she had a natural charisma and effervescence that Hazel could only have dreamed of.

As embarrassing as they must have been to Melanie, at least they knew that by working 80- hours a week, they had paid for her elite education and lifestyle choices. Whatever their failures as parents, of which there were many, at least they could say they gave her the best possible start in life.

‘Mom, Dad,’ said Melanie, wrapping her arm around Alex’s waist, ‘this is Alex.’

‘A pleasure,’ said Alex, ignoring that they were both on their knees in the snow.

‘Hey, Dad,’ said Melanie enthusiastically, ‘why don’t you go ahead and bring in our cases? Mom can take our coats and get us some drinks. Come on, babe,’ she said, taking Alex by the hand, ‘it’s freezing out here.’

Hazel exchanged a wide-eyed look with her husband before following the young couple inside the cabin.

Philip clambered from the snow and plodded to the trunk. He recognized Melanie’s white leather luggage engraved with her personalized monogram as the set he had bought her last Christmas. It was sometimes hard to tell if she actually liked her presents. It always filled him with joy to know he had made a good choice for his princess.

Alex had brought two large leather bags that were quite heavy as Philip hoisted them over his shoulders. It was a struggle to carry everything inside in just a single trip.

Melanie lambasted him as soon as he opened the front door for letting the cold air in.

‘Sorry, Princess,’ he said, closing the door behind him with his foot.

Melanie and Alex were relaxing on the couch, warming themselves by the fireplace. Melanie wore a knitted cream turtleneck tucked into tight white wash jeans with a Balenciaga logo buckle belt. Alex was in a black slim-fit dress shirt and matching pants. An intricate winged buckle belt broke the black with a dash of silver.

Hazel brought them two glasses Girne Escort of the mulled wine Philip had spent the afternoon preparing, placing them on coasters on each of the two side tables.

Melanie crossed her leg and lifted the sole of her boot. ‘They got covered in snow,’ she whined adorably.

‘Oh dear,’ said Hazel, ‘let me help you with that please, Princess.’ She kneeled on the rug before her daughter and started to lick around and between the ridges of her boot.

Melanie smiled. ‘Hey, Dad,’ she said sweetly after he returned from dropping their luggage in the master bedroom, ‘be a good host and come clean the snow off my boyfriend’s shoes.’

Philip joined his wife on the rug. The hot fire blazed behind their backs. Alex was stoic as he lifted his shoe. Philip flushed as he licked slowly up and down the Italian leather oxford.

Melanie and Alex lifted their glasses and clinked them together in a toast to themselves and sipped.

‘What did I tell you,’ said Melanie.

‘You were right,’ said Alex, ‘they really are this pathetic.’

Melanie scoffed. ‘You haven’t seen anything yet. INSPECTION!’

Philip jumped away from Alex’s shoe at the sudden rise in his daughter’s voice. He immediately unzipped his pants and wriggled them quickly down to his ankles. His tiny cock was safely locked away within a stainless steel chastity cage complete with a catheter tube and padlocked in brass.

Melanie bounced on her seat, clapping and laughing.

Alex smirked. ‘It looks painful.’

‘Oh, it is,’ said Melanie, ‘we call this model “the Merciless.” Escape is truly impossible. I’m the only one who can release him, and I’ve had his keys with me at college all year. He hasn’t even come close to a release in months and months. Isn’t that funny?’

‘I can’t even imagine it. Why is he wearing it?’

‘Because he’s a twisted, perverted old fuck who has dirty thoughts about his own daughter and who can’t be trusted not to play with his disgusting little cocklette. Right, Dad?’

‘Yes, Princess.’

Alex shook his head with utter disdain for the weaker man on his knees before him. Philip looked ashamedly at the floor.

‘You’re a cruel woman.’

Melanie bit her lip and reached to rub her fingers down Alex’s crotch. ‘Don’t pretend like you don’t love it you sadistic fuck.’

Alex leaned in close and kissed her. They lightly circled their tongues and sucked on each other’s lips. Melanie slowly unbuckled Alex’s belt, and Alex shimmied his pants down just below his crotch. His semi-erect cock revealed itself, pulsing proudly with arousal.

Philip stared. It was larger than any cock had seen before and was still getting larger as his daughter caressed the lips of her boyfriend with her tongue.

Melanie finally pulled away and gave her dad a sultry pout. Nervous sweat trickled down Philip’s forehead. Evil mischief intensified in her beautiful blue eyes.

‘Impressive, right, Mom?’

‘Yes, Princess,’ said Hazel, edging closer over the rug, slipping in front of her husband without even a glance.

‘So much better than Dad’s, right?’


Philip was never much of a lover. But no matter how many dildos or fingers she fucked herself with, nothing compared to the real thing. Alex’s cock was special. It pleased her daughter. It deserved respect and worship.

She took it in her hands as Melanie continued to make out with Alex. She slowly jerked from the shaft to just below the underside tip and flicked her tongue beneath the head. Alex moaned and his cock grew even larger at the dual sensations of mother and daughter.

Philip’s own little cocklette twitched inside its prison. The immediate slap of metal taught him a lesson. He knew to look away to avoid the torture, but he couldn’t do it. He was compelled to watch as both his punishment and pleasure.

Hazel continued teasing Alex by laying worshipful kisses all over his cock and keeping her doe-eyes fixed on his face to gauge his reaction. When she thought he was ready, she opened her jaw as wide as she could and carefully swallowed all the way down the base and bobbed, massaging his frenulum with her tongue.

‘Arrrgh,’ said Alex pulling back from Melanie, and closing his eyes, ‘oh fuck, that’s good.’ His large chest inflated and deflated as his breath got heavy. He growled as he trembled excitedly, holding onto Hazel’s hair and squeezing his fingers into his palm.

Hazel was proud to swallow his cum. It was warm and powerful in her stomach.

‘Was that good, Babe?’ said Melanie.

‘Oh, fuck, that was incredible. I could go again.’

Melanie laughed and rose from the couch. She walked to the front door and plucked off the mistletoe. She bounded back and held it aloft over the head of her mom.

‘Come on, Dad,’ she said, ‘thank my boyfriend for your treat.’

Philip shimmied to his wife on his knees. ‘Thank you,’ he said.

‘Sir,’ added Alex.

Philip Magosa Escort flushed and nodded. ‘Sir.’

‘You’re welcome, bitch.’

‘Okay,’ said Melanie, ‘pretend for five minutes like you still love each other.’

Hazel and Philip closed their eyes and leaned in for a kiss.

Philip winced at the salty taste of Alex’s cum lingering inside his wife’s mouth. A single tear trickled down his cheek as his own cocklette strained inside its cage.

Alex enjoyed the show, resting his hands behind his head like a champion. ‘She never even gagged. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.’

Melanie placed her hand on her hip as she dangled the mistletoe over the heads of her parents. Her erect nipples showed through her sweater. ‘It took a looong time to train her. I used to lock her face in a dildo gag harness. She spent all day and night like that. Her constant gagging got super annoying. She got it eventually, though.’

Hazel remembered those days as the most hellish of her entire life. She had felt as if she was on the edge of suffocation. And just as she got used to one size, Melanie increased it. It reached the point where no human could ever possess a cock as massive as the silicone ones rammed down her throat. She remembered her muffled pleas, staring at her daughter through the tight straps of her facial harness. Melanie, to her credit, never deviated. Hazel had to admit, the results were worth the struggle.

Melanie was so much like the girls Hazel had crushed on back in college. Those Alpha Theá girls. The ones who she spent her evenings massaging as they chatted to their boyfriends on the phone. The ones she volunteered her time to complete their chores and assignments. The ones she felt happy just to be allowed to be near them.

It was why she had gotten into the habit of sniffing Melanie’s dirty panties while fingering herself. It was the worst day of her life when Melanie caught her squirting with her panties over her head.

There was no explaining or escaping what she had done. All she could do was beg for Melanie not to tell anyone what a freak her mother was. She offered to do anything so long as Melanie kept her awful secret a secret.

She should have suspected a trap when Melanie made her get on her hands and knees and lick between her toes while repeating what a dirty whore she was. Although, had she known Melanie was recording the whole thing on her phone, would it have made any difference? Hazel was exactly where she wanted to be.

She continued to willingly give Melanie all the blackmail material she would ever need to destroy her life several times over. It was everything she had ever wanted.

Melanie snatched the mistletoe away and discarded it across the floor, clearly bored with her parents’ antics. ‘Time for presents!’

She parked herself back on the couch next to Alex and clicked her fingers in the general direction of the master bedroom.

Philip understood. He slowly got to his feet to fetch two large Santa sacks full of gifts. Sometimes he worried about what might happen to him if he got too sick to work. Melanie had expensive tastes. If he wasn’t upkeeping her lifestyle, what use was he to her? What if she just flushed his chastity key down the toilet after leaving his life forever?

He had been a total virgin before he met Hazel. His only sexual gratification had come from the rejection of girls way out of his geeky league. He found himself craving rejection. He sought the meanest, hottest girls who would turn him down in the cruelest ways possible. It was awesome. Even better if the girl already had a boyfriend who would hunt him down and kick his scrawny ass. Those guys like Alex…

Philip never really grew out of it. Even as he tried to start a vanilla life with Hazel, he spent hours watching cuckold humiliation videos and reading erotica. The few times he had sex with his wife, he was imagining another man doing the deed.

When Melanie began displaying the same dominant traits as the girls he had worshipped as a teen, he had never stood much of a chance to resist.

Melanie already knew all his secrets. She had somehow gained access to his complete internet history. She sat next to him on the couch and rubbed his cock as she told him about all that dirty Daddy/Daughter cuckold porn she had found. He came quickly when she whispered in his ear that it did not just have to be a fantasy anymore.

Melanie and Alex sat like royalty for Philip to bring them their presents, like royalty awaiting tribute. Melanie pointed to her boot and Hazel began to kiss it as Philip handed over the carefully gift-wrapped boxes from the sacks.

Melanie got everything she wanted and more. A stainless steel apple watch. Cashmere pom-pom slippers. Bottega Veneta Credit Card Case. A crystalized Chanel phone case. A Tiffany love bracelet, various luxury body lotions, moisturizers, and makeup. Gift cards to exclusive boutiques and spas, and the cold Kıbrıs Escort hard cash of five thousand dollars.

They had not known exactly what to buy Alex, but he seemed satisfied with the Connected Calibre Smartwatch, Arc5 Electric Shaver, and Perry loafers.

‘Not bad,’ said Alex, investigating the insole of his new shoe.

‘Try them on,’ said Melanie with a mischievous smile.

Alex nodded. ‘Maybe your Dad can help me with that?’

Philip hung his head as he methodically untied the laces of Alex’s shoes and slipped them from his feet. Alex wriggled his toes beneath Philip’s nose and Philip recoiled from the smell.

‘You know,’ said Alex with a grin, ‘I really don’t need those old shoes anymore.’

Melanie smiled. ‘You’re right. It seems kind of pointless to take them back home with you. Hey!’ she declared, raising a finger, ‘why don’t you buy them, Dad?’

Philip looked up at her in horror.

‘Saaaaay, a thousand dollars? I mean, you’ve got to make a profit, right, babe?’

‘Each,’ added Alex.

‘Perfect,’ said Melanie. ‘Oh,’ she said, placing her bag on her lap and rummaging inside to produce a roll of black duct tape. ‘This ought to do it. Hold one to your face, Dad.’

‘Yes, Princess,’ he said, always amazed at how a few months in chastity had turned his brain into complete submissive mush.

He picked up one of the shoes and held the insole against his nose to breathe in Alex’s strong smell.

Melanie wrapped the duct tape several times around the sole and the back of her dad’s head. There would be no easy escape unless Philip wanted to cut through his hair.

‘What do you say?’ she said as she placed the duct tape back in her bag.

‘Thank you, Princess,’ said Philip.

‘And what about Alex?’

‘Thank you, Sir.’

Melanie and Alex laughed heartily.

Melanie pulled her phone from her jean pocket and started taking pictures. ‘The sisters will love this. Hey, maybe, you’ll finally be voted “loser of the year?” Honestly, I’m kind of sick of Alison’s losers always winning.’

‘Yes, Princess,’ said Philip. ‘I hope so.’

‘Okay,’ she said, kicking her mom’s jaw away from her boot, ‘your turn, Bitches.’ She pulled from her bag a smaller, glossy black icon bag marked by an italic golden G insignia. ‘Nothing is wrapped, because I mean, why would it be? Buuuut-‘ she rummaged inside and produced two silver nipple clamps connected by a silver chain and attached with dangling bells. ‘Happy Christmas, Mom.’

Hazel gulped. Her pussy tingled at the prospect of a new pain. ‘Thank you, Princess.’

Melanie smiled. ‘Take off your sweater.’

Hazel trembled with anticipation as she obeyed the order and presented her breasts to her daughter.

Melanie attached each clamp to her mom’s hard nipples. She grabbed the chain and yanked it back, forcing her mom to shuffle closer to avoid having her nipples painfully stretched.

‘Okay,’ she said, still pointing her camera, ‘play us a Christmas tune.’

Hazel tried her best, bouncing on the spot to jingle the bells to the tune of Frosty the Snowman which brought great laughter from Melanie and Alex.

‘And don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, Dad,’ said Melanie, pulling out a black leather paddle from her icon bag. ‘Look how cute! Perfect for on-the-road discipline, huh?’

Philip clenched his buttocks in anticipation. ‘Yes, Princess. Thank you.’

‘Annnnnd-‘ she said triumphantly, flipping the paddle to reveal the word BITCH imprinted on the rear.

Alex laughed. ‘Perfect.’

‘Alright, bitch,’ she said, bend over, ‘let’s try it out.’

Philip assumed the position, crouching his body low to the floor and raising his buttocks as high as he could. It was an uncomfortable position for a man of his advancing years to hold.

‘Hey, Babe? Want to make my Dad your bitch?’

Alex took the paddle from her with a huge smirk. ‘I’d love to.’ He rose to his feet and unbuttoned his cuffs to roll his sleeves up his muscular arms. His forearm flexed as he tightened his strong grip around the handle.

Philip braced himself. How could he not win the biggest loser this year? He was a middle-aged man with his nose trapped inside the old shoe of his daughter’s boyfriend that he paid two thousand dollars for while his wife played a Christmas tune using the bells on her nipple clamps and his tiny cocklette twitched in the cage his daughter held the key for. That had to be some sort of new low for mankind.

Alex crashed the paddle across Philip’s ass making his flabby cheeks jiggle. The leather covering over the paddle had subtly disguised the steel within.

Melanie cheered as her boyfriend brought it back for another firm swat. Alex hit with such force that Philip crashed down to the floor, reaching behind himself to protect his stinging, reddening rear.

‘Keep going,’ said Melanie, ‘one more time.’

Philip’s arms were weak as he raised himself quivering back into position. He flinched as he heard the heavy woosh through the air. He howled as the steel caught the underside of his thighs. Tears formed in his eyes, more so from the humiliation than the pain.

‘Oh fuck, yes,’ said Melanie. ‘Great job, Babe. I can see “Bitch” nicely imprinted on his ass. God, that’s so fucking hot.’