Nisan 28, 2023

Crossing Lines – Prologue

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The sound of fingers calmly pressing keys on a keyboard. Around there’s just silence. The monitor’s resolution is light and soothing against the eyes. The wet of Todd’s tongue runs through Felicia’s soles. His mouth swallows her feet, sucks her biggest thumbs. And like a little good boy, like a puppy seeking for his owner’s appreciation, he comes and goes… Never going higher than her knees… never touching above Felicia’s thighs. Otherwise: game over.

Not exactly what used to turn Felicia on before. She was never the dominatrix type of woman, or someone who had seen herself entertaining the thought of it. But there’s just something about teasing such a young and cute guy, being desired so hard, knowing that he would lick her dirty heels, if that means he could touch — even just look at the small parts that she doesn’t show to everyone… that just makes Felicia’s belly tingles. It makes her wet down there. It makes her feel sexy; pleasantly deviant.

Felicia brings her left foot to the volume on Todd’s black pants. Her thumbs gently caress — press the “toy” between his legs. It immediately grows against her.

“Uhh… someone is horny, today.” She bites her lips, frowning her face. Her tone is enticing. She lowers her head to look at her secretary.

Bent on his knees, licking Felicia’s right foot, Todd’s big brown eyes stare back at her, full of lust through his glasses. With a look that says she owns him, that he’ll do anything his boss wants for a chance to fuck her deep.

Todd’s a skinny young guy in his early twenties. His hair is brown and long, worn in a ponytail. His skin is pale and his features soft and delicate, giving him a feminine and naive type of look.

Except Felicia knows better… behind the good boy facade, hidden under the cute doll face — the tenderness glowing in the eyes, and the politeness of a so-called “gentleman”… there’s a true pervert in there. It didn’t take much for Felicia to notice. The times she caught him peeking at her, and he just acted like he was looking nowhere specifically… The way he would be oddly nervous every time she crossed or changed positions of her legs, when wearing skirts, while talking to him… the uncountable number of times per day that his pen or some document would casually drop on the floor when he was coming to say something… and the cherry on the cake: when she found out he was being bold enough to film from below. Spying with not a bit of shame her underwear. And Worse! Sending to some friend, talking dirty about her.

Sure, her chest burned inside. As something was scratching again and again to leave. To get out. Who the little shit thinks he is to humiliate her this way? Felicia thought about firing him. She thought about going to HR. The police… None of that was enough, though.

No. She wanted him to feel as embarrassed as she did. She Wanted him to feel ashamed. To feel like he was nothing… a piece of meat that she would mistreat and play as she pleased.

He tried to apologize when Felicia was ready to talk about it. Little did he know that she didn’t want anything to do with talk…

She purposely dropped a pen just under the reach of her legs and asked him to get it. Awkwardly looking, clearly noticing that this blue dark skirt she was wearing was different from the usual, — shorter — he hesitantly bent down, looking the other way.

Felicia mercilessly pressed her black flat shoe against Todd’s back. He instantly fell on his stomach.

He tried to express indignity. He tried to resist. Felicia didn’t care; she grabbed him for the hair and whispered. “Listen here your little perv, you started this, not me. Now you belong to me. You’ll do whatever the fuck I want you to, for as long as I say, or I’ll bring all kind of hells to your head. I won’t just get you fired, but I’ll go to the police. I”ll make sure everyone, and every woman in this place finds out how twisted and nasty you truly are. Then good luck getting anyone to hire you again.”

He didn’t try to argue. Didn’t try to do or say anything after that. The games then started, and when bored, Felicia would have Todd under her desk massaging her feet, then licking it, kissing it, swallowing it.

She doesn’t know when or how it changed from revenge to actually something enticing. Spicy. Enjoyable for which seems both parts. With time, she would be letting him lick her other parts. She would expose her breasts to him. She would play with his dick, leaving Todd to sometimes cum on her bobs, or to get off looking at her naked parts.

They never crossed the line of fucking, and Felicia itsn’t even sure they will… Part of her little game is teasing him, giving him just enough, so he thinks he’ll have what he wants someday. Knowing that he’s thirsty for her pussy, crazy for her flesh, and would do anything to get it, makes it eccentric. Exciting in ways that make her legs tremble every time she cums in his mouth.

Felicia forces her foot against Tood’s throat. Lefkoşa Escort With his eyes growing wider, he tries not to gag. Swallows as much as his boss wants.

“That’s right… Take it everything… You know, you’re being such a good boy lately, that I’m really thinking about letting you cum in my mouth instead of my tits today.” She gives a provocative smile. “Would like that, Todd? Would you like to cum in the warmth of your hot boss’s mouth?”

Like a kid being offered sweets, he instantly nods. Felicia smiles again. She’s a gorgeous woman in her forties. Her hair is blonde and long, reaching her boobs. Having an angelic face, her features are thin and Her eyes are small and light brown. She’s someone who owns an athletic type of body, with legs that stand out under her black social skirt, breasts that make volume on her white social shirt, and a well rounded butt.

“Then say it. I wanna hear you say it.”

With Felicia’s foot yet in his throat, Todd echoes the best he can: “I… Wanna… Cum… In… y…or mouth… Feli… Ma’am…”

She nods in approval. Taking her foot out off him, Felicia grabs him by the ponytail, standing up. His saliva all dripping through her sole and thumbs, across the floor. Her skirt going down to reveal a red lacy lingerie

While Todd gets on his knees, Felicia takes off her panties, rubbing it intensely against his face. As who smells flowers he stays still. Quiet. Barely breathing, not twitching a single muscle.

“You like that, don’t you, you dirty boy.” With the intensity, Todd’s glasses fall on the floor. He keeps still. “You like to be my slave more than I like heaving you eating my ass and my pussy, isn’t that right, my little bitch?!”

Felicia lightly slaps her secretary’s right cheek, and then the other, and the right one again.

“Yes… Yes, ma’am” he nervously says.

The panties fall on the floor. Turning her ass to him, Felicia pulls Todd by the hair, getting him closer. Her hands rest on the desk. Her legs spread, and her butt cheeks get wide open.

“Then fucking earn it the things I do to you! Fucking earn the right to cum in my mouth later.”

Saying nothing more, Todd’s tongue slowly touches Felicia’s back hole. Brushing it like a painter with his tool… Smoothly but with grip. Going up… and down… repeatedly; again and again… Felicia’s anus contracts. The warm touches send her trills. Closing her eyes, a wave of ecstasy runs through her body.

Little by little she shakes her ass against Todd’s face. Increasing the rhythm. Enjoying that small tongue licking with consistent movements each part of her hole. Touching it with that wet and hot tip; then with all its parts.

“Oh, fuck!” She moans, feeling herself getting more wet. Her back, in a reflex, contracts. Her head gets higher.

She brings the right hand below. two fingers go to her clit; playing, rubbing it.

“Come on, you little freak, kiss my ass.” Felicia moans again, sliding her fingers to her pink and tight cavidad. — Pressing it deep. Feeling her fluids overlapping the skin on them; Pushing, pulling them off.

The sudden sound of discreet snaps echoe against Felicia’s body. Small lips press themselves all over her hole and her cheeks. From her pussy, the song of pleasure; the talking of the body. Inside, her intimate vibrates Warm. The stomach tingles with pleasure. Overwhelming desire. — Her skin starts to get sweaty.

“That’s right…” A soft moan. ” Do what you’ve been doing way before we start this little game” with a needy tone, she says.

Using the left hand, Felicia grabs Todd by the hair, putting his face against her butt. “Sniff it”, She commands.

Todd immediately obeys. While her toy boy Pushes air, Felicia’s butt pleasantly forces itself against his face.

“Oh, Fuck yeah!” with more pressure, she enthusiastically pulls his face even deeper. “Sniff it, keep sniffing my black hole. Keep making your boss happy.”

This time, in fast movements, Felicia rubs herself against the boy. Her body ecstatic. Crazy; insane for another orgasm. Her mind over the clouds, loving each second, every part of abusing her secretary’s depravity and hard-on for her.

Caring for nothing but cumming again, Felicia orders Todd to get back at sliding his well trained tongue in her ass. Bending her body in the desk, she lays down, enjoying every little twinge coming from behind. Making Todd’s nose stuck through her buttocks. Forcing him to lick deeper, faster — with almost no breaks to catch his breath.

And as his breathing gets heavier, Felicia jerks the kid back and forth, holding onto his hair. Insane for her excitement. Burning to get it off. Seeing only herself. Feeling just the heat that boils from her belly.

Every thrust brings her close to the edge… The dedication from Todd’s part makes her wiggles her ass quicker — it makes her hold his face closer and closer. Appreciating every wet touch, adoring each and every time it sends littles Girne Escort heaves of shock through her being.

“Uhhh! go on motherfucker!” She cries out. ” Make me cum… make your owner fucking cums…” From inside her body screams. Her vagina pulses and squirms like it’s alive. As her mind momentarily steps in heaven, half of Felicia’s body rests on the desk.

Letting Todd’s hair go, Felicia quickly stops and catches her breath. Then she looks at her wristwatch. — Twelve past ten, it shows.

Twelve past ten?! “Shit!” Felicia slaps her forehead. With quickness she turns around, wearing her panties again, and pulling her skirt up.

Todd looks up to her as who wants to say something but is afraid to. His eyes large like a hungry lost dog. His “tool” pressed hard against his pants.

Wearing black high heels again, Felicia steps closer to Todd.

“Don’t worry, I’m a woman of my word “, she runs her fingers through his hair. “After lunch I’ll get to play with your cock and you’ll get to put your juice in my mouth.” Felicia gives a small mischiveous smile.

Turning her back to Todd, she grabs her purse, asks him to close the office, and leaves.

Voices of moderate tons roam around. Dark high heels repeatedly click on the floor, across a hallway. Freshness comes from above. Cooling Felicia’s skin down. Relaxing her body — Her soul. It makes her walk slower. And she suddenly finds herself Appreciating every minute, every millisecond inside these walls. Under these roofs. Who would think that working could be this much fun?! She certainly would not.

Felicia stops waiting for the lift. Different numbers glow red in a panel, just above. As it gets to the sixth, the steel doors automatically open up. They reveal a gallant man in his thirties. His eyes are light green. His hair is straight with a dark tone of brown. He’s someone tall and elegant, wearing a black suit with a blue striped tie.

They exchange subtle smiles, while Felicia enters the elevator. She stops just ahead of him, looking at each floor being left behind, as they lose and lose height in the building. Wishing, wanting more than anything to reach the first floor. Hoping that he has the sense of not making small talk, of not mentioning the night before the last.

Michael cleans his throat. Bothered, Felicia closes her eyes already knowing what comes next…

“I was thinking…” The handsome man says,” what’d you think of…”

Felicia vigorously turns to him before he finishes. Her eyes amenably meet Michael’s. Her hand rests on his chest.

“Look, you are handsome, charming, know your stuff under the sheets… any woman would be lucky to have you by her side… ” The face frowns. She grimaces in sorrow.” But I’m REALLY not looking for a boyfriend or anything like that…”

A smooth and light-hearted music plays between the walls of the elevator. Both doors open. An electronic voice announces the arrival to the first floor.

Words seem to escape Michael. He stares at Felicia confused. His eyes taken by surprise. A type of embarrassment…

“Sorry if I gave the wrong impression” Felicia whispers, turning away.

Walking together with other women and men, she takes her ID from the purse, and puts it on a machine. A roulette unlocks. A green light shines and Felicia walks to the entrance.

Glass doors open. Smoking a cigarette, ahead, to the right, a dark skinned woman stands observing the traffic. Her hair is curly and short, her hips are thin and her ass obscenely large. She wears tight social black pants and a pink button shirt with short sleeves reaching down her elbows.

“Sup, girl” she says, as she notices Felicia coming over. “Michael was asking for you earlier… Camila puts her cigarette away, blowing smoke, as she grins “Night must’ve been really good if he’s already this hooked.”

“Meh” Felicia shakes her head as who’s not that sure.

Camila tosses the cigarette on the floor, stepping on it to put the flame out.

“What’s the matter with this one, Felicia?” she impatiently asks. ” He can’t fuck?!”

“On the contrary… It’s been a while since I’ve been fucked this good.”

Camilla narrows her small black eyes, shaking her head, confused.


“So, that’s it.” She uses her hand to project a shadow just above her eyes. “Shall we walk?!”

In slow paces both of them go. The sun radiates against Felicia’s skin. It makes her tie her hair. It makes her sweaty. People around come and go. Horns ressound loudly. Felicia and Camila stop, waiting for the traffic signal.

“He said we wanted kids” Felicia rubs the back of her neck, still looking ahead. “Right before we… finish.

Camila looks to her, turning all her attention to her friend’s words.

“We were in bed”, Felicia finally turns to look at Camila, “close to sleep… having one of those nonsense conversations post sex, and he just said it…”

Camila’s eyebrows arch in a sarcastic way. She smiles shortly.

“What Magosa Escort a monster! How could he say such a barbaric thing to you?’

The traffic signal goes green. The two friends cross the street.

“It’s not about what he said… it’s about the subtext behind the words.” They get to a sidewalk. “I heard him once telling Vicent he doesn’t go to Carlos’s new years parties… You know Carlos, from I.T?” A quick pause. “Because of his kids.”

They take distance from each other, opening space for an old lady to go through. A few paces ahead, they reassemble in a agitated street.

“Carlos Morales?” Camila confirms. “I heard his children are a complete nightmare. That once, he didn’t have anyone to take care of them, and had to bring the little monsters to the company and no one could even breathe in peace for a damn minute”

“Carlos Soares.”

“Oh” Camila says, not really knowing what to answer.

Both women stop, looking to both sides of the street. Vehicles cross around different ways on parallel lanes. From some distance, a group of people get out of a bus.

“Exactly” Felicia answers. “It’s yet about to be born a kid cuter than that little girl of his. And the little boy… I think not even Erick was that quiet at that age.”

Once both lanes get momentarily empty, the two friends run across to the other sidewalk.

“Yeah, but it ain’t like we really got to know those kids…” retorts Camilla. “I mean they stayed with us for what? Five minutes?!” She looks to Felicia, smiling. “And we weren’t exactly sober… Maybe Michael knows them better.”

They crossed to another corner, going through a street filled with restaurants.

“Yeah, or… he knows I’m a mother and simply said what he thought I wanted to hear.”

Camila smiles again, not believing it. They both get to a restaurant with a red board saying “Self – Service” on top.

Here, most of the tables are occupied. People move around holding plates, serving themselves with food and in the direction of the queues, just behind three weighing machines.

“Ok, I’ll bite, ” says Camila, still sounding septic. “And why would he do that?”

Felicia and Camila take out plates from a pile with others. Walking a few steps to the exposed different types of food, Felicia helps herself with rice.

“Cami, you know these guys!” Her voice lowers to a whisper “To get me stuck in a relationship and have pussy all the time, to fuck me again, to… I Don’t know… get whatever the hell he wants from me…”

Served, Felicia steps ahead, giving space to Camila.

“To get you stuck in a relationship” The dark skinned woman repeats, giggling. “Shit, I’m glad there are still romantic people in this world”

With a few more steps, Felicia stops next to a basket made of glass, full of greenish lettuces and beautifully chopped tomatoes.

“Three things happen when I get in a relationship,” she grabs a spoon to get the salad,” One: I find out some lie — which by the way is a HUGEEE red flag to me, doesn’t matter the size of it. — Two: things get cold and too casual for my taste. Or three: these guys find some way to bore me to death.”

With Felicia’s plate full of lettuce, Camilla grins, as she helps herself with some black beans.

“Wow! It doesn’t surprise me that you get more good dick than anyone I know.”

An old lady turns to look with disgust, just ahead of the two women. Camila covers her mouth, smiling widely embarrassed at Felicia. She, who shakes her head in a reprimand, just proceeds to put some broccoli and carrots on her plate.

“Seriously,” Camila Continues, getting closer” bet the guys LOVEEE… this hard/I don’t give a fuck about you, type of approach of yours.”

Felicia looks at Camila, trying not to smile.

“Am I wrong?” Her eyes grow, as who’s certain. “Bet they would roll over and bark if you wanted them to.”

Felicia can’t help it but smirks, as she picks small pieces of potatoes and cucumbers. She doesn’t know the rest, but she certainly can think of at least one guy who would roll over and bark if she asks him to…

When they choose the type of meat they’re going to eat, Felicia chooses a rump steak, Camila two sausages and a portion of chicken hearts. After weighing the food, they roam around the establishment in search of a seat. It’s just after a while walking, that they find a table with two places, next to a window, in the corner.

Just when the two of them are seating, a young waiter comes to write their drink orders down. Felicia asks for an orange diet Fanta, while Camilla a Coca-Cola.

Voices run loud here. Medium televisions screens, one behind Felicia, one in front of her, display the afternoon news. White large subtitles, highlighted in black, appear and disappear as the newsreaders talk with the volume muted.

Camila eats on her cell phone. Felicia doesn’t. — She doesn’t like it. She made it her mission to take out of Erick, during his pre-teenager years, this bad habit… And even if she liked it, she wouldn’t be able to. Not here. Not eating such good food.

The steak is thin. Soft. Its succulent meat goes down as a piece of cotton to the mouth and teeth. The carrots are sweet. The leaves of lettuce are extremely well cutted, flowing smoothly for the taste.