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Big Butt

Carol was a beauty queen. The only problem was she knew it. Barely twenty two, blonde haired, slim, muscular body and at the top of her class in law school, she had her pick of men to date. She chose Jim for different reasons. He was attractive, sure, but she could do much better. He was older than her and a lawyer as well, though not nearly as accomplished as she was destined to be.

He took her to all the functions and weren’t his co workers impressed with the woman on his arm. Young and beautiful, she played the part for him when she wanted, well aware of what he was doing. Back out with her friends she was brutal, telling everyone his most personal secrets. She played up her naïve nymphet role when she wanted but knew he was in the palm of her hand. With the slightest effort she could play him like a puppet.

Though she wasn’t certain if she loved him, she enjoyed his company and did have feelings for him. He did as she wanted, pampered her and treated her like the queen she thought she was. It was so cute seeing him out with her and her friends, fumbling over words, nervous and uncomfortable. Her friends knew it too and they all played with it. She’d have him go without underwear and whisper dirty things in his ear when no one was looking so everyone could see the obvious boner through his pants. Women would ogle and smirk at the women with him, aware of what they were up to.

They were at some trendy bar and grill near campus when she started laying it on heavy. Slipping off her heels, she reached under the table and found the crotch of his pants with her stockinged foot. By the time they left to get some drinks on the patio Bret was full mast and displayed to anyone that came within sight of him. Her friends noticed immediately and took advantage of his condition.

“She’s really got you going, doesn’t she Bret?”

“Wow, someone’s happy.”

“I always say a hard man is good to find.”

He endured their taunts, vainly trying to hide his condition behind his girlfriend. She scooted away as he tried to hold her from behind, faking annoyance when she pointed out his erection. “What are you doing? That’s not very polite, walking around in that condition in front of my girlfriends. How can you do that?”

He apologized and tried to excuse himself as best he could but they weren’t having any of it.

“Got you on a short leash, does she?” Her oldest friend, Edie, grinned.

“You have no idea, he’ll do whatever I like. Isn’t that right sweetie?” His girlfriend looked at him.

“Please, honey…” he whispered.

“What is it, baby? Afraid to tell everyone about our relationship? Think they don’t know about the older lawyer and how he gives in to all his young girlfriend’s demands whenever she likes?” He was Starzbet sputtering and nervous. “Think they all don’t know that the sweet girl he takes to all the company functions is the one that calls the shots and you’re as pussywhipped as a man can be?”

“That’s it!” Bret, upset with the teasing, turned to walk away.

For a moment all the women were shocked before Carol came to her senses. “Bret! Come back here right now,” she yelled after him. Stopping but refusing to face them, it wasn’t until she spoke sweetly, promising to be nice, did he return.

His erection still on point, she rested his chin on her fingertip and looked him in the eye. “Don’t get upset, sweetie. I’m just saying what we all know is true.” She petted his hair and kissed him on each cheek. Everyone felt warm from the blatant display of affection and the dopey smile resulting from it. “You know it’s true, don’t you baby?” She spoke only to him now, holding his face in the palm of her hands and speaking just in a whisper.

She hugged him while everyone watched. It felt wonderful. Her friends commented on how sweet he was. “My good boy,” she teased. “My little asskisser.”

He pulled away and looked at her. “Stop it…,” he said in a low voice.

“But honey, that’s what you are. I’ve got you wrapped around my little finger.” When he didn’t respond she pushed him. “And if I told you to, you’d do whatever I said, right?”

“Well, yeah…”

“You always treat me well. You kiss my ass and you know it.”

He was actually proud at this. He did want to treat her well. When she was happy he was happy.

“and if I want you to kiss my ass you will.” It was a statement, not a question.

“Hun…,” he mumbled.

“No words, Bret. Just show me you’ll do as I say.” He hesitated and she pushed him farther, enjoying the powerplay.

“He’s an asskisser?” One of her friends asked.

“Of course, it comes natural for him, doesn’t it sweetie?” She turned to face away from him and looked over her shoulder so her cute butt was almost touching his mouth. “Don’t you want to kiss my ass?”

“Carol…,” he pleaded.

“Stop stalling, Bret. Get on your knees and kiss my ass.”

He did as she said, not because he thought he should but because it just felt right. Something impelled him to do as she said and when he knelt behind her it felt natural.

“That’s it, boy. Ready?” She bent over slightly and lifted her skirt. Beneath she wore thin pink cotton panties. Allowing him a moment to study them, she slowly peeled them down until they rested in the crease between her thighs and bottom. Round chubs of girlish butt flesh were displayed in front of him. It reminded him of her beauty. Looking at her in such a way, showed her Starzbet Giriş femininity and Bret could only feel humbled by it.

Leaning forward, he closed his eyes and pressed his puckered lips to the warm skin of her bottom. Carol closed her eyes and sighed deeply. Her friends watched agape. Bret forgot the shame he expected to feel. He only felt adoration for his girlfriend filling him in a wave of warmth.

Carol, heady from the attention, bent forward, spreading her ass cheeks even further apart. Bret could see the rounded lips of her vulva growing damp. Above it was the shaven pink spiral of her rosebud. “Deeper, my love…,”her voice was shaky.

Unaware of the growing audience they had he leaned closer and planted a deep kiss on the ring of her anus. It was so soft, so warm. Carol thought it was the sweetest show of affection she’d ever felt, she was afraid she’d cry. Desperately wanting to take it farther, she suddenly remembered where she was and stood up to fix herself, nudging a kneeling Bret on the chin with the heft of her rear.

He stood up, the flush in his face returning and gripped her hand. Both seemed speechless as their friends stood jealous of such a sincere show of affection. When the chance presented itself they slipped away and went home.

The moment they went through the door, Carol turned to him and quickly began taking his clothes off. He helped until he stood naked and bare, his erection eagerly pointing upwards. She reached and curled her fingers around the shaft, leading him behind her to the bedroom. He went eagerly, eyeing her hungrily.

As they arrived she turned to him and pushed him to his knees. He went willingly, his eyes never leaving his girlfriend. She turned away from him and undid her skirt. Slowly inching it down her precious bottom, she showed the smooth, soft curves of her rear. Pulling off her top, she wore only panties and a white lace bra. The tight round cheeks of her ass shook slightly as she swayed it inches in front of his face. Bret was hypnotized. He adored her, not just because she was so pure and beautiful but she seemed to cast a spell over him. He was mesmerized.

Carol loved being a tease. She loved the attention she always got. With her body, her cute smile, her smooth skin, lots of boys ogled her. She knew it and played with them. Just like all the rest, her boyfriend was unable to resist her.

“Stay still and watch, baby. Look at my bottom. I want you to give it a deep kiss. Can you do that for me?”

He nodded unconsciously.

Her scent was overpowering. The warm, girlish sweet, feminine scent, the aroma of her skin put him in a trance. Reverently he placed his hands on the side of his full cheeks and leaned forward. Without the slightest Starzbet Güncel Giriş hesitation he placed two sincere kisses on the heft of each cheek. She reached behind her to stroke her fingers through his hair and before she could remind him, he touched his lips to the center of her crack to leave a lingering, passionate kiss.

Her skin was heated on his lips. She was slightly moist and he touched his tongue to her wetness to taste the familiar, tart taste of his girlfriend. Daring to look up at her, he could see her beaming down at him, proud of him for such devotion.

She bent over farther so her elbows rested on the bed. Her bottom was pressed into his face, her hole against his lips. He French kissed it, sighing gently at the emotions passing through him as he did.

Knowing her body, he slowly traced downwards, his tongue stroking the smooth skin. He found her damp hole and gently prodded it, begging entrance. Carol grunted in approval and clamped her thighs around her lover’s head. His lips formed a seal around her pussyhole as he lovingly sucked while his tongue licked.

Getting sucked was her favorite thing and he knew it. How often did she have him feast between her legs when she got home at the end of the day? She’d strip off her clothes and have him face down between her legs licking happily until dinner. God, he was expert at it. For all the other boys she could have, none would be able to taste her like Bret could.

Getting more and more excited, she rubbed her quim against his face, her swollen mound brushing up and down his mouth. When excited she always got very wet and she knew his face would be drenched with her juices.

“God Bret,” she bellowed, pressing her pussy against his face. She always came loudly, grunting and moaning. Whenever she came from his mouth, she was always especially loud.

She had been wet all day and the idea of him bending to kiss her ass in public forced her to take him home and get off as soon as possible.

His face was buried in her crack as his tongue licked up and down her slit. She was flowing heavily and, just as he touched her clit with the wet tip of his tongue she bucked at the onset of orgasm.

Her asshole pressed against his upper lip as he dove at her clit, tickling and stroking it with the flat of his tongue.

“Oh my god…..,” she groaned, her body convulsing from orgasm. She spurted into his mouth, a fresh, hot taste that basted his tongue. Two more quick spurts followed and he quickly swallowed, some dripping down his lips and chin.

The power of her orgasm almost caused her to fall. Her legs shaky, she collapsed on the bed in front of her. Undeterred, Bret continued tonguing her ass. It helped her slowly come down from her peak. It was such a wonderful sensation, the feel of his wet tongue on her sensitive asshole.

“That’s just what I need Bret, Thank you…”

He placed a deep kiss on the ring of her anus before responding. “I know princess. That’s what I’m here for.”