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Climax in Climax

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I remember her as a kid, when I was around nine or so. I had only seen her twice in my life and both times I recall her being extremely pretty. Of course, at that age, she was around thirteen or fourteen, so she was into her newly-found teen society. And that had no room for a little boy like me.

She hung out with my older sister, closer to her age. I played by myself. The usual.

I hadn’t even thought about her for years.

I recently found myself single again. As a twenty-two year old, I’ve finally grown out of the nervousness around the opposite sex. I know how to flirt and make my intentions known to girls. I don’t shy away for fear of rejection.

I’ve grown into my body; feeling much more comfortable in my skin. I know I’m an attractive guy. I keep myself in good shape and make sure I’m not too much of a slob when I’m around girls.

I find myself totally comfortable being alone. Sure, it hurt when my girlfriend of two years took off on her own adventures. But, as I had found out in previous relationships, I’d live and move on. This ride assured me I was still alive. I listened to what I wanted on the radio. Stopped when I wanted. Ate when I wanted. I was my own man again with no need to worry about what someone else wanted.

It took a little over four hours to get to Climax, Georgia. I laughed at the name when I had heard my aunt had moved from up north to the warmer, cozier south. I’ve lived in the south all of my life, so I felt right at home stepping onto my aunt and uncle’s small bungalow-styled lake house. The crickets chirped their night-time song through the moodiness of the tall, thick, pine forest.

She made me feel right at home. She had dinner warmed for me; waiting on the small table. I sat and ate, looking out of the big, sliding glass doors overlooking their little piece of heaven.

We sat and talked for half an hour before she told me we were taking a ride up to my cousin’s apartment. A forty-five minute drive west. I was in no mood for another trip in the confines of a car.

We pulled into the complex just as I adjusted my eyes from a quick nap. My aunt had been nice enough to realize I was tied. She kept the conversation minimal.

“So what’s Claire been up to? I’ve only seen her twice in my entire life.” Like I said, I haven’t even thought about her in over a decade.

“Well she has two daughters and has been recently divorced. She moved out about five months ago and decided to go back to school to become a nurse.” My aunt seemed a little stressed at the fact that her granddaughter’s marriage hadn’t worked out. She had that old way of thinking. That the wife stayed with her husband no matter what.

I’m at the age that even the hottest woman with kids is completely out of the question. I’m too young for all that drama. But I had a fleeting recollection of how my cousin looked when I was younger. No, I couldn’t remember her face, specifically. I just remember thinking she was pretty. Surely she was a fat and decrepit ox now, with kids and all. I was not looking forward to this.

The security latch clicked and her face peeked through the crack in the door as it opened. I found myself uneasy immediately. Her smile was priceless as the door opened further. “Wow!” I thought. “Okay, so this is my cousin? This is Claire?”

I quickly scanned her, up and down. I haven’t seen a girl that well put together in a long time. She stood, barefoot, holding the door open in a pair of blue, sweat shorts; the kind that cheerleaders wear. The waistband was rolled down several times, letting her hipbones poke out of the top. Her legs were incredible. Slender and nicely tanned. Half of her stomach was exposed; flat and soft with such a sexy navel. I felt my mouth salivating, seeing the thin, white, strappy top stretched tightly over, what I thought, might be the biggest breasts I had ever seen on such a small girl. Her nipples sat high, embossed through the thin, cotton material. Her face was absolutely breathtaking. Her eyes, somehow, didn’t look real. Icy-blue, they sparkled with her tanned skin and dark, brown hair. Her hair hung in small curls about her face. The rest of it was pulled back into a ponytail. I could tell it was long. God I love long hair.

My aunt seemed to forget to introduce me as Claire’s two, young daughters slammed into her leg. They squealed and yelled loudly, obviously happy to see their great-grandmother.

I watched Claire as she turned and walked further into the living room. She bent over more then a few times, picking up papers and stray toys. She wasn’t expecting anyone other then her grandmother. I stood paralyzed, staring at her fantastic ass as she bent. The shorts were probably already short to begin with. But she had rolled them up to where, each time she bent over, I could make out the crease of her buttocks. Magnificent.

I sat on the small couch, obviously a hand-me-down, while they stood in the kitchen and talked quietly. Katherine, my aunt, peeked down under the low cabinets, asking me Starzbet if I wanted something to drink. She called out what Claire had in the fridge.

“Sure. a Coke is fine,” I said, trying to keep my voice as masculine as possible.

“I’ll take it to him.” I heard Claire, seeing her grab the can through the opening in the bar.

I tried to divert my eyes from her, as she walked towards me. I found myself cautiously trying to appear as cool as i could.

She leaned over the coffee table, grabbing a coaster; directly in front of me. I couldn’t help but marvel at her huge breasts as they weighed down on the skimpy top. The cleavage was incredible; so much that I could see part of her stomach through it.

“Here ya go,” she looked up at me and smiled.

“Thanks,” was all I could muster. I watched her sit across from me as my aunt came into the room. Still no introduction.

We talked in between the constant barrage of the two children, as they ran back and forth showing their grandma any and everything. Soon the room was cluttered again with toys. I kept finding myself stealing a glance at my hot cousin. Occasionally, her eyes met mine. She’d smile each time.

I noticed her constantly primping herself. She would tease her hair with her fingers and adjust her top; pulling it down in an effort to cover her stomach a little more. Each time her breasts would resist, bulging up higher out of the top of her low-cut shirt. They weren’t the only things bulging.

The youngest of Claire’s daughters took a liking to me right off. She pulled me by my pinky finger to her room to show me all of her artwork, toys and clothes. I decided to play with her and the older daughter; as she caught on that I was just as much a kid as they were. We played tea party.

Soon, my aunt announced that we were going. I felt this small sense of disappointment from the news; thinking this would be the last time I would ever get to see my cousin. Not even the tiniest part of me resisted the attraction I had to her. I hadn’t grown up with her. I hadn’t known her. To me, she wasn’t so much a cousin at all. So I took full advantage of the natural thoughts that came into my head.

The ride back was even more gruesome then the trip there. My mind flooded with her beauty… and those fabulous tits! My aunt talked about Claire’s troublesome marriage and her thoughts on it all. I had no insight to any of it. I had never been married. Never had kids. And I didn’t know a thing about her or her ex-husband.


It was late when the phone rang. My aunt answered and seemed to be unpleased with the caller. She hung the phone up and returned to the living room.

“That was Claire. She’s on her way up here. I don’t have a clue why. It’s much too late to be on these dark roads with children.” She greeted my uncle as he came in from work and spent time with him as I watched television.

Claire came in shortly after. I could tell she had put on makeup. Her two daughter’s ran to their grandpa, hugging him from both sides. He delighted in their embraces. She talked briefly with my aunt and uncle, occasionally glancing over at me. Her daughters seemed to captivate their grandparents and they wandered off into the office-slash-play room down the hall. Claire sat beside me on the huge, plush, sectional couch. I found it odd since the couch could easily seat seven, that she would sit directly beside me.

“So you’re Lucas?” She folded one leg under the other as she asked. I couldn’t help but look at her legs.

“That’s me. Bet you barely remember me.”

“I do remember you. You were such a small boy back then though. I couldn’t believe it was you when Grandma told me.” She couldn’t wipe the smile off her lovely face.

“So, you didn’t recognize me?”

“No! I was like, ‘who is this good-looking guy Grandma’s got with her?'” She laughed. “I can’t believe you’re my cousin!” She tossed her ponytail back and forth playfully. I couldn’t make myself stop glancing at her massive breasts. Her nipples looked like they would erupt from the stretched material.

I laughed. “Thanks. I was a little surprised myself.” I paused, wondering if I should continue. “I remember you being pretty. I didn’t expect you’d be a knock-out.” I tried to stay cool, looking away at the television as I finished.

“Whatever!” She laughed. “Hey, turn it to Letterman. My favorite band is playing.” That opened up a whole conversation about music and who, and what, we liked.

My aunt walked into the living room with four massive photo albums, laying them beside Claire. “You two can look at these. Claire, Abby and Jenna fell asleep and we’re gonna go on to bed. You can pick them up tomorrow if you want or stay over.” She waited for Claire to decide. She glanced over at the television. “Turn that down a little, if you don’t mind. Good night.”

“Well, I don’t want to wake them up to go home. You know how cranky they get when you Starzbet Giriş wake them up. I’ll just stay. They have to get up for school and I’m not taking two extra trips this far out.” She paused, thinking of how early she’d have to get up, in order to travel out this far and still get them to school on time. “I’ll just stay.”

We both said good night as my aunt nodded, then disappeared through the house.

Claire grabbed an album and squeezed up tight beside me. I felt her soft, warm arm press against mine. She crossed her legs; one of them laying lightly against mine. I swooned.

She flipped through the album, stopping here and there to describe the picture and who was in it. Occasionally she’d smack my bare thigh as she laughed at the recollections of the photos. I don’t know if she did it on purpose, but she gave me more then an ample view down her top. I drowned in the sight of her round tits begging to escape their smothering confines. I think I looked at them almost the entire time; only briefly looking at a photo she would pointing to.

The other times I spent searching between her crossed legs, trying to wish the thin width of the crotch of her shorts to the side. There was barely an inch of fabric covering whatever she had on under the shorts. The leg openings flared up, giving me plenty of flesh to enjoy. I couldn’t find so much as a tan line. If she had panties on, they were microscopic. Her tendons stretched, jutting out from under the crotch, with her legs spread so far apart. I’m glad the big book covered my excitement.

As she picked up the next album, she changed her position. She stood quickly, laying the album in my lap, as she fell onto the couch. She straightened her body, on her stomach, lifting her feet in the air, away from me. Slowly, she sank her elbows into the cushion beside me, letting her breasts hang heavily between her arms. She began narrating the photos once again.

“Oh my God!” She yelled, quickly covering her mouth with her hand as she flipped to the next page. “I didn’t know that was in here!” She laughed as she looked up at me. “That’s me when I was two, I guess. One of those embarrassing, naked baby pictures. I think people take them just to humiliate you when you get older.” She laughed again.

“Grown up quite a bit since then, huh?” I found some ounce of courage as I said it, laughing. I actually looked down between her arms, at her cleavage, as it emitted from my mouth.

She lowered her head, looking at her large treasures, then back up to me. “Ha! Yeah, I’d say! Up and out! So, even my cousin notices, huh?” She badgered me.

“I’m thinking no guy could help but not. Too bad no one’s updated that photo to recent times.” I felt a surge of sexual tension grow from that point on.

“Ha!” She laughed, slapping my upper thigh and leaving her hand there. “Who says no one has?” She winked at me as she asked. She glanced back down at her enormous rack. “Yeah, they are pretty fantastic. Too bad that’s all men see. The first things they asked me is if they’re real or what size are they.”

I looked down at them, unchallenged. The small shirt barely held them in. A massive amount of the tops of them were easily visible. “So, what size are they?” I laughed. “Hey, I am a guy!”

She punched me in the arm, making one of her breasts tightly jiggle. My eyes never left it.

“Thirty-six, double-d’s, baby. And yes, they’re very much real.”

It was at that point that she took the initiative to push the envelope with her newly-acquainted cousin further. She lifted herself high on her elbows, arching her back until both of the fabulous orbs separated from the couch. Gently, she cupped the two fleshy masses in her petite hands, squeezing them softly. She smiled, looking back up at me and giggled at my bewildered stare.

“So soft, but still incredibly firm. Wanna see for yourself?” She continued the torture, releasing her hands from them and sliding up closer to me until they lightly grazed my thigh. She pressed them tightly together between her arms. She loved knowing she could melt any man. Even her cousin.

“My God, Claire!” I drooled. Her gorgeous boobs lightly pressed into my half-bare thigh. They easily covered the girth.

She gazed at me sleepily, waiting to see if I’d break. Her eyes quickly diverted to the television. “Hey! Turn it up a little bit! They’re on!” She jumped from the couch, sitting back down beside me as she heard the lead guitarist wind out a riff from the TV.

I spent the entire three minutes staring at her breasts out of the corner of my eye; pissed that I stalled at my chance to grope my cousin. Ordinarily, I’d contain myself a little more around pretty girls. But, she made it so easy, whether she meant to or not.

We ended up lying across from each other on the couch; our feet almost touching at the corner. We talked well into the morning about everything from our favorite movies to relationships. She clearly needed someone to Starzbet Güncel Giriş talk to. She would readjust herself in different positions as the time passed. My favorite one was when she threw her arms above her head, over the edge of the couch, and bent one leg, laying it against the back cushion. Her breasts heaved upward in her top, pulling themselves higher, almost to the point that the slightest darkening of her nipples began to show. Her bent leg relaxed the loose shorts, giving them enough slack to open. I grabbed a blanket hanging across the back of the couch, to quickly hide my erection. If I squinted hard enough, in the dim light, I could almost make out the darkened slit of her pussy, shadowed behind the shorts.


I opened my eyes to the bright sunny morning bursting through the windows. Claire lay across from me with her back turned, knees tightly tucked against her chest. She was obviously cold. I pulled myself up sleepily, dragging the blanket I had used across the couch. I sank deeply, just below her feet, tracing my eyes up her thighs to the thin, blue swatch of fabric pulled tightly between her legs. The seam noticeably parted her sleeping vagina, pressing the soft, tender skin around it, out the sides of the shorts. I reeled in excitement, seeing it so silky-smooth and hairless. Nearly half of her ass beamed from the sun rays; the shorts tugging high above her waist. Gently I let the blanket fall across her body and pulled it over her shoulders. She woke.

“Hi.” Her sleepy eyes darted about the room, trying to process where she was. She slid up on the arm of the couch, unaware that her top had mangled its form from her tossing throughout the night. I quickly stole a glance of almost one of her entire breasts peeking out of the arm opening. The thin strap of the top, dug tightly into the enormous orb, almost bisecting it. Her nipple was soft and smooth, slightly darker then her tanned breast. It was a gorgeous nipple, smaller then I had imagined it would be. I had hoped, for sake of my attraction to her, that it was some huge, pink monster; looking more like a slab of bologna then this pretty, perfectly-formed delicacy. I fought over whether I should say something. Do I tell her or do I enjoy this more?

“Um, your…” I looked down nonchalantly at her half-exposed breast and pointed.

She followed my finger, looking down at her naked breast. She didn’t seem to mind me getting an extra look in, as she looked back up at me smiling. “Damn things!” She laughed as she looked back down, yanking the top back in place. She wrapped her palms around the massive globes, squeezing them back into their proper positions. I, again, kicked myself for not touching them last night; when I had the chance.

“Nothing you haven’t seen before, I imagine?” She smirked as she sat up. Her yawn became a theatrical production as she arched her back; her breasts trying to escape once more.

I thought to myself. “I could either appear cool and blow her question off or use it as another chance to flirt.” I smiled back and answered, “nothing as nice as those, anyway.” I prided myself in choosing the second.

“Oh please! As good-looking as you are, you’re just being nice to me.” Wonder filled her face. “Where is everyone?”

“I don’t know, I just woke up, myself.”

I watched her stand, digging the crotch of her shorts from her tight, round buttocks. Stretching again. My God at that body! She pranced into the kitchen. I followed, naturally.

“Oh, Grandma took the kids to school and went to town to run errands.” She answered her own question aloud as she slipped the note out from under the refrigerator magnet. “She says Grandpa went with her and they’ll be back with breakfast in a few hours. I think she means lunch.” She looked at the clock on the microwave.

It was mid-morning now. I walked over to the large, glass doors; looking out at the lake.

“Hey, wanna go ride the jetski?”

I turned back to the echoing voice, as I realized Claire had walked into a nearby bedroom. “Sure.” I answered loudly, following her question as it still lingered in the air. I turned to enter the bedroom; my eyes almost popping from their sockets. I stood staring, in absolute astonishment as my sexy cousin peeled her tight top over her head. Her glorious, naked breasts kissed each other as they swayed from the release; colliding together. She stood looking at me, confident in her incredible curves. She quickly tucked her thumbs into either side of the shorts elastic waistband, and shucked them off; puddling at her feet. She stepped out of them, rising back up to meet my stare.

“My God,” I quietly muttered. I took in her completely naked form, thoroughly. Her hips were sensually curved and perfectly round. A good size for her, but slightly on the smaller side, which I liked. Her pussy was exquisitely shaved smooth, with only a dime-sized patch of wavy, dark hair hovering slightly above it. I traveled up the flatness of her stomach, until my eyes focused quickly on the unearthly perfection of her breasts. Each one hung just slightly, exactly the same size. Perfect tear drops, they hadn’t yet begun to succumb to age or the weight of gravity. Her glassy, round nipples seemed to almost be swallowed up in the center of the large, beautiful masses.