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At the Office 1

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At the Office 1Melissa enjoyed her job a lot… She had been working for the agency for a little over a year, and in that time had gotten two promotions along with nice raises. She had started as a general typist, but had soon shown superior talent and was given the job as the administrative assistant to one of the vice presidents. It was shortly after that happened that she got her big career break.She was working late on a Friday… Her boss had a huge project that had to be in the client’s office, halfway across the country, first thing Monday morning. Melissa loved working for her boss, Sharon, a strikingly beautiful woman who, in her mid-forties, was quite a bit older than Melissa’s 26 years. Sharon is very tall and slender, with a mane of auburn curls that reaches halfway down her back. Her taste in clothing tends to white blouses and dark slacks, but they are obviously tailored and show off her tight butt.Melissa is short at 5’1″ and blonde, with her curly hair just reaching her shoulders. Her body, while not fat by anyone’s standards, is more full than Sharon’s. Melissa usually dresses in short skirts that show off her shapely legs, but she is careful not to dress too provocatively at the office. Away from work, she tends to wear tiny little mini skirts and low cut tops, as she loves to show off her body. Melissa has been lesbian for several years, she got tired of men and their mind games and their refusal to grow up. She is single at the moment, as a couple of months ago she came home from work and found her last girl friend in bed with her own sister, and couldn’t handle it.Melissa has no clue about Sharon’s sexual orientation… Sharon is always very professional around the office, but Melissa has also never seen her away from work. She has no idea whether Sharon has a husband, a boy friend, a girl friend, or what… She has noticed that Sharon does not wear a ring on the third finger of her left hand, but does wear several others.That particular evening, Sharon seemed to be in a very good mood in spite of the stress they were under to complete the project. It looked like they would get it done without much difficulty, and after a while Sharon sent out for some Chinese food for the two of them. When it arrived, they took their food into the conference room and spread it out on the table.Sharon looked at Melissa and said, “So, Melissa… First off, I want you to know that you have done a great job for me so far. I haven’t had a chance to say it, but keep up the good work!”Melissa smiled and said, “Thanks… I figured that if there was a problem, you would have let me know. But it’s always nice to hear that I’m doing things to your satisfaction.””You are, definitely! We have never really had a chance to get to know each other. Tell me something about yourself!” said Sharon, as she dished herself some rice and chicken.”Ummmmm… Like what?””Well, let’s see. You’re 26, right?” Melissa nodded her head, since her mouth was full of pork fried rice.Sharon continued, “Okay, are you married? Boy friend? k**s? Pets?”Melissa swallowed, then took a drink of water. She smiled. “No, no, no and no! None of the above. How about you, Sharon, are you married?”The older woman laughed out loud. “Oh, God, no!”When Melissa looked at Sharon blankly, she went on, “Didn’t you know that I’m a lesbian?”Melissa smiled and said, “No, I didn’t know that… You seem surprised at that, should I have?” she added with a wink.”I guess not… But pretty much all of the high ranking women here are lesbian. The owner, Helene, is very publicly gay, and she has tried to give capable lesbians opportunities to grow with her business. We all love her for that, and she has a very devoted group of people working for her. It hasn’t been easy, but through her sheer talent and will, she has grown this into one of the top ad agencies in the country!”Melissa was surprised but pleased at this information. She had no idea that the owner was a lesbian. She is an attractive woman in her late 40’s who had always had a different, younger, but always very good looking man on her arm at company functions.”Well, then, as long as we’re talking about sexual preference, I am also gay. I have been off men for almost muğla bakımlı escort 5 years now… And I’m single, I broke up with my last girl friend a couple of months ago. So how about you, Sharon, do you have a partner?””No, I don’t… I was with a woman for almost 5 years, then six months ago she decided out of the blue that she wanted a husband and a baby. The baby would have been possible, but I couldn’t be her husband… And I still miss her, a lot!” Sharon’s eyes misted over a little, and Melissa leaned to her and gave her a hug.”Don’t worry, Sharon… When you start looking, I know you will find another partner right away. You are gorgeous, intelligent and a nice person, too!””Thanks, Melissa, you’re sweet to say that to an old lady…” Sharon gave a weak smile.”Old lady, my ass! You are an EXTREMELY sexy woman, in the prime of her life!”Sharon looked straight into the younger girl’s eyes. “Do you really mean that, Melissa? Do you really think I’m sexy?””Oh, God yes! Any woman or man would be a fool to not want you…”Sharon leaned over and gave Melissa a quick kiss on the lips. “Thank you… Even if you didn’t really mean what you said, it’s nice to hear a sexy young woman tell me she thinks I still have ‘it’.””Oh, I definitely meant that! And whatever ‘it’ is, you definitely have more than your share! I hope I look half as good as you when I am your age!”The two women talked more as they ate their dinner. Melissa learned that Sharon lived in the suburbs, in a nice house with a hot tub in the back. Sharon has been lesbian since her college days, when she found out that “the love of her life” was cheating on her with two of her best friends and anything else he could screw. She had not had the best of luck with men before him, and that was the last straw… One of her best friends was openly bisexual, and Sharon had almost immediately started a relationship with her and never looked back.They finished their food, and got back to work. As they were finishing up the project a couple of hours later, Sharon announced, “This deserves a celebration… I have some wine in my office, we should open it!”The older woman left for a moment, then returned with a bottle of Merlot, a corkscrew and two glasses. She opened the wine and poured them each a glass. They ‘clinked’ their glasses, and toasted a job well done. Sharon reached for Melissa, and gave her a big hug.The two women sat in Sharon’s office and talked some more as they drank their wine. Melissa was very comfortable talking with her boss like this, and she could feel herself getting a little buzz, although she was totally in control. Sharon was talking about her former lover, and how much she missed having her around, to cuddle with and share the day.”And you know what else?” Sharon asked. “I miss kissing her… She was a great kisser and I loved to just kiss her for hours…”Melissa agreed. “I miss that, too… None of the guys I ever kissed could compare to kissing a woman. I love how soft and tender everything is, and so unrushed. Men always seem to want to hurry through the part that women like best, the kissing and touching…””Yeah… It’s been over 20 years since I was with a man, but I can still remember the fumbling hands and too-forceful kisses of the guys I was with. They never really had a clue, did they, Melissa…”The younger girl was fascinated, watching Sharon’s face as she talked. Plus, she could see that the older woman’s nipples had become erect and were visible through the silk of her blouse. Melissa could see that even though Sharon’s breasts were small, she had very prominent nipples, and Melissa wished she could suck on them…Melissa could feel her face getting flushed and her own nipples standing up, as she imagined herself with her sexy boss. Sharon noticed that her assistant had gotten quiet all of a sudden, and asked, “You okay, sweetie?”Melissa was startled back into reality. “Yes, Sharon, I’m fine… Just a little tired, I guess.”Sharon smiled back, “Me, too, it’s been a lonnnng day. I’m tired and horny both, I guess my vibrator will be getting a workout tonight!”Melissa was a little shocked at the older woman’s frankness, muğla balıketli escort but also turned on at the thought of her boss lying back on her bed, running her vibrator all over her beautiful nude body, teasing herself until she erupted in climax.Melissa smiled at Sharon and asked, “Well, is there anything more I can do for you before I go home?””What I need most is for someone to lick me until I cum on her face, but I can’t ask you to do that…” Sharon replied.Melissa stepped close to Sharon and looked into her eyes. “And why not, Sharon? I would LOVE to lick you… I love sucking on a pussy, it’s about my most favorite thing to do in the whole world!””Are you sure, Melissa? I don’t want you to feel forced into anything you don’t want to do, just because I’m your boss…”Melissa reached to Sharon and took the older woman’s breasts in her hands, cupping them and pinching the visibly erect nipples through the silk of her blouse. “Do I look like I am being forced?” she whispered.”No, baby, you look like you are doing what you have wanted to do all night…” was Sharon’s whispered response.Melissa unbuttoned her boss’s blouse, then undid the front clasp of the lacy bra. The older woman’s erect nipples were poking out against the lace, and Melissa lowered her head and bit gently on one. Sharon moaned softly, and her hands moved to Melissa’s hair.Melissa gently pushed Sharon backward until her hips were against her desk. The shorter girl stepped forward and pressed her thigh between Sharon’s, against the older woman’s mound. Melissa looked up, then reached around Sharon and swept all the papers to one side of the large desk, then leaned her upper body forward so Sharon was laying back on her own desk.As Melissa lowered her head back to her boss’s erect nipples, Sharon moaned softly. Melissa started sucking and chewing on the firm points, all the while grinding her thigh into Sharon’s pussy through her slacks. Melissa could feel herself getting very wet as she teased the older woman.Sharon had her hands in her secretary’s hair, stroking the blonde curls and holding her face close to her breasts. Sharon was arching her hips up against Melissa’s thigh, and Sharon knew she was already soaking wet… She had felt very horny earlier that afternoon and had been looking forward to a long session with her vibrator that evening. To have this sexy girl making love to her was a complete bonus, and she hoped it was the start of a regular thing.Melissa could feel that her boss was getting very turned on, and she loved the idea that such a sexy older woman as Sharon liked what she was doing to her… Sharon was thrusting back against her thigh, giving little soft moans as Melissa ground herself into the older woman.Melissa lifted her head from Sharon’s breast and smiled. “Do you know what I would REALLY like to do right now?” she asked.”What, darling?””I want you to sit in your chair, nude. I want to kneel in front of you, still fully dressed, and lick your pussy until you cover my face with your juices…”Sharon felt a little rush at Melissa’s words. “Mmmmmmmmm… I would like that, too.. Will you be my pussy licking slut, Melissa?”Melissa smiled, then stood up and took Sharon’s hand. She led the older woman around the desk, and pulled her leather chair out. Melissa stepped up close to the taller woman and began removing her clothing. She was amazed to find Sharon was wearing a tiny little thong, really just a square of red satin held in place by thin straps across her hips.”Very sexy, Mistress…”Sharon smiled. “Just because I am old doesn’t mean I don’t like sexy lingerie…””How many times must I tell you? You are NOT old, you are an incredibly sexy woman and I am honored to make love to you…”Sharon slipped her hand under Melissa’s chin and lifted it so the two women were looking into each other’s eyes. “Thanks again, Melissa, but I don’t want you to make love to me. I want you to fuck me, suck my pussy, make me cum all over your face!”Melissa slid the older woman’s thong off, then stepped close and gently guided Sharon backward until she plopped into her chair. Her legs were spread wide and Melissa could muğla bayan escort see that her boss was a natural redhead. She was mostly shaved, with just a small tuft of hair above her pussy. Melissa could also see that Sharon was very wet, as her mound was already glistening with her juices.Melissa knelt in front of Sharon, and took one of the older woman’s thighs and placed it on her shoulder. She smiled and said, “I want all of you, Sharon, I want to taste you completely…”Sharon smiled back and put her hands in Melissa’s hair. She pulled the younger woman’s face in until it was close to her pussy. “So what are you waiting for, little slut? Taste me, lick me, I am yours…”With that, Melissa lowered her head and began to lick and suck furiously. Sharon was already dripping wet, and the sight of her cute assistant between her legs, licking her pussy, had her even more excited. Melissa’s head was bobbing up and down as she worshipped at Sharon’s altar. The older woman was very excited and she knew it would not take long until she would be spraying her juices all over Melissa’s cute face.Sharon had her hands in Melissa’s hair, pulling the blonde girl’s face tight against her pussy. Sharon’s hips were thrusting up, off her chair, wanting to feel Melissa’s tongue deeper inside her.When Melissa pressed a fingertip between Sharon’s lips, the older woman moaned and spread her legs even further. Melissa took this as a sign of encouragement, and worked her finger into her boss’s hot, wet pussy. Sharon was drenched, and Melissa’s finger slid in easily. She added a second finger, then a third.Sharon was moaning and grinding her pussy into her cute assistant’s face. When she felt the third finger slide into her, she arched her hips upward, driving Melissa’s fingers deep inside her.Melissa sucked and chewed on her boss’s pussy lips as her fingers slid in and out. The older woman was moaning louder now, as her cute little assistant finger fucked her wet slit. “Yes, Melissa, just like that! Fuck me baby…”Melissa looked up at Sharon and smiled. The older woman smiled back, and ran her tongue around her lips, darting it in and out, mimicking the younger girl’s actions. Melissa could sense that her boss was close to cumming. She looked up and whispered, “Please, Sharon, I need to taste you. Feed me, give me your cum, Sharon…”The younger girl’s words excited Sharon, and she was grinding her pussy against Melissa’s face. When the younger girl took Sharon’s clit between her teeth and gently bit down, Sharon erupted. Her juices poured out, coating Melissa’s face and tongue.The younger girl was moaning as she licked and sucked her boss’s pussy, not wanting to waste a single drop of the sweet juices. Melissa was whispering into Sharon’s pussy, “Yes, Mistress, Oh God, Yesssss… Feed me, Mistress… I need this SOOOO bad!”Sharon looked down and saw that Melissa had her hand under her own skirt, fingering herself. The sight was very erotic to Sharon, and her juices continued to pulse out of her pussy, and onto Melissa’s face.The younger girl was lapping and sucking, sliding her tongue deep into Sharon’s pussy, then out and over her hard clit. Sharon’s hands were still in Melissa’s hair, pulling her assistant’s face tight against her mound.Eventually, Sharon’s spasms wound down. Melissa continued to lick and suck gently on Sharon’s pussy. She had removed her fingers at some point, and was now sliding her tongue in and out, fucking the older woman with her tongue.Melissa looked up at her new lover. The younger girl’s face was shiny with Sharon’s juices. She looked deep into Sharon’s eyes and whispered, “Thank you, Mistress… Thank you for feeding me…”She couldn’t understand what Melissa meant, then something clicked… Her use of “Mistress…” The girl was a submissive, who seemed to draw energy from her Mistress’ cum. Sharon had never before played the domme/sub game, but something in the way this young woman looked at her made her want to be her Mistress.”You’re welcome slut, and thank YOU! I needed to have my pussy licked, and you are very good at it!” Sharon’s hands were in Melissa’s hair, stroking it. The younger girl lay her head on Sharon’s thigh and literally purred like a cat.That first night was the start of a new relationship for both women. Sharon had someone who would lick her pussy whenever she wanted it, and Melissa had a Mistress. Soon, Melissa was licking Sharon to a shuddering orgasm nearly every afternoon, and one momentous afternoon, Sharon brought Melissa into a briefing she was having with the owner of the agency…