Haziran 7, 2023


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Big Balls

WorkoutI typed:She was about your height, 5’ 4, and it was her brown skin that first caught my eye. She looked like she was maybe Filipino. Around 40 I guessed, but it was hard for me to tell. Not that mattered though, because her body was …snatched. She always wore these spandex tights because I guess she worked out a lot. Mmmm…she looked like she would be fun. One day I came to the gym to play racquetball and I didn’t see her at the office. I didn’t think anything of it and went to the court. On my way I saw her working out , doing bent over rows and damn… her body wasn’t just tight, it was sculpted. I could feel my dick struggling to bust out my pants. There wasn’t anyone else there. She smiled when she saw me and …I don’t know what came over me, but smiled back and asked her if she wanted to join me for some cardio. She said after she finished her set. So I went to the court and hit the ball around for a bit. I was a bit sweaty when she came in and so was she. We had a few good rallies on the racquetball court, but she was swinging like an amateur. So I offered to give her some pointers.I was definitely being a bit of a perv muğla grup escort and positioned myself close behind her. As I instructed her on her form, I couldn’t help but press my crouch against her hard tight ass. I guess I got too excited and accidentally thrust my hips and she swung around so quick. She said I did it on purpose and I said I did and apologized. But she smiled. Suddenly she pushed me against the wall, hard. She was short but aggressive, she definitely wanted to dominate me. She started ripping at my shirt and my pants. I shoved my hands down her tights, seeking her pussy. I feel her, warm and wet. My cock popped out and he nearly strangled it, stroking up and down. It was rough, but the pain made it all the more exciting. She bit my chest and my shoulders. I grabbed her ass and tried to pick her up but she grabbed my neck and pulled me down. I could feel teeth on my neck as she laid me on the ground. I grabbed her breasts as she shimmied out of her tights. She still stroked my cock, long strokes. Then she started grinding against it. Suddenly she pinned my arms muğla lezbiyen escort to the ground and started rubbing her pussy up and down my hard throbbing cock. Her pussy was so slippery and I could feel her sliding up and down, my cock getting harder, as her pussy got wetter. I was so hard, the skin on my dick stretched so thin that it almost hurt. I wanted to be in her so bad. I tried to move my arms, but she press my wrists down harder onto the floor. But I wanted to dominate her, I wanted to be in her, now. I wrestled one arm free and before she could react I hooked my finger right into her tight asshole. She jump a little, shocked, her anus tightening down around my finger like a ring that was too small; her whole body tensed. Just as quickly she settled back and my dick slid right in. Oh my god, it was so good. I bottomed out right away and almost came immediately. I started thrusted hard into her, deep as I could go, as fast I could. I could my stiff cock moving in her vagina, pounding her cervix. Through the thin skin in her ass I could feel my cock moving muğla olgun escort against my finger and I gripped her even more. Her moan was guttural, almost a****listic. I could feel the sweat starting to drip off her body, dripping from her hair, falling on my body, on my face. There was a musk that filled the air, the aroma tasted so wild. I threw her over and, pulling her ass high in the air as I pushed her head down against the floor, I mounted her like a dog, shoving my pulsing dick in her, wet, soft pussy; the large lips of her pussy curling around my shaft. I shoved my thumb into her asshole, gripping her tailbone. I thrust into her again and again. She scratched against floor, breathing heavy, struggling to moan. I felt her body shudder and quake, her pussy clamping down on my cock so hard I thought I was going to cum. I was about to. I pulled out and then shoved the tip of my dick in her ass and exploded. I was wracked by the orgasm. Cum flowed out of her asshole, all over my dick. But still I was hard and I dove back in. She started pushing back with her hand so I eased up. She turned around pressing her body to mine. She grabbed my ass and bit my lip. Before I knew if she had shoved me back and was smothering my face with her pussy. I could feel the warm salty taste of her cum gushing into my mouth. I swallowed, she kept coming. I could feel her rising and falling as my tongue sought to clean her out. I could feel her pussy lips cradle my face.Best cardio ever!