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College Swingers Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: Soft Swapping

“You know what will happen if we go home with them.” Ann sounded worried.

“Yeah, I know.” Scott was clearly trying to sound reassuring, but I could tell how eager he was, “I want it to happen.”

Standing just down the hall from them, I was pretending not to listen in. Personally, I found Ann’s concern a little perplexing. After all, not ten minutes earlier she had been laying on the floor, her halter top up around her neck, her jeans open and my fingers in her pussy. She had climaxed in front of about a dozen partygoers while my wife Julie gave her boyfriend Scott a handjob. At this very moment, Julie was washing Scott’s cum off her hands. The fact that Ann seemed worried about the prospect of going home with us and having sex in the privacy of our apartment seemed a little odd to me.

On reflection, I guessed that Ann was one of those girls who defined sex rather narrowly. As long as penis didn’t penetrate her pussy, she probably didn’t think of it as sex. I let my eyes wander down her eighteen-year-old body and contemplated all the interesting options that left open, ranging from her long black hair, her pretty face and full lips, her lovely cone shaped breasts (I smiled at the kinesthetic memory of those perky little cones in my mouth), further down to her firm round ass and long legs. Lost contemplating all the possibilities, I missed the fact that Julie was out of the bathroom and someone else was going in (after Ann’s and my little show, several partygoers had to clean up).

“You guys ready to go?” Julie asked brightly.

Scott smiled, “Yeah, let’s.”

The four of us trooped out to my car. Julie and Ann hopped in the back seat and Scott grabbed shotgun, while I drove.

Ann was still a little apprehensive. I heard her say to Julie, “Are you sure about this?”

Julie’s response seemed to be entirely non-verbal, based on the soft moan I heard from the back seat. Glancing in the rear-view mirror, I saw Julie kissing Ann rather thoroughly, one hand in the younger woman’s hair and the other caressing her belly. Scott was looking back over his shoulder at the ladies, a huge grin on his face. Scott was a skinny young fellow, all arms and legs and a patch of bushy black hair. He and I looked at each other and smiled. I tore my eyes away to watch the road.

“So,” I said to Scott, “you’re sure about this?”

“Hell yeah,” Scott said, “Are you?”

“Yeah,” I laughed, “Julie and I aren’t really into monogamy, as such.”

“Cool,” Scott’s grin grew wider.

A soft moan drew my attention back to the rear-view mirror. Julie and Ann were still kissing. Ann’s halter had been pushed up and Julie’s hand was caressing one of her perky little breasts. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a flash of red. Suddenly Betturkey remembering that I was supposed to be driving, I managed to hit the brakes before running the red light.

“Hey,” I barked, “Knock it off back there, I’m trying to drive.”

“Right,” Julie replied, “sorry, no fair distracting the driver.”

Scott laughed.

We made it back to the apartment without further incident. Julie led the way upstairs and we all tumbled into bed together, still fully dressed. Mind you, the bed wasn’t actually big enough to fit four people comfortably. Ann, as the center of attention, ended up kneeling in the middle of the bed on her hands and knees. Julie was half-laying at the head of the bed kissing Ann. Scott knelt beside the ladies, one hand caressing each of their backs. I found myself kneeling on the floor behind Ann, massaging her thighs. As I worked my way up her legs Ann started to quiver and groan.

“What’s making you do that?” Scott asked her, grinning.

“Glen,” Ann answered huskily, “he’s rubbing my pussy.”

“I’m rubbing your legs, sweetie,” I said, then I reached out and cupped her pussy through her jeans. She was so wet I could feel it even through the fabric. “This is me rubbing you pussy.”

Ann practically screamed, her hips bucking wildly. I think she had an orgasm on the spot. When her shaking subsided, I reached around, undid her jeans and pulled them off while Scott and Julie helped her out of her halter top. Since Ann hadn’t worn a bra or panties, she was naked in short order. I hopped up onto the bed and lay beside her. I was sort of peripherally aware of Julie and Scott getting off the bed, dragging some pillows and blankets with them. I only had eyes for the naked coed next to me.

Hungrily, I leaned in and kissed her mouth. My hands started to explore her slim body, caressing every inch I could reach, though paying particular attention to her back (where I knew she loved to be touched) and her breasts (which I couldn’t get enough of). For her part, Ann was shoving her tongue into my mouth with wild abandon, as if she was trying to force it down my throat. It was a little off-putting to be honest, but I didn’t let it bother me. Her hands were roaming over my body now, stroking my hair and my back. Eventually, she started tugging on my t-shirt and, without needing any more encouragement, I broke off our kiss and pulled it off.

Grinning, Ann started to kiss her way down my chest, licking my nipples and leaving a trail of kisses down my belly. Her long dark hair spread out around her face, tickling my chest as she moved lower. I groaned in anticipation. After what seemed an age, her fingers started to fumble with the button of my jeans. I tried to help, but she swatted my hands away. Laughing at her own difficulties, Betturkey Giriş she finally managed to undo my pants.

She looked up at me, her lovely eyes meeting mine and her face splitting in a sultry grin. Then she took a firm grip on my pants and underwear and, with one firm jerk, pulled them down. I felt cold air against my dick, which by now was so hard it ached. Ann lowered herself until her long hair was dragging against my hard shaft. I groaned at the sensation. She looked up at me again, still smiling. One hand swept her long hair up away from her face as she leaned down to brush her lips against my dick. Softly, she kissed it, starting at the tip and teasing downward until she was nuzzling my balls, then brushing her lips back upward. When she reached the tip again, she licked it playfully.

“I want you,” she said, her lips grazing my shaft as she spoke, “I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me.”

“OK,” I breathed. What the hell else was I going to say at that point?

She kissed the tip of my dick, taking it slightly into her mouth, then looked up again.

“Where do you keep the condoms?” she asked.

“The what?” I said. Oh shit, I thought. “We don’t have any.”

“What!” Ann said, looking suddenly appalled.

“What’s going on?” Scott’s voice came from across the room.

“They don’t have condoms,” Ann replied.

“I’m on the Pill,” Julie interjected.

Looking over, I saw that Scott and Julie hand made a nest of pillows and blankets on the floor. Julie was completely naked at this point. Scott was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts, which looked a little odd on his spindly frame.

“I’m not,” Ann sighed, rolling over onto her back. “Scott do you have any?”

“No,” Scott said, sounding a little forlorn, “we used my last one this morning.”

“Arrrgh!” Ann cried, covering her face with her hands.

I chuckled a little, pivoting on my butt until I was laying the other direction. My face was now level with Ann’s pussy. I leaned forward and planted a teasing kiss on her thigh.

“Don’t worry about it,” I breathed, “there are other options, which are just as fun. Maybe even more.” I leaned in further and licked along the slick folds of her pussy. I’d always loved to eat pussy, and Ann tasted very sweet. I buried my face between her long legs and started to explore her with my tongue.

Ann moaned. Her hips arched, pushing against my face. Soon, I felt her shift as she discovered that my change of position had, quite deliberately, left my dick in reach of her mouth. She resumed licking and kissing my shaft, moving with increasing passion. I could feel her moaning against my flesh as I licked her. My tongue found her clit and she let out a loud moan which was quickly muffled Betturkey Güncel Giriş as she filled her mouth with my dick. I groaned into her pussy as her soft, wet mouth enveloped me. Ann slid her lips up and down my shaft.

I started to lick her clit rapidly, trying to urge her on. It seemed to be working. She moaned around my shaft and took me deeper into her mouth. Shifting my weight a little, I brought my hand up and pushed a finger into her pussy while still tonguing her clit. Ann moaned, bobbing her head on my dick even more vigorously. Soon, the first finger was joined by another. I steadily fucked her with my fingers while my tongue swirled over her clit. Ann moaned louder. Her hips started to buck, her whole body quivered and she came, her scream muffled by the hard dick deep in her mouth.

When her orgasmic convulsions subsided, Ann and I shifted our positions. I lay on my back and she lay beside me, taking my dick again in her mouth and sucking passionately.

Movement seen out of the corner of my eye attracted my attention. I glanced over to see Scott with his face between Julie’s legs, clearly eating her pussy. He had lost his boxers at some point, and his scrawny naked ass was raised in the air as he half knelt over her. By the blissful look on Julie’s face, Scott was not unskilled with his tongue. Looking more closely at Julie’s flushed face, I noticed a line of sticky white on her chin. With a start, I realized that while I had been eating Ann’s pussy, Julie had sucked Scott’s dick and he had come in her mouth. I felt a little surge of jealously, not at the fact that she had blown him but at the fact that I had missed it. I wanted to watch, damn it.

Seeing Julie like that, combined with the feeling of a lovely brunette coed’s mouth moving up and down on my dick, pushed me over the edge. My hips started to buck of their own accord. I could feel my balls tightening and my hips starting to thrust into Ann’s pretty face. Surprised, Ann lifted her head quickly but not quickly enough. My dick erupted in her mouth, spraying cum across her tongue. Her head pulled back and the next spurts of cum landed across her chin and cheek. Her hand wrapped around my shaft. She slowly pumped me as more thick, white cum spurted out to cover her fingers.

I looked down at her and smiled. I thought she made a lovely mess, with her long black hair wet with sweat and her chin, cheek and hand covered in gooey white spunk. She smiled back at me. More cum oozed out of her mouth and down onto her chin.

Julie’s orgasmic moans drew both of our attention over to the pile of blankets, pillows and naked partners nearby. She had one hand firmly gripping Scott’s curly black hair, holding his face between her thighs. Her only hand was clutching her breast. His hands here holding her ass. Julie’s nipples were rock hard and her chest and face were flushed. Her hips thrust upward at Scott’s face and her whole body shook.

When my wife finally stopped coming, I smiled over at her and Scott.

“We have got to do this again!” I said.