Mayıs 27, 2024

No Ordinary Assignation

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He buzzed her in without saying a word. A portentous sign but what else had she expected? She rode up in the lift that he’d once made her come in before they’d reached the third floor and when the doors slid open she felt a weight forming in the pit of her stomach. She hadn’t realised how much she was dreading this meeting. She dragged her feet towards his front door, apprehensive of what she might find behind it.

He opened the door in shirt-sleeves, just as she’d pictured him mere minutes before, wriggling with lustful expectation in the sweaty pleather of the taxi. But his eyes weren’t lit with the salacious spark she’d hoped for. He didn’t grab her and pull her inside, smashing his mouth on hers and wrestling her to the floor in a fit of passion. She’d known her fantasy had been too optimistic. The muscle of his jaw twitched in a familiar way and she could feel his anger radiating from him like a wave of heat.

‘Go in to the bedroom,’ he managed to say, his words laced with venom.

She obeyed, an idea of what was happen forming in her minds eye. Now the moment had come she wasn’t sure she wanted it. His tone had invoked a chill worm of fear that was now wriggling up her spine. Though she felt she deserved what was going to happen, craved it on so many levels and had engineered events to move in this direction, she was now unsure if she was prepared for the outcome. But she had no choice but to take responsibility for her actions. She’d laid the track they were now running on and there was no way she could derail the impending events at this late stage. Her feet propelled her to the bedroom, the stage for so many sweet embraces. And one fateful mistake.

She stopped at the edge of the bed, unsure of what she should do, where exactly he wanted her to be. In the split second she’d realised he was standing behind her, his hand was on the back of the neck, forcing her face down onto the sheets. Her knees buckled beneath her and soon she was lying, trapped. His body lay heavy on top of hers and his words, roughened by his anger, found her ears.

‘Don’t make a fucking sound. Don’t try and move. I know this is what you wanted, you little bitch, I know you’ve been aching for this moment. I don’t like being manipulated, Isobel, and you’ve been playing with me right from the start. I was a fucking idiot not to realise it Betturkey but now I’m going to give you everything you deserve, do you understand?’

His hand pulled the roots of her hair and his right hand painfully pinched her nipple through the thin fabric of her sun dress.

‘Answer me, bitch.’ His voice was nothing but a growl and his erection was digging uncomfortably into her back. His grip on her hair tightened and a choked ‘yes’ was forced from her throat.

‘What do you mean “yes”?’ he snarled.

‘Yes, I understand.’

‘That’s what I wanted to hear,’ he said and stood up.

‘Take off your dress.’ She lifted her face from the bed and sat on her heels, still facing away from him. She could hear him breathing heavily behind her. As she pulled the flimsy dress over her head she heard the ominous clink of a belt buckle and the serpentine hiss of leather being pulled through belt loops. Her heart began to hammer.

‘Bend over,’ he said. ‘Stretch your arms out in front of you.’ How could she fight a command like that? He quickly secured her wrists with a horrible lavender coloured silk tie she’d seen him wearing at work and arranged her body so her arse was raised to him before leaning bodily over her once more, his cock turgid and hot even through his trousers.

‘I’m not going to make you count, I don’t see the point. I’m not going to give you any more than I think you can take but I won’t give you any less than you deserve. You’ve been an incredibly bad girl, Isobel. You’ve acted like a malicious bitch and a wanton slut. I hope you’re ashamed of yourself. You fucking should be. You’re nothing but a cock-hungry little whore and that’s how I’m going to treat you.’

His words made her cunt well up, they spoke to something deep inside her. Her clit throbbed and she mewed with longing. This was exactly what she had wanted.

With a crack the first blow seared her flesh, the pain blinding her, making everything blank. She wasn’t sure if she’d cried out; the shock made her aware of nothing but the belt. Her skin began to sting as blood rushed to the surface; a hot, prickling feeling. The soft sound of the leather tearing the air precipitated another hard blow. The pain ricocheted through her, pushing everything else out. He was quick to give her another smack and another and soon she was screaming Betturkey Giriş in pain. Her arse must already have been bright red, she could feel the marks as they blossomed on her flesh, but he showed no mercy. She tried to move herself away from the punishing blows but he had his hand on her back and her movements were half-hearted anyway. This feeling was like nothing else and she’d waited for it for so long. The vicious bite of the leather into her reddened and sensitive flesh was making her a soaking wet, sticky mess. She cried out once more as he struck her again with a force she hadn’t been sure he was capable of.

‘This is just what you need, isn’t it, slut?’ His voice was guttural, utterly devoid of its usual controlled tone and punctuated by the crack of the belt on her buttocks. ‘Tell me it is. Tell me this is what you need.’

She could hear a note of desperation in his voice and she was worried that she’d pushed him too far. That he was beginning to scare himself with the ferocity of his anger. That the thrill of sadism was too much for him.

‘Yes,’ she gasped, just to reassure him, ‘this is just what I need.’ And then the tears began to flow. Sobs convulsed through her body, hard, choking, rattling her ribcage and making her throat ache. Everything was flooding out of her, the pain had broken the dam. Yes, this was just what she’d needed. Punishment. Catharsis.

It was only as her bawling subsided to a snivel that she noticed he’d stopped flogging her and was instead caressing the tenderized flesh. The movements of his fingers felt exquisite on her abused arse as they traced swirls of white heat over her skin. ‘Are you OK?’ he asked in a voice cracked with confused emotions.

‘Yes,’ she said but her words were muffled by the duvet. He leaned over her to untie her wrists and she felt the thudding of his heart against her back before he moved to kneel down behind her. Smearing snot and watered-down mascara onto his pristine Egyptian cotton, she turned over onto her back and tried again.

Yes, I’m OK. I’m…. I’m just so sorry.’

She saw his face convulse, trying to hide his hurt before he flung himself onto her and buried himself in her neck. ‘I’m sorry,’ she whispered again, as if the words would help, and she felt all the muscles in his body straining to hold back the Betturkey Güncel Giriş tears. She continued to murmur nonsense into the polished mahogany skin of his shoulder, his neatly clipped hair, any part of his body that was available to her. Her hands stroked his back in an attempt to soothe and soon she felt some of the tension leaking away.

‘I’m sorry,’ she intoned once more. He lifted his head from the sanctum of her neck and looked straight at her. She immediately looked down, too ashamed to meet his gaze.

‘Why did you do this to me, Isobel?’, he asked and the catch in his voice cut straight to her heart. She could feel his eyes boring into her soul but still she shied away.

‘I… I don’t know.’ But of course she did. And so must he, by now. She’d done it because she was selfish, foolish, immature. She’d known what she wanted but instead of asking for it like the adult she was supposed to be she’d manipulated him into doing something that was beyond his sensibilities. She’d hurt him and she’d known what she was doing . She was a terrible person.

Steeling herself she looked up at him. His wounded eyes were damp and glistening and the sight formed a lump in her throat.

‘I’m so sorry,’ she repeated but the words were strangled and meaningless.

He lent in to kiss her, lips trembling, and she gratefully returned his kiss, their mouths brushing gently, a bittersweet exchange. The tenderness soon turned to the raw passion of two people witnessing the end of the world. His tongue invaded her mouth, his hands groped at her breasts. She pulled off his shirt, scattering buttons and he ground his erection into her hip. They wrestled each other’s clothes off, mouths still desperately entwined. Her bra came off and his fingers twisted and pulled at her tight nipples. She opened her thighs and drew him to her, pushing herself onto him. He let out a groan as he thrust inside and she wrapped herself around him like a vine. Their bodies pushed hard against each other, his cock sliding deep inside her as her muscles began to clench. She cried out clawing at his back as he drove himself deeper in, her cunt contracting around him, her back arching, the orgasm claiming her body.

Shaking she lay back, looking up at him. The hurt was still written on his face. She reached up to stroke his cheek, as if this clichéd act would erase the damage she had done. He closed his eyes and a tear slid unbidden down the side of his nose.

‘You really are a whore, aren’t you, Isobel? Nothing but a selfish little whore.’

‘Yes, I am,’ she agreed. ‘So fuck me like one.’ And he did.