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Coming Home Ch. 05

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In the morning, I woke up with my morning wood aching harder than usual. My mother was already gone from the bed, but Marcy lay on her stomach, apparently still asleep, her tight little ass poking in the air above her slightly parted legs.

The more I thought about her tight pussy, the more my cock throbbed in my hand before I even realized I’d taken hold of it. I brushed the fingertips of my free hand over her ass cheeks and she stirred slightly, spreading her thighs even more.

Rolling on to my side, I reached down and ran my fingers down the inside of one of her thighs and then back up the other. After repeating that motion several times, I stopped and cupped her slightly gaped lips and mound in my hand as I stroked myself, enjoying the warmth of her pussy and the sticky coating of cum and juices still leaking from her and smeared across her crotch.

“That feels nice…don’t stop,” Marcy moaned softly as she turned her head and looked up at me with her mesmerizing green eyes.

I’m sure she meant my hand resting on her pussy but I wasn’t about to stop stroking my cock either. She spread her legs even more so my middle finger slipped between the folds of her warm and wet slit.

Marcy shuddered when the tip of my middle finger touched her hard clit. After a moment, she rolled on to her side and squirmed over toward me until she could take my dick into her mouth. At the same time, she put my hand back over her pussy and began fingering her own clit.

“Finger fuck me or just watch me play with myself, either is fine with me. Just make sure you don’t pull your dick out of my mouth until you shoot every drop of cum you can manage down my throat.”

With that, she slowly swallowed my cock until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. She reached behind me, grabbing my ass and pulling me into her even harder, released me slightly and then pulled me in again. I got the hint and began thrusting my dick in and out of her mouth hard as my cum welled up and then gushed down her throat.

Even as I face fucked her, my fingers found her spongy g-spot. Her pussy juices splashed against the palm of my hand as the last of my semen shot down her throat.

As soon as she stopped quivering, Marcy climbed up on my chest, pinning me underneath her with a couple of strings of my semen leaking from the corners of her mouth. Even more of my cum dribbled from her mouth as she bent forward to kiss me. My dick twitched as I thought about how tasty my sperm tasted coming out of her sweet pussy…and my mother’s for that matter.

I followed Marcy to the kitchen, playfully groping her ass with my flaccid cock swaying back and forth between my legs. My mother poured us each a coffee and went back to making the pancakes she knew I loved.

“So when are Steph and Jorge coming over?” Marcy asked as we cleared away the dishes.

“Jorge said anytime we wanted after noon, just send him a text when we’re ready,” my mother answered and tenderly ran her hand over Marcy’s ass.

“Well, you know me, I’m always ready,” Marcy groaned and pressed her hips back against my mother’s hand, “and that Steph sure has such a sweet, yummy pussy.”

“Hmm, definitely one of the things I so love about you,” my mother murmured reaching around Marcy to cup a tit in each of her hands.

My cock was stiffening as I watched them grope each other. Marcy spun around in my mother’s arms, ramming her tongue into my mother’s mouth. Her hand crawled up between my mother’s legs to split her dripping pussy slit. After a moment, Marcy broke of the kiss took my mother’s hand and led her to the sofa. I just turned in my chair to watch.

Marcy pushed my mother down on the couch and gently pushed her legs apart. My mother tenderly stroked Marcy’s hair and pulled her heels up on the sofa, spreading her thighs even further. Her pink gash glistened with moisture. With a devilish grin, March spit on the fingers of one hand then slowly spread my mother’s pussy lips.

“Oh god, you know what I like,” my mother moaned, pinching her own erect nipples.

“Tell me again, Alicia, say it out loud so your loving son knows what you like me to do to you,” Marcy gasped before licking my mother’s dripping slit from her asshole to her clit..

My dick was rock hard in my hand by then. My mother visibly shuddered and stretched both of her nipples out hard.

“My ass…my cunt…finger them both…together…and suck my clit!” my mother cried, some of her pussy juices dripping on to Marcy’s tongue.

Marcy looked up at her and slipped two fingers into my mother’s pussy and one into her ass. Then she looked over at me before taking my mother’s clit into her mouth.

“Don’t waste your cum on your hand,” she said authoritatively, “get over here and fuck your mother’s mouth while she squirts on my face!”

Jorge and Steph arrived in mid afternoon. A naked Steph stepped out of her raincoat as soon as Marcy opened the door, walking up Gaziantep Escort Numaraları to Marcy and then my mother to give each a passionate kiss before moving in front of me where I stood up from the couch.

Without saying a word, she took my hands in hers and placed them on her plump, soft breasts. Then she reached down and engulfed my stiff dick in both her hands, looking me in the eyes the entire time.

“Oh look, Daddy,” she finally said, looking back over her shoulder, “his cock is just as big as yours and I bet he tastes really good too.”

Steph dropped to her knees in front of me and licked the pulsing tip of my dick as she gently squeezed my balls in one hand and snaked a finger between my ass cheeks to swirl around my puckered anus. I bent forward far enough to keep her soft tits cupped in my hands while she ever so slowly swallowed my cock until she buried her nose in my pubic hair.

I looked up over Steph’s head as she began bobbing up and down on my throbbing dick. My mother and Marcy had stripped Jorge naked and were licking his cock and balls together. My dick twitched a little harder in Steph’s mouth as it dawned on me I was about to see another man fuck my mother… filling her mouth and pussy and ass with his cock and cum.

As my legs began to tremble, Steph realized I was getting close to cumming down her throat. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and smiled up at me.

“Not quite yet, big guy,” she murmured, “mine is not the only mouth that wants to feel and taste your warm cum.”

Steph stood up and turned to her father and Marcy and my mother. Taking my dick in her hand, she walked over to them and pulled her father’s face down to hers for a tongue lashing kiss. After a moment, she broke off the kiss and stepped behind her father to draw her hand up between his ass cheeks. In doing so, she pulled me closer to the other three, with my rock hard cock right up against the side of my mother’s head.

Jorge looked at me oddly and before I knew what was happening, his hand reached out and joined his daughter’s holding my dick. My mother looked up and smiled devilishly then reached behind me to press my ass even closer. Both she and Marcy pulled back at little so Jorge’s cock flopped free of their mouths and my mother took my hand and firmly placed it on Jorge’s stiff dick.

I was stunned. I’d never touched another guy’s cock before, even when occasionally jerking off with my buddies when growing up. Jorge grinned and tightened his grip on my dick a little. I could feel the vein running the length of my cock pounding against his palm.

His hand felt really good enveloping my dick, as did his throbbing cock in my hand.

As I squeezed him a little harder, my mother and Marcy both stood, put their arms around both our shoulders and directed us toward the bedroom. Steph trailed behind fondling our asses.

Before she pushed me down on the bed, my mother flicked her tongue around, then whispered in, my ear.

“Relax, baby, you are so going to enjoy this,” she cooed, “at least as much as we will.”

As Jorge crawled up between my legs, it finally dawned on me what was happening.

Marcy and Steph scrambled up on the bed and leaned back against the headboard with their legs spread wide. My mother pulled a bottle of lube from the toy drawer, tossed it on the bed by my side and joined Steph and Marcy. They each fingered their own gaping pussies with one hand and fondled one of the others thighs with the other.

Jorge stepped to the side of the bed and pushed my legs apart, all the while grinning down at me. His dick stood straight out from his crotch, hard as a rock. He slowly bent forward, brushing his hands up the inside of my thighs. My arousal overcame my apprehension and my dick throbbed on my belly while I watched him propped up on my elbows.

His eyes stayed on mine as his hands gently encased my aching dick. My legs trembled slightly when the first droplet of precum bubbled up to the tip of my cock. Jorge’s smile widened and he lowered his head until the very tip of his tongue flicked through my piss slit and he gobbled down the precum.

The touch of his tongue was like an bolt electric shock shooting through my body. I groaned and fell flat on my back with my hips thrusting up…up into Jorge’s awaiting mouth. He eagerly sucked my cock head and cupped my balls with one hand.

I gasped as I felt the orgasm building in my groin. Looking to the side, I could see my mother and the other two women furiously rubbing their own clits and fingering their pussies. My mother’s eyes locked on mine and she momentarily stopped playing with herself.

“Fuck him, Ian,” she gasped, “stick your cock in his ass and fill him up with your cum.”

“An excellent suggestion,” Jorge grinned and crawled up over my body until he straddled my hips.

He reached for the lube bottle, splashing a generous amount on his hand then lathering up my cock before slipping his hand behind to grease his own asshole. Then he took my dick in his hand, raised up his hips enough to position my cock head against his puckered asshole and slowly lowered himself down on me.

At first I didn’t think I would fit inside his ass. He squirmed around slightly and his sphincter relaxed so I slid inside him all the way to my balls. Jorge groaned lowly, took his own cock in one hand and started to ride up and down on me.

His asshole was so tight, it only took a half dozen thrusts before my back arched and my cum began filling his bowels. Feeling my semen squirting inside him, Jorge rode me even faster, all the while stroking himself until I felt multiple strings of his sticky sperm shooting on to my neck and chest.

Next to us, my mother and Marcy and Steph were all fingering themselves furiously, moaning their own orgasms even after Jorge finished cumming on me and collapsed on my side, pulling my cock out of his ass as he did so.

Apparently that was the signal for the women to pounce.

Steph moved first, scrambling over to me and practically inhaling my half hard cock. Marcy took Jorge’s dick in her mouth and, when he raised his knees upward, twirled a finger around his puckered asshole.

My mother crawled between us. She scooped some of Jorge’s cum up in her fingers and ever so slowly sucked those fingers into her mouth as she looked down at me. Then she leaned forward and licked the remaining cum from my belly and chest before ramming her tongue into my mouth.

I was getting hard again in Steph’s mouth as I slipped my hand between my mother’s legs, my fingers easily sliding into her very wet pussy. She broke off the kiss and grinned down at me.

“I want to watch you fuck Steph,” she moaned, “while you watch Jorge fuck me.”

Steph was more than agreeable, climbing up to straddle my hips while my mother held my now hard again cock straight up for the young girl. I reached up and pinched both of Steph’s nipples as she settled down on my dick, holding still for a moment until my mother got on her knees and Jorge got up behind her. Marcy happily squirmed around so she lay with her legs spread wide in front of my mother’s face.

I watched with growing arousal as, for the very first time, I saw another man slowly shove his cock into my mother’s pussy. She moaned lowly and buried her face in Marcy’s pussy while Steph clenched her cunt around my dick and slowly rotated her hips.

After a few moments of all this, there was no holding back for me. The surge of my cum gushed into Steph’s warm wet cunt. Steph rode me faster and faster as we both watched her father fucking my mother until his body tensed as his sperm poured into her.

When Jorge pulled his deflating cock out of my mother, she looked over and grinned wickedly at me. With Steph still pinning my hips down, my mother squirmed over and straddled my head facing Steph. Jorge’s cum oozed out of her pussy, dripping on my face and down around my neck.

“Drink his cum, baby,” my mother murmured as she slowly lowered her dripping cunt over my face, “savor how good Jorge’s sperm tastes coming out of my pussy.”

Just before my mother impaled her earthy scented asshole on my nose, she reached down and spread the lips of her slit. The seeping drip of semen coming from her pussy turned into a gushing stream that flooded my mouth with the sweet and salty concoction of my mother’s pussy juices and Jorge’s cum.

Steph clenched her pussy around my dick, slowly rotating her hips as I hardened again inside her. I could feel a finger rubbing Steph’s clit on my cock and another stroking my mother’s on my chin, although I couldn’t tell if they were fingering themselves or each other.

With a loud groan, my mother clamped her knees around my head hard and began quivering, her juices splashing into my mouth and across my face. Her orgasm seemed to go on interminably as I gasped for breath and choked on the viscous combination of her orgasmic fluids and Jorge’s cum gushing out of her. With a final shriek, she rolled off me, breathing raggedly.

My dick was still buried in Steph’s pussy. She leaned forward with her weight on her arms pressing into my chest and began riding me rapidly up and down as my own cum began to surge up into my dick again.

“Not quite yet, big guy,” Steph cooed and rolled to the side, pulling me on top of her with my cock still firmly encased in her wet warm cunt.

Off to one side, Marcy had sucked Jorge’s cock hard again. She gently squeezed his balls while licking his stiff dick like an ice cream cone. When I rolled on top of Steph, Marcy looked over to my mother and grinned wickedly.

“Do you think he’s ready?” Marcy asked before licking a drop of precum from Jorge’s cock head.

“Oh god yes,” my mother moaned in response, “more than ready…and so am I!”

My mother got on her knees next to me and took Jorge’s cock from Marcy’s mouth. He grinned up at her for a moment then scrambled up behind me while his daughter grasped my ass cheeks and pulled me even tighter to her. Marcy handed my mother the lube and then reached into the toy drawer and started putting the strap-on inside her pussy.

The cold slap as the first drops of lube washed over my asshole focused my attention. My mother smiled sweetly as Marcy spread my ass cheeks and my mother gently slipped two fingers into my asshole.

“Remember what I told you,” my mother whispered in my ear, dragging the fingers out of my ass and up the ridge of my spine, “it feels even better when a real cock cums in your ass. I know…I like it…a lot!!”

She leaned back on her heels as I felt Jorge’s hands grab my hips. After a moment, the tip of his cock pressed firmly against my asshole. I looked back over my shoulder as he grinned at me then pushed my hips back against him.

“Do it…fuck me!” I cried, unexpectedly aroused by the idea of Jorge cumming inside my ass, especially with my mother watching and playing with her pussy right next to me.

I tensed and arched my back with the first bite of pain when Jorge’s cock split my sphincter. He stopped for a moment as I composed myself then ever so slowly pushed his dick deeper into me. Just as I felt his upper thighs press against my ass cheeks, the tip of his dick struck my prostate, sending a shiver of pleasure surging through my entire body.

My cock was still buried in Steph’s pussy and it went inside her even deeper as it hardened with the surge of cum building in my balls. Jorge began pumping my ass harder and faster. With a final deep shove, he groaned as his sperm filled my ass. I started cumming then as well, flooding Steph’s tight warm pussy until all three of us finally went limp.

Next to us, my mother was groaning loudly, fingering her own clit while Marcy fucked her from behind with the strap-on. From our own puppy pile, Jorge, Steph and I watched as both my mother and Marcy squirted their orgasms until they too collapsed in a quivering satiated heap.

And so it went for the remainder of the afternoon and late into the night. I lost track of the number of times I climaxed or the number of times my mother or Steph or Marcy squirted their cum on my cock or on my hands or in my mouth.

Eventually, despite ever more frequent breaks for food and drinks, we were all totally exhausted. Well maybe not Steph. She continued playing with herself, and a newly favored vibrator, even when the rest of us could barely move.

When he could do no more, Jorge rose from the bed, pulled Steph up with him and looked for their clothes. She smiled sweetly as she buttoned up her shirt and pulled a pair of lacy panties on to soak up some of the cum from both her father and me that continued oozing out of her bare pussy.

We accompanied them to the door and, after hugs and kisses and a little more groping all around, they left. My mother, Marcy and I sat on the sofa drinking beer until I started to nod off to sleep.

I awoke with a raging hard on…and my mother and March both licking my dick. With the first hint of my precum, Marcy kissed my mother passionately and climbed on top of me until my cock was buried deeply inside her. My mother leaned forward to kiss me, running her tongue around my lips before plunging it into my mouth.

“Fuck her…fuck her hard…cum deep inside her,” my mother moaned into my mouth as Marcy began to flail.

I returned my mother’s kiss and pinched Marcy’s tits until my cum gushed inside her warm wet cunt.

With the last spurt of my cum gushing into her, Marcy rolled on her back and pulled up her knees. My mother dove down between those trembling thighs, lapping up my sperm and Marcy’s juices until Marcy cried out, clamped her knees around my mother’s head and squirted her own orgasm.

My mother rolled on to her back and I immediately pushed her legs up so I could suck her clit and lick her dripping pussy. Marcy stroked my dick as my mother’s moans increased to the point of another climax.

I raised my face from her cunt, pulled her hips to me and jammed my cock into her pussy as hard as I could manage. My mother shrieked her orgasm, squirting her juices all over me as I shot my cum deep inside her.

“When do you have to get going?” my mother asked as she, Marcy and I sat drinking coffee.

“My train is at 2:00, so probably need to get out of here about an hour before or so,” I responded.

“Well, in that case, we still have a little time to make a few more memories, something you will have to jerk off with next week and the following months,” Marcy chimed in with a laugh, “imagining us getting each other off thinking about you.”

She led me back into the bedroom and had me take some pictures of she and my mother fingering and licking each other. Naturally, my dick was throbbing after just a few moments. At my mother’s suggestion, they got on their knees next to each other with their asses in the air, their pussies gaping open beneath their puckered assholes.